Caring Christopher

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#28 Dorothy plans ahead


Waking up wrapped around Christopher is the best feeling ever. I’m not normally this comfortable around men, because I don’t like to let my guard down after all I’ve been through. Chris is different, though. It’s impossible to keep my walls up with him. He’s broken through them and as scary as that is, I love him for it.

He grumbles something in his sleep, and I smile, running my fingers through his hair, slowly waking him up with kisses all over his face. He has to be at work in an hour and a half, and I need to get home to take the kids to school. We could sleep for twenty more minutes, but I’d rather get in one last round of sex. Who knows how long it’ll be before we’ll be alone like this again.

“Morning,” he says sleepily, looking up at me with those gorgeous blue eyes. He presses a kiss to my lips, moaning when I immediately deepen it by slipping my tongue in and moving my hand down his body to rub his hard length. We’re both still naked, and I push him down onto the matrass, straddling him while I keep kissing him.

“Good morning,” I reply, my voice still hoarse from last night. Damn, that man knows how to make me scream. I sink down on him again, my moan low and breathless. Fucking hell, my throat is going to hurt all day, but I don’t care right now.

Chris grabs my waist while I ride him, bucking up his hips to meet my movements. He moves one hand between us so he can rub my clit, working me into a frenzy within minutes. His eyes are on my face while I come, and it’s so fucking sexy to see the lust in his eyes when he watches me. When my body stills and I collapse on top of him, he rolls me over and pulls out, surprising me by yanking me up so I’m on my hands and knees. We’ve only been having missionary sex last night – four amazing times, so I’m not complaining – so this morning is a little different.

He pushes into me from behind, grunting while he takes me hard and fast, one hand on my clit again so he can get me off while he fills me up. We come together, shuddering our releases and staining the bed yet again when he pulls out. Poor cleaning ladies who have to pull the sheets off later today…

“I could get used to this,” he says, letting himself fall back down on the bed with a satisfied smile on his face. “Please tell me you’ll sleep in my bed with me from now on.”

“Of course.” I kiss him softly and curl up against his side. “We can’t do this every night, though.”

“Yeah, I know, we’ve got kids,” he grumbles. “Whose bright idea was that?”

“Yours,” I reply with a chuckle. “We met because of them, remember? Maybe we can get a babysitter once a month,” I suggest, drawing lazy circles on his chest while we talk. “And other nights… silent quickies, I guess?”

“Good thing we’ve made the most of our night together then.” He looks at the clock and groans. “I’ve got to take a shower, or I will never make it to work on time.” He kisses me one last time before getting up, looking down on me with that look of wonder in his eyes that I’m slowly getting used to. “This was…” He sighs happily. “This night has been one of the happiest of my life, Abby. And not because of, you know, all the sex. That was great, but it would still have been an amazing night if we’d done nothing but talk and cuddle.”

“Good, because last night and this morning were a huge disappointment, so all you’re getting from now on are talks and cuddles.”

He grins. “Sure, Abby. That’s why you’re so hoarse that you can barely speak above a whisper.”

I love how confident he is this morning, his smirk making me want to go for another round even though my entire body is aching. Chris has had this quiet confidence about him from the day we met, but not like this. He is a machine at work, and he’s in complete control of his life, but he’s also this stammering, blushing guy who puts his foot in his mouth sometimes. It’s so amazing to see this side of him, the man that knows he made me come over and over again, giving me the best orgasms of my life.

“Chris?” I call after him when he walks into the bathroom.

He turns around with a frown. “Yeah?”

“I love you.”

A happy smile lights up his face. “I love you too.”


“There she is, doing the walk of shame,” Aston says the moment I walk into the house. He’s in the kitchen filling the kids’ lunch boxes. Jagger is helping him, cutting an apple into slices. “Where’s Chris?”

“Christopher had to get to work,” I croak, my throat hurting like hell.

“Damn girl, you sound like you’ve had a good night,” Aston teases, winking at me. “So… tell me… did Chris rock your world?”

“Oh God, please don’t answer that,” Jagger says, giving me a disgusted look. “It’s bad enough to know the two of you had sex. I really don’t need to hear about it.”

“Surely Annabel already told you all about Chris’ skills?” I tease Aston while I grab a bottle of water from the fridge. “I don’t believe for even a second you measure up.”

“Please, I’m hung like a horse,” Aston scoffs, grabbing his junk and making an obscene gesture.

“Not everything in bed is about your dick, you know,” I say, gulping down the water, hoping it will help with my raspy voice.

“If you start talking about Chris’ fingers or tongue, I swear I will stab you,” Jagger says, holding up the knife he was using on the apples. “And then I will call the social worker to tell her that you and Chris are unfit to raise kids because you can’t stop talking about your sex life.”

“Hey, you’re the one always making jokes about us,” I remind him. “Even before there was anything going on.”

Please,” Jagger scoffs. “The day I moved in it was already obvious you were madly in love with each other. I bet everyone knew before the two of you admitted it to yourselves.”

Aston laughs. “The boy may be almost as obnoxious as I am, but he’s not wrong. So… are you and Christopher an item now?”

“Yeah,” I reply with a smile. “Definitely.”

“Good for Chris,” Aston says, shutting the lunch boxes and putting them in the kids’ bags. “And for you, of course. You hit the jackpot with that guy. He’s too good for this world.”

“I know.” I move over to give Aston a hug, and then Jagger. “Thanks for helping out yesterday and this morning, guys.”

“One time and one time only,” Jagger says, rolling his eyes at me. “How about you repay me by talking Chris into letting me stay out Friday night after midnight?”

“No way,” I say immediately. “Not happening, Jag.” I ruffle his hair and go upstairs to wake up Davy and Yoah. Edward is still here is well, coming out of Chris’ bedroom with his foster kid Freddie in tow, both freshly showered.

“So?” he asks simply, smiling at me.

“Best night ever,” I reply, unable to keep a cheeky grin off my face.

“Nice,” he says, squeezing my shoulder when he passes me. “I’ll call Chris tonight for details.”

I laugh at that, already knowing Christopher would never share intimate details about our night together with anyone, not even his closest friends. Just like I won’t tell anyone either. Sure, I’m a girl, and girls talk, but I’ve never been as chatty as Brittany. No one needs to know the exact size of Christopher’s cock, or the sound he makes when he comes, or the way he gets turned on when I pull his hair. That’s between me and Chris, and knowing I’m the only one who gets to see him like that makes me feel special in way I never have before.

“Morning,” Yoah says when I walk in. He’s already dressed and making his bed in that precise way of his. He has his own alarm clock, and he uses it religiously, rarely needing me or Chris to wake him up in the mornings. Davy is still fast asleep, grumbling when I wake him up. Yoah and I get him ready for school together, and by the time we sit down for breakfast, Jagger is already leaving for school, mumbling something about a test he forgot to study for and going to try and get some girl to share her notes with him. He gives me a kiss on the cheek before leaving, which takes me by surprise.

Edward offers to talk the kids to school since he needs to get Freddie over there anyway, and I offer to take Freddie home after school to repay him. He accepts gratefully, happy to get an hour to himself after work to get some shopping done. It must be so hard to raise a foster kid together. Sure, he’s only got one and not three, but Chris and I do it together and I don’t have a job – well, this is my job, obviously – so we’ve got it easier than Edward, in a way.

I take Titus for a walk and when I get back, Aston is getting ready to leave with Steffi. I hug him to thank him for everything. I called Brittany yesterday, begging her to help me find someone to babysit the kids so I could surprise Chris, and Aston showed up about ten minutes later, telling me he’d already called Edward to help out since Annabel was too tired form her pregnancy to help out.

Once the house is silent again, I go upstairs to check on Dorothy. She’s sleeping, looking like all the life was sucked out of her. She has nothing left to give. I don’t think she’ll even make it through the week at this rate.

“Abby?” she asks just when I’m about to leave the room. Her voice is almost as hoarse as mine, and she looks a hell of a lot worse.

“Hey, Dorothy.” I walk over and help her to the bathroom. It takes all her energy and a lot of help from me to go to the toilet, and I set her on the shower stool afterwards, cleaning her carefully, trying not to hurt her. She bleeds and bruises easily, no matter how cautious I am. When she’s back in bed, pillow propped up behind her so she can sit up, she looks at me with a small smile.

“Jagger told me last night that you and Chris are together now.”

“Yeah,” I affirm, knowing that everyone will find out soon enough. And it’s not like I want to keep this quiet anyway. I love him and I want the world to know. “We are.”

“Good for you.” She reaches out to take my hand. “I’ve been praying for this to happen since I met the both of you. He’s been in love with you from the start, you know.”

I smile. “Yeah, I know. He’s amazing. I’m so lucky to have him.”

“He’s lucky too, Abby,” she says knowingly, seeing right through me. “Don’t forget that. Anyway… there’s something I’ve been meaning to discuss with you.”

“Okay…” That sounds heavy.

“I want Christopher to adopt all of my kids,” she says, taking me by surprise. “It’s not going to happen before I die, because it’s a lengthy process, but I want to make sure I’ve done everything I can to make sure the kids can stay with him.”

“Oh, Dorothy…” I tear up. I used to never cry, but since Chris broke through my walls, I feel like a goddamn crybaby. “Does he know?”

She shakes her head. “Not yet. I want to talk to the social worker first, make sure I’ve taken care of everything I can do before I die.” Her face falls and it takes her a moment to pull herself back together. “How is Jagger doing? Do you think he will agree to stay here with you and Chris and having Chris adopt him?”

“He’s doing great,” I assure her. “Sure, he gets into trouble, but nothing illegal so far. He helps out with Davy and Yoah, and he is really funny. I think he’ll start kicking off again when… when you…”

“You can say it,” she tells me, patting my hand. “We all know I’m not going to around much longer, Abby. You and Chris have made my last weeks so much better than I thought they would be. I’ve been able to spend so much more time with the boys than I expected to. Thank you for that.”

I hug her with the utmost care, not wanting to hurt her. When we break apart, I call social worker, asking her if she’s got a moment to come over today to discuss the adoption process. She tells me she’ll be there in a couple of hours, and I spent that time talking to Dorothy listening to stories about when the kids were younger. Jagger has been a handful from the day he way born, which doesn’t surprise me in the least.

Mary arrives around lunchtime, and I make us some grilled cheeses to take up to Dorothy’s room. We eat with her, and she tells Mary what she wants.

“If Christopher agrees – which I’m sure he will – we can get the process started for all three boys. Since Jagger’s father died years ago, and Yoah’s and Davy’s dad gave up his parental rights two years ago, I don’t think it should be a problem to get all the paperwork approved. It’ll take probably six months or so before they’re officially his, but it’ll help that you’re still here to tell us what you want, as their mother, and that you’ve lived with Christopher these past weeks,” Mary says, looking happy that Chris is going to be able to keep the kids, as am I. “I do strongly advice you to talk about this with the boys, especially Jagger. I’m fairly certain that Jagger will be able to stay here as Chris’ foster kid until he tuns 18, unless Christopher changes his mind, so adoption isn’t necessary since Jagger will a legal adult in less than two years. Adoption will be a bigger deal to him than to Yoah and Davy, who are still so young and who will spend most of their childhood with Christopher, while Jagger will only be a child two more years.”

“I will talk to them,” Dorothy agrees, coughing loudly. “Of course.”

My phone rings and when I see it’s Chris, I pick up right away. “Hey baby,” I say, standing up to walk into the hallway and closing the door behind me.

“Hmm, I like it when you call me that,” he says with a smile in his voice. “I’m on a break and I just wanted to see how you’re doing, hear your voice.”

“That’s so sweet.” I’m grinning like a madwoman, so goddamn happy even though I was only just talking to Dorothy about the fact that she’s dying. I’m just so in love with Chris and so happy he will get to keep the kids. “I’m good. Little tired, but that was to be expected.”

He laughs. “Yeah, me too. I had no idea you’d be so… insatiable.” He whispers the last word, probably because he’s not alone.

“That’s what happens when we don’t get interrupted by the kids all the time.” I sigh happily when I think about last night. And this morning. Damn, I’m getting wet just thinking about seeing him again. “Do you think we could find five minutes to ourselves tonight?” I ask softly. “I want you.”

“Fuck,” he breathes, and I hear footsteps and a door closing. “Abby, you can’t give me a hard-on the doctor’s lounge!”

“Call me from a more private place next time,” I advise him. “Because I plan on saying all kinds of naughty things to you every single time you call me, Chris. Like how much I want you to be with me right now, so I can pull off your pants and wrap my lips around your cock.”

“Stop it,” he orders with a groan. “I have to go back to work in five minutes and I can’t walk into the pediatric wing with a bulge in my pants.”

“Need me to come over to take care of it?” I ask, trying to sound seductive, which is damn hard to do with my voice still not back to normal even after three cups of tea with honey.

“Oh, I wish,” he says wistfully. “Tonight. Definitely tonight. Surely we can find a moment to ourselves once the kids are in bed, right?”

“We’d better, or I’m locking myself in my room and going to town with my vibrator,” I go on, enjoying this way too much. It’s been a long time since I had a phone conversation like this with someone, and I forgot how much fun it is to tease a man. “It won’t be the same, but at least I’ll be able to take care of all this sexual frustration building up within me. I bet I could get myself off in less than a minute, just from thinking of you pushing into me with that big bock of yours.”

“Abby,” he moans, sounding like he’s about to lose it.

“Where are you right now?” I ask, turned on so much that I truly wish I was there with him.

“Supply closet.”

I laugh at that, imagining him in there, trying to control his erection while I keep telling him things that get him even harder. “You’re tempted to get yourself off, aren’t you?”

“Yeah,” he admits, groaning. “I can’t though. I’ve only got one more minute and I think I’m going to need it to find some ice to dump down my pants.”

“Let me help you out,” I offer with a smile. “Imagine being in ice cold water, surrounded by naked old ladies, their tits sagging down so much they hit their knees. There’s a shark in there too, ready to bite off your junk, flooding the pool with blood. Also, your parents are watching you, along with the kids.”

“Okay, yeah, I’m good.” Christopher laughs. “You’re really something else, Abby.”

“Don’t I know it.”

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