Caring Christopher

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#30 Aston turns 30 and doesn’t grow up at all


“Go!” Dorothy says for the millionth time, a fake smile on her face. “Go out, have fun, I’ll be fine.”

It only takes one look at Christopher’s face to know he doesn’t feel right leaving for a party either. Dorothy is doing horrible, and we’re both surprised she’s still alive. It’s Aston’s 30th birthday and he’s throwing a huge party we’re both invited to, along with the kids. It just feels wrong to leave this frail woman on her own. Well, not completely on her own – we did get a babysitter, so to speak. Freddie is sick, so Edward isn’t going to the party, and he offered to come over so Dorothy wouldn’t be alone. Freddie is in Yoah’s bed right now, deep asleep, fighting a fever.

“All you ever do is work,” Dorothy insists, her eyes already falling shut from exhaustion. “You deserve to have fun.”

“Okay,” Chris sighs. “I’ll tell the kids to come up to say goodbye to you.”

We exit the room, and his arm goes around my waist immediately. It’s obvious he feels horrible about the whole thing, but the kids have been looking forward to the party all week long, and it’s not like we can actually do anything for Dorothy by staying here.

Before we go back down to the kids, I pull Chris against me on top of the stairs, kissing him hard. “I love you,” I whisper, kissing his neck while I knot my hands in his hair. God, I love those unruly blonde curls.

“Love you too.” His hand slides down to my ass, squeezing it.

The past week has been amazing. Being his girlfriend is the most natural thing in the world. I sleep in his bed every single night, and it already feels like our bed. We’ve only been able to sneak in sex two times, when he had a night shift and was home during the day while the kids were at school, so I’m looking forward to the next time we manage to get a hotel room and a babysitter. Even if we don’t, I’m more than happy with the way things are.

Yoah and Davy didn’t even blink an eye when we told them we’re dating. Davy already though that Chris was my boyfriend – he said so to Michel that night he picked me up for our date – and Yoah just asked if that meant they were getting a new nanny. When I told him I was still going to do all the things I did before, and that nothing would change except for where I sleep and that Chris and I will hug and kiss sometimes, Yoah was relieved, and didn’t ask anything else.

“Do all of your friends know we’re together?” I ask as we walk downstairs.

“Yeah, of course,” he says, grinning. “I’m quite proud that I got you to be my girlfriend, Abby.”

I roll my eyes at him and push open the living room door. “Guys,” I call out to the kids. “We’re leaving in ten minutes. Go say goodbye to your mother.”

Jagger grunts and puts down his phone like it’s physically causing him pain to do so. Yoah and Davy are already upstairs when their older brother finally shuffles after them, mumbling something about not wanting to go to some stupid party. Okay, so maybe not all three kids are excited for the party.

“Do your parents know about us?” I ask Christopher, realizing we never talked about that. We haven’t really talked about anything heavy since that night in the hotel. I told Christopher I wanted to take things slow and not talk about kids and marriage and stuff, and he’s kept good on his promise. We’ve been getting to know each other better, talking about our childhoods, favorite movies, all that stuff, and it’s nice to get to know a new part of him each day.

“Yes, I called them the day we made things official,” Christopher tells me, his arms going around me again. “My brother too.”

“What do they think about… this?” I ask, feeling a little nervous. After all, I’m a 27-year-old nanny with no money, no college education, living in Chris’ house, sleeping with him, while he pays me to take of the kids. I have no idea how his family feels about me. For all I know they think I’m a gold-digging whore. They seemed to like me just fine at Thanksgiving dinner, but I was merely the nanny back then. Just because they think I make an okay nanny, that doesn’t mean they necessarily think I’m right for Christopher in the long haul.

“Mom cried,” Chris says with a little smile. “She’s been praying for me to find someone for years, and she absolutely adores you. My dad just told me to take good care of you, and Cameron asked if your tits look as good naked as they do in that low-cut top you had on at Thanksgiving.”

“Your brother is douchebag,” I grumble, but I’m relieved that they’re all so accepting. I wish I still had parents to tell about my new boyfriend. I did tell Mom when I went to see her a few days ago, but she doesn’t even know who I am. She simply stared at me and went back to her knitting. The only other person I told when we got together was Brittany, who yelled the news to Jaxon, and that was it. They’re all I have.


Aston’s party is ridiculous. There’s a huge pink bouncing castle in the backyard, and the music is so loud that it’s a good thing all the neighbors are invited, or they’d call the police for noise pollution. Aston keeps yelling “happy birth to me” and urging the adults to do shots, even though he doesn’t drink a drop of alcohol himself.

“Hey Abby,” he says when he sees me sitting in a corner of the backyard on my own, escaping for a moment. I’ve been playing with the kids for an hour, and I’m exhausted. I sip my coffee and eat my cake, enjoying the faint sunlight. It’s pretty cold, but with the heat lamps that Aston put up everywhere, it’s actually nice to be outside.

“Hi birthday boy.” I grin at Aston. I’ve gotten to know him rather well the past few months, since he shows up at our place all the time with Steffi when he’s bored. He works at the gym nearby during the weekend and some evenings, and he does commission artwork, but he’s pretty much a stay-at-home dad during the week. Annabel is close to her due date now, so she’s home, but until recently she was at the office every single day until late. She and her sister Chloe have their own firm that takes up all their time, leaving Aston looking for things to do with Steffi during the day. Some days, that meant hanging out with me, and since Francesca is on maternity leave, she came over a few times too.

Chris’ friends are nice, and they make me feel included, so I love it when they stop by. Especially Aston. I already knew him before I started working for Chris, since he’s Brittany’s brother in law, but it’s different seeing him a few times at parties or big dinner parties. He acts like we’ve been friends forever, and he makes me feel like he likes me for me and not just because I’m Chris’ girl.

“Your voice sounds normal again,” Aston jokes, winking. “Guess that means Chris is back to being sub-par and boring, huh? Do I need to hook you up with someone new?”

“Never,” I reply immediately. “I’m good, thanks.”

Aston smiles warmly. “I’m so goddamn happy Chris found you. I’ve never seen him so happy. I hated the guy back when he was dating Annabel, before we truly got together, but once I got to know him, I immediately knew he was one of a kind. That man is too good for this world.”

“I know,” I agree, my good mood slowly slipping. Everyone is constantly telling me how amazing Chris is, and it’s a constant reminder that I’m the lucky one, not him.

“He’s also extremely boring sometimes,” Aston goes on, and I wonder if he somehow felt that I was overthinking things. Aston may seem like a teenage boy sometimes, but he’s strangely perceptive. “And if Annabel and Chloe are right, he’s way too vanilla. Just a head’s up, I’m giving him a box full of sex toys for his birthday this month, so if you’ve got any requests, please let me know.”

I laugh at that. “Chris doesn’t need toys to get me off, Aston.”

“Oh, toys aren’t about needing them,” he assures me, his grin wicked. “Trust me, I can manage just fine without them, but sometimes it’s nice to spice things up. Anna loves a vibrator against her clit while I pound her, and blindfolds are always fun.” He sighs. “God, I miss sex.”

“Is Anna not putting out anymore?” a male voice asks from behind us, and a blonde guy in his twenties sits down in the chair next to me. “Hi, I’m Joshua,” he says with a wave. “I think we’ve met before, and I obviously know who you are, but I thought I should introduce myself just in case.”

“Francesca’s husband, right?” I ask. Joshua kinda looks like a younger version of Chris, but way less hot.

“That’s me.” He points across the garden where his pink-haired wife waves at us. “And that’s my wife. Anyway, back to Aston and his lack of a sex life.”

Aston grunts and rolls his eyes. “Anna is having a lot of pain these last weeks of her pregnancy and she’s not feeling very frisky. I swear my right hand is getting carpel tunnel. It’s so unfair that her tits get even bigger and hotter when she’s pregnant, yet she doesn’t want me touching them. At least she still lets me jizz on them.”

“Too much information,” I decide, getting up from my seat. I’m getting a little uncomfortable sitting between two men talking about sex toys and jerking off. I like Aston just fine, but I’m not comfortable around him and Joshua the way I am around Chris. And I don’t need to hear all about his sex life with the woman Chris used to date, to be honest. She sounds like a lot of fun when Aston brags about how wild she is, and I can’t help but feel like I’m a little boring compared to her. The thought of someone covering my breasts in semen has me shivering unpleasantly. Not even Chris will get to do that to me. It sounds degrading and dirty.

“Hey baby,” Chris says the moment I join him in the living room. He’s holding a 2-year-old girl, blowing on her belly to make her giggle. “This is Anna Bella,” he tells me, handing her to me. “Chloe’s kid.”

“Oh,” I say, looking at the woman across from us. She’s beautiful, in her late thirties, and she’s all put-together. She’s the only one at this crazy party in a fancy pantsuit, her hair pulled into a tight bun and her make-up done to perfection. “Nice to meet you. I’m Abby.”

“We all know who you are,” she says with a smile. “You’re the nanny Chris is madly in love with.”

“Erm… yeah,” I say, feeling a little out of place here with the little girl on my lap and Chloe taking in every part of me. She must be wondering what the hell Chris is doing with the likes of me.

Anna Bella starts pulling at my hair then, and I carefully pull her fists out of it, wincing at her strength. I bounce her on my knee, making her squeal in delight. I can feel Christopher’s eyes on me, and I wonder what he’s thinking. He presses a kiss to my cheek before turning back to Chloe.

“Where’s Cooper?” he asks, looking around.

Chloe rolls her eyes. “Doing shots with Jaxon. He’s pretending he’s not a middle-aged father of three. The frat boy in him always comes out at parties like these.”

I remember seeing a guy Christopher’s age dancing wildly in the back yard, looking a little drunk, so that must Chloe’s husband Cooper. Why the hell would she give up Chris to be with that asshole? In fact, there are three women at this party who passed up on being with Christopher: Annabel, Chloe, and Francesca. At least Annabel and Francesca are married to decent men, so I understand that if they were better suited for them, they did the right thing picking them. But Chloe and Cooper… Then again, this pristine women with the pearls and the kid that has on designer clothes doesn’t seem like Chris’ type anyway. I can’t imagine her playing with the kids in the yard the way I always do, or pigging out on the couch with him with a beer and a bowl of popcorn. Chris is not a fancy or complicated guy. He wears sweats and old shirts even though with his paycheck he could buy expensive stuff like Chloe obviously does. I love that about him.

“Hey Chris,” a man with a deep voice says, sitting down next to us with a little baby in his arms. “Nice to see you again. Hi, Chloe.” His green eyes rest on me and he cocks his head to the side. “I don’t think we’ve met before. I’m Nathan.”

I shake his hand. “Abby.”

“Now we know each other’s names, but I still have no idea who you are,” he says with a grin. “And I bet you have no idea who I am. I’m Caroline’s husband.”

“I have no idea who Caroline is,” I confess. “I’m Christopher’s girlfriend.”

“Nice,” he says, giving Christopher an appreciative nod. “Caroline is one of Shaughna’s best friends, and Annabel’s old neighbor. It’s thanks to my wife that Aston and Annabel met in the first place. We live three hours from here with my daughter Rose and this little cutie here, who was both five months ago.”

“Come to uncle Chris,” my boyfriend says to the baby, taking her from Nathan. “Hi Daisy. You’re a cute little thing, aren’t you?”

My heart sinks when I see him with Daisy. He’s so good with kids of all ages, but there is something different about seeing him with a tiny little baby in his arms, making weird noises to amuse her. He wants a baby, I know he does. He may be okay with me not being able to give him that, but it’s not what he truly wants. And it’s not what I want either. I wish I could get pregnant with his child one day, but I can’t risk it.

Before I can get too down on myself, my phone rings. I had Anna Bella back to her mother Chloe and picks up, my heart racing when I see it’s Edward.

“Abby,” he says, sounding sad. “I think you guys need to get back home. Dorothy isn’t doing well.”

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