Caring Christopher

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#35 Bye bye vanilla


Having Jagger home seemed like a good thing. I thought our troubles would be over with him moving back into his old room, but… that’s not how things work, apparently. Abby warned me to expect hell to rain down on us, but I thought she was just exaggerating. No such luck.

He sneaks his girlfriend in whenever we’re not home, and sometimes when we are home. Apparently, she’s the wild child of two diplomats who are hardly ever home. Her name is Celeste, and Jagger calls her his naughty little moon goddess, which doesn’t make sense at all, but it seems to work for him, since she’s always sticking her tongue down his throat. I know it’s not nice to say, but I don’t like the girl. She’s even more obnoxious than Jagger, she acts like she lives here, and she’s trying to convince Jagger to get a tattoo of her name.

No way am I letting my 16-year-old kid get a tattoo of the girl he’s dating, who is obviously a distraction from the fact that his mother just died. He’s now trying to get Abby to agree to him getting one of a crescent moon, but she just laughs in his face whenever he brings it up.

“Hey Chris,” Jagger says as he walks into the kitchen, tugging Celeste along with him. “Didn’t know you’d be home.”

“It’s my day off,” I remind him. “And you’re supposed to be in school right now.” I get up and sigh. “Come on, I’m dropping you off at school. Celeste too.”

“I’m not going,” Celeste says lazily, popping her bubble gum.

“Fine, but Jagger is,” I insist.

He grunts, but he doesn’t fight me on it. Celeste takes off to God only knows where, and I drive Jagger back to his high school, where he says goodbye by rolling his eyes before getting out and sauntering into the large building without looking back. It’s so much fun being the father of a teenager. So. Much. Fun.

When I get back home, Abby is in the living room, sitting on the rug in front of the couch cross-legged, wrapping presents. She was out shopping all morning, insisting I couldn’t come with her because she needed to score some presents for me as well, which makes me a little nervous about Christmas to be honest, because I’m not sure my presents will be as good as hers.

“Hey baby,” she says with a bright smile. “Where’ve you been?”

“Making sure Jagger doesn’t miss any more school than he already has.”

“Oh God,” she grunts. “Celeste again? I thought we had it bad with Jagger, but she’s… oh, I just hate that girl.”

“Hate?” I repeat, sitting down on the couch behind her, a leg on either side of her, putting my hands on her shoulders to massage her. She moans and leans into me, enjoying my fingers working on the knots in her back. “I didn’t know someone as cute as you had the power to hate anyone, honey.”

“Cute?” she asks, moaning again. “I’m not cute. I’m a dangerous woman.”

Normally, I’d agree. You do not want to piss off Abby. Not that I’ve managed to piss her off yet, but Jagger has plenty of times, and she always goes off on him like a cannon. I saw her yell at a horrible lady behind the register at the local grocery store a few days ago, and she actually made her cry. She was absolutely right for doing so, but still… it was a little harsh. Of course, it turned me on, since everything she does gets me going apparently, and we had amazing sex after. Right now, it’s hard to imagine her pissed off, her entire body melting into my touch, moaning every time I dig my thumbs deeper into her back muscles.

“Did you get all the presents?” I ask, looking at the coffee table filled with presents, ribbons, wrapping paper and tape.

“Yeah,” she says hoarsely. “Damn, Chris, are you sure you’re doctor and not a masseur?”

“Pretty sure,” I reply with a smile. “How long before the kids get home?”

“Two hours.”

“How long do you need to wrap all the presents?”

“Half an hour.”

“Then why are we still dressed?”

She laughs, and spins around, still seated on the floor as her hands run up my legs. “Good question. Lift up your ass, babe.”

I do as she says, allowing her to pull down my jeans and boxershorts. My cock isn’t erect yet, but Abby takes acre of that by wrapping her lips around it. She moans around me, getting me rock-hard in just a few seconds.

“I didn’t mean you had to-” I start, not wanting her to think I meant that she had to take care of me or anything, but as she starts to move, I can’t talk or even think anymore. Her hair falls forward as she bobs her head in a rapid pace, so I pull her messy manes back from her face, wrapping it around my hand as I pull at it, urging her to take me deeper.

The sounds she makes… Fuck. Sex with my ex-wife was good, and it’s not like Annabel, Chloe or any of the other woman I’ve been with were awful in bed, but Abby is absolutely divine. There is no comparison. When there is no one around to hear us or walk in on us, she moans and cries out so much that she usually ends up hoarse. Even now, when I’m the one being pleasured, she sounds like she’s so turned on that she might just come herself. Looking into her big green eyes, gazing at me with lust while she blows me… I can tell that she’s not faking anything. This turns her on and that gets me going more than anything.

I curse when I come, grabbing the back of her neck to keep her still as I fill her mouth. She makes a soft noise of contentment as she pulls back after and licks her lips, smiling up at me.

“I love it when you’ve got the day off in the middle of the week,” she says with a sigh. “You make me so goddamn horny just by being around me.”

“Same,” I reply with a grunt, still catching my breath.

Abby is already back to playing with me, her tongue flicking over my shaft and her fingers playing with my balls. My cock twitches, but it takes a while before I can get completely hard again.

“You don’t need to-”

“Shut up,” she tells me, looking up with a dangerous glint in her eyes. “Let me get you back in the mood, Chris. I want to ride you so hard you don’t even know your own name anymore.”

Immediately, my balls tighten, and she smirks at the rise she’s getting out of me. I don’t know what’s gotten into Abby today, but I like it. Scratch that – I love it. She’s amazing.

The doorbell rings, and Abby grunts around my cock, slowly pulling back and letting it slip out of her mouth. “Don’t you dare get dressed,” she tells me when I bend over to tug up my pants. “I’ll see who it is and get them to leave. And then I’m coming back to fuck you.”

“Hmm,” is all I manage to get out, my entire body aching for her touch. I’m completely under her spell and I don’t mind one bit. I never thought that at age 46 I would have a 27-year-old girlfriend who says things like that and looks at me like she wants to devour me whole. Hell, I didn’t think I would ever be with a woman like Abby ever, no matter my age or hers.

“Hey Aston,” I hear Abby say in the hallway. “I’m sorry, but we’re kind of… busy… right now.”

His booming laugh makes it obvious he has a good idea what we’re in the middle of, but for once I can’t care less about anyone knowing we’re having sex. Especially Aston. He’s one of the least private people I know, and I know all about his sex life with Annabel, so who gives a shit if he knows I’m back here waiting for Abby to get back, my pants around my ankles?

“I guess I arrived at the perfect time then,” he says, sounding amused. “With Annabel so close to her due date and on bedrest and everything, I completely spaced about dropping off Chris’ birthday present earlier this week. So… here.”

“Is that what I think it is?” Abby sounds excited, and a little… shy? I’m not sure from just her voice, but it sounds that way.

“I told you what I was going to buy him, didn’t I?” Aston teases. “Guess it’s as much a gift to you as it is to him. Have fun, girl. Tell Chris he’s very welcome.”

“Oh, I will,” she says, shutting the door and skipping back into the living room with a nervous energy about her. She’s holding a large black box in her hands with a red bow around it. “Present time,” she says, taking off her shirt before sitting next to me on the couch in her bra.

“Let’s open it after,” I propose, already unsnapping her bra and kissing her neck. There is no way I can focus on a gift right now. The only thing I want to unwrap is Abby’s gorgeous body.

“Trust me,” she says, pushing me away gentle and putting the box between us. “I think we want to see what’s in the box.”

“Okay…” It’s a little weird opening a birthday present while we’re both half-naked, but I can tell Abby’s not going to back down about this, so I pull off the bow and shove off the lid, eager to get back to what we were doing before.

“What the…” I trail off, looking into the box while I feel my cheeks flush. The first thing I see is a huge black dildo, and that’s not even the most surprising thing. There are over thirty different sex toys in there, ranging from things I recognize like a pink vibrator and black leather cuffs – not that I’ve ever used anything like them, but I know what they are – to shiny silver things that look like they would hurt like hell to clamp on someone, and a sort of… plug? I think I can only name half of the things in this box, to be honest.

My arousal dies down, and I push the box off my lap, pulling up my pants. Abby looks at me with wide, sad eyes, pulling her shirt back on as well. “What’s wrong?” she asks, reaching for my hand.

“Did you tell Aston I’m not giving you what you need or something?” I ask, feeling deflated. This wouldn’t be the first time I can’t satisfy a woman, if I’m being honest. Once again, I’m too vanilla. Great. Boring old Chris strikes out again.

“What?” Abby asks, looking shocked. “No! Of course not! You’re without a doubt the best I’ve ever had. This is just Aston being Aston. He told me he was going to do this, hinted at it at his party, but I thought he was kidding.”

“Oh,” I breathe relaxing a little. “So I’m not-”

“Chris, I love you,” Abby interrupts me, grabbing my hands. “You’re amazing. I’ve never wanted someone as much as I want you, in every single way. You don’t just give me what I want, you give me everything I could ever need, things I didn’t even think to want before you showed me…” She trails off. “You’re the best person I’ve ever met in my life. I didn’t mean to make you feel anything other than absolutely perfect.”

I smile at the tears in her eyes, sitting back down to touch her face gently. “I feel the same about you, honey.”

We kiss softly, and as much as I love hot sex with her, it’s moments like these that mean the most to me. Her hands knotting in my hair, her soft body pressed to mine, and those quiet moans while her tongue explores mine. We fit in a way I didn’t think anyone could.

“Listen, Chris,” she says hoarsely when we break apart. “The only reason I’m excited about this box is because you’re the first person I’ve ever felt comfortable with to try something new. If you don’t want to, we can just throw everything into the trash. I’m perfectly happy having nothing but vanilla missionary sex in bed for the rest of my life, as long as I get to have it with you.” Her smile is so sweet and shy that it hurts to look at. “It’s just that after the other day in the bathroom… when you put your finger… you know what I mean. I guess I’ve been sort of…” She looks away from me, too embarrassed to look at me while she talks. “I’ve been fantasizing about you taking me… from behind. In my… you know what I mean, right?”

“Really?” Holy fucking hell, I feel like jumping her right now, but I manage to stay perfectly still, although my breathing does speed up. I’ve never done anything like that with a woman, but I would be lying to say if I hadn’t fantasied about that too ever since I felt what it did to Abby when I touched her there. “Okay, yeah, I’m up for that.”

She glances at my face to see if I’m serious, lighting up when she realizes I’m not appalled or anything. “Sweet. Anyway…” She opens the box back up and peeks inside. “About half of these things look like torture devices, honestly. And I can already tell there are a bunch of things in here I will never be comfortable using. I’m sure you feel the same way. But some stuff…” She shrugs, her eyes glinting dangerously. “Why not?”

“Have you ever used toys before?” I ask, already suspecting she hasn’t before I even see her shake her head. “Me neither,” I assure her, squeezing her knee. “And honestly… I know it’s not very manly or cool or whatever, but I’m a little nervous about it, especially since I don’t even recognize half the stuff in here.”

She chuckles. “I know, right? Do you think Aston and Annabel actually – no, never mind, don’t answer that. I don’t think I want to know. I mean… what the fuck is this?” She holds up something that looks like a silicone string of beads, each one a little bigger than the last one.

“Erm…” I flush bright red, since I know exactly what those are. Not because I’ve ever used them, but I wasn’t kidding when I told Abby that I was going to google ass stuff, since she obviously likes that. “Those are… anal beads.”

Now it’s her time to blush. “Okay, I guess that we might not wanna throw those out then.” She drops them back into box and pulls out something else – a red velvet blindfold. “How about we lock everything else away for now, think about what we’d like to try, and talk about it later. I think you’ve seen enough toys for one day. In fact… I think you shouldn’t be allowed to see anything anymore.”

There she is again, confident and sexy Abby, eager to get me naked. It’s a little strange for me to let her put the blindfold on me and have her take my pants back off without being able to see her. I’m not someone who experiments. Ever. I hope I won’t disappoint her.

All thoughts and nerves get pushed right out of my head when I feel her tongue licking my balls and then up my shaft, swirling around the tip. She takes me into her mouth, moaning around me the way she always does, driving me crazy. I move my hands into her hair, but she pulls back and moves out of my reach. I hear fabric dropping onto the floor and then she’s taking off my shirt. I grab her and grunt when I realize she’s naked, but she doesn’t give me a chance to touch her for long, stepping away again.

“I don’t think I like this gift,” I complain, staying seated on the couch. “Get your ass over here, Abby.”

She laughs, and then her lips are on mine without warning, kissing me hard. Okay, it’s kinda fun to not know what she is going to do, but I’d love to see her.

“Oh no,” she says when I try to take off the blindfold, and she grabs my wrists. “If you take it off, I’m going to have to pick something else for you, Chris.”

“Then pick something else, because I want to look at your beautiful body,” I tell her, pulling free from her grasp and jerking off the blindfold.

Abby is standing in front of me, bent over slightly to pull something else out of the box. I grab her ass, moving my hands down between her legs, making her moan when I tease her wet folds. She turns back to me, holding the black leather wrist cuffs I saw earlier. For a moment, I think she’s going to use them on me, but she hands them to me instead, looking a little shy as she does so.

“Sure?” I ask, surprised she’s trusting me like this. I know that’s huge for her.

She nods, and then she does something I did not see coming. She walks over to the side of the couch, leans over the armrest and puts her hands behind her back, giving me what can only be described as sex-eyes.

“You up for it?” she asks seductively.

There is no way in hell I’m saying no to that. No. Way.

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