Caring Christopher

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#44 Forgiveness with a side of pancakes


“Good morning, beautiful,” Christopher’s soft voice sounds in my ear, waking me up.

“Hmm,” I murmur, snuggling against him. He’s pressed against my back, his cock hard as a rock against my ass. “Morning.”

He kisses my neck slowly moves his hand down from my hair to my breast, pinching the nipple. I gasp, moving from sleepy to aroused in a split second, and I spin around in his arms, kissing him hard. It’s not until we come up for air that I remember last night. I didn’t hear him come in, even though I had been trying to stay up so I could talk to him when he got back from his guys’ night out. That kiss before he left had me hoping that he was ready to forgive me, and now he’s waking up for morning sex. Surely that’s a good sign, right?

Chris is already naked, I realize, and I glance at the door, smiling when I see it’s locked. “Did you get up to lock the door and take off your clothes before waking me up?” I ask teasingly, squeezing his ass tightly.

“We’ve got five kids in the house right now,” he replies, kissing me again. “I’m not taking any chances. But I missed you too much this week to wait until we’re truly alone.”

“Are we good?” I ask, moaning when he rolls my nipple between his fingers.

“Not yet, but we will be,” he says.

Not yet. I don’t like the sound of that, but I’m happy he seems to be ready to work through this. The past week was torture, and I was scared I’d lost him forever. We kiss again, and my worries melt away. Chris doesn’t do angry sex, I know that for a fact, so him waking me up naked means he’s getting ready to forgive me.

“I love you,” I say softly, feeling a bit apprehensive.

“Love you too, baby.” It’s the first time he’s said it back since finding out I was planning on walking out on him, and my heart clenches when I finally hear those three little words again.

“I’m so sorry,” I whisper, pressing my face against his shoulder. “I love you so much. I never should have-”

“Later,” he says, interrupting me with a kiss. “The kids will wake up soon. Right now, I just want to make love to you.”

“Yes,” I moan, my panties getting wet just from hearing him say that. “I missed you this week.”

“You looked so good in those yoga pants yesterday,” he grunts, slipping his hand into my panties and grunting when he feels how wet I am. “No matter how mad I was, I wanted to fuck that nice round ass of yours so badly when you bent over to pick up the pen you dropped.”

“You’re getting really good at dirty talk, Dr. Davids,” I say with a smile. “What else have you been wanting to do to me this week?”

“This,” he grunts, slipping to fingers into my entrance and fingerfucking me hard, making me gasp. “And this.” His lips find mine, his tongue battling with mine, leaving me yearning for more. “Tell me what you want Abby,” he says, moving his lips to my neck.

“Fuck me,” I moan. “I need you, Chris. Now.

He pulls down my pajama pants and panties and moves on top of me, pulling my legs up with my clothes still around my knees. Before I can help him take them off, he’s already pushing into me. He’s already three thrusts in when he finally frees me from my clothes, and he puts my legs on his shoulders, shoving himself balls deep into me.

“Oh God,” I pant, trying to stay quiet.

“I’m so horny I could blow right now,” Chris bites out, trying to control himself.

“Me too,” I moan. “Just let go, Chris.”

He reaches around to push a finger into my puckered little hole, catching me off guard. His other hand clamps over my mouth, keeping me quiet while he starts fucking me hard and fast, his finger curling inside of me to find a spot that sends me flying over the edge right away. He follows right after, filling me up completely.

Oh God, I missed him so much.

Right when Chris pulls out and lowers me onto the bed, helping me stretch my sore legs – I’m not all the flexible, to be honest – Davy’s voice sounds from the other side of the door. “Can we make pancakes for breakfast?”

“Sure!” I call back, a little hoarse. “Give me five minutes, baby!”

“Yay!” Davy yells, running off.

“Five minutes?” Christopher asks, surprising me by flipping me onto my belly and getting on top of me. “Okay, fine, I guess I can make that work.” He grabs my ass and pulls it up, spreading my cheeks and pressing his slick cock against the tiny hole. “Ready for me, baby?”

“Yeah,” I breathe, pressing my face into the pillow to stifle my moans.

He takes his time entering me, using his fingers to help me stretch to accommodate him. Once he is in and starts moving, it only takes a minute before I’m coming hard, crying a little from the intensity. Chris needs another minute before he comes as well, now having filled both my holes with his cum. Fucking hell, he’s a sex machine this morning.

“I love you,” he tells me before pulling out.

“Love you too,” I whimper, a little sore back there.

“Did I hurt you?” he asks, sounding worried. “Oh God, I’m sorry. Did I get carried away too much?”

“No, it was perfect,” I assure him, giving him a soft kiss. “Just a little uncomfortable now. It’ll go away in a moment. How about you go hop in the shower while I get started on those pancakes?”

“Sounds good.” He pulls me against him for another moment, kissing me in that lovely hazy post-sex way. “I missed you, Abby. Please, please, please never leave me.”

Tears spring to my eyes. I hate that I made him feel like I don’t love him enough to stay. That’s not what I was trying to do at all. “I won’t,” I vow. “How about we talk things through tonight? Once the kids are in bed? Make-up sex is great, but we still need to work on, well, us.”

He agrees, kisses me once more, and then he’s out of bed to take a shower. I take a moment to pull myself back together, and then I get dressed in sweats and one of Chris’ old shirts. It smells like him, and I smile to myself, happy that still wants me around. I was an idiot for thinking I would be able to leave him, even if I was doing it for reasons that felt noble at the time.

“Pancakes?” I ask when I walk into the living room with baby Zachary in my arms. He woke up right when I was ready to come down, so I move to the kitchen to heat up one of the bottles that Joshua put in there last night.

“Yes yes yes!” Davy and Freddie cheer, getting up from the couch and pausing their series to help me with the batter.

Yoah, Jagger and Celeste walk in next. Celeste is in nothing but panties and one of Jagger’s shirts that barely covers her ass. Yoah offers to give Zachary his bottle, and I hand him the baby, checking the temperature of the milk by squirting it on my wrist and licking it off.

“Ew,” Jagger says, scrunching up his nose. He looks way younger than 16 when he gives me that disgusted look. “Is that breast milk?”

“Perfectly natural,” I tell him, handing both him and Celeste a bottle of water and motioning for them to sit down. “I thought we talked about this,” I tell Jagger with a stern look. “Chris and I are fine with you and Celeste going out, but we don’t want her to spend the night in your room.”

“Too late,” he says, putting an arm around his girlfriend and pressing a kiss to her lips. “Besides, who are you to tell me what I can or can’t do? You’re just the nanny.”

Celeste chuckles and shoots me an amused look. The stupid fake-blonde 16-year-old girl with a nose ring and a tattoo of a star on her shoulder is seriously laughing at me while her hand is inching up Jagger’s leg, closer and closer to the zipper of his skinny jeans.

I move to the fridge and wipe out the date of when he’s getting his car, replacing it with a date a month from now. He’s only lost a few days – Jagger keeps cutting classes and sneaking Celeste into his room, after all – but he still looks at me like I just cut off his balls.

“What the fuck?” he hisses.

“Language,” Yoah comments from the couch, burping Zachary like he’s an adult man and not a 9-year-old boy.

“Listen, you bitch,” Jagger says too quietly from the other kids to hear. “We both know you’ll be out of here soon. We don’t need you. Chris can do way better than you.”

I want to yell at him, but I don’t. He’s got every right to be mad at me. Not for enforcing the deal he made with Chris about the car, but about the note I left for them, making it clear I was planning on leaving without saying goodbye. I was expecting him to be like this and I get it. I do.

“Pancakes?” I ask Celeste instead.

“With bacon,” she says, sounding bored. “And syrup.”

“A girl after my own heart,” I say, even though Celeste definitely isn’t. She’s a wild child and not a good influence on Jagger. Sure, Jagger isn’t exactly a good influence himself, but he’s my kid. She’s isn’t. They should both find some cute nerd to date to keep them on the straight and narrow. They only make each other act out even more than they would on their own.

I teach Freddie and Davy how to flip pancakes, which ends with a lot of batter on the floor and three ruined pancakes, but I don’t care. They’re having so much fun. I take Zachary from Yoah and put him in the old crib I got from the attic last night. It’s the crib Chris used back when his nieces were younger and he babysat all the time. Zachary dozes off, and I head back into the kitchen to serve the two tonguing teenagers their pancakes. Chris walks in right when Davy does a perfect flip of his own pancake, causing Yoah, Freddie and me to cheer loudly.

“Wow, I missed a cooking class?” Chris jokes, stepping up behind me and wrapping his arms around me. His lips brush my neck and I sigh, happy to have him back.

“What the fuck?” Jagger asks, getting up from his stool at the kitchen island and slamming down his knife and fork.

“Jagger,” Chris warns, cutting a look at him. “Don’t.”

“You’re forgiving her?” he asks, pointing at me with nothing but hatred in his eyes. “I thought you were better than that, Chris.”

“Forgive Abby?” Yoah asks, sounding worried. “For what?”

“For getting batter all over the floor and counter,” I say quickly. “We all know that Chris likes the kitchen to be immaculately clean.”

“Right,” Chris agrees, pretending to be mad. “Jagger, how about you and I take Titus for a walk, huh? Let’s give Abby some time to clean the kitchen.”

“Fine,” he sneers, giving Celeste a quick kiss goodbye. “This isn’t over,” he warns me.

I just nod and silently wish Chris good luck. He smiles at me reassuringly and puts his arm around Jagger, steering him to the hallway. Titus runs after them, wagging his tail. Oh, how easy would life be if you were a dog… The mere prospect of a walk excites him beyond compare.

“Abby?” Freddie asks, tugging at my sleeve. “Can I try to flip my pancake now?”

I get back to the kids, cleaning up after them and making sure they’re all fed, showered and dressed by the time Edward and Francesca show up to take their kids back home.

“Let me know if I can ever repay the favor,” Francesca tells me, hugging me tightly. “Joshua really needed a night out and so did I.”

“Anytime,” I tell her, watching her kiss her baby boy all over his cute little face. “You’ve got such a cute kid.”

“I know,” she agrees, smiling. “That’s what happens when you forget to get your IUD replaced.”

“W-what?” I ask, blinking rapidly.

She laughs. “That’s a story for another time. Thanks, Abby.”

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