Caring Christopher

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#49 Touch yourself


When I get off the phone with Aston, I feel relieved. I was worried about everything going on back at home, but at least Annabel is okay. It was just kidney stones. Sure, that can hurt like a motherfucker, but she’ll be fine in a day or two. It’s a relief to hear my friend is fine.

Unfortunately, Edward isn’t so lucky. It looks like his father isn’t going to make it through the night. I text him again, telling him I’m thinking of him. Of all the days to be this far away from home…

“Hey man!” Paxton says when I sink back into the booth. He claps me on the shoulder and hands me a beer. “Wering you have phone sex with your woman?”

I roll my eyes. “I was talking to my friend about his hospitalized wife, actually.”

Arther rolls his eyes. “Boring!”

Arthur, Paxton and I are in a bar, having a beer and catching up. The conference started today and I’m up as keynote speaker tomorrow, but I already know that seeing my college roommates will be the highlight of this trip. We don’t keep in touch, not really, but since we’re all pediatric surgeons, we run into each other at conferences like this, and it always feels like we pick up right where we left off so many years ago. I survived my residency with these guys, and that’s no small feat.

“Check this out,” Paxton says, sliding his phone over to me.

I glance down, cringing when I see it’s a video of him and some young woman having sex. Paxton may be a good friend, but he’s gross. Even worse than Aston. He’s 47, but he still acts like the frat boy he once was. No wife, no kids, only a string of heartbroken ex-girlfriends. He has the body of a 30-year-old, almost as big and muscular as Aston, so I get why girls dig him. Still… gross.

“You’re horrible,” Arthur says, shoving the phone back at him.

“Nah, just a horndog,” Paxton says, laughing. “She was a lot of fun. I should call her again. If only I could remember her name…”

“Horrible,” Arthur repeats. He used to be like Paxton in med school, but he wised up when he met his wife Kathy. She manages a grocery store and they locked eyes over a crate of apples or something back when Arthur was still young and didn’t have a dad bod, and the rest is history. He’s got two kids, and he’s the definition of happily married. I envied him for years, but now that I’ve got Abby and the boys, I feel like I can just enjoy his stories about his happy family life without jealously rearing its ugly head.

“What about your woman?” Paxton asks, wiggling his eyebrows at me. “What’s her name again?”

“Abigail,” I say, unable to keep a smile from my face. “Abby.”

“Picture time,” Paxton orders, leaving no room for argument. “Let me see this woman.”

I take out my phone and swipe through the pictures on there, choosing one of Abby in the garden, playing with Davy. Paxton’s eyebrows go all the way up when he sees it, and Arthur whistles.

“Damn, how young is she?” Pax asks in a low voice.

“27, she’ll be 28 soon.”

“Damn, Chris, you dog!”

I roll my eyes at Pax’ assumption that it’s all about how young she is or how perky her breasts are or something. “It’s not about age. I love her.”

“You always love them,” Arthur says with a knowing smile. “When’s the last time you had casual sex, Chris?”

“Never,” Pax answers before I can, and he’s right. In med school it was Pax and Arthur who dragged girls back to our place for hot one-night stands. Not me. Never me. I never wanted that. I was with Gianna from age 20 to 30, so there wasn’t much room for casual sex in college, even if I had wanted it – which I didn’t. Not at all.

“How did you meet Abby?” Arthur asks, genuinely curious.

“She… erm…” Okay, this will sound bad. “She’s the nanny.”

Paxton roars with laughter. “Fucking hell, Chris, you’re finally getting the hang of things. If I’d known getting a couple foster kids would end with screwing the hot nanny… Oh well, who are we kidding? I could get with the nanny without needing any kids.”

I laugh at that and take a sip of my beer. “It’s not like that. We just… hit it off, I guess.”

“She good to you?” Arthur inquired.

“Yeah,” I confirm with a smile, missing Abby like hell right now. “She’s wonderful.” We may be going through a rough patch when it comes to me trusting she’s all in, but I do love her. I want her in my life. She truly is wonderful. She’s been sending me pictures of the kids all day, and it’s kind of ironic that she’s spending her night with a house full of kids that aren’t even hers when the day started with me asking Edward if he could stop by just in case she was getting cold feet or anything.

My phone buzzes, still in Paxton’s hands. He taps the screen and his eyes go wide, a huge grin lighting gup his face. “Your nanny has nice tits,” he comments, handing the phone to Arthur.

“What?” I ask, yanking my phone out of my friend’s hands.

Holy. Fuck.

Abby’s breasts fill my screen, spilling out of a sexy red pushup bra. I feel my cock twitch in my jeans, and I quickly turn my phone over, breathing hard.

“That’s the kind of nanny I like,” Pax comments, winking at me. “She’s a little chubby, but damn, those tits.”

“She’s not chubby,” I shoot at him, annoyed now. “Abby is… curvy.”

“Hell yeah, I just saw those curves of hers.” He moves to grab my phone again, but I keep it out of his range.

“Back off,” I tell him in a hard voice, hating that he just saw Abby’s breasts. She’s never sent me a picture like this, and I kinda wish she hadn’t. Or at least not right now.

“Dude, I’m only saying your woman has fine tits,” Pax says, shrugging like he’s not being a douchebag right now. “If you want to leave so you can jerk off, I totally understand.”

“Cut it out,” Arthur says, giving Pax a hard look.

“Okay, fine, sorry.” Paxton gulps down his beer and motions for the waitress to bring him another one.

My phone buzzes again, and I glance at it, my cheeks flushing bright red when I see it’s a picture of Abby in a black thong. God, I love that full round ass of hers. What the fuck is she doing to me? I’ve got a raging boner now, sitting here in a bar nursing a beer while my two best friends from med school look at me with grins on their faces. I feel like I’m 20 all over again, just starting to date Gianna. Only Gianna never texted me pictures like these. Hell, smartphones and sexting weren’t even a thing back then. She did stuff her thong in the pocket of my jeans one time without telling me, and of course it was Paxton who found them. That was just as hot and embarrassing as this is.

No, scratch that, this is way hotter.

And far more embarrassing.

“Can we see?” Pax asks, laughing at my flushed faced. “Damn, I never though I would see the day Christopher Davids got hot pics form a woman half his age. Proud of you, dude.”

Arthur rolls his eyes at me and smiles. “So… how are the boys? There’s three, right?”

We talk about my foster kids and Arthur and Kathy’s kids for a while, but Paxton keeps bringing the conversation back to hot chicks, sex and partying. That man is never going to settle down. In fact, he leaves before Arthur and I do, two hot blonds hanging onto his arms as he strides out of the bar.

“He’s so gross,” Arthur says, laughing. “Damn, I kinda miss those days. You, me, Pax… No kids, no wives, no responsibilities.”

“I don’t,” I say honestly.

He claps a hand on my shoulder. “I know, Chris. I know you don’t. I’m glad you’ve finally found the woman of your dreams and have the house full of kids you’ve always wanted. You deserve it.”


“Now, tell me… how did you manage to get a 27-year-old nanny to fall for your sorry ass?” Arthur is merely teasing, and I laugh when he wiggles his eyebrows, imitating Pax. He’s a lot more like me than Pax is, and in med school he was the glue holding us together.

We stay at the bar for another half hour, but I’m anxious to call Abby and even though Arthur claims he misses the old days, he’s still smitten with his wife and wants to snuggle in bed with her. It’s cute. I hope me and Abby will still be like that when we’ve been together as long as though two have.

I call Abby the moment I get to my hotel, still in the lobby. She picks up, sounding sleepy.

“Hey baby,” she whispers. “One sec.”

I get into the elevator with a smile. “Hi honey.”

“Okay,” she says a little louder. “I’m downstairs now. Caroline was in bed with me since all the other beds are filled with kids, but I can talk now.”

“Sorry your night ended up so different than you expected.” I feel a little bad for her, to be honest.

“I love chaos,” she says, laughing. “Okay, this is a bit much, I admit it, but I don’t mind. And Caroline is such a lovely girl. I enjoyed getting to know her.”

I smile, happy to hear her sounding so chipper. Maybe I was stupid to worry about her skipping town while I was gone. It’s obvious she’s no longer looking for a way out. She loves life with me and the kids, even when all my friends drop off their kids at her place.

“About those pictures…” I say, no longer able to stop myself from mentioning them. I swipe my keycard over the scanner and push the door to my hotel room open.

“Oh God,” she murmurs, sounding embarrassed. “I know I shouldn’t have sent those. I just… I miss you.”

“And you wanted to give me a boner all the way from across the country.” I can’t help but smile, imagining her and Caroline talking about whether or not to hit send. No way Abby decided this all on her own. She’s bold, but not like this. At least, not until now.

“Yeah,” she admits with a smile in her voice. “I want you to miss me too.”

“Of course I miss you,” I assure her while I take off my shoes and coat, sitting down on the edge of the bed. “With or without the pictures. Although I have to admit… it was a nice surprise getting those. The timing wasn’t great, though.”

“The timing?” she asks.

I tell her about Paxton and Arthur, smiling when she curses loudly and then shushes herself so she won’t wake up the kids.

“Is it weird that I’m kinda turned on by my friends telling me how hot they think you are?” I ask, not sure if I should admit that.

“Really?” Her voice is smooth and seductive. “Did you get hard when you saw my boobs and ass appear on your screen, Chris?”

“Hell yeah,” I admit, not ashamed in the least. “How could I not, you sexy little thing?” Oh God, I’m so bad at this. I never have phone sex or sent racy texts or anything. Never have, never thought I would. But with Abby I want to.

“I wish I was there with you,” she breathes into the phone. “I miss you so bad.”

I take off my shirt and settle against the headboard, wishing that she was snuggled against me the way she likes, her legs entangled with mine and her head on my chest. “It’s not fair for you to give me a hard-on when you can’t do anything about it,” I complain.

“Oh, but I can,” she says, surprising me. “Just unzip your pants and touch yourself, baby. I’m so fucking wet right now.”

I can’t do anything but try to control my breathing. Did she really just say that?

“Did you do it yet?” she asks, moaning softly. “Come on, Chris, take off those pants and free that big cock of yours.”

My reservations about this whole thing fly out of the window and I pull my zipper down, putting her on speaker so I can put the phone on the bed while I pull of the rest of my clothes and get into bed completely naked.

“I’m so hard for you,” I say, trying to sound seductive instead of anxious. This is all so new to me.

“Oh,” she moans. “I’m touching myself right now. Right on the living room couch. I wish you’d be here to fuck me.”

“Me too, baby,” I grunt, finally moving a hand down to stroke my erection, groaning at how good it feels to finally create some friction.

“I want you to go slow,” she breaths, eliciting soft moans that drive me crazy. “Stroke yourself as slow as you can, imagining me teasing you.”

“That’s mean,” I complain, doing as she says. “I feel like I’m ready to blow already.”

“Of course you do,” Abby replies with a giggle. “I need a moment though, and I want to come together. I’m rubbing my clit now, and it feels so good, Chris.”

“Imagine it’s me touching you,” I order, finally feeling brave. I’m too turned on to care about feeling self-conscious, I guess. “If I were there, I’d undress you and suck on your nipple while I slip a finger into you, slowly driving you crazy.”

“Oh yeah,” she moans. “You’d press your rock-hard cock against me, but you wouldn’t enter me yet, would you?”

“No,” I reply, jerking myself off a little faster, unable to help it. “I’d make you come before fucking you, baby. I’d rub your clit faster and faster until you were on the edge, and then I’d pull my finger out. It would be dripping wet, wouldn’t it?”

“Yes,” she murmurs. “Oh God, Chris, please don’t stop.”

“I’d slowly pull your cheeks apart and slip my wet finger into your ass, just the way you like it.”

Her breaths are coming in faster now.

“And then I would kiss my way down your beautiful body until you could feel my hot breath on your pussy. I would blow on you softly until you’d go crazy with need and lift your hips, pressing my face into you. “

“Ah!” she exclaims quietly. “Fuck, Chris, I’m so close. Pick up the pace, baby. I want to come together.”

“I’ve been on the edge since you started this, naughty girl,” I grunt. “You say the word and I’m done for.”

“Come for me,” she orders, sounding like she’s on the verge of coming herself.

My body complies immediately, and the moment I let out a haggard breath, I hear her moaning louder, followed by a hoarse curse, the unmistakable sounds of Abby falling apart. Fuck, this is hot.

“Oh,” she murmurs softly, sounding completely relaxed now. “That was so good. I’m going to need this every single night you’re gone, Chris.”

“Hmm,” I agree, grabbing some tissues to clean myself up before rolling to my side and pressing the button to videocall her.

Her flushed face appears on my screen and she smiles so sweetly that my heart does a backflip. I’m such a pussy sometimes. And I don’t even care. She’s so lovely.

“I love you,” she says before I can. “So much. That was… fuck, this was hot, Chris. I’ve never done this before.”

“Me neither,” I say, even though she surely already knew that. “I feel so stupid for missing you this badly, since it’s only my first night without you, but…”

“I know,” she assures me with a fond smile. “I miss you like crazy. You’re turning me into a sappy love-sick mess, Dr. Davids.”

I smile, loving it when she teasingly calls me that. “Same here, Abby. I love you. And… I’m sorry I doubted you.”

“That’s okay,” she assures me. “It’s a good thing I’m all in, because today was kind of intense. You picked a good day to take off for New York.”

“Sorry about that.”

She waves my concern away. “Now tell me about tomorrow. Are you nervous for your speech? Is there any way I can watch it, by the way?”

“They stream all lectures, so yeah, but you don’t have to baby. It’s really boring.”

“You’re a lot of things, Chris, but boring isn’t one of them.” Her eyes are so full of love that I almost tear up. “Send me the link and I will watch. Maybe I’ll watch from the bedroom, wearing nothing but that thong I had on in that last picture…”

I grunt. “Abby, stop it. I can’t give a speech with a boner.”

“Dr. Davids,” she murmurs, her eyes intent on mine, making it feel like she’s here with me. “I could come again right now, just from looking at you.”

My cock jumps back to life and I wrap my hand around it, stroking it slowly. “Keep talking.”

Her eyes widen when she realizes what I’m doing and a smirk lights up her face. “I don’t think I’m going to need many words.” Before I can ask her what she means, she pulls off her shirt and holds the phone further away from her, giving me a nice view of her large breasts. It only takes a few more strokes before I’m coming again, our eyes locked from across the country, both looking at our phone screen.

“That was hot,” she says when I’m done and I roll onto my back, holding up the phone so I can keep looking at her.

“Your turn?” I try, hoping to watch her come as well.

“Maybe if I like your speech tomorrow,” she teases. “Better get a good night of sleep to deliver the best speech of your life, Chris.”

I laugh and then a yawn forces its way out. Damn, I’m tired.

“Goodnight, baby.” Her voice is soft and sweet now. “I love you.” She moves closer to kiss the camera, and I laugh at seeing her lips up close. It looks weird from this angle.

“Love you too, baby.”

“Remember that I’ll be watching you tomorrow,” she says before hanging up with a wink.

Damn, that girl is trouble.

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