Caring Christopher

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#57 Edward finally gets some female attention


Jagger is so excited that he’s practically skipping across the parking lot full of second-hand cars. I told him that he can have any car he wants, since the prices are reasonable here, and I know Henry, the guy who owns the place, will give me a good deal. I used to be his daughter’s doctor, and he spent a lot of time in the hospital back when she was still sick.

“Oh wow,” Jagger says, his eyes shining when he sets eyes on a huge truck. It’s dark green, and it looks a little worn, but sturdy and reliable at the same time.

“Wanna take her for a spin?” Henry asks.

“Oh no,” Jagger says with a sigh. “I don’t really need a truck that big just to drive to school and back.”

“I told you that any car is fine with me,” I assure him with a smile. “If you want to take a test drive in this car, then by all means…”

“Really?” He does a weird little jump, his cheeks flushing when he realizes how childish he’s behaving. “I mean, yeah, sure. Whatever.”

Henry goes to get the keys for us. Five minutes later, Jagger and I pull out of the lot. Jagger looks right at ease behind the wheel, and he maneuvers the huge truck onto the street with ease.

“How long have you been driving?” I ask, glancing at him.

“Since I was 14,” he answers with a wicked grin. “Not legally, obviously, but a friend of mine was 16 and he had this battered old Camaro. And… well… I may have highjacked a few cars over the years.” He glances at me nervously before turning his attention back on the road. “I don’t do that anymore.”

“You better not,” I warn him sternly. “So… is this the one?”

“Are you sure I can get this car? It’s so expensive,” Jagger says, unable to keep the hope out of his voice. “It’s way bigger than I need, and it’s got all these fancy things I don’t need like…”

“Fancy things?” I ask, laughing, looking around at the interior of the car. Jagger may think this car is amazing, but it’s actually pretty basic. “Do you mean the cupholder? Or the radio?”

“I’m not rich like you, Chris,” Jagger says with a grunt. “That old piece of junk I’ve got? I paid for that myself. It’s shitty, but it’s been getting me places for almost a year now.”

“Then how about we give that car to someone who can use it, and I buy you this truck?” I offer. “It took you long enough, but you finally managed to be on good behavior for a straight month. You’ve earned it.”

“Okay,” Jagger says, taking a sharp turn back to the parking lot. “You don’t have to get me a birthday present, though. This is more than enough for… well… my next ten birthdays or something. And next Christmas.”

I laugh. “No way, Jag. You’re still getting a birthday present.”

We get out and he talks hop with Henry for a while, wanting to know every single thing there is to know about his new car. Jagger knows far more about cars than I do, so I just stand there, smiling. It’s so good to see him this happy. His black eye is less prominent now, and his arm is better – good enough to drive, at the very least.

Half an hour later, everything is taken care of, and Jagger jumps into the truck to drive himself home. I follow behind in my own car. The moment we get home, Davy, Yoah and Abby all run out of the house to see Jag’s new car.

“Wow, that’s a big car,” Yoah says, his green eyes big and wondering. “Will I get a car like that when I’m 16?”

“Sure,” I tell him, ruffling his hair. “That’s six more years though. For now, you will have to be really nice to Jagger so he can drive you places.”

“I want one too!” Davy says excitedly. “Jagger, can you drive us somewhere?”

Jagger looks at me questioningly. “Can I?”

“Sure.” I open my wallet and hand him my credit card. “Take them out for a burger or something.”

The boys cheer and get into Jagger’s car. I know I can trust Jagger to be careful with his brothers, and the burger joint they like is only three blocks away. The first time I allowed Jagger to take the two younger boys out like this I secretly followed them to make sure they were okay, but I know Jagger well enough by now to know he’d rather die than let anything bad happen to Yoah or Davy.

I smile when I feel Abby’s arms go around me from behind, watching Jagger pull out of the driveway.

“Does this mean we’ve got an hour to ourselves?” she murmurs barely loud enough for me to hear.

“Yeah, it does,” I realize, turning around so I can cup her face in my hands and lean down to kiss her. “What do you want to do?”

“Order pizza, fuck while we wait for it to arrive, and then eat it in bed,” she says without missing a beat.

“All that in just an hour?” I ask while she pulls me into the house and takes off her shirt in the hallway.

“You order the pizza, I’ll be in bed,” she says, looking over her shoulder at me. Damn, she’s giving me sex eyes. Like I’m not already turned on. “Naked.”

Luckily, our favorite order is programmed into the app on my phone, so it only takes a minute before I can join her in the bedroom. She’s already on all fours, her ass up in the air as she waits for me. I wish we had more time that one stolen hour, but we just have to make the most of what we’ve got. We really need to get ourselves a hotel and a babysitter like we did that first time we got together.

“Hurry,” she pants when she hears me undressing. “Don’t you dare fold your shirt before joining me, Chris.”

She knows me so well. I smile and throw the shirt on the floor just to please her. The moment I’m naked, I join her in bed and part her legs, running my fingers over her wet folds. I wish we could take our time. She deserves to be worshipped, not to only get quickies. Not that she’s ever complained about it, but still. It’s not what I want for her.

She moans when I press one finger against her puckered little hole. That never fails to get her hot. I slowly push one digit in, wiggling it a little while I work on her clit at the same time.

“Ah!” she exclaims, pushing her ass back, urging me to move harder, go faster.

Hearing her moans and watching her writhe makes me so hard that I can’t wait anymore. I force her legs further apart and sink into her pussy, grunting when I feel her walls tighten around me. Abby presses her face into the pillow to stifle her moans, but I’m not having any of that. I grab her hair and pull her head up forcefully, making sure that I don’t hurt her in the process. She likes it when I get a little rough, but I don’t want her to experience any pain.

“We’re all alone,” I remind her, pushing my finger deeper into her, causing her to cry out again. “Let me hear you scream, Abby.”

“Fuck!” she curses when I pick up the pace. “Oh, yeah, harder!”

The loud of our flesh slamming together sounds through the room, along with her moans.

“I’m not going to last much longer, Abby,” I pant, trying to control myself.

“Fuck my ass,” she pleads, looking over her shoulder at me, her green eyes wide and pleading. “Please, Chris. I need it hard and fast today. Fuck my ass. Now.”

I almost come when she says that, but I keep it together and pull out, grabbing the lube from the nightstand. The moment we’re both lubed up, I push into her, trying to go slow. She groans, grabbing the headboard for support.

“Am I hurting you?” I ask, pausing while I’m already almost completely inside of her.

“No,” she pants. “For fuck’s sake, Chris, just move!”

“What the hell has gotten into you today?” I ask with a grunt, shoving myself all the way in and starting to move, my fingers digging into her hips to keep her in place.

“You,” she replies, moaning again. “Oh, Chris, it feels so good.”

“Then come for me,” I order, thrusting so hard into her that she cries out. “Come on, Abby, we don’t have much time. Or do you want me to have to pull out when the pizza guy gets here? Leaving you here naked and needy?”

She moans again, taking every deep thrust with a loud cry. It only takes one more minute before she shudders with her release, collapsing onto the bed. I pull her back up forcefully so I can finish as well, needing a few more thrusts. I put two fingers inside her pussy to feel her walls spasms while I rub her G-spot, making her come right along with me.

“Oh,” she whimpers when I pull out, sperm leaking out of her. “Fuck, I’m sore.”

I laugh softly and lie down next to her, pulling her against me. “You did ask for it, baby. Are you okay?”

“More than okay.” Her whole body shudders as an aftershock of pleasure hits her. “Fuck, I needed that.” Her wild hair tickles on my chest when she nuzzles against me. “I love you.”

“Love you too.” I press a kiss to the top of her head.

When she feels me slowly pulling away from her, she grunts. “No…” she says, reaching for me when I get out of bed. “Just one more minute…”

“I’m sorry, baby.” I hate that I have to clean up and pull on some pants, but the pizza will be here any moment, and it won’t be long after that before the boys get home. It’s moments like these when I wish we’d met sooner, before I had kids, so we could’ve spent hours in bed together to talk, laugh, pleasure each other, without any interruptions. I know that wish is silly because if we’d met… say… ten years ago, she’s still have been underage. I’d have been a complete pervert had I wanted her back then. And we met because of the kids, so it’s stupid to fantasize about meeting her before they came into my life. It just seems unfair that we don’t get much time just the two of us.

I take the quickest shower ever, and then I’m stepping into my jeans right when the doorbell rings. Abby stays in bed while I pay the pizza delivery boy and grab us some sodas.

“Let’s go away together soon,” I propose when we’re scarfing down pizza.

“Away?” she repeats with her mouth full. She looks so cute with the blanket over her legs, her breasts on full display, and her hair sticking to her face. She’s a mess and I wouldn’t have her any other way. “Where to?”

“Anywhere,” I say, taking another bite. “Just a weekend trip or something.”

“Oh, the boys will love that,” she says with a huge smile. “We should do it soon, maybe right after the adoption papers go through? As a celebration?”

I was actually talking about just her and I going away, but she’s right. The boys have never been on vacation in their life, and they’d love to go sight seeing with us. In a way, that will make the getaway even more special, since it will be my first family trip as well. And Abby’s. It won’t be the wild weekend of uninterrupted sex I was fantasizing about, but this will be even better.

“Not New York, though,” she warns me, wagging her finger at me.

I laugh and give her a sloppy kiss. “Deal.”


“So… everything is all set?” I ask Mary again. “You’re certain?”

She nods, pulling her hair over her shoulder. She recently dyed it, and it’s now auburn and shiny. I only notice because she keeps playing with it. “Every single person that needed to getaway

make report or check the kids’ housing conditions or review the paperwork… it’s all been done. I’ve got all the signatures, all the stamps, Dorothy’s letter and all the stuff she signed… We’re all set. In three days, you will official be a father of three.”

I can’t keep the grin off my face, and I don’t want to. “That’s great.”

“Any other questions before I go?” she asks, putting all the paperwork back into the folders and shutting her laptop. It’s around dinner time, and she only came over to get my signature on three more forms. She’s the best damn social worker ever, if you ask me. Well, aside from Edward, of course. He’s a social work and a single foster dad, so he’s a bloody rock star. Mary is a close second.

“Erm… yeah…” I hesitate, debating how to word it. I don’t often get to talk to Mary face to face, and to see her without Abby and the kids around is even more rare. Jagger and Celeste will be home from band practice at their high school soon, and Abby is picking up the kids from playdates.

“I already know what you’re going to ask,” Mary says with a wry smile. “You want to know how long it’ll be before we can start the adoption process for Abby to become the kids’ mother.”

“You know me well by now,” I reply with a small smile. “So… how long?”

“Well, I hate to say it, but since you’re not married to her, it’s going to be difficult to get things going. She’s technically still your live-in nanny, and I can’t ask the court to allow her to adopt three kids when she’s technically only their nanny.”

“What if I told you that I plan to remedy that soon?” I ask softly. “Would that change things?”

“Oh,” Mary says, her eyes going wide. “Really? Okay, yeah, I guess… Yeah, that would change things. It’ll still be at least six months, probably even a year after you marry her. And that’s best-case scenario.”

“If something happens to me, I don’t want the kids to end up with someone else,” I explain, closing my eyes for a moment as I try to chase away that horrible scenario. “I know that Abby can become their foster parent or legal guardian or something, and I’ve tried to put it all in my will so the kids and Abby will be taken care of, but… it’s not just about that,” I add truthfully. “It doesn’t seem fair that I will be their dad in three days. Abby is just as much their mother as I am their father.”

“I know,” Mary assures me. “I will do whatever I can do to help, but you should focus on completing this process before starting a new one. Enjoy this week, Christopher. Trust me, it’s rare that three brothers – one of them a teenager with Jagger’s track record – end up in a home like this, with parents like you and Abby. And for you to be able to adopt them after eight months…”

“Yeah, I’m lucky,” I agree. “Thank you for all your help, Mary. You’re coming to the court hearing to finalize the adoption, right?”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world,” she assures me.

I walk her to the door. I’m about to open it for her when the doorbell rings. We’re both a little startled, but when I swing it open, I smile. It’s Edward with Freddie, stopping by for dinner.

“Mary?” Edward asks, looking surprised. “What are you doing here?”

“You know each other?” I ask, stepping to the side when Freddie runs right in to get himself a soda.

“Yeah, we’re colleagues,” Mary says, looking at Edward like… Well, I don’t know what that look is, but I sure as hell have never seen her look at me like that. She’s licking her lips and twirling a strand of hair around her finger, in no rush to leave anymore.

“I totally spaced about you being Chris’ social worker,” Edward says, grinning at her. “Did you change your hair? Looks good.”

“Thanks.” She actually giggles. I’ve never heard her giggle before.

“Edward is staying for dinner,” I say, inspiration hitting me. “Abby and Yoah are making pasta with meatballs. They’ll be home soon. They always make way too much. Would you like to stay as well, Mary?”

She hesitates, but I can tell it’s just for show. “Oh, I don’t know, I don’t want to impose…”

“Nonsense,” Edward says, stepping into the hallway and shutting the front door behind him. “Yoah’s meatballs are a real treat. Plus, I brought wine.” He holds up the bottle. “I seem to remember from the office party that you like red wine.”

“Oh shut up!” She giggles and swats his arm. “You’re so bad!”

When we get back to the kitchen, Abby and the kids arrive through the backdoor, looking flushed from their walk over here. Titus is with them, jumping Edward in greeting. Yoah immediately moves to the kitchen to get dinner started, and Abby kisses me softly before joining him. They put on some music, and soon enough the whole house is filled with the smell of dinner cooking on the stove, the sounds of kids’ laughter and adult conversation, and of course Abby singing off-key to the radio. Edward is sitting at the kitchen island with Mary, sipping his glass of wine while she keeps looking at him like she wants to eat him for dinner.

“Am I seeing what I think I’m seeing?” Abby whispers when I move over to kiss her neck while she chops vegetables. “Is Mary into Eddy?”

“Looks like it,” I murmur, smiling against her skin. “Hmm. You smell nice.”

“Ew!” Jagger yells loudly when he bursts into the kitchen with his guitar in his hands and Celeste right behind him. “Adults kissing!” His eyes move from me and Abby to Edward and Mary. “Oh no, Eddy, not you too!” Jagger says, pretending to vomit. “I thought you were the only smart man around here. Don’t tell me you’re going to get all sappy like Dad.”

“Shut it,” Abby says, throwing a bell pepper at his head that Celeste catches, carrying it back over to the kitchen counter.

As I look around the kitchen, seeing Davy and Freddie playing in the corner while everyone else is talking and laughing, I feel like the happiest man alive.

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