Caring Christopher

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#63 Throw them out


This can’t be happening.

I look down at Abby with my eyes full of tears, unable to believe I’ve got the woman of my dreams kneeling in front of me, asking me to marry her. She even bought a ring. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever even consider the possibility of Abby being the one to propose. It didn’t even cross my mind.

“Chris?” she asks, her voice wobbly.

Oh God, I’m taking too long to answer.

“Boys?” I ask, looking behind me to see them already lined up, and Jagger motions for me to step back and join them. Good man. He knows what I want to do before I even have to ask him. I stand next to Jagger, leaving Abby kneeling in the grass, her expression incredulous.

“Davy, it’s go-time,” Jagger says, giving his little brother the signal.

Davy clears his throat dramatically. He opens his mouth and cries out: “Will!”

“Dude, your shirt,” Jagger reminds him, chuckling.

“Right!” Davy realizes, tugging down the zipper of his hoodie and dropping it to the floor so everyone can see he’s wearing a black shirt with the word ’Will’ on it.

You,” Yoah adds, pulling his sweater over his head to show his shirt.

Jagger is next, and he shrugs out of his jacket, pointing at the white letters on his T-shirt. “Marry.”

Abby’s eyes are locked on my face as I unzip my vest and drop it onto the grass. On my shirt there is only one word, followed by a question mark.

“Me?” I finish the sentence, pulling the little black box out of my jeans. I sink onto my knees in front of her so we’re on the same level, and I flip open the lid so she can see the ring. “Will you marry me?”

“Oh my God,” she breathes, her eyes filling with tears. “The rings even match!” She looks over my head, laughing. “Jagger! You knew!”

“And thank God for that, because neither of you has any taste when it comes to jewelry,” he replies with an excited edge to his voice.

“For the love of God!” Aston’s booming voice sounds through the yard. “Just say yes already!”

“Yes,” I say immediately, reaching out to touch Abby’s cheek. “A hundred times yes.”

“Yes,” she echoes. “I will marry you, Chris.”

We reach for each other at the same time, our lips crushing against each other. She moans into the kiss, and for a second, we forget all about everyone looking at us, getting lost in each other for a wonderful moment. When we break apart, we realize at the same time that we dropped the rings. We’re both exceptionally bad at proposing, apparently, but at the same time it’s perfect. I can’t believe we planned to propose to each other on the same night, with Jagger being the only one who knew about both of our plans. If this isn’t meant to be, I don’t know what is.

“It’s beautiful,” Abby says when I get the box from the ground and take out the ring to slip it onto her finger. “I love it.” She picks up the other box and puts the simple gold band onto my finger. “Jagger did good picking these.”

“You proposed to me,” I murmur, pulling her in for another kiss. “I can’t believe you just did that.”

“I love you,” she says like that explains everything. “You don’t mind that I ruined your proposal, do you?”

“You made it even better,” I assure her, smoothing her wild hair out of her face. “I love you so much.”

“Let’s hear it for the engaged couple!” Jagger shouts, and then the whole garden erupts into cheers and applause.

I get up and pull Abby to her feet as well, smiling at the grass stains on her bare knees. She looks messy and sexy at the same time, just like she always does. The boys hurry over for a group hug, and I feel so goddamn happy right now. I’ve got three kids and a fiancée. Life can’t possibly get any better than this. It took me 46 years, but damn, it was definitely worth the wait.


“Did Jagger seem off to you when he went up to bed with Celeste?” Abby asks while she wipes down the kitchen counter and puts a few more plates into the dishwasher. We’re almost done cleaning the house, and the kids are already in bed. It’s been a long, wonderful night.

“He seemed a little quiet, yeah,” I agree. “It’s been an emotional day, though, so maybe he’s just thinking about Dorothy. She’s gotta be on his mind today.”

Abby frowns and grabs a left-over piece of pie, licking the chocolate and whipped cream off her fingers. “I’m not sure that’s it.”

“You look so good when you’re sucking on your finger like that,” I grunt, unable to focus on anything but her right now. “Especially since it’s the finger with your engagement ring.”

She smiles and looks at it, moving her hand so the diamond catches the light. “Yeah, it looks good, doesn’t it? I love it. I’m never taking it off ever again.”

I laugh and move over to grab her hand and bring it up to my lips to kiss it. “We need to get it fitted, baby. It’s a little big for you.”

“Hmm,” she murmurs. “I like things that are a too big for me.” Her hand grazes my cock through my pants, and she smirks when I moan. “I wish we could just fuck right here in the kitchen.”

“Yeah, but we have kids,” I grunt, grabbing her ass and lifting her onto the counter. I step between her legs as I kiss her, grinding against her mindlessly. She makes me so hot it’s ridiculous.

“Stop it,” she says without conviction, pulling at my hair. “We don’t want to traumatize the boys.”

“Bedroom?” I ask hopefully, not wanting to stop what we’re doing.

“Definitely,” she agrees right away. “I need to wash a few more wine glasses, though…” She hops down from the counter and turns around, turning on the faucet.

“Oh no, you don’t.” I press myself against her back and turn the water back off while I kiss her neck. “This mess will still be here in the morning, and we can force Celeste and Jagger to tackle it. Come on, Abby, I want to make love to my fiancée.”

“Oh,” she breathes, leaning back against me with a sigh. “I like the sound of that.”

Right when she turns around in my arms and knots her hand in my hair, her phone starts blaring. It’s the alarm for her to take her birth control pill. Normally, she takes her pill long before the alarm ever sounds – she’s extremely diligent about it – and she turns it off before it starts blaring, but tonight we had so much going on that she must have forgotten.

As she walks away from me to turn it off, a thought crosses my mind. We’re stable, engaged, the adoption is behind us… Would it be too early to…?

“Chris?” Abby asks, her eyes meeting mine across the room. She’s holding up her pill strip with a questioning look in her eyes. “Should I…” She hesitates, looking just as nervous as I feel. “Should I throw them out?”

Once again, we’re perfectly in synch. “Yes,” I reply immediately. “If you’re okay with it, that is. You know I’d love to have a baby with you.”

She smiles and moves over to the trash, throwing away the pills that were keeping her from getting pregnant the past months.

“You’re sure?” I ask her, not wanting her to feel like I’m pressuring her, even though she was the one to suggest it.

“Chris, I got down on one knee tonight and asked you to marry me,” she says, holding up the hand with the ring on it. “I think it should be pretty clear to you by now that I’m all in. And we both know that for us, that includes you knocking me up.”

“You make it sound so romantic,” I tease. I walk over to her so I can pull her against me, my hands running down her back until they’re cupping her ass.

“Chris,” she moans into my ear. “Put a baby inside of me. Please.

My cock jumps to attention, straining against my jeans. With a grunt, I grab her legs and jerk her up so she has no choice to wrap them around my waist while I carry her into the hallway and up the stairs. I’m only just strong enough for that, but I don’t want her to think she’s too fat or anything, so I don’t let on to how difficult it is for me to carry her all the way into the bedroom. She’s beautiful. Amazing. The most sexy woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. I’ll never do anything to make her feel anything other than that.

Marvel of all marvels, no kids show up to cockblock me, and we make it all the way into the bedroom without any trouble. I lock the door behind us while she pulls her dress over her head and lies down on the bed in her underwear. My clothes follow suit, and I join her completely naked, taking off her bra the moment she kisses me. Her breasts feel so good in my hands, and we both moan into the kiss. It all feels so right with her.

She moans so loudly when I suck her nipple into my mouth that I have to clamp my hand over her mouth so the kids won’t hear. She licks the palm of my hand, and I laugh against her skin. She’s so weird sometimes.

“I’m so wet,” she murmurs when I pull my hand away.

“Let’s see…” I kiss my way down her body and pull at her panties with my teeth, causing her to gasp. She lifts up her hips to I can tug them off, my eyes never leaving her body. I love how curvy she is, the cute birthmarks on her left hip, and that gorgeous, dripping wet pussy begging for me to sink into it. Instead of giving into my primal urges, I part her legs with my hands and flick my tongue over her center, wanting to give her as much pleasure as I can.

“Oh Chris,” she moans softly, grabbing my hair to push my face against her wet core. “Yes.”

I dive in, licking, sucking and nipping until she falls apart, clasping a hand over her own mouth to muffle her screams. I push in two fingers when she’s finally coming down from her high and rub her G-spot, causing her to come again. I lick her clit while she shudders her release, wanting to drag this out as long as I can.

Abby murmurs curses while she comes down, her body going limp underneath my touch. I kiss my way back up and cover her body with mine, enjoying how warm and soft she feels.

“Your turn,” she mumbles, squeezing my ass. “Want me to suck your cock, baby?”

“Not now,” I say, already lining up with her entrance. “I want to fuck you so badly. Let me put a baby in you, Abby.”

“Oh God yes,” she breathes, bucking up her hips to take me inside of her.

We both know that chances of me getting her pregnant tonight are slim – she only stopped taking the pill fifteen minutes ago – but the idea of fucking her with no protection whatsoever gets me hotter than anything ever has.

Abby has a hard time staying quiet once I start pounding her, and she actually bites down on my shoulder at one point, causing me to curse.

“Sorry,” she pants. “I didn’t mean to hurt you. I just – oh God yes… Oh, Chris, harder!”

The pain in my shoulder is forgotten when I feel her walls tighten around me. She squeezes my ass while she comes, and one finger moves to the place no woman has ever touched before, pushing against it.

“Yes,” I breathe, so close to coming myself. I’ve fucked her in her tight little puckered hole so many times now, but I’ve been reluctant about letting her anywhere near mine. Now, it feels right, for some reason. Or maybe I’m just so goddam horny that I’ll agree to anything.

Her finger slips in with ease, curling and rubbing a spot in me that I didn’t even knew existed. I cry out when a wave of pleasure washes over me, and my cock empties itself into her, her walls spasming around me hard and fast, milking me for all I’ve got.

“Oh,” Abby gasps when I pull out. “That was… Holy fuck, Chris. I came so hard I saw stars.”

“Hm,” I reply, unable to make more sound than that.

She giggles and snuggles up to me, kissing my neck before resting her head on my shoulder. “I think we should do this every single night from now on. To maximize our chances, you know.”

“Hell yeah,” I agree, my voice hoarse. “Definitely.”

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