Caring Christopher

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#66 Dr. Davids takes control


The past two weeks went by in a rush, and my body, heart and mind miss Christopher so much it hurts. It feels like he’s a million miles away, even though he isn’t. He’s busy at work, but he comes home every night, eats a late dinner in the kitchen while I sit with him to talk about our day, and we sleep in the same bed every night.

No sex, though. Not because we don’t want to, but because Davy is back to slipping into bed with us the moment he hears us enter the bedroom. There is so much tension in the house because of Celeste and Jagger having fights over the phone about whether or not she should get an abortion. Davy doesn’t know how to handle tension, and he can’t sleep at night when he feels anxious. The only thing that helps the young boy sleep is to curl up against Christopher, so we let him.

That means that we don’t get a moment to ourselves for two full weeks. I’ve tried to get him alone for a quicky, but we always get interrupted by someone ringing the doorbell, or one of the kids walking in, or Chris getting called into work. For two people trying to have a baby, we don’t nearly have enough time together to make it happen.

I had my period last week, for the first time since getting off birth control. I was a little disappointed, but I know that’s ridiculous. Of course I didn’t get pregnant that night we got engaged. That would have been a miracle. I know our lives are crazy right now, and this might not be the perfect time to get pregnant, but neither of us cares. I never believed in perfect anyway, and Chris doesn’t either. There’s no such thing. So why wait if we want a kid right now? We’re engaged, we love each other, and we both want a baby more than anything.

My period only lasted two days, and it wasn’t nearly as heavy as they used to be before I went on the pill years ago. My body is obviously slowly getting back to its natural state, since I’ve been on birth control since… well, since high school, so I don’t recall much about what my periods were like before I started putting hormones in my body to keep me from getting pregnant, but I do remember my back aching, headaches, heavy bleeding… I hope that it won’t get that bad again when my body gets back to normal. Hopefully, I’ll only need to get through a few heavy periods before getting pregnant.

“Where are you going?” Jagger asks when he sees me pulling on my boots and jacket. He’s on the couch, frowning at his phone. Even since Celeste moved in with Edward, she’s been keeping her distance from Jagger. He hates it, but he respects her needs above anything else. Chris told me about Jagger wanting to hurt Wyatt for what he did to her, and I’m relieved that Jagger agreed to staying away from Wyatt for now, to focus on himself instead, on Celeste, on their relationship.

“I’m going to the store,” I lie. It’s just Jagger home this afternoon, since Yoah and Davy are at a friends’ house, both having been invited to stay for dinner as well. I don’t need to pick them up for another few hours.

“Oh, can I come?” Jagger asks, surprising me. “I could use a distraction from the millionth fight I got into with Celeste today.”

“Erm… I’m not actually going to the store,” I confess, shifting uncomfortable. “Chris is due for a break in twenty minutes, and I thought I’d surprise him with lunch.”

“Ah,” Jagger says, nodding. “Okay. I guess I’ll run to the store anyway. There’s a list the length of a novel on the fridge, so I might as well make myself useful.” He grunts and gets up to grab the shopping list. “Say hi to Chris for me.”

Normally, I’d invite Jagger along with me, but not today. I need Chris alone for once. That might be selfish, but I think we spend enough time taking care of others to be allowed to be selfish for once. I need him so much that it hurts. I didn’t put on my sexiest red lingerie set underneath my dress only to end up with a kid tagging along once again. This is happening. Today. I can’t take all this pent-up sexual desire anymore. I need a release and I need it now.

As I drive to the hospital, I think about Celeste for a moment. Even now that she and Jagger aren’t on good terms anymore, I still make sure to call her and stop by often, to show her that she can still trust me and that I’m there for her no matter the state of her relationship with Jagger. She’s doing okay, considering everything that happened to her, and I know Edward is a huge part of that. He and Freddie have taken to her well, and she seems at ease in the house, enjoying the steady sense of family the guys provide. Freddie calls her his bonus sister, which is so damn cute.

Celeste has truly popped since finding out she’s pregnant, almost like her body was trying to hide her pregnancy and is now giving up on that and allowing her belly to grow. She’s not huge or anything, but she’s quite clearly pregnant. She hates it, and she’s still considering an abortion, but she’s already 25 weeks along, so it’s not something she can just decide on a whim and get done in a jiff. It will be huge fucking deal, and the baby is already quite big, even though it’s smaller than average, most likely because she’s been drinking and smoking the past months. The baby is okay aside from its small size, which is a relief. I don’t think Celeste will get the abortion, or she’d have made the call already. If she waits even longer, it won’t be possible at all anymore.

I pull up into the parking lot and force to take my thoughts of Jagger and Celeste. They’re the focus of my life right now, but I don’t want them to be. Not now. I want to think about nothing but Chris for the next hour. My fiancé. I smile down at the gold ring on my finger, toying with it. It’s still a little big, but I don’t want to take it off even for a second to get it fitted. I love how it feels to be wear an engagement ring, reminding every minute of the day how much Chris loves me.

“Hey Abby,” Francesca greets me when she sees me walking into the peds wing. Her bright pink hair is in a messy bun and her eyebrow piercing sparkles in the sunlight streaming in through the window. “Chris is on his break right now, in the doctor’s lounge. He’ll be so happy to see you.”

I smile, but don’t walk down the hallway to where I know he’s sitting right now, sipping his coffee. “Actually… could you maybe make up something that will need him to go to his office?” I ask, feeling a little nervous. “I want to surprise him.”

“Ah,” she says with a grin, understanding flashing in her eyes. “Sure. I’ll tell him he’s got a patient waiting for him. I’ll have him with you in five minutes.”

We part ways and I walk into his office, that has the door wide open like always. I lock it behind me, not wanting anyone to be able to walk in on me. I shut the blinds and undress in a rush, flinging my clothes onto Chris’ chair.

Oh God, maybe this wasn’t the best idea ever, I think to myself when nerves surge up in me. I’m not exactly shy when it comes to letting Chris know I want him, but showing up in his office in the middle of his workday… I’m not sure how he’ll feel about that. I know I’m crazy with need for him, but I have no idea how he’ll react. At work, he’s all business, a rock star doctor in control of anything and anyone around him, demanding and earning respect from all his staff members, his patients, their parents… The few times I’ve seen him in action around here, he got me hot just from looking at him and listing to his commanding voice. He’s quite different at home, much… softer, I guess. Less in control. He lets me take the reigns often when we’re together, but he’s not like that when he’s in doctor mode. He’s in charge here.

I’m starting to feel stupid and cold, ready to put my dress and boots back on, but then I hear the doorknob rattle, followed by the sound of a key in the lock. I scoot up on his desk, sitting there in nothing but my panties and bra.

“What is going on? Why is the door lock-” Chris’ eyes go wide the second he sees me and he steps inside, closing the door behind him with a loud slam, locking it behind him. “Oh thank God,” he says with a grunt as he rushes over, knotting his hands in my hair while he kisses me.

I throw my legs around him, kissing him back as hard as I can, our tongues battling while moans erupt from me. He moves one hand down my back, pulling me flush against his chest.

“Fucking hell, I’ve missed this,” he groans when he pulls away to catch his breath. “I can’t believe you’re here.”

“You look so hot in your white coat,” I say, sounding hoarse. I’m already wet as fuck, ready for him to take me right here and now. This was a great idea after all.

“Please, I’ve got nothing on you,” he replies, stepping back to take in my almost naked body. He grunts and shrugs out of his coat and unbuckles his belt. “This is so unprofessional. I’ve never fucked in my office before.”

“Never?” I ask, surprised. “Not even with Gianna back in the day?”

He shakes his head, smiling. “Never. I had sex in an office once, but not in mine, and not with Gianna.”

“Chloe?” I ask, not sure why I’m asking him about details.

“Annabel,” he replies, tugging down his pants and stepping out of them. “I don’t want to talk about her right now, though. In fact, let’s not talk at all.”

“Then get out of those boxershorts,” I order, eager to have him between my legs again.

He complies, yanking down my panties the moment he’s naked. His mouth finds mine again while he unclasps my bra, his hands kneading my breasts. Fuck, it feels so good to be with him again. It’s ridiculous that we haven’t managed to get enough time together to do this back at home, in bed. There have been hot kisses, a bit of grinding against each other, and some touching, but we got interrupted every single time.

I don’t care if the world stops turning while we go at it now. We’re finishing this. There could be an earthquake right now and it wouldn’t even faze me. I need him so badly.

“Oh,” he groans when his hand slips between my legs and he feels how wet I am.

“Fuck me,” I plead, forcing him closer by crossing my legs behind his waist, pressing myself against him. “Please, Chris, I need you.”

He pulls back a little so he can line himself up with my core, and then he’s already inside of me, filling me up completely. I press my face against his shoulder to muffle my cries as he starts thrusting into me, his fingers digging into my skin while he fucks me.

“Oh God,” he breathes, his thrusts becoming erratic already. “I’m sorry – I won’t last long.”

“Then don’t,” I reply, feeling just as out of control as he does. “Put a baby in me, Chris.”

His whole body convulses the moment I say that, and I feel him releasing himself deep inside of me, his grunts reverberating throughout my body. I didn’t come yet, but it feels damn good to watch him come undone.

“Sorry,” he pants when he pulls out, his cheeks flushed. “I just couldn’t-”

“Don’t you dare apologize,” I tell him, grabbing his face and pulling his mouth down to mine, nipping at his bottom lip playfully. “Good news is you were so damn fast that we have time for another round before you need to get back to work.” Before he can respond to that, I’m already scooting off the desk and dropping to my knees in front of him.

“Abby,” he grunts when I slowly draw my tongue over his flaccid cock. It will take a moment to get him hard again, but I’m up for the challenge. He tastes like our combined juices, and I moan against his skin, so damn horny that I feel like I could get off just from blowing him. After licking and teasing him for another few minutes, his cock is ready to go again, just as hard as it was when we fucked the first time.

“Turn around,” he says when I get back up. His eyes are dark with desire and he’s got that commanding tone that I don’t get to hear very often. This is work Chris, combined with bedroom Chris. I love this side of him.

When I don’t do as he says right away, he grabs me and turns me himself, pushing against my back so I’m forced to lean over his desk, my ass sticking up in the air. He pushes into me with a grunt, pausing for a moment to run his hands over my body, pinching my nipples hard, making me squirm.

“Fuck me,” I plead, forcing myself to keep my voice low. He’s right, this is very unprofessional – as hot as this is, I don’t want a nurse or a patient or something to walk past his office and overhear us having sex. It’s hot as fuck to have him inside of me in his office, but I don’t want to get caught.

His finger probes my puckered little hole, pushing in slowly but surely. I have to clasp a hand over my mouth to keep myself from crying out in pleasure. He starts rubbing me in just the right spot while he starts moving in and out of my pussy in the same rhythm, manipulating my body the way only he can.

“You’re so fucking hot,” he tells me, his voice rough. “I’m never waiting two weeks to fuck you ever again. We need to make time for this way more often, Abby.”

“Yes,” I agree, the word coming out as a moan.

“Now come for me,” he orders, picking up the pace. “I want to feel you clench around me before I come inside of you again. You want to come, don’t you, baby?”

“Yes,” I moan before pushing my mouth against the skin of my arm, forcing myself to stay quiet. He’s drilling me so hard and deep that if it weren’t for the desk he’s got me bent over, I’d be in a puddle on the floor. A wave of pleasure rolls over me, followed by another one, and then another.

“Oh,” Christopher grunts, fucking me so hard that the desk rattles beneath us. “That’s it. Come for me, Abby.”

I cry out against my arm when my body complies, an orgasm so intense rocking me that I almost black out for a moment. He doesn’t relent one bit, slamming into me again and again until another orgasm follows suit, caused by him curling his finger inside of my tight hole and shoving it in even deeper. I feel tears wetting my cheeks from the intensity, and I give into it without holding back, my walls clenching around him so hard that he’s forced to follow right behind me, filling me up a second time.

He takes a moment to pull himself back together before pulling out, causing both of us to gasp. I’m sore, but in the best possible way. To my surprise, he doesn’t allow me to get up from the desk. He presses against my back to keep me right where I am and slips his finger back into my ass, making me moan.

“What are you doing?” I ask with a moan, my legs trembling so much that I feel like I’m going to faint in a moment. “Chris?”

“Making you come again,” he grunts, moving his hand from my back to between my legs, circling my clit. “We don’t have much time, though, so you’d better hurry.” He shoves three fingers into my pussy without warning, fingerfucking me hard while curling the finger of his other hand inside my hole. I feel the next orgasm building up already, fueled by the sweet pain of him taking me so hard before. His thumb rubs my clit hard and fast. The sensation of so much stimulation in three different spots almost pushes me over the edge, my entire body humming with pleasure.

“Come on,” Chris says, his voice dark. “One more time, Abby.”

“No,” I whimper, not sure I’ve got it in me, although my body is screaming yes.

Chris stops right away and I feel him starting to pull away. He’d never do anything I don’t want him to, and he’s interpreting my no as me telling him to stop, even though I didn’t mean it that way.

“No no no,” I protest. “I mean… yes!”

He chuckles. “Yes or no, Abby? Do you want me to make you come?”

“Yes,” I moan, so close already. “Please.”

He moves again, fingering both of my holes hard and fast. He’s rough with me today, and I love it.

“I will never be able to be inside this office ever again without picturing you bent over my desk,” he groans. He shoves his fingers in so deep that I almost cry out, catching myself just in time. “So. Fucking. Hot.” His voice sends me over the edge, and I moan against my arm, the release washing over me in hot, fast waves.

Finally, he pulls away and helps me up, his kind blue eyes locking with mine. “I love you so much,” he says in a tight voice. “So. Fucking. Much.”

“Me too,” I reply hoarsely, still a little out of it. “Oh God, I’m sore.”

He smiles and kisses me tenderly. “Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.”

“No need to be sorry.”

He grabs some tissues and helps me clean up before wiping himself down. We get dressed in a rush because we both know he’s got a surgery in about ten minutes. He leaves the office for a moment to go wash his hands in the restroom across the hall, and then he’s back, pulling me against him for a slow, languid kiss.

“I’ve got another surprise for you,” I tell him when he pulls back, his fingers combing though my wild mess of a hairdo.

“Abby, we don’t have time for another round,” he teases, kissing my neck.

“Not that,” I say, rolling my eyes with a smile. “I think I can manage without your cock in my pussy for another few hours. You’re free this weekend, right?”

“Right,” he agrees, frowning.

“I booked us and the boys a hotel a few towns over,” I tell him, excited to finally tell him. “The boys don’t know yet. Jagger’s birthday is in three days, and Davy’s is right after the weekend, so I figured we could make it a birthday weekend for them. We could use some family time, a few days to relax without worrying about everything that’s going on.”

“I love that,” he says, pressing another kiss to my lips. “The boys will too. Thank you. Let’s tell them tonight, okay? Together. I think I can make it home in time for dinner.”

I sigh in disappointment when he steps out of my embrace, but I know he has patients who need him more than I do right now. I just miss spending time with him, especially since we’re both so tense from the whole Celeste ordeal.

“I’ll be there for dinner,” he vows, smiling ruefully. “This was…” He grunts, not needing to say anything else to convey to me how hot the past hour was. “Tonight, we’re locking the bedroom door and I’m having my way with you again. I don’t care if the kids set the whole damn house on fire. I feel like I could have a million rounds with you today and it still wouldn’t be enough.”

“I know,” I agree immediately, already getting wet again. “We need to start having quickies every second we can, because I will fucking burst if we wait this long again.”

He chuckles. “It’s ridiculous, but it truly does feel that way. I’ve gone without sex for years in a row before, between relationships, and I never felt like I was going insane, but now that I’m with you… a few days without this… it feels like I’m constantly on edge when I can’t have you.”

“Let’s get married soon,” I say, grabbing his hand. “Let’s set a date.”

“Okay,” he agrees right away, not even needing to think about it. “I really need to go now, Abby. I’ve got back-to-back surgeries all afternoon. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. Go save some lives, Dr. Davids.”

He grunts and pulls me in for a scorching hot kiss. “I love it when you call me that. Now stop being so goddamn tempting and let me get to work.”

I laugh and push him away from me. “You’re the one who keeps standing here, talking to me. If you need to go, then go!”

Finally, he leaves his office, looking over his shoulder at me with a huge grin on his face. I can’t wait to marry him soon. I want to be Abigail Davids as soon as possible. And I want a baby to start growing in my belly even more. A tiny little perfect being, half him and half me. Hopefully we’ll get to fuck some more this weekend at the hotel, because I’ll be ovulating. And aside from that, him taking me just now doesn’t leave me feeling satisfied, even though I had three mind-blowing orgasms. I want more. Soon. I’m addicted to Chris, that much is obvious. Luckily, he’s just as addicted to me, and we plan to seal our love soon. I’ll get to have him with me forever and that is the best damn feeling in the world.

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