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#67 Mini vacation


“Oh my God, there’s a pool!” Yoah says, pressing his face against the window that shows us the huge indoor pool of the hotel. We arrived an hour ago and the two of us are exploring while Abby is out for a walk with Jagger and Davy. I feel like I’ve been neglecting Yoah lately without meaning to, because the boy is so low-maintenance that it’s so easy to forget that he needs me to be a hands-on father with him as well as the other two kids.

“Do you know how to swim?” I ask, hating that I don’t know that about him. I need to step up my game as a dad from now on, especially with him. Jagger demands my attention often, and Davy makes sure that he gets his fair share, but Yoah flies under the radar, helping me and Abby clean the house and never acting out.

“Yeah, Mom taught me,” he says, looking at me with those big green eyes of his. “Can we go swimming later?”

“How about right now?” I offer, smiling when he nods furiously. “Let’s get changed then.”

Fifteen minutes later, Yoah jumps into the pool with a loud cry, making a few other hotel guests look at us with frowns on their faces. I don’t even care that he’s annoying others. He’s finally acting like the kid he is, and I love to give him some one-on-one attention. I jump in after him, and chase him through the pool, throwing him up into the air.

“Dad!” he exclaims, jumping on my back, laughing. “Why don’t we go to the pool more often?”

My heart clenches, feeling like I’m failing him again. He and Davy play soccer every weekend, and I try to make time to play catch with them a few times a week, but I hate that I didn’t know he loves to swim.

“From now on, we will,” I vow. “You can tell me whenever you want to, okay? I know I’m busy a lot, but I’ve always got time for you, son.”

He grins and tries to push me under. I let him, pretending to drown, my arms flailing around me dramatically. Yoah is roaring with laughter, the carefree sound making me forget all my worries. I watch him go down the water slide, and I can’t help but thank my lucky stars for giving me him and his brothers. Abby had the right idea for the five of us to go away for a weekend. It’s just two days, but that’s enough to feel like a mini vacation. I’ve never been one to go away on my own, and it’s been a long time since I was in a relationship that lasted long enough to go on trips together. I didn’t realize how much I missed that until I found Abby.

She takes care of me in so many ways, big and small. I’m glad I proposed to her – or well, that we proposed to each other. We decided on a date this week, and we’ll be husband and wife just two months from now. Abby and I figured out all the details in just half an hour. We’re so in tune that we both came up with the same idea, which didn’t surprise either of us. We’ll get married in our back yard, and we asked Edward to get ordained so he will be able to marry us. She’s going wedding dress shopping with Brittany next week, and our friends have agreed to help us decorate the back yard. By the end of July, we’ll officially be family, and we can start the process of her adopting the boys.

“Dad!” Yoah yells from the other side of the pool. “They’re back!”

I look up to see Jagger, Davy and Abby at the edge of the pool. Jagger picks up Davy and throws him in, making the young boy cry out in joy and shock. Abby laughs at them and lowers herself into the pool slowly, getting used to the temperature. She looks damn good in her red string bikini, all of her soft curves on show. I swim over so I can kiss her.

“Hey,” she says softly, pulling her fingers through my wet curls. “Hmm. I like the way you look all wet and happy.”

I grin. “Right back at you.”

We break apart sooner than I’d like, because we need to watch the kids and a swimming pool isn’t the place to start a full make-out session, obviously. Abby stays in the shallow end of the pool, playing with Davy. He asks her to chase him around, but I notice that she never gets into the part of the pool where she can’t stand, not even when Davy swims out there and dares her to catch him.

Abby can’t swim.

How did I not know that about her?

“What the fuck?” Jagger says from beside me, realizing the same thing. “How is that even possible? Even Davy knows how to swim!”

“Don’t you dare make her feel self-conscious about it,” I warn him, seeing the vulnerability in Abby’s eyes when she looks at me and Jagger, glancing away when she realizes that we know.

“Of course not,” he promises. “I’m 17, you know. I’m all mature now.”

I laugh and push him under water, causing him to glare at me when he comes back up. His birthday last week was a quiet affair, since he didn’t feel like celebrating with him and Celeste still not back to the way they used to be. She decided to have the baby, which makes him happy, but she’s still tense about the whole thing, which is perfectly understandable. I can’t even begin to imagine how she must be feeling. She got raped and now she might be carrying that asshole’s child. No matter how amazing Jagger is being about the whole thing, Celeste is obviously riddled with guilt. Edward got her a therapist and she went to a support group for victims of sexual assault last week, but she doesn’t like to talk about it, so we don’t know if it’s helping her or not. It’s too soon to say anyway.

“Dad?” Yoah asks softly, joining me and Jagger. “Mom doesn’t know how to swim, does she?”

“How about we teach her?” I propose, smiling at my observant son.

He nods and together we swim over to Abby, whose cheeks are flushed in embarrassment. Yoah starts telling her how to move her arms and legs, and she can’t keep the smile of her face from how cute he looks all serious. I put my hands on her waist and move her through the water, enjoying the perfect family moment.

We spent hours in the pool and end up eating in the small snack bar in the corner, stuffing our faces with burgers and fries. Abby is exhausted from trying to learn how to swim, and the boys are getting tired too, so we eventually retire to our hotel rooms not long after dinner. The boys are in one room, and me and Abby are in the adjacent one.

“I’ll read the boys their bedtime story,” Jagger says, winking at me while he motions for us to leave their room. “I’m sure you’ve got some adult activities to get to before going to sleep.”

“Adult activities?” Davy asks, sounding excited. “I want to do that too!”

“Really?” Jaggers asks his little brother teasingly. “You want to fill out forms, clean the bathroom and watch the news?”

“Ew!” Davy scrunches up his face. “No, that’s boring!”

“Then say goodnight to Mom and Dad, and hop into bed with Yoah,” Jagger orders, grinning.

We kiss the boys goodnight and I thank Jagger silently with a smile and a hug. He wiggles his eyebrows when we step into our room through the door that joins the two hotel rooms. It’s a little disturbing how comfortable Jagger is when it comes to things like this, and that he seems to know exactly what we’ll be up to tonight, but I’m grateful for him giving us some alone time. We’ve been having quickies since that time in my office, but it’s not enough. I doubt anything will ever be enough when it comes to Abby.

“So… forms, cleaning and watching the news?” Abby says with a grin, pulling her dress over her head and jumping onto the big bed. “Sounds like a fun night.”

I get undressed just as quickly and join her in nothing but my boxershorts. “It sure does.”

“I’m ovulating,” she says, her catlike eyes bright and happy. “So who knows… tonight might be the night.”

“Then let’s get down to business,” I tease, running my hands over her body, my cock stirring in eager anticipation.

She hums in agreement as I undo the clasp of her bra and latch onto her nipple with my mouth, sucking on it hard. Abby’s hands fist my hair, pulling me up so she can kiss me, biting down on my bottom lip with a soft moan.

“I can’t wait to be your wife,” she breathes when I start kissing my way down her body. “I never thought I’d ever have… you know… any of this. Love, marriage, kids… And now, I’m about to have it all, and with you…

I look up when I hear her sniffle, surprised to realize she’s crying. They’re happy tears, but still, I hate it when she cries. I pull her into my arms, rubbing her back until she quiets down.

“I’m taking your name,” she says softly, gazing into my eyes.

That’s one of the only things we hadn’t discussed to far. I honestly didn’t even think about asking her if she wanted to, because I assumed she’d want to keep her own name. I don’t know why, but I figured she’d want to cling onto the last bit of independence she had left. Apparently, I was wrong.

“I want to be Abigail Davids,” she says, her eyes still swimming with emotion. “And when we have a baby, it will be called Davids too. I can’t wait to get pregnant.”

“Me either,” I agree, kissing her tenderly. “I love you so much, honey.”

She runs her hand down my back and squeezes my ass. “You looked so fucking hot in the pool earlier,” she murmurs. “I know it’s totally inappropriate, but if the kids hadn’t been there and the pool had been empty…”

“Oh, I know,” I grunt. “I’d have fucked you under water for sure.”

She laughs and throws a leg over mine. “We’re alone now…”

I flip her over so I’m on top of her and slowly kiss my way down to her wet core, pulling her panties down with my teeth. She loves it when I do that, and her moans make it clear tonight is no exception. She opens her legs for me without me needing to pull them apart, and I dive in with a grunt, licking, sucking and nipping until I’ve got her worked into a frenzy. I force a hand underneath her to play with her ass, knowing that will send her flying over the edge faster than anything else ever does. Sure enough, she comes apart within seconds, crying out my name. It’s a good thing the walls are pretty sturdy and sound-proof, or the boys would be able to hear her.

I hold her while she slowly comes down from her orgasm, gasping every time a wave of pleasure hits her again. She enjoys the after-waves, rubbing herself against my leg to prolong them, completely giving herself over to me the way she always does. It’s hard to believe that this is the same girl who once asked permission before hugging me, and who took a while to trust that I wasn’t some douchebag that was going to sneak into her room at night to take advantage of her. There is none of that girl left in her when we’re together, thank God. She’s the Abby she always was underneath all that armor. Sweet, fierce, unapologetically real.

“I’ve never been on vacation before,” she murmurs, kissing my neck while her hand travels down my chest to cup my cock through my shorts.

“What?” I ask, unsure I heard her right.

“My mother never had money for trips like these,” she explains. “My deadbeat father made sure she never had a penny to spare. And then I had to pull my own weight when she got sick, and pay for her group home and medication, since the insurance doesn’t cover everything, so… no, I’ve never been on vacation before. The time I spent with Brittany’s family at Christmas is the only vacation I’ve ever had. The only time I’ve ever stayed at a hotel was that one time I got us a room right when we started things.”

“Money’s not an issue anymore,” I say, glad that with my salary I will be able to pay for whatever trips she wants to take. “Where do you want to go for our honeymoon?”

“Oh,” she says with a huge smile. “A honeymoon! I didn’t even think of that! We can’t go right away though. Celeste will only be four weeks away from her due date when we get married.”

“After, then,” I agree with a sigh. It sucks to have so many people depending on us sometimes, even though I wouldn’t have it any other way. “Where do you want to go?”

“Somewhere warm,” she says, starting to jerk me off while she talks, making it hard for me to focus. “I wanna lie on the beach for a week.”

“Sounds good,” I groan, pulling her on top of me.

She sinks down on me immediately and starts riding me, grabbing the headboard for support. Right when she’s got me on the brink, she stops and kisses me softly, keeping me inside of her while she hooks her legs around me so she can roll us over. I don’t get why she wants me on top until her hands are on my ass, a finger pressing against my back entrance.

“Do you want me do?” she asks, waiting for my breathless response before pushing it slowly inside of me, curling it in the perfect angle.

I immediately start slamming into her, fueled by her probing finger turning me on even more than I already was. She knows exactly how to play my body so I will have an orgasm so intense it takes my breath away. I shudder with my release, thrusting in a few more times until I’ve got nothing left to give.

“Hmm,” she murmurs as I collapse on top of her. She pulls her finger out and kisses the side of my face, smiling against my skin. “I hope you’re up for another round soon, because I want to make sure we fuck as often as we can while I ovulate.”

“Sure,” I reply, still trying to catch my breath.

“I love watching your face when you come,” she whispers, her walls clenching around my cock that’s still inside of her. “It gets me hot every single time. I almost came myself just from that out of control look in your eyes when you filled me up.”

“Fucking hell, Abby,” I grunt, feeling my cock stir back to life. “What are you doing to me?”

I’m not completely hard yet, but she starts moving anyway, slow and deliberate, nipping at my neck while she does, causing me to shiver.

“I want a baby,” she moans. “And I kinda need to drain you of all you’ve got to get one, so…” She pushes at me until she’s on top, and she lets me slip out of her so she can kiss her way down my body until her mouth wraps around my cock, working for minutes until I’m completely erect again.

“Abby,” I groan, unable to resist her. Not that I want to, of course.

“I get to fuck you for the rest of my life,” she says as she sinks back down on me, throwing her head back with a soft cry of pleasure. She looks down on me with a mixture of love and lust in her eyes. “I love you so much, Chris.” Abby leans down to kiss me, moaning against my lips when the movement causes friction against her clit. “I want to be your wife so badly.” She grabs my hand and kisses the engagement ring she gave me. “I know I fucked up before, but I promise you I’m never leaving you. It won’t even cross my mind, no matter what life throws our way.”

“I know,” I tell her, pushing her hair out of her face so I can look into her gorgeous green eyes and press another kiss to her lips. “You’re going to be mine until one of us dies.”

“And even after that,” she says with a little smile. “If you go first, I’ll still love you.”

I don’t know why, but those words do something to me that I can’t explain. I choke up and pull her flush against me, trying to keep my tears at bay.

“I mean it,” she whispers, tugging at my curls. “I’ll always love you, Chris. You’re everything to me. You make so happy… I didn’t even know this kind of happiness existed before I met you.”

“Stop it,” I grunt. “You’re making me cry during sex, you little minx.”

She laughs and kisses me tenderly. “I love that you’re all strong and sappy at the same time. It’s cute. I love that about you.”

“I love you too, baby.”

She moves her hips in slow circles and sits up, riding me slowly. “Fuck, this feels good.”

I tease her nipples and already feel a new orgasm building up in me, getting closer and closer as she picks up the pace. Before I get too carried away, I move a hand down her back, teasing her puckered little hole without pushing into it, causing her to moan louder. I keep teasing her until she begs me to enter her, and when I do, she comes with a loud cry, shattering into a million pieces while I keep going, pushing her to the brink again without even having to work for it. When she comes again, I join her, groaning her name as I fill her up.

“Oh, fuck,” she murmurs as she rolls off of me. “I hope I get pregnant soon, because I can’t wait for you to fuck my ass again.”

I grin at that, watching her turn around so she can put her legs up against the headboard. She puts a pillow underneath her hips, angling her body upwards. With a start, I realize what she’s doing. I can’t help but laugh.

“You know it’s a myth that putting your legs up helps to get pregnant, right?” I tease, kissing her forehead. “It doesn’t hurt, but research has shown that it doesn’t help either.”

She grunts and rolls her eyes. “Chances are I won’t get pregnant tonight anyway, since I only stopped taking the pill little over a month ago.”

“Yeah, but it’s possible to get pregnant the moment you stop taking birth control, so chances that I just knocked you up are the same whether or not you put your legs up,” I say, still laughing. I can’t help it, it’s just so cute to see her trying as hard as she can to do whatever she can to conceive. I love that so much. Then I remember Gianna doing the same thing – before we knew she was infertile – and I sober up right away. The start of trying to conceive is carefree and fun, but if things take a long time, sex starts to become a task, something you only do when your wife is ovulating, and it’s stressful as fuck. I don’t want that to be Abby and me. I got over Gianna and me not working out, but if Abby leaves me… I’ll never get over her. I don’t think I’d even try to. It won’t be like it was the last time I got divorced. Life without Abby would shatter me. She’s the love of my life, I’m sure of it.

“Hey,” she says softly when she notices she shift in my mood. “Bad memories?”

I nod and I snuggle against her while she keeps her legs against the headboard, refusing to give up on the only thing she can do to feel like she’s helping nature out a little.

“I know it might take a while,” she says, pulling her fingers through my hair. “I promise I won’t be disappointed if it takes a couple of months, or even a year. I spent years thinking that I was never going to be able to have kids at all. I can be patient when I need to be.”

“You’ll be disappointed,” I say, knowing that she will be even though she knows that a negative test doesn’t mean she won’t get pregnant in the future. “That’s only natural. I know I’ll be disappointed to, even though I’m a doctor and I know all the statistics. Who knows… maybe we’ll get lucky on our first real try.”

“We’re already lucky,” she says with a smile in her voice. “I know I am. I’ve got you, Jagger, Yoah, Davy… And I’ve got more friends than I did before I met you, my walls are down now, and I’m no longer afraid to let people care about me. I want a baby with you, but even without one I’m pretty damn lucky.”

Oh God, she’s got me on the brink of tears again. I’m such a softie.

“Do you think…” Abby hesitates. “Do you think Jagger might be willing to walk me town the aisle on our wedding day? Since I don’t have any family? Mom can’t even come to the wedding, since it would confuse her too much. I was thinking I’d ask Jaxon at first, but I think Jagger might be a more fitting choice.”

“I’m sure he’ll love that,” I say right away, lifting my head so I can kiss her. “Let’s ask him tomorrow, okay?” I yawn and pull the blanket over my legs, getting a little cold.

“Let’s go to sleep,” she agrees, putting her legs down. “I bet the boys will be up real early tomorrow morning, ready to go back to the pool. I doubt we’ll even make it out of the hotel at all this weekend.”

“I’m good with that.” I’m too tired to get up to shower or clean up in any way, so I just put my head on her chest and drift off while she strokes my curls and murmurs sweet words into my ear.

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