Caring Christopher

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#68 Positive and negative


As I look down at the pregnancy tests on the coffee table, I feel like I might faint. Two are positive, the other two are negative. What the fuck does that mean?

“Don’t freak out,” Brittany tells me, putting a hand on my shoulder. “They’re just cheap over-the-counter tests. We’ll get you to the doctor and they’ll do a blood test that will tell you if you’re pregnant or not.”

“Yeah,” I breathe, feeling a little out of sorts. “Okay.”

I don’t know why, I can’t explain it, but I feel like this is a sign. My period is late by a few days, so I decided to take a test, even though I know my period isn’t regular yet since my body is still a little out of whack since I stopped taking birth control after years of taking the pill. At least, that is what I keep telling myself to not get my hopes up. Chris is at work, which is why I called Brittany over. I wasn’t about to do this alone, knowing I would have a reaction no matter what the result might be.

Of course, I was expecting either a positive or a negative, not two of each.

“Call Chris,” Britty says, recognizing the look in my eyes. I’m on the verge of shutting my feelings down completely, and we both know that’s not healthy. That’s what the old Abby would do.

Christopher doesn’t pick up, so call Francesca instead, praying she’s at work. She picks up at the third ring. “Hey Abby!” she says with a smile in her voice. “Chris is in surgery. Want me to tell him to call you when he gets out?”

“Yeah,” I say, “thanks.”

When I hang up, I decide to head over to the hospital so I’ll be there when Chris gets out of the OR. I want to tell him right away. He’ll know what to do. He will get one of his colleagues to fit me in for a blood test or a sonogram or whatever I will need to find out is I’m pregnant or not. Brittany comes with me, and she drives me to the hospital, happily filling my tense silence with her babbling.

I glance at her baby bump, praying I will soon have one of my own. She popped a few weeks ago, and she’s a lot bigger than Celeste by now, even though the teenage girl is much further along. Caroline is about as far along as Brittany, and she’s even bigger – she says it because she’s taller than both Celeste and Brittany, with more curves, and that it’s got something to do with it being her second baby. I think it’s so strange to see that pregnancies look different on every single woman.

I wonder how big I will get.

I pace across the parking lot, anxiously waiting for Christopher to call me back. When he finally does, I tell him come see me outside, and he hangs up so he can hurry down. I realize belatedly that I didn’t even tell him why I’m here, or that I’m okay. No wonder he looks flushed and worried when he runs outside in his white coat, his curls all over the place like he’s been pulling at them.

“Abby,” he says, pulling me into his arms. “What’s wrong?”

I pull back and reach into my purse, handing him the four tests.

“What-” Chris’ whole face lights up when he sees the line indicating I’m pregnant on the first one, but then he frowns at the two negative ones, his brow furrowing further when he sees that the last one is positive again. “False negatives are more common that false positives,” he says right away, tucking the tests back into my purse. “Is your period late?” I see him calculating in his head, and his smile gets back when he realizes it is.

“A few days, I think… It’s hard to say since it would only be my second one after getting off the pill.”

“Okay, then we can get you a blood test right away to measure your hCG levels. The conflicting tests could have happened for many possible reasons, so it’s no use stressing over that right now.” He’s in full doctor mode, his voice professional, but then a smile breaks across his face and he isn’t able to reign in his excitement any longer. “I hope you’re pregnant,” he says with a sigh. “I know it’s stupid for me to get excited already, and it’s too early, but Abby…”

“I know,” I agree, reaching up to pull his face down to mine so I can kiss him. “Me too.”

Chris draws my blood himself, and takes it to the lab before coming back to his office to pull me into his arms again and kiss me silly. Brittany is waiting for me in the car, but I’m in no rush to get back home.

“Two days,” he says against my lips. “Two days and we’ll know.”

“That soon?” I ask, getting excited.

“I may have told them to rush the test,” he says with a sexy smirk. “And I may have neglected to tell them that the only reason I need them to rush is because it’s my girl who might be pregnant.”

“Your fiancée,” I remind him with another kiss. “Do you need to get back to work or do we have a moment?”

“For you, I always have a moment.” He sits down in his chair and pulls me into his lap, putting a hand over my belly with a sweet look on his face. “We’re getting way ahead of ourselves,” he says more to himself than to me. “We’ve only been trying for a month or so. It would be really soon if you’d be pregnant already.”

“Technically, I moved in with you the day after we met,” I remind him. “We move fast, Chris.”

He grins, remembering that weird job interview we had the first day. “True. Then again, it took me two months to make a move, so we don’t always move fast.”

“You didn’t make the first move!” I remind him, giving him a playful shove. “Remember? I came back from my date with Michel and I told you that I wanted to kiss you.”

“Yeah, but I was the one who pulled you on top of me and started the kiss,” he reminds with, kissing me just as eagerly as he did that first time. “Besides, it’s not like I never tried to kiss you before that night.”

“You never tried to kiss me!” I moan when his hand knots in my hair while the other travels up my body, massaging my breast gently.

“The kids always interrupted us whenever I felt like I might be brave enough to make a move,” he murmurs into my ear. “I knew I was falling for you pretty damn soon, Abby. I was deeply in love with you when we finally kissed. Hell, I was covering up boners from the start.”

I laugh softly, thinking he’s kidding.

“I’m serious,” he grunts, pulling me tighter against him so I can feel his erection pressing against me. “You always moan when you eat, and those moans… You know what they do to me.”

“Even at the beginning?” I ask, still not sure he’s being serious. “We hardly even know each other back then!”

“I didn’t need to know every single thing about you to want you,” Chris says, nuzzling his face against my neck and breathing in my scent. “Did I ever tell you what I noticed first about you when you showed up on my doorstep?”

“No, but I think I can guess.” I chuckle at the memory. “I remember you staring at my breasts. I thought you were a creep like all my previous employers, to be honest. And then there was that moment when I was in the kitchen for a midnight snack during my first night at the house, and I was in that skimpy robe, and your eyes kept moving up and down my body…”

“Oh, I remember.” He grunts and pinches my nipple through my shirt and bra. “I had to stay on the other side of the kitchen island so you wouldn’t see the tent in my sweatpants. I got boners around you all the time, Abby. I still do. Only now I don’t need to hide it anymore.”

I get up from his lap and drop to my knees, unzipping his pants. “No, you certainly don’t have to hide it anymore.” I free his erection and wrap my lips around it with a moan, enjoying the way he pulls my hair out of my face and grabs in tightly without trying to control the pace.

“Fucking hell, Abby,” he groans, leaning back while I take care of him. “You’re dangerous, you know that?”

“Hmm,” I hum around his cock, bobbing my head up and down.

“Oh God, I think I’m-”

Before he can finish that sentence, I hear a loud gasp behind me, causing me to let Chris slip out of my mouth so I can glance over my shoulder.

“Oh my,” Francesca says, her cheeks bright red and her eyes wide. “I’ll erm – I’ll come back later.” She slams the door behind her, leaving me and Chris alone again.

“Oh my God,” I breathe, embarrassed. “You didn’t lock the door?”

“I didn’t know you were going to do… this!” he replies in a stunned voice. “Oh fuck, this is so unprofessional.”

Still, his cock is pointing straight up, twitching slightly from my hot breath fanning it. I get up to lock the door and return, sinking down in front of him again and taking him in my mouth with a moan.

“Abby, you don’t need to – oh fuck, that feels so good,” he groans, pulling my hair out of my face again.

It only takes him a minute to finish, filling my mouth to the brim. I swallow and pull back, licking my lips. His blue eyes are unfocused when he pulls me up and into his lap, nuzzling against me with a sigh.

“You know Franny is going to tell everyone, right?” I ask him softly, pulling my fingers through his hair. “Aston is going to tease us relentlessly.”

“Like he’s never gotten caught with Anna,” Chris replies, chuckling. “I should have locked the door, sure, and it’s unprofessional to get down and dirty with you at work, but… fuck that. I can take our friends teasing us. I have a hot fiancée who likes to get me off. I have nothing to be ashamed of.”

“Damn right.” I kiss him hard, knowing he can taste himself on my tongue.

Chris unzips my pant and slips his hand into my panties, groaning when he feels how wet I am. I gasp into our kiss when he starts working my clit, knowing it won’t take long to get me off as well. He trails kisses down my neck.

“You’re so hot,” he grunts, his teeth grazing my skin.

“Yeah I am,” I agree teasingly. “And who knows… maybe I’ve got your baby inside of me right now.”

“You’re getting me horny again,” Chris says, slipping a finger into my core.

“Then fuck me,” I challenge him, too hot to stop at just hand stuff. “The door is locked now, and Franny already thinks you’re bending me over your desk by now. Might as well…”

“Get up,” Chris orders, his eyes intent on mine. “Take off your pants.”

I comply and shimmy out of my panties as well, standing in front of him naked from the waist down. He grunts in approval and pulls me into his lap again so I’m straddling him. He grabs my hips to help me into the perfect position and then he’s inside of me, hard and hot.

“Oh,” I moan, riding him while I pull at his hair.

He kisses me hungrily while he puts a hand between us to work my clit, and soon I’m so close to coming that I need to force myself not to cry out his name. Chris moves his hand over my ass, pressing against my puckered little hole a few times before entering me, making me go crazy. My body convulses when I come, and I feel my pussy milking him for all he’s got. He grunts out my name as he comes, and then his body goes still, as does mine.

“You need to visit me at work more often,” Chris says with a sweet, gentle kiss. “Every day.”

I laugh at his eagerness. “Sure, Dr. Davids, that’s not unprofessional at all.”

“Two days,” he says, reminding me of the reason I came here in the first place. “Two days and we’ll know.” His bright blue eyes are full of hope, even though he tries to reel in his excitement.

“Two days,” I repeat, getting up to wipe myself down and pull my clothes back on. “Do I need to come here, or will you take the results home with you or something?”

He shrugs while he gets decent as well. “I’m already throwing caution to the wind when it comes to protocols, so… what do you want?”

“Take the results home,” I tell him, knowing that no matter what it is, I’ll want to be in our home, sitting on the couch together. “We’ll either celebrate with sex, or drown our sorrows in alcohol, which I can have if I’m not pregnant.”

“Right,” he agrees, his expressions sobering up. “You might not be pregnant. We need to keep that in mind, or we’ll be way more disappointed than we need to be.”

I smile, knowing that his hopes are up even though he’s trying to be all reasonable. I don’t blame him. I feel the same way. Maybe this time faith is on our side for once. I might be pregnant. It’s possible.

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