Caring Christopher

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#73 Divorce is brutal


My mother is in tears, and Dad is rubbing her back, a small smile on his face. I look in the mirror, making sure the suit is truly fitted the way it should be. It’s dark blue, making my eyes pop, and I know that Abby will love it. She told me to go with blue, and I’m never able to tell her no, so I did. She’s right – blue is much better suited to me than any other color. I wore black when I married Gianna, but I look much better in this blue suit, even though I’m way older than I was back then.

“Oh honey, you look so handsome,” Mom says through her tears. “I’m so happy you found Abigail.”

“I can’t believe Chris snagged up a younger woman,” Cameron says for the millionth time, shaking his head at me and winking. “You lucky dog.”

Cam is here for the tuxedo fitting, alone again. No wife, no kids. I’m a little worried about him, to be honest.

“Are Vicky and the kids coming to the wedding?” I ask, shrugging out of my jacket and handing it to the store clerk.

“The kids are,” Cameron says, his smile faltering. “Vicky… she filed for divorce last week.”

My mother gasps, and my father looks surprised as well, but I guess I’m not that shocked. I never liked Victoria all that much, to be honest. Of course it sucks that Cameron is getting a divorce, especially since he’s got Emily and Holly who will now be traveling from their dad’s house to their mom’s house all the time, but I think it’s for the best. I’m surprised it’s her who’s leaving him, to be honest. He should have been the one to call it quits, in my vision. She’s the cold one, not him. But maybe I’m biased because he’s my little brother.

“It’s okay, Mom.” Cameron moved over to hug her. “I’m okay. It was a long time coming, I guess. At least that’s what she says. She’s moving in with her boyfriend.”

“Her boyfriend?” I repeat, finally shocked.

He looks at me with pain in his blue eyes. “Yeah, she dropped that bomb last night. She promised me 50/50 custody, though, so things could be worse.”

Here I am, getting fitted for my wedding tux, and my brother is about to get divorced. Life is so fucking unfair sometimes.

“Oh, my babies,” Mom says, crying some more. “Divorce, infertility… I wanted so much more for you.”

“You told her?” I ask Cameron, a little annoyed now. I hadn’t told my parents about me and Abby not being able to have kids yet, and I wasn’t planning on doing it until after the wedding, wanting to focus on happy things for now.

“Sorry, man,” he says, shrugging. “Don’t hate me. I’m getting divorced.”

Of course my brother is playing that card. Knowing him, he’s going to use that excuse to be a complete and utter asshole for months to come.

“Abby and I are doing okay,” I assure my mother. “We’re getting married, she’s adopting the boys soon, and we’re already looking into fostering or adopting a baby. We’ll be fine. And we’ll get you some more grandkids, don’t you worry.”

“I’m not worried,” she says, wiping at her eyes with a small smile. “We all love Abby, Chris. She’s amazing. Better than Victoria and Gianna combined.”

“Oh, for sure,” Cameron agrees immediately. “Those bitches can’t compare to Abby. You did good, bro.”

“I know,” I can’t help but agree, smiling when I think about my fiancé. “It took me 46 years, but I’m finally marrying the girl of my dreams.”

“You treat her right, son,” my father tells me, giving me a very serious look. “Happy wife, happy life.”

My mother smiles at him and touches his face with a fond smile on hers. “Listen to your father, honey. He knows what he’s talking about.”

“Miserable wife, miserable life,” Cameron adds, winking at me. “Take that from your little bro.”

I know that with Abby by my side, life will never be miserable. If we can make it through getting tested for the Alzheimer’s gene, her almost leaving me, me kissing Gianna, and finding out we’ll never have kids of our own, we can make it through anything. The worst is behind us.

I’m so ready to marry her. More than ready. I feel like my whole life has been leading up to this moment. She’s the love of my life. No doubt about it.


Cameron and I are in a bar at 11 pm, a time when I’m normally already in bed, sound asleep. I would rather be with Abby right now, but she insisted that my brother needed me and that I should head out to have a beer with him. Watching Cam nurse his fifth beer when I’m still on my first one makes it obvious that Abby was right.

“So… she’s got a boyfriend?” I ask, taking a swig of my beer.

Cam grunts and finishes his beer, motioning for the waitress to bring over another one. “For six months already,” he says, putting his face in his hands. “I know I’m not the most romantic or affectionate guy ever, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t do anything bad enough to excuse her cheating on me for that long.”

“Of course you didn’t,” I assure him, squeezing his shoulder. “Victoria is the one who fucked up, not you.”

“I fucked up by marrying her,” he says, grabbing the beer the waitress puts on our table. “I know you never liked her, so I appreciate you not telling me I told you so.

“I liked her,” I protest. When he leers at me, I sigh in defeat. “Fine, I thought you could do better, but you loved her and proposed to her, had two kids with her… What was I supposed to say, Cam? She seemed to make you happy.”

“She did,” he agrees. “It’s been a long time since I felt blessed to be with her, though. Years even. I didn’t want to admit it to myself, but I should have filed for a divorce years ago. In a way, she’s doing me a favor by having the balls to leave me. I just feel bad for the kids, you know?”

“The kids will be happier if their parents are happy,” I say, hoping I’m right. “You’re a good dad, Cam. You don’t need to be with Vicky to be a great father to your kids.”

“I’m so fucking jealous of you,” he grunts, gulping down some more beer. “You have three kids, and Abby. She’s perfect for you, Chris. Even with the whole thing about her not being able to get pregnant, it’s still obvious she makes you happier than you’ve ever been. The way she proposed to you on the same night you wanted to ask her to be yours forever… That was so beautiful, man.”

Oh God, my little brother is drunk. I pat his back when he starts crying, knowing that he needs to get it all out somehow. I’m usual the emotional one, but I guess the whole divorce thing is hurting more than he wants to let on.

“I can’t believe she’s leaving me,” he whimpers when I hug him. “I know she’s a cunt, but I love her.”

“I know,” I say, feeling so sorry for him. “It’s okay.”

He laughs without humor. “It’s not and you know it. I wish I’d never married her.”

“Then you wouldn’t have Emily and Holly,” I remind him, knowing he loves his daughters more anything.

“Right,” he agrees, pulling himself back together. “They’re the only reason I’m still standing.”

We spent another hour in the bar, and by the time I drop him off at his hotel, he is drunker than I’ve ever seen him. I walk him to his room and wait until he’s asleep before I get back in my car and get back home to Abby. I’ve one had one beer, so I’m still good to drive. Unlike Cameron, who had so many beers I lost count.

When I get home, the lights in the living room are still on, and I expect to see Abby waiting up for me, but instead I find Jagger and Yoah on the couch, watching TV.

“Shouldn’t you be in bed?” I ask, sitting down next to them and pulling off my shoes.

“Midnight snack,” Yoah replies, offering me a cold meatball.

I grab one and stuff it in my mouth, settling in with my boys.

“Everything okay with Uncle Cam?” Jagger asks, looking at me with a frown.

I shake my head. “Cameron and Aunt Victoria are getting divorced.”

“Stupid bitch,” Jagger grumbles, and I don’t have it in me to tell him off for cursing. He’s absolutely right. Vicky is a bitch. And to leave my little brother, she must be stupid too.

“I never liked her,” Yoah comments.

I laugh. “You only met her once, Yoah.”

He nods, looking utterly serious. “I know, but uncle Cam has been here way more than just one time, and we’ve seen Holly and Emily a lot as well, but Aunt Vicky never came with them. Mom always comes with you to parties and when you visit your friends.”

“And that’s one of the many reasons I’m marrying her next week,” I agree, putting an arm around my son. “You up to the task of guarding the wedding rings?”

“I won’t lose them,” Yoah promises, chewing on his next meatball. “You can trust me.”

“I know I can,” I assure him, ruffling his hair.

“Abby’s light was still on when we came down,” Jagger tells me, winking at me suggestively. “I bet she’s been reading, waiting up for you.”

I shake my head at him with a smile and stay with the boys for a few more minutes before heading up to slip into bed with Abby, who is indeed reading her book. She looks up when I walk in, smiling and putting it on the nightstand.

“Cam okay?” she asks, pulling the blankets aside so I can slip in. She covers me with them, tucking me in before snuggling against me.

“Not really,” I say with a sigh. “He will be, though. Everything okay here?”

Abby sighs as well. “Yeah, although Celeste and Jagger have been fighting all day. I think she regrets keeping the kid. I heard her yelling at him that it’s his fault that she can’t drink or smoke anymore, and that he’s a dick for not letting her get an abortion.”

“Poor Jagger,” I say, pulling Abby closer to me.

“Poor Celeste,” she adds. Then she shifts and presses her face against my chest, inhaling deeply. “You smell good,” she breathes, pressing a kiss to my chest.

“All natural, baby,” I joke, knowing I must smell like beer and sweat.

She mumbles something I don’t quite catch and then her hand slips into my boxershorts, making me grow hard in a matter of seconds. We kiss while she jerks me off, and I stop her before I can get too carried away. We get naked, and she straddles me, sinking down on me with a soft moan.

“Shh, the kids are still awake,” I remind her, grabbing her hips to help her set a steady pace.

“Right,” she breathes, her breasts bouncing while she rides me. God, she’s beautiful. “I wrote my vows today,” she says, smiling at me.

“I’ve been writing mine since we met,” I reply, not even joking. I jotted down some lines last night, but I think the words have been inside of me since she showed up on my front porch.

“No cold feet?” she asks, leaning down to kiss me.

“Not even a little,” I assure her. “You?”

“Toasty warm.”

We stop talking and kiss while we make love, softly and sweetly. We come together, trying to keep as quiet as possible. I’m so lucky I found her, and I plan to tell her that every single day, not just on our wedding day. Vows are lovely, but they don’t mean shit if you don’t show your girl you love her every day you’re together.

I plan to do just that. We won’t end like me and Gianna, or like Cam and Vicky. We’re too strong for that. I know we are.

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