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#78 Epilogue: Adoption times four


Seven months after the wedding

“I was hoping I would get to see you again,” judge McMillan says, smiling at me when I sit down in the same chair I sat in the last time I was here, in her courtroom. Yoah and Jagger are already settling in beside me, and just like last time, my parents and Cameron are here. Cam brough his girls, but of course Victoria isn’t here. She moved in with her boyfriend, and wonder of all wonders, Cameron got way more than 50/50 custody of his kids. They only stay with Victory every other weekend, and she seems to be okay with that. Good riddance, if you ask me.

“I brought a pen again,” Davy tells judge McMillan solemnly, holding it up to show her. “It’s the same one as last time, because it’s a lucky pen.”

“Very lucky,” the judge agrees before turning back to me. “Where’s your wife, Mr. Davids?”

Abby comes rushing in, holding Alana in her arms. “Sorry, I had to change her diaper again,” she says, walking over while rocking our baby girl. She’s a tiny little thing, with beautiful jet-black hair and caramel colored skin. Her mother, the poor girl that had to make the same tough choice Celeste did, is a beautiful young Indian woman, and her daughter looks just like her.

“Hi Alana,” judge McMillan says, smiling down at the tiny baby girl when Abby sits down next to me. I give her and our daughter a kiss, putting my arm around them.

“Are you boys ready to become big brothers?” the judge asks Davy, Yoah and Jagger.

“Yes,” Yoah says, speaking up first. “I helped paint her room. It’s pink.”

“Lovely,” the judge says, sitting down and opening one of the four files in front of her. “Let’s make this family whole, shall we?”


This time, there is no big adoption party afterwards. Instead, we have a lovely family dinner, including Mom, Dad, Cameron, his two daughters, and Edward and Celeste, who are practically family as well. Mary stays for dinner too and judging by the way she kissed Edward when she thought no one was looking, those two are still going strong. It took them a while to go on a real first date with all the Celeste drama occupying Eddy’s time, but once started dating, they rapidly became inseparable.

After dinner, when everyone has left, I’m sitting on the couch, feeding Alana her formula, with Abby passed out next to me. She’s really tired these days, which isn’t surprising, since she had her first surgery a few weeks ago to take out the cysts from her uterus, and she started fertility treatments earlier this week, on top of everything going on with us adopting Alana. It’s been one hell of a month.

“Dad?” Jagger whispers, sitting down in the chair next to the couch, leaning forward so he can talk in hushed tones, not wanting to wake up Abby. “Davy and Yoah are asleep. Is it okay if I head out for half an hour? I won’t go far. I just want to kiss Celeste goodnight.”

I smile, knowing Edward will make them say goodnight in the living room, with him and Mary watching them. “Didn’t she leave only an hour ago?”

Jagger shrugs, smiling almost shyly. “I know it’s stupid, but I miss her already.”

“Then go ahead and say goodnight to your girl, Jagger,” I say, knowing exactly how he feels. When Abby is gone for more than an hour, I miss her too.

“Hmm?” my wife grumbles when she wakes up from Jagger slamming the front door close a little too loudly. “Oh God, did I pass out again?”

I burp Alana, wiping her mouth with the utmost care when she spits up some milk. “You were snoring like a rose,” I tell Abby, handing her Alana so I can shift into a more comfortable position. I sit sideways with my back against the armrest and part my legs so Abby can settle in with her back against my chest while she lies Alana down on her breast, giving the baby girl the best pillow in the world, if you ask me. My arms fit perfectly around the both of them, and I look down at my two girls, my heart bursting with joy.

“I’m sorry I’m so tired all the time,” Abby says, yawning.

“It’s for a good cause,” I murmur, kissing her neck. “And you still run a tight ship around here, baby. I don’t know how you do it. I’m trying to get more time off work, but they really need me at the hospital tomorrow.”

“I know,” she says, snuggling further into me and pressing a kiss to Alana’s head. “Oh God, isn’t she perfect, Chris? And she’s officially ours now.”

“And the boys are finally yours,” I remind her. The adoption ceremony was for the boys to become Abby’s, and for Alana to become both of ours. Finally, we’re truly a family, and no one can change that. Ever.

“If I never get pregnant…” Abby says, choking up a little. “If it doesn’t happen for us… At least we’ve got the boys. And this cute little baby girl.”

“We’ve got all we need,” I agree, kissing her neck again. “Don’t worry, baby. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens, but we’ll be a happy family no matter what.”

“Umphh,” Alana agrees in her sweet little voice, frowning in her sleep.

“Oh God, the hormones,” Abby says, choking back tears. “Stupid fertility shots.”

“What’s my excuse?” I ask, tearing up as well.

“You’re a sappy old man,” she tells me with a smile in her voice. “I’ve always known that about you, Chris.” She holds up her hand, showing me her wedding ring. “I believe I even said something about loving that about you in my vows.”

“You didn’t call me old in your wedding vows,” I tease, brushing my lips over that soft spot right underneath her ear.

She shivers. “Hmm. Must have forgotten all about that. Stupid.”


Only one more epilogue to go after this!

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