Rescue Her Heart

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Chapter Ten

Day 23, Autumn 1851

The two henchmen helped her to the bed and aided in laying her face down on the mattress. They didn’t bother to bound her wrist and feet because they recognized the wounds had cut her deeper than usual this time. They likewise perceived that she wouldn’t have the strength to go anywhere or seek to escape.

In her delirium, she heard the chamber door open and close, thus the voices started mumbling all around her. She twisted her head from side to side, attempting to identify who it was. When she recognized Meetza’s slight form, she cried out to her in a raw plea. “Let me die,” Aniela begged, raising her hand. “Please, Meetza, just let me die.” But the slight woman pushed down her extended hand and ignored her appeal.

Aniela could hear the rustling of Meetza opening and closing drawers.

“Pasiim mane švarius tvarsčius,” Meetza ordered one of Gordon’s henchmen and he hurriedly moved from the chamber.

She felt the mattress give, and she winced at the slightest movement. “No, angst master Gordonu. No?” Meetza said close to her ear. “Ummm, me quick clean-” she wavered, battling to gather the correct words into speech. “Me clean dis.”

It was the first time since arriving here that Meetza actually sought to communicate with her. It was her perception that Meetza planned on cleaning her wounds and Aniela couldn’t fathom the additional pain she was about to endure. She angled her head trying to look her in the eyes. “No Meetza!” she broke down. “Don’t touch them, please. Just let me die.”

“Nusiraminti. Nusiraminti,” Meetza whispered, with a soothing tone.

The door opened anew and she could hear Gordon’s henchmen heavy footsteps as they entered in. She could recognize the splashing of water and her fogged brain prepared herself for Meetza to initiate cleaning and dressing her wounds. She was conscious of the material being cut and ripped beside the bed.

“Jums reikianustotipiktžodžiauti kapitonuGordonu,” Meetza said, to one of the henchmen.

He shuffled to the bed and reiterated the message to Aniela. “Meetza say, you need to stop angering master Gordon.” He glanced at Meetza listening and nodded his head. “She say, if you continue to provoke him, the beatings will continue. Do you understand?”

She turned her face into the mattress and commenced to weep uncontrollably. “Why is he doing this to me?” came her muffled sobs. “I just wish to go home. Please let me go home. Please, I implore you. I want to go home.”

“Dapat mong ipaalam nagtataglay kanya sa iyo. Ang mas maraming labanan mo siya ang mas brutal siya ay magiging. Siya kalaunan pumatay sa iyo kung hindi mo lalabasin ang kanyang kalooban,” Meetza said, again nodded for it to be translated for her.

“Meetza say, You must let him possess you. The more you oppose him the more brutal he will become. He will continue the beatings until you succumb to his will,” the henchman repeated her words.

Aniela struggled to roll onto her side and she reached for Meetza’s hands. “Help me escape,” she pleaded, as her body pitched and trembled. “He didn’t tie me this time. You can claim I ran away. I won’t tell anyone. I swear. Please, Meetza help me.”

“Sssshhhh.” Was her only response as she assisted Aniela to settle back down on to her belly. Pouring alcohol onto the bandages, she pressed them to the wounds on Aniela’s back.

The pain caused her to suck in her breath and clutch the bedsheet with her hands. She drew her fist up to her mouth and bit down as tears spilled down her face.

“Sabihin mo sa kanya, ang huling kabataang babae na sumalungat sa kanya, ay hindi kailanman masusumpungan. Siguraduhing totoo na iyan. Gusto mo ba ng ganoon din para sa iyong sarili?” Meetza asked. “Say her,” she pointed.

The henchman’s eyes narrowed, and he shook his head. “No, I will not repeat,” he rebuffed.

Meetza rose from the bed with flaming eyes. “Sinabi ko sakanya,” she charged.

“Meetza say... Tell her, the last young woman to defy Master Gordon, was never to be found. One day a yellow-haired lady was here, the next; she was gone. Do you want the same for yourself?”

She lifted her eyes. “What do you mean, ‘was never found’?” Aniela cried. “Has he done this before? My God! Am I not his first subject?”

Meetza and the henchman looked at each other.

“Sabihing hindihihigitMeetza! Gordon ay hindikatuladnito,” the henchman threatened.

“Maaari kangumalis,” Meetza said, with narrowed eyes.

“Fine, I will go,” the henchman blurted between clenched teeth. He studied Aniela needing her to hear his words. “Dark-haired girl makes Meetza have a weak heart, and it’s going to get us all killed.”

Meetza mumbled something under her breath and proceeded to clean her wounds. Aniela’s muscles cramped, and she suppressed her cries into the mattress. “No more,” she mumbled, exhausted and gasping for air. “Just let me be. Please. No more.” She closed her eyes when she felt Meetza rise from the bed. “I am a person, a flesh, and blood human being. I have a family that loves me and a father that wishes me to come home.” She felt herself becoming hysterical, but she couldn’t stop. “My-my home is in Cheshire. I haven’t seen my father for almost three years. Please let me go home. My Aunt Roseanne and Uncle Michael want me home. And-and Jaylon saved me, I can’t die this way. Is anyone listening? I want to go home.”

Please... please... ple

Then the blackness came.

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