Rescue Her Heart

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Chapter Thirteen

*** READER WARNING*** This chapter has a descriptive rape scene. I DO NOT condone rape in any way, and ALL violators should be prosecuted. But it is a vital part of Aniela’s story***

Day 29, Autumn 1851

Aniela twisted and strained, battling to turn her head to the side and away from his grasp. But his hands clamped down hard on her chin, pinching and squeezing her flesh as he poured the bitter-tasting laudanum onto her tongue.

Still tethered to the bed, she rolled to her side the best she could, gagging and coughing, laboring to spit out the foul-tasting substance. Beads of sweat pearled on her forehead, and her body shivered uncontrollably; she recognized it was a sign she mentally and physically could not take much more.

“Hmmm... come now, Rose, don’t be difficult,” Gordon whispered close to her ear. “If you don’t swallow all of this laudanum, things might become terribly uncomfortable for you.”

His voice had a foreboding tone that dripped with unbridled lust.

She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to fight off the surging panic coursing through her veins. A soft trail of tears floated down her cheeks. “Just kill me,” she murmured between panicked gasp as she gulped for air. “Pl-please, just kill me.”

“Kill you!” his voice pitched as he reached for the ties that bound her hands to the bed and began working the knots loose. When the task was completed, he rolled her onto her stomach, then seized her by the hair and angled her head exposing her neck for his pleasure. “Oh, killing you isn’t particularly high on my list of things I wish to do to you right now, Rose,” he forewarned with a chilling laugh. Climbing on top of her, he shoved the only piece of clothing she was permitted to wear high up around her waist, then straddled her exposed hips. His hands traveled up and down her back, ending only to squeeze and molest her exposed buttocks. He seemed to give no care that his hands were creating pain where they came in contact with the slow healing wounds that zigzagged across her skin. Leaning down, he pressed his weight into her and reached up, pushing her hair aside to whisper in her ear. “Do you feel that Rose?” he sighed as he gyrated his hips into her backside. “I have waited a long time for this moment, longer than any of my other subjects. I anticipate you are thoroughly worth the wait and will also enjoy our coupling as much as I am going to enjoy it.”

She did feel it, but barely. The laudanum didn’t take long to work and had effectively surged her into a sanity-numbing delirium. Her mind floated almost above her body and was commencing to drift in and out of cognizance. She struggled to open her eyes, but her lids felt like something burdened them with weighted boulders. At the same time, her head spun like wheels of a carriage. A moan erupted from her parted lips, and she barely possessed the awareness to recognize it as her own.

“Don’t pass out on me, Rose,” Gordon panted in her ear. “I demand you to be attentive and aware when I thrust deep inside you for the first time.” He positioned himself between her legs and forced her thighs farther apart.

Aniela could feel him caressing her inner thighs, and she turned her face into the mattress, bracing herself for the torment that was about to take place. When it ultimately did, she suppressed her outcry of pain by biting into her lower lip until the taste of blood settled on her tongue. Bile crept into her throat, threatening to suffocate her as a tormenting thought invaded her mind.

He just stole a precious gift from her.

Gordon held no dishonor in stealing her virtue or the pain he was inducing upon her body with each thrust. His moans of elation singed her ears as his hands sank into her flesh and lifted her hips higher, enabling him to penetrate her more deeply. Refusing to cry out, she brought one fist to her mouth and bit down hard until she again tasted the metallic taste of her blood. Clamping her eyes shut, flecks of light floated inside the darkness of her eyelids. She had an awareness that she was commencing to lose consciousness, and she embraced it.

But Gordon had other intentions for her.

Pausing between thrust, he withdrew and rolled her onto her back. Once again, he spread her thighs wide. “Look at me, Rose,” he rasped, out of breath with lust. “Watch me as I pleasure myself with your body.” He reached for her breasts, squeezing and bruising her flesh. He then centered himself once more to thrust into her again and again.

Aniela turned her head to the side, knowing she couldn’t stop him physically, but mentally she sought to remove herself from the rape. It was the only way to survive, and she knew it.

But Gordon gripped her chin, forcing her to look at him, then leaned down to advance his assault by brutalizing her lips.

She groaned, trying to retch herself free from his merciless siege, but her guttural cry only in-sighted him more. A sense of trepidation surged through her body, and she lifted her hands, seizing a handful of his hair.

Her attempt at pushing him away prompted Gordon to boost himself up and loom over her. As she struggled and pushed on him, his hands began to work their way up to settle around her throat.

His breathing wheezed and came in short ragged burst. “I warned you to behave, Rose,” he rasped with angst and heightening lust. His hands began clamping harder on her flesh, and with every pain-filled thrust, they tightened, closing off her source for air. “I warned you-” He halted, unable to form any more words as his body convulsed into a quaking climax, spilling and driving his seed deep inside her. He jerked and grunted until his body collapsed onto her limp form.

Aniela laid motionless as her hands dropped to her sides and her lungs labored to draw in the vital air to survive. She stared at the ceiling, barely blinking when an indescribable numbness took hold of her body. She couldn’t cry. She couldn’t speak. She couldn’t move.

She wanted to die.

Gordon lifted his head with an elated smile. “You were magnificent, Rose,” he murmured, leaning to kiss her pale lips. “Possibly the best I have ever had, and that makes me happy beyond belief.” He planted one last kiss onto her lips, then lifted himself from her, allowing his hand to linger on her soft cheek. “I never had a virgin your age before,” he admitted, as his mind worked to summon his previous subjects. “There have been a few much younger than you... nine or ten-year-olds, but it’s not the same as picking the flower of one so luscious as you.” His hand strayed up her shirt and gently squeezed her breast. “You have a magnificent body, Rose. I will have to reevaluate my intentions and keep you longer than I formerly contemplated. Does that make you happy?”

She dropped her gaze from the ceiling to stare at him. Even if she wanted to, she couldn’t respond because her vocal cords felt bruised and paralyzed.

“It’s okay,” he added, as he reached for the bottle of laudanum again. “I am also speechless. Our lovemaking was so overwhelmingly passionate that I have no words.” Then he lifted the bottle to her parted lips and assisted in allowing a few drops to land on her tongue. Then he placed the bottle at his own lips and leaned his head back, empowering it to flow until more than a few droplets landed their mark.

Aniela watched him with her fogged mind, wishing he would empty the contents of the bottle and allow the laudanum to force him into a deep sleep. Hopefully, to never wake up again.

His eyes roamed the length of her until they settled on the blood between her thighs and on the sheets. “I will have Meetza bring you a bath and change the bedding,” he declared, drawing his eyes down to inspect his male appendage. It laid limp and lifeless between his legs, covered in her blood. He scrunched his nose as if disgusted and rose quickly from the bed. “But maybe I will have her bring one to my chamber first,” he gaffed. “I’m positive you won’t mind.”

By this time, Aniela wasn’t even listening to his words anymore. She angled her head towards the window and recognized there was no light peeking through the curtains’ narrow opening. It was nighttime again, and another day had passed.

Her eyes grew heavy until they drifted shut. As sleep was about to overcome her, she heard her father’s gentle voice.

“Jump, Aniela,” William whispered. “Jump... or you’re going to die.”

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