Nether Night

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Raelin was a trained Vampire assassin for her Coven. She hunted and killed the new vampire species, who preyed not only on humans, but other vampires too. They were brutal, untrained and feral. They wanted to kill for the fun of it, everything that crosses their paths was sure to meet an untimely painful death. Raelin has to face herself and what she has yet to become, all while keeping the ones she loves safe. She endures love, loss and new powers without losing her humanity or at least trying to. Will she be the one to save the human and vampire species, or will she help to be the destruction of both as a long forgotten species resurfaces during a time of uncertainty?

Romance / Fantasy
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

I was running like my life depended on it, well it sort of did. I was chasing a changeling that I have been following for the past three hours. Changelings were ferocious, they could never get control over the change and they have been feeding on other vampires.

She was feral and killed anything with a pulse that got in her way.

It was a bloody mess.

I hated hunting them; they didn’t know what they were and what was happening to them.

I, on the other hand, was an Elder vampire and a tremendous asset to the Cardell. The Cardell was our Coven and a powerful society of Vamps with royal blood lines in our territory. My “creator” was a co-founder, and I had to be perfect in every aspect.

I was the best warrior, Jennifer made sure I was top of my class and trained me in all combat methods. I was the assassin for our Coven, and I got more jobs and did a lot more on the field now that I was officially deemed as “worthy.”

Jennifer wasn’t like any other, she was kind and caring. But she could be harsh and downright mean if she wanted to be. She created me on my 21st birthday and I became part of the royal bloodline.

So, thank you Jen!

I had my own money, but Jen would spoil me way more than anyone spoiled their “offspring.”

The girl I was chasing came to a halt as we reached a dead end.


I snickered and grabbed one of my daggers out and she hissed at the wall, trying to find a way out.

“Looks like you have a slight problem.” I suggested sarcastically.

She turned around and glared at me; she was beautiful, like all vamps. She had blond hair and blue eyes. I felt bad when she trembled, but that went away the moment I saw her teeth.

Fuck! Those were ugly!

“P-p-please,” she begged, and tears rolled down her cheek.

I exhaled, “begging won’t help honey.” I noted as I moved closer, keeping my eyes on her.

She made a feral cry and bounced towards me; I dodged and stretched my leg out. She toppled over it and went down but found her footing fast and whirled back to me with her sharp nails.

Not the claws…

I felt the burning across my chest and cussed. This was going to take long to heal. Any wounds from other vamps or changelings took longer to heal. Ones from minor mishaps take minutes to heal completely. Weapons heal slower than vamp wounds, but they leave a scar.

She charged for me again, but this time I reared my arm back and launched forward and swung my dagger at her. She came to a complete stop in front of my hand and there was a gurgling sound.

I flung the dagger clean through her throat and she collapsed into two pieces to the ground in thuds. I took a deep breath and wiped the dagger clean on her shirt and tucked it back in my belt.

I dashed off out of the ally and went back home to the Cardell.

What the hell was going on here?

When I got there, it was bustling, and I interrupted one servant to find out what was going on.

“We have visitors my lady,” she answered and scampered off to proceed with her work.

Visitors? Since when? And why had no one told me this?

I continued to look for Jen and found her chatting to some men I didn’t know or recognised. She detected me and excused herself, wandering over towards me.

“Rae Honey are you okay?” she gasped at my chest and I tried to cover it as best I could.

She was like my mom and cared way too much for my liking sometimes.

Helicopter moms had nothing on her sometimes.

I rolled my eyes, “you should see the other one Jen.” I smirked, and she slapped my arm playfully and gasped.

“Stop the jokes Rae, I get really worried about you when you leave here to hunt them.” She pressed and then gave me a big bear hug.

I hugged her back tightly, “I’m turning in for the night.” I smiled and turned around.

“Yes, get some rest Honey, I need to talk with you tomorrow morning at breakfast.” She gave a subtle smile.

Please, oh please don’t let it be a lecture.

She was famous for her lectures…

I tipped my head back and groaned as I walked away to my room.

In my room, I stripped my fighting gear off; they landed with a thud on the floor as I got in the shower. The water ran red as it poured off my body and stung my wounds, and I hissed at the burning sensation.

I cleaned the wounds gingerly and felt like crying the whole time. I went to bed after that and sighed as I tucked myself under the covers.

Early the following morning, I got dressed in short yoga pants and a gym bra and went down to the training room.

I planted my phone on the dock, and the music played on the speakers around the room. I danced slowly with the music to warm up.

My eyes were closed, and I let the music take full control of my body. When the beat dropped, I let go of everything. I was lost in the moment and when the song ended; I was so tired that my body was aching.

Probably from the night before, but dancing made it worse.

I went back to my room to take a quick shower and trotted down for breakfast. I wore short jeans and a loose tank top. My wounds still hurt like a bitch.

Jen was already at the table, and her face lit up when she saw me. Some of our Coven members were also at the table talking to one another about things I wasn’t interested in.

“Good morning,” I declared to no one in particular.

They all greeted me with a smile, nod or a “good morning” back.

Our Coven assisted of 8 members, 4 males and 4 females. The females remained in the coven for safety reasons and the males went out hunting; I was the only female allowed to go hunting alone or with the males. All the other Covens thought it was unorthodox for our Coven to allow me to go out from under the Covens protection and risk my life for the safety of our entire Coven and Vamp Race.

Seriously? I was helping to protect everyone!

I sat between Misty and Brandon. Misty was a Fledgling, and Brandon was an Elder. Across from me, Rassler, who was an Ancient, smiled at me. Giving me a hungry look that made every part of me all excited.


Rass and I had this weird relationship going on. We fought about everything, but we had the best sex. We normally went hunting together from time to time. He was very protective over me when I went out. Last night I sneaked out without him noticing.

He would probably end up yelling at me later about it. The day was still young.

Something to look forward to...

Misty was busy explaining something when she slammed her hands down on the table, rattling the glasses and I snapped out from my thought. I grabbed my glass from falling over.

“Misty!” Jen scolded at her, and she apologized with a sigh.

Brandon tapped on the table with his thumb and stared at the plate in front of him with concentration, deep in thought.

I nudged him with my shoulder, “talk to me.” I whispered, and he glanced at me.

“About?” he claim and gave a deep sigh.

“Well, why are you looking like you’re moping over spilled milk?” I observed with a raised brow.

He took a deep breath, “because I am, Raelin, Because I am,” he stated then pressed his lips together in a thin line.

He was a downer on a good day and a genuine delight on a bad day.

“Brandon, whatever it is, you’ll survive it. That I can promise you.” I smirked at him and he gave me a smile with a slight nod. The smile was as fake as his optimism.

We all ate and had our own brief conversations with the ones closest to us. When we were done eating, I saw Rass staring at me and angled his head in a way to say we should talk after breakfast.

I groaned and took a deep breath before I nodded.

Here we go, time for him to argue with me about my wounds and the fact that I left here without him.

And that I slept in my room and not his…

Everyone wandered out of the hall and went their own ways, Jen interrupted me.

“Hold on Honey, I need to speak to you quickly.” She smiled, and I nodded for her to proceed.

Rass stopped by us and winked at me, I rolled my eyes at him.


“Hello Jen, mind if I steal Rae for a minute?” he beamed at her and she gave him a glared.

“Why Rass?” she demanded in frustration.

Kill me now!

She was cold towards him when it came to me; she found us sneaking off to a broom closet once and stopped us from doing anything. She gave up after a few years and said I could have made a worse choice with males and he was the best out of the worst of them.

Yeah, he kind of was the best of the worse.

But so was I.

“We need to talk about our training schedules for the upcoming week,” he smiled at her, he always gave her the full melt your insides kind of smile when he wanted something.

He was a really handsome male; he had blond hair, blue eyes and dimples. And an impressive body too!

Jen gave a long sigh, “Let me just talk to her first about something and then she’s all yours.” Jen knew her mistake the moment she said that and when he smiled cheerfully, she shot him a look of warning and he bowed his head.

He was hiding that cocky grin of his that made me crazy. I just shook my head.

“I’ll see you in a bit, Rass” I told him as I locked my arm in with Jen’s and steered her away from him, just to keep the peace between them as best I could.

He gave me a sly grin and sauntered off to God knows where.

“Why him?” Jen urged me with a lifted brow.

I angled my head and looked at her, “why not him?” I smirked.

He was my perfect partner; he understood me better than anyone else did.

“You know Gavin is much better suited for you than Rassler,” she nudged me, and I blurted out laughing at that.

“Gavin acts like a grandpa and always treats me like a little kid, he’s an old ancient, remember?” I reminded her, and she rolled her eyes.

“Gavin adores you, and age doesn’t matter, Rae. Rass is a wildcard to state the obvious and Rex agrees with me on that.” She answered as she ushered me into her office and closed the door behind us.

“Rex! You spoke to Rex about me and Rass?” I demanded in shock.

Rex was an Original, just like Jen was, and they have been together for over 500 years. They were mates, and that made them perfect for one another in every way.

Talk about relationship or mating goals!

Rex was also Rassler’s creator, and he knew him better than anyone else.

Well… Except for me that is.

I knew everything about him, every freckle on his gorgeous body.

As he did mine…

Now I was blushing at that thought…

“The conversation came up, and we momentarily gave it a little thought and spoke about it.” She retorted with caution.

Sure, it did…

Like always…

I rolled my eyes as Jen; I went over to the desk, and I accompanied the seat across from her on the other side.

“Fine, I don’t want to know about that convo. Just tell me why you needed to speak with me?” I was frustrated, and she probably noticed it.

She sat down and took a deep breath, “we need you to go up North to deal with the changelings that are gathering there in a few days. Rass and Brandon will accompany you on the trip,” she sounded sceptical, and I knew she wasn’t thrilled about it.

“Up North? Have they been moving or increasing in numbers?” I asked her as I scrubbed my hands over my face and groaned at the news.

Not good either way.

Increasing numbers or gathering sounds like something bad was about to happen.

“That is the question Honey and we require the three of you to find that out for us, if the number have increased we will have to approach the other Covens and get their aid on the situation.” She went through a pile of papers. “If they have been gathering for some reason, we need to find out why. This affects our entire race; we need to sort this out.” She added.

I bit my lip and took everything in, my mind went to one question.

“Which covens?” I ordered and pinched the bridge of my nose.

Don’t say Norhall…

“Bellton and Norhall,” she winced. She knows how I felt about her answer, just by my expression when she named the Covens.

“No! Claude I can deal with anytime, but Leo!” I paused and recalled when the Norhall Coven had showed up once for dinner once.

Claude was the leader of the Bellton coven, and he was pleasant, odd but pleasant. Leo was the leader of the Norhall coven and was nice to me at first until he found out I was a trained warrior. He gave Jen and Rex an enormous speech about how unacceptable it was for a female to hunt, which only ended up in an argument and you don’t want to see three Originals going at it.

It was a battle of wills that ended up horribly wrong.

After that Leo stared at me like I was less than humans or changelings. I despised him for around a 100 or so years. He always made me feel horrible about myself.

“I know, I would only contact him if needed. What you three find out would determine what we should do next. That’s all you need to worry about,” She inhaled and leaned back in her chair placing her hands over her face.

She then grabbed the stack of files and handed them to me as she chewed on her lip.

“What?” I appealed to her as I accepted the files.

“I do not wish to send you out there,” she buried her face with her hands and grumbled.

“I will be fine, Rass and Brandon will be there, and they will keep me safe.” I gave her an assuring smile. She took another deep breath and nodded.

“Rass and Brandon already know about the mission and Brandon has been moping about it since last night, he feels that this is an awful idea.” She explained.

“Brandon always thinks everything is an awful idea,” I chuckled, and that made her grin as she nodded in agreement.

“Well, off you go! Rass is undoubtedly awaiting you for some reason I don’t want to know.” She grinned, and I shook my head at her.

She was confusing sometimes…

“See you later Jen,” I reached over the desk to give her a hug and hurried out of the office with the files clutched against my chest.

I stretched my hearing to look for Rass and found him humming in his room.

A smile spread across my face and I casually went upstairs to see him.

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