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Ever since Amaris was a little girl, her mother told her stories about the one person you are destined for, the one that would love you unconditionally and you are bound to for eternity. But after her mother destroyed her family, having a mate was the last thing on her mind. Training to take over from her father, the Alpha of Bloodlust Delta Pack, after a sudden death in the pack, Amaris is forced to return home early after being away for 3 years. Jayden Winters, Alpha of The Infernal Pack, has been wanting his mate ever since he shifted. He wanted what his friends and parents had. He found his mate but she left. He waited 3 years for her to come back, hoping she wanted him. Tragedy hits again and to destroy this threat and save her life, it's going to take Jayden and Amaris together...

Romance / Fantasy
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“Mummy, what is a mate?” Amaris asked her mother while she was being tucked up in bed.

Scarlett looked down lovingly at her daughter, “Well, a mate is someone that will love you unconditionally.” Scarlett tucked a strand of Amaris’ hair behind her ear before sitting down next to Amaris.

“So, like how you and daddy love me?” Amaris asked quietly. Scarlett chucked and then sighed. “No, baby.” Scarlett pulled Amaris closer and stroked her hair. “A mates love is different to a parents love,” Scarlett replied. Scarlett looked down at Amaris who was looking up, her face full with curiosity.

“It’s similar, but a mates love is incredible. They’re your other half, the other half to your soul. Everything is right in this world with your mate by your side.” Scarlett then smiled at Amaris and said, “The moon goddess gave everyone a special gift, someone we are destined to be with”

Amaris looked at Scarlett and asked, “Will I have a mate?” Scarlett nodded her head and then replied, “Yes, of course. When you turn 18, your wolf comes to you and you can find your mate.”

Amaris looked her at mum confused. ”How do you find your mate?” Scarlett giggled and poked Amaris’ nose lightly. “You’re ever so curious tonight.” Amaris giggled and wrapped her arms over her mother.

“Will you tell me the story about the Moon Goddess and the blessing again?” Amaris yawned and laid her head on her mother’s chest.

Scarlett cleared her throat and began speaking. “There was once a lovely couple who lost their little pup when he was still inside his mummy’s tummy. The mummy was told she wouldn’t be able to have any more pups. This made the couple really sad”

Scarlett took a deep breath and wiped a tear that had fallen. “The Moon Goddess visited the woman in her dreams and told her she was being blessed with a pup. Once the pup comes of age, she will possess the powers of the moon and become the strongest wolf of our kind. She will be needed by everyone.” Amaris snuggled closer to her mother and Scarlett kissed her forehead. “The woman gave birth to a beautiful little pup and she filled the couple with happiness.”

Scarlett realised that Amaris was now asleep. Scarlett stood up and pulled the blanket up around Amaris and gently kissed her forehead.

“Goodnight my little blessing.”

This story will contain content that will be sensitive to some readers and mature content/strong language. I will put a warning in front of the chapter to make you all aware. Also, this is my first story so, it may not be very good!

Important information.

When the characters are mind-linking each other, it will look like this... (”This is a mind-link.“)

When the characters are speaking to their wolf, it will look like this... (′Hi, I’m the wolf!’)

When two Alphas want to reject their mate, they both have to say it or it doesn’t count. Yes, that may not be right, but it’s what I’m going for :)

Some of the things you will read are made up totally by me! It’s fantasy ;)

Welcome to Amaris.

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