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His Dark Grace

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Samantha is a lone walker her whole life she has been alone, which is how she likes it. she is hoping to spend her last year at university or 'hell' as she calls it peacefully, but all of that changes when she meets "his grace'. he turns her life upside down, but her life is at stake because if she is not the chosen one for him, his beast will come to life and end her. he looks at me from head to toe fucking me with his eyes. "strip" he demands and for some stupid reason it turns me on. he sits on a chairs and watches me. i debate if i should do it or not but if i don't this nigga looks like he might just fuckin kill me. i slowly strip while moving my body in a sexy way giving him a show to watch. he watches my every move like a lion watching its prey. i stop once i am left in my panties on only. "lay down on the bed" he demands in his deep sexy voice. i do as i am told i walk to the bed slowly while shaking my hips. i bend as i turn and lay on my back as i await my next instruction. "play with yourself". he says. i look at him in disbelieve. that statement alone had my body going crazy. i suck my two fingers and playing around with my clit, it came to life as it felt the friction. my back lifted from the bed as my body is enjoying what it is feeling. i insert two fingers in my already wet punani. i start moving fast while moaning. my other hand goes to my nibble and starts

Romance / Action
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love at first sight is something he never believed in. he believed that a man gets married for power and the title, but not for love. he didn’t take anyone who fell in love seriously. he saw them as weak, and not men enough. love did not exist in his vocabulary especially not in the world he lived in. a world full of stone cold men who kill for fun. he vowed to never fall in love not while he was running his late fathers underworld diamond business.

as if him not believing in love was the biggest problem, but actually the beast inside of him didn’t allow him to. it could only accept its chosen only, otherwise the beast would eat the lover if she is not the chosen one. he couldn’t control his beast once it came out, this only added to his reasons why he didn’t want to fall in love, and partly he was happy like this until he saw her. her dark grey eyes that sparked his interest. she looked so simple, so angelic. the wind blowing her hair. she carried book on her hands. she was going to school. right there and then he felt something inside of him wake up. something changing, but he couldn’t point it out. could it be love?

he didn’t know what he was feeling but he knew damn well that he had to have her one way or another, but first he had to prepare her for his day of revelation which he couldn’t wait for to arrive. he made a new vow right there and then. that he would have her one way or another. he is his grace after all and his grace always gets what he wants no matter the cost.

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