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Chapter 13

After that marvellous, heart-warming discovery in my room I was... I felt... Magical.

Never in my 21 years of existence has a guy ever done that for me. He put so much thought into it yet it was simple at the same time.

Keep it Simple, Sweet and Fun.

This is what I usually tell someone who’s taking me out or trying to surprise with a gift. Johnattan... He hit the nail right on the head for each one of the guidelines.

Simplicity - it wasn’t an over the top surprise it was normally used gesture but he happened to put his own spin on it.

Sweet- The teddy bear, the personalized iPhone, the flowers... Do I even need to go on?! Everything was the definition of sweetness! The message each flower brought expressed all his feelings and each one touched my heart. The use of the bear was to ensure that whenever I cuddle with it or look at it I remember him. My very own JBear. And finally the phone, the wallpaper, and the text they were to ensure that I know he hasn’t given up and he still thinks of me as his... Su diosa.

Lastly, Fun- if feeling all that love and joy at knowing he still loves me wasn’t enough, watching Chev curse every few seconds as she cleaned up the flowers all over my room was priceless!

She was all like “couldn’t he have done something less messy. I mean yeah it’s cute but it ain’t his cute ass or yours that’s cleaning this shit up.” And Lexi would shut her up every minute with this reply, “just be happy it wasn’t confetti that shit is messier than a baby’s dirty diaper.”

We ended up ewing at the thought of a dirty diaper and Lexi laughed at our scrunched up faces.

The rest of the week which flew by rather quickly. Why was that? Because I was on bed rest. The pain in my leg started acting up the morning after my arrival so Lexi gave me my medication and told me to stay in bed. The only time I left this bed was when I had to use the bathroom and that pissed me off.

Those days were utterly BORING. When I’m not sleeping I’m eating, when I’m not eating I’m watching TV or using the bathroom.

And no my heart hasn’t fallen off its high from my unexpected surprise. True to his word Johnattan hasn’t stop his efforts. Each morning at exactly 8 a.m, I wake up to a text from him and these aren’t the normal “heys” and “hellos” they are poems. Love poems. As cheesy as that sounds every morning I actually look forward to his little texts. Not only has he been sending romantic texts but he has been showering me with gifts.

Anime gifts!

He got me three seasons of five different Animes, four pairs of anime pyjamas with Lucy and Natsu; Kirito and Asuna; Vegeta and Bulma and Ichigo and Oriheme.

I am wearing the Vegeta and Bulma pair, it’s light blue and on the front has a drawing of Vegeta and Bulma holding each other close. It is paired with a light blue shorts with a picture of both characters on the side of each leg.

My heart literally jumped out of my ribs when I saw these little gifts. He knew I loved anime, he doesn’t really appreciate it but yet he goes out and buys it for me. He leaves cards each time with a flirty pick up line at first it was small and cute like “I thought Happiness started with an H. Why does mine start with U?” Then it got more interesting like “I’d love to have you as my girl frien. Yeah, I noticed I left off a letter that’s because you’ll get the ‘d’ later ;D.”

He is just working his way into my heart all over again and I’m powerless to stop it. But do I even want to?

My phone vibrates on my night stand and my heart leaps in my chest. I reach over quickly and grab it ignoring the butterflies fluttering in my stomach.

JBear pops up on my screen and my smile widens. 8 a.m. on the dot. You don’t disappoint Johnny. I open the message and my smile widens so much I’m afraid it’s going to cover my entire face.

Good morning Isabelle, it reads.

What do I do,
when I’m still in love with you?
You walked away,
’Cause you didn’t want to stay.
You broke my heart, you tore me apart.
Every day I wait for you,
Telling myself our love was true.
But when you don’t show, more tears start to flow.
That’s when I know
I have to let go.

That was Let Go by
Shelby T. Parsons...

But I’d like to add something more to it.

They say if you someone let them go,
But how can I when they’ve attached themselves to my soul?
I let you go once and now your here.
But the sight of me you cannot bear.
But believe me my dear Christi, I’ll never let you go,
For in my arms I know you’re home.

With love,

If that’s not sweet I don’t know what is.

My fingers hover over the keyboard but I can’t seem to find anything to say. If I say aww, it’ll sound like a friend to friend gesture. If I say that’s so sweet, that’s basically friend zoning his attempt. And if I say I love you too that’ll be too soon. I’m not ready, my body isn’t ready to be so close to him just yet as much as it hurts me to say it.

Knocking brings my mind from that battlefield called my thoughts, I lock the phone and sit up straight wincing as a jut of pain goes through my leg.

“Come in,” I say as I make myself comfortable.

Lexi comes in with a tired smile, wearing a black Empire T-shirt with Cookie on it - looking all badass - and red pyjama shorts that reach her knees. She makes her way to my bedside tray in hand before placing it on my nightstand and sitting on the edge of my bed.

“Morning Beautiful, sleep well?” She asks before eying the iPhone in my hand. A smile comes to her lips and I mentally groan. “He texted you again, didn’t he?”

She squeals before grabbing the phone and running away from the bed before I can get a hold of her.

“Lexi, give me back my phone!” I say in a childlike voice.

“Nope,” she says popping the ‘p’ as she fondles with my phone.

In a few minutes after my failed attempts of pleading she squeals and gushes like a teenage girl.

“Can he not be any sweeter?” She says fanning herself with her hand. ”Dios Mio, quiero a alguien como él.”

"Lástima que sea mío," I say sticking my tongue out.

She rolls her eyes at me before moving towards my bed and throwing the phone on the bed carelessly. I catch it as she throws it and glare at her. “Being jealous doesn’t give you a right to ruin my stuff Lexi.”

Now it’s her turn to stick her tongue out at me and me to roll my eyes. Soon her playful batter falls and fear creeps into her eyes.

Oh, Lexi.

“What’s wrong Lexi?” I ask as I rub her arm soothingly.

“I don’t know if I can do this Chrissie,” Lexi days as tears stream down her face. “I don’t want my baby to not know her father. I know what it feels like Chrissie! I can’t let him/her go through that.”

She wipes the tears from her eyes but more make their way down her puffy cheeks. “I have a feeling that it’s a girl and I’d want her to know her dad so bad b-but how can I give my little girl to such a monster?! C-Charlie can never be a good father to my baby, she’ll only be a bastard child to him. I don’t know what to do.”

She starts to break down in tears and I pull her into a comforting hug. She holds onto me like I’m her lifeline and I hold on just as tight showing her that I’ve got her.

“I got you Lexi,” I say as I cradle her head. “If no one else has you I do. Charlie is an asshole. A huge scum, something you’d find at the bottom of your shower and try every cleaner possible to erase from your sight.”

She chuckles a little at that and I smile as I pull away and brush her dark curly locks away from her face. “He doesn’t deserve you Lexi, he doesn’t deserve this child. Any man who walks out on his family just to relive his single years by preying on an innocent bartender and worst of all after months of pretending to love her puts his hands on a her abusing her...“- at this point the anger within me is igniting so much that I fear lava will start to soot from my head-“deserves to get his dick cut off and stuffed up his ass.”

She releases a sound resembling something between a sob and a laugh before smiling and wiping away her tears.

“Don’t be afraid Lexi, he doesn’t need to be here. Your baby doesn’t need such influence in his/her life. She has us, she has you and she has all of our love,” I say with a comforting smile. “You don’t need him. You have me.”

She smiles appreciatively at me before moving her body around and scooting to lie beside me.

“You know I love your skinny ass right?”

“Oh look who’s dissing my skinny ass because this baby gave her a lot of ass fat," I say playfully shoving her. “And yeah I know you love me. What’s not there to love?”

“Your overconfident attitude for one,” she says counting on her fingers. “And you’re betrayal to the dark heads by going blonde...”

“No don’t go there. You know I loved my dark hair, plus it’s growing out,” I say showing her my brown roots.

“Hmm, doesn’t change that fact that you abandoned us dark heads for three months,” she says teasingly.

I’m getting the feeling weren’t talking about hair anymore. I can’t do this right now one thing at a time.

“So, why do you believe your baby is a girl? Did you go to the doctor and find out the gender without me?” I say pouting as I change the topic.

“Uh no, you can’t blame me if I did, you’re the one that went away,” she says. “But no, Johnny and I actually had a bet on the baby’s sex. I say the baby’s a girl and he says the baby is a boy. We decided to wait until the baby is born to see though.”

“Wow,” I say a little jealous. “You guys have gotten real close.”

She looks up at me with a ‘bitch please face’. “Are you seriously jealous right now?”

“Me jealous of you guys? No.”

After all, I am carrying his baby. That no one knows about. That I plan to keep a secret until we patch things up. I don’t want the reason we get back together just to be this baby. I need to be sure we will work even if the worse happens and that we’ll love each other no matter the obstacles.

“¿En serio? Chrissie the man’s trying. He’s going out of his way to show he cares and you really are second guessing him. No most importantly you have no trust in me, your best friend.” She shakes her head disapprovingly.

“You better get your shit together or you’re gonna lose one hell of a man.”

I look at her soaking up her words like a sponge. She’s right I’m acting stupidly and I need to get my head in the game. “You’re right I’m sorry Lexi.”

“I know Chrissie- oh!” She stares at me excitedly before grabbing my hand. “She’s kicking!”

She places my hand on her stomach and I feel it. I feel a bump pushing its way towards my hand.

“Oh my god!” I say with wide eyes as she kicks me again.

“She hasn’t moved in a while I was starting to think the worse things. Oh!” She smiles as she places her hand on her stomach feeling her little bundle of joy move around.

After a few minutes she stops kicking and Lexi looks up at me beaming.

“That felt...” I begin.

"Magical.” She finishes.

“Yeah,” I giggle.

Was that how it felt? Having a baby inside you feeling them grow and mature. I can’t believe I’m going to experience that. I can’t to experience it.

Lexi giggles as she stares at me. “I missed you so much Chrissie.”

“I missed you too, Lexi,” I say as I give my best friend a real, heartfelt hug for the first in what feels like a millennium now.

“Best friends for now,” she whispers.

I smile knowingly tightening my hold on her. “Best friends forever.”

“Through good times.”

“Through bad times.” I say as we raise our hands.

We high five each other as we say the last line. “And through the tantrums of that bitch call life.”

She pulls away smiling before gesturing to the tray on my nightstand. “Now let’s eat!”

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