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Chapter 16

I yawn stretching my hands and push my torso upwards as I try to wake up my lazy body.

My body feels heavenly... I mentally purr.

Like gravity pulling an apple to the ground my body is dropped back onto the mattress by a heavy weight on top of me. I feel someone snuggle in between my breasts and my brows furrow in confusion.

I reach up and push the cloth obstructing my vision from in front of my eyes. The golden glow of the sun blinds me and I clamp them close before slowly opening them again. As my eyes get accustomed to the sunshine- that’s streaming through the thin curtains that covers my fire escape window- I look down at my chest and dark curls obstruct my vision.

This isn’t happening... He’s here... On top of me... Oh god.

I rub my eyes doing a double take. I’m not hallucinating, Johnattan Joseph Blake is lying on top of me and I’m naked. Butt naked.

And to make matters more complicated he’s butt naked as well - and a sexy butt it is.

His muscular frame is draped over my small figure. His thick shoulders moving up and down as he breathes. My eyes trail to his body and my stomach clenches deliciously at the sight.

His biceps and triceps flex as he holds onto me tighter and I mentally swoon at this incredibly sexy man on top of me. My incredibly sexy man. He clings closer to me and my hearts warm at the action. Johnattan murmurs my name with a pleasurable groan and my insides twist and turn at his sultry and husky voice.

I attempt to move my legs seeking freedom but wince at the slight pain between them. Fuck, I feel like a present being ripped out on Christmas morning.

I struggle to move them once more but I find that Johnattan’s thick legs are tangled with mine preventing movement. He moves against me groaning and moaning and it’s downright the sexiest thing I’ve ever heard. He calls my name a few times before my attention is grabbed by something stiff against my inner thigh. Damn, so thick and hard...

Okay, okay... Back up Tina what happened last night?

I rack my memories searching for answers finally find them. The memories come forth igniting my body and causing it to relish in the bliss of what occurred last night.

I rake my hand through his hair pulling his lips closer to mine as I devour his mouth.

Lust. Longing. Love.

The three Ls pull at my heart and body making me crave him. I kiss him fiercely my hands running down to his shoulders. I slip my wondering hands to his chest feeling the outline of his broad muscular chest beneath my hands. A shiver runs down my spine and I slowly pull the buttons of his shirt pushing it off his shoulders. His hands run up my thighs teasingly and I feel a familiar and pleasurable wetness between my legs.

It’s been so long since his hands have touch me and my skin hums in pleasure at his faint touches. He runs his hands in between my legs and my legs clamp together as an intense feeling of pleasure pressures in my stomach.

He chuckles between our lips and I moan as he pinches my inner thigh causing me to jump and my legs open for his wondering hands. He continues to tease my core and I groan and moan as he comes so close to touching me but trails his hands back to the side of my leg.

I grow so aggravated grabbing his hand, placing it on my ass squeezing tightly.

“Oh fuck,” he murmurs as he moves his other hand to my other cheek and lifts me.

My cast hooks on the slight curve of his hip and my other wraps around him beneath my cast leg holding it up.

He uses his hands to push me a little higher and our lips break apart. I release restless moans and grows as he kisses and nibbles on my neck. He sucks on the sensitive skin at the nape of my neck and my back arches as I grab onto his shoulders my nails sinking into his skin.

He groans and it almost sounds like an animalistic growl. Warmth spreads through my body and a loud moan escapes my lips as he bites down softly on my neck.

My back hits the bed and I bite my lips as I feel his hands push my night gown above my thigh. My skin heats up and I thrash as it intensifies with each touch. He grabs my underwear and gently rises my hips upward pulling it off my hips down my legs.

I jut as I feel his hands cupping my core and I moan like a woman deprived gripping his arm.

“Do you like that Christi?” He says huskily and I feel myself cream some more at the sound.

He curses under his breath as he plays in my wetness with his long, thick fingers. My hips push upward and he chuckles at my reaction.

“Tell me what you want, Christi,” he says as he circles my soaking core.

I bite my lip as I try to fight back a moan. He slaps my core - a squish like sound being heard - and I jut my moan ringing through the air.

“Let it out Christi,” Johnattan breathes down my neck, licking my soft spots.

“Y-you,” I breathe out.

“Come on Christi you’re not so shy, so submissive. Tell me what you want... Demand what you want like the Dominatrix you are.”

He bites down on my shoulder and a fire spreads through me. I grab his neck and he releases my shoulder as I pull his face to mine.

“I want you balls deep inside of me. I want to feel you touch every part of me. I want you to overwhelm my body, make me cry out as you bring me to the most intense orgasm I haven’t had in months...”

His fingers plunge into my wanting core and I feel pleasure wash over my body. One first then as my walls stretch farther, two. I thrash beneath him moaning and groaning. Goose bumps rise on my skin as my body is engulfed in pure bliss. Sweat trips down my body causing my gown to cling to my body.

I feel the waves doubling up inside of me and I grab his hand in protest.

“I want you inside of me...” I say between pants. “Now!”

The request comes out stern and commanding and he chuckles before licking my lips provokingly.

“I just have one question baby,” he bites my bottom lip before pulling it into his mouth and my legs shake. “Hard or soft.”

I grip his hand before replying through clench teeth. “I told you I wanted you to give me the most explosive orgasm to make up for the three months... Soft isn’t going to cut it. I want it hard so hard until my legs go numb.”

His hands slip up to my breasts massaging them and my back arches. “That’s all I wanted to hear baby girl.”

And just like that all calmness in him snapped. He grabs the bust of my night gown ripping it in two and my arching nipples harden further. He tears it off me in heat and with the sound of a zip his trousers leave his body.

I feel his stiffen organ trail my leg and twitch in anticipation. He sucks in a breath before positioning himself at my entrance.

He has my injured leg on his waist and he grips my thigh as he hammers into me while biting down on nipple.

I cry out in pleasure clinging to his body and sinking my heel on his ass. He moves within me slowly allowing me get accustomed to his size.

“Am I hurting you?” He asks as he slides in and out of me causing me to cream even more at the feel of him inside of me.

“Harder, now...”

That’s all the conformation he needs as his strokes quicken within me. He pulls out and hammers in me and my body juts each time as the erotic feeling consumes my senses.

The feel of him inside of me, touching me in ways that have me almost begging him to never stop. Never leave. I missed this feeling the warmth that blankets my body as he makes love to me. The feeling of adoration, love I get when he touches me, caresses me and takes my body to a place that only he can. He’s the first to ever make me feel that raw passion, wild emotions and animalistic urges and having here with me just sends my mind and body into a pleasurable turmoil.

He suckles my breasts as he pounds in me and I pant and thrash cling to this body. My nails sink into his back as I feel a familiar pressure in my stomach. The pleasure builds up in me and I pull him closer, deeper as I anticipate my glorious release.

His lips attach to mine and he quickens his pace gripping my thigh. His tongue tries to dominate mine but I fight back and the pleased moan that leaves his throat builds up a sense of satisfaction in me.

“You feel so fucking good,” he groans as he slows down going deeper and harder. My eyes roll back in my head as I grip his shoulders and a cry so loud and high - that I fear even the angels in heaven heard it - escapes my lips as I reach that explosive, mind blowing orgasm I longed for. Johnattan cums right after me calling out my name against my neck and my body shakes at the intensity.

I cling to his body - never wanting to let him go - as my body quivers from the sensations running through my body.

“Was... That... Explosive enough for you?” Johnattan asks against my neck, his voice coming out in pants.

“That was... It was... Magical.”

Johnattan chuckles at my choice of words and slowly attempts to rise and pull out of me. I grip his shoulders in protest.

“I’m not satisfied... I want to go again... I want you inside of me so fucking bad.”

He caresses my cheek and my pants settle into shallower breaths. “Anything for you my beautiful Christi.”

He pushes into me again and my body hums for an anticipated Round 2.

I run my fingers through his hair without even noticing it as I recall the events of last night. I had uncaged a beast after that explosive trail run I vaguely remember my bed rocking from the force at which he was going and I’d loved every minute of it.

He made my body feel so alive. It’s like a spark plug was hooked up to my battery, energy buzzed through me and my body grew hotter and more restless. I needed to relieve this heat inside of me and he did just that.

Murmurs and moans catch my attention again as Johnattan shifts on my breasts. I look over his face with great caution. He looks as handsome as ever, and that scar on his cheek still gave him that danger vibes. He’s just as handsome as the day I met him three months ago. I do notice however that there are a few worry lines on his forehead and his face looked exhausted like he’s been having problems taking a decent sleep or he’s been working too hard.

I caress my beautiful lover in my arms as I gaze at his beautiful body and analyse every inch. I’ve missed seeing him, teasing him and getting into petty arguments with him. I missed being in his arms, having him in my arms and just holding him close.

I hum softly as he rests on my chest and he snuggles against me farther as his posture relaxes. Slowly, I start to sing, trying to further comfort him. Addicted by Enrique Iglesias comes to mind and I smile softly sing the words.

I’m wasted away. I made a million mistakes.
Am I too late? Oh yeah. There’s a storm in my head;
it rains on my bed when you’re not here, oh
I’m not afraid of dying, but I am afraid of losing you.

Maybe I’m addicted. I’m out of control,
but you’re the drug that keeps me from dying. Maybe I’m a liar,
but all I really know is you’re the only reason I’m trying.

His lashes furrow and my stomach flops as I cease my singing. Reaching up, I pull down the blindfold, my world fading to darkness again.

"Christina," he says huskily and my insides tighten.

I run my hands through his hair and along his shoulders comfortingly. “Good morning Johnattan.”

He sighs in content before untangling our legs and moving upwards until his face is in the crook of my neck. “You’re like an angel when you sing Christi, this is how I should wake up every morning... Listening to your heavenly voice and most importantly on top of you."

I slap his arm with a giggle and he chuckles before kissing my neck. I sigh tilting my head to the side. That feels so good.

He breathes in my scent and a pleased sigh escapes him again. “You smell like me.”

I chuckle as I continue to play in his hair that feel silky under my hands. “Yes I do. That’s what usually happen after people have sex.”

“No...” He sighs lazily. ”Make love... We made love. Hard-core love.”

A blush makes its way to my cheeks and I can’t help but giggle. “We did JBear. We did.”

"JBear.” He says in satisfaction. “Out of all the nicknames you’ve given me this one I like the most.”

He places his arm across my waist pulling me closer as he clings to me like a new-born baby and my heart can’t help but flutter at the action.

“I’m glad you like it JBear," I say as I cradle his head and rest my other hand against his back.

After a few minutes of relaxing he moves from my neck and the bed pressures downward as he sits up. My body suddenly feels cold at the loss of his additional warmth and blindly I reach out to grasp his hand. He intertwines his fingers with mine before pulling my hand to his lips and kissing it.

“Looks like we’re still playing Blind Mice,” he says with an unamused tone.

“Blind Mice?” I ask in confusion.

His hand touches the blindfold and my hand shoots up to grab it tightly.

“Calm down, Christi. I wasn’t going to take it off.” He says softly and I release his hand. “The reason I said Blind Mice is because of your blindfold and the nursery rhyme.”

My brows knit together in confusion. “How is that relating to what’s going on here? Unless you are trying to say like a mouse I am small and inferior.”

He caresses my cheek with a soft chuckle. “Not at all my fiery one.”

“Explain,” I say with a pout. He runs his thumb over my lip and I shiver. Oh, Johnattan.

"That blindfold leaves you vulnerable, Christi and I don’t like to see you that way. Like the mice in the nursery rhyme you have been wronged. This has led to you become blind and it can put you in danger, that is, this fear of seeing me -of remembering. Hopefully though like the vulnerable mice you will take charge and fight those who seek to use this fear against you and learn to live with it, putting it behind you. Even if that means cutting of your tail with a carving knife.”

I laugh softly attempting to relax my edgy nerves before leaning into his palm. “Um... The one with the carving knife was the Farmer’s Wife so your interpretation was-”

"Oh shut up...”

He unexpectedly kisses my lips to silence me and I relish in the feel of his lips on mine. I pull him closer feeling his bare body press to mine. “Out of everything I’ve said, that’s what you took note of. Only you Christina.”

I smile with a nod as I move my hands to the back of his neck. “Yes only me as there is only you Johnattan.”

I move my lips closer to his and my tongue darts out to lick his lips.

“Only you, my little blind mouse.”

And with that he kisses me causing my body to hum with joy, pleasure and love.

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