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Chapter 18

Turn around... Every now and then I get a little but lonely and you’re never coming around.

Lips kiss and nibble my neck from behind and I tilt my head to the side moaning in satisfaction.

Turn around... Every now and then I get a little but lonely and you’re never coming around. Turn around bright eyes ... Every now and then I fall apart.

Hands hover over my bare stomach caressing the skin before making their way to my breasts. Arching my back my skin ignites as they caress each mound taking their sweet little time.

Turn around bright eyes ... Every now and then I fall apart.

His hands trail up my chest to my throat and grips it firmly as he thrusts upwards into me. I cry out as my body bounces against his, my walls clenching and unclenching around him in need.

Turn around bright eyes ... Every now and then I fall apart.

His hand moves from my neck cupping my chin and I can feel his gaze on me. His lips hover above mine and I involuntarily lick my lips waiting his to be placed upon mine. He pecks my lips before moving his lips to my ear, his other hand grips my waist as he gives his command and for tonight I listen to his demand. For it is his time to dominate.

"Ride.” He whispers and on cue I move my hips slowly back and forth.

And I need you more tonight! And I need you more than ever.

He hisses into my ear as his hand tightens around my waist. He wastes no time connecting our lips hungrily, demandingly and urgently. I rock faster against him and throw my head back at the sensations that travel throughout my body.

And if you only hold me tight we’ll be holding on forever.

He breaks the kiss pulling at my bottom lips before biting at my shoulder drawing a whimper from my lips. My back arches away from his chest and his free hand latches on to one of my nipples twining it around between his fingers.

And tonight we’re making it right. We’re holding on and together we will take it to the end of the night...

He moves his hips upward urging on my up and down movements as the musicians hits the drums in the melody of the song. A cry leaves my mouth each time and I reach behind me raking my manicured nails through his hair. My body sweats and trembles as his hand slips towards the junction between my thighs.

“Johnattan,” I moan in annoyance and need.

He was teasing me moving fast only to fall in tune to the beat at the last minute slowing his tempo. It was driving me up a wall, my body would climb anticipating my release only to be brought back down when near the point of ecstasy.

“A little longer mi diosa," he whispers in my ear before burying his face in the crook of my neck as his hands moved to part my lips.

I thrash in his arms as moans and curses leave my lips as my body feels edgy, sensitive and overwhelmed. He slides his wondering fingers towards my harden clit and that takes me to the point of madness.

“Fuck, oh god...” I say gripping onto his hair as my body shakes as spasms run through my body.

He works my clit faster and his stokes contrast with his finger pace, going slower. The feel of both paces drives my body insane and it overwhelms every nerve in my body.

"Johnattan, I can’t,” I grunt out in sexual frustration.

“Yo sé mi diosa, que vengas para mi.” With those words he bites onto my shoulder, pinches my clit and gives one last hard thrust simultaneously.

My back arches, my body shakes and a cry escapes my body as my orgasm ripples forward and I feel Johnattan grip onto me as he releases his load inside of me.

Minutes after the shaking within our bodies subsides he switches our position so I am now lying on my side and he’s spooning me from behind.

Total eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler plays out as we lie together relishing in the feel of our bodies pressed together.

His hands runs through my hair and I giggle as the strands fall onto my forehead tickling me. He chuckles at the sound and soon I feel his mouth placing soft kisses on my neck and along my jaw.

I shuffle around so I’m facing him but thanks to the blindfold around my eyes the view of his face is hidden from me, everything is hidden from me.

“This thing is starting to really bug me,” Johnattan says as he touches the blindfold gently.

“Me too Johnattan but what can we do?” I say in dismay. “I’ll be going to see my therapist in two days. He’ll help me to get over this, it’ll just take time.”

“I know mi diosa," he says placing a kiss onto my lips that keeps me wanting more of him.

He sighs trailing his finger from my cheek to my neck and goose bumps rise on my skin at the faint touches.

“So who was he?" Johnattan asks as he trails the curve of my breast with his finger before circling my left nipple.

My body awakens from the relaxed state it was in and my nipples harden at his touch.

“He?” I finally ask my voice coming out breathless.

“The tall, dark hair guy that had visited you last night,” he says before wrapping his tongue around my right nipple.

“Oh fuck,” I breathe as my hands find his hair holding it in a death grip.

“Who was he Christina?” He asks again lapping my nipple with his tongue and I groan in frustration.

“You’re distracting me,” I say trying to sound scolding but it comes out husky.

He chuckles and his warm breath alerts my nipples that harder farther. “Try and remember mi diosa, I need an answer soon or I’ll work your body to its breaking point and leave you there aching for your release. When I’m done with you, you’ll be begging me for me to fuck you until you can barely breathe.”

He moves on top of me, his hands running along my curves and I moan in arousal. He sounds so fucking sexy.

“Try and remember, mi diosa.”

With those final words he starts to tease my body and I fight my hormones trying to remember what happened yesterday.

“Okay, we’re here,” Shan says as she leads our group of three towards a building with the words “Vini’s”.

“I can’t believe you guys brought me here,” I say as I move forward, my crutches assisting in keeping me upright.

“It was well overdue,” Chev says as she walks to my left. “Being coop up in that apartment isn’t gonna help you to recover effectively. Your leg needs a little more exercise.”

“I second that,” Lexi adds as she caresses her stomach. “You needed a day out.”

“You’ve been cooped in that apartment so much you’re starting to reek of soap, sex and Johnattan. Mostly the latter.” Chev says as she holds open the door to the building for us.

“It’s not like I’m complaining, at least I’m getting some,” I reply slyly.

A vein in Chev’s forehead ticks and the girls laugh at my not so subtle joke.

“Damn, do you need some ice for that burn, Cheverlie?” Lexi asks cheekily and Chev gives us a stink eye to rival all stink eyes.

“Just get in the damn building before I slam the door in y’all bitches faces.”

“That hit a nerve,” Shan jokes as we walk to the door.

Chev curses as she follows behind us. “Fuck Eddie and his big mouth.”

Johnattan’s lips kiss the curve of my breast and I moan as they linger on my skin, his tongue licking along the curve. His hands weigh my breast massaging each before exploring the circumference of my areola with his tongue. The temperature of my body now heats up as erotic sensations spread across my entire being.

“Focus, Christi,” he groans huskily before taking my nipple into his warm, moist mouth.

My back arches as I moan in appreciation as he sucks on my aching nipples. He pulls away only to flick it with his moist tongue before taking it back into his mouth and nibbling on it.

"Dio mio. È orribile!” I hear as we enter the building. I look forward as man makes his way towards me with a horrified look on his beautiful face.

“Vini!” Shan says as she moves forward to embrace him.

Anticipating the move Vini moves around Shan without a care in the world and stops in front of me. Chev, Lexi and I chuckle as we look at Shan who’s sporting a hurt yet unbelieving expression on her face. Vini stares at me before circling my body, his eyes on top of my head. He grunts in disapproval with his arms crossed and a hand resting on his chin.

Vini was around my height with dark brown eyes, light brown almost golden curls and a semi muscular frame. He was in a blue dress shirt with black sleek, pants and a pair of gents.

Finally he stops in front of me with a disapproving shake of his head. He spins on his heels and cheerfully greets Shan as if just noticing her presence.

“Shanice!” He says as he kisses both her cheek. “Welcome my dear!”

“Hi Vini,” Shan says less cheerful. “You’ve seemed to have just noticed me.”

“Oh, sorry cara mia, I was just distracted by that bird nest on your friends head.”

“Hey!” I say in protest. “My hair’s not that bad!”

Lexi is about to comment when Vini steps in. “You’re right my dear it’s not bad.”

They look at Vini shocked while I smile contented. “See?”

“Bad would be downplaying it,” he suddenly adds. “É orribile! I fear that if I touch it your hair may break apart leaving you bald.”

I look at him speechless while the girls try to stifle their laughter failing miserably.

“Vini, let me introduce you to my friends Alexis, Cheverlie and Christina or as you called her bird nest!” Shan laughs at my expense and I roll my eyes at them.

They’re so immature.

“More!” I plead as Johnattan bites on my nipple and grinds his erected cock against my saturated pussy.

He shushes me and grins against my breast before trailing his hand slowly down my stomach. My body trembles in anticipation and I cream between my legs awaiting his touch.

He slips his hand between my folds before rubbing my bundle of nerves and I jut as a moan leaves my mouth. He slowly works my clit and I arch my back thrashing in pleasure below him.


“I wonder what Johnattan was thinking when he saw that abomination you call hair on your head,” Chev says as she sits beside me in a salon chair.

“Don’t,” I warn wincing a bit as Vini pulls a comb through my knotted hair.

I can’t believe I’d gotten it in such horrible condition. I need to pick myself up I’ve really allowed myself to slip away.

“Ouch!” I squeal as Vini pulls at my hair tearing a small bundle of hair.

Vini - whose real name is Vincent Carolli, Dimitri’s cousin curses under his breath as he looks at me in the stylist mirror.

“Sorry Christina but I’m walking on eggshells here,” he says my name rolling off his tongue beautifully as his Italian accent flatters it. “I think I need a pitch fork.”

The girls laugh around me and I glare at them. “Furck you!” I say imitating Vini’s accent.

“I said fork,” Vini says with an offended expression on his face, his fork sounding like furck again.

“We know Vini,” Chev assures him. “But your accent makes it sound like fuck.”

He looks at us confused. “If that’s so you just heard me say I need a pitch fuck. Doesn’t that make any sense?” He points out as he tries to tame my beast of a hair.

“No but it sounded a lot like you’re saying you need a bitch fuck and trust me Vini baby I can give you that so much more,” Chev says with a wink and Vini smiles teasingly.

“I’d take you up on that deal now if you’d just get on all fours and beg me to fuck you,” he says cheekily.

Chev looks at him offended and flips him off. “As Christina just said furk you!”

“I know you want too little perra. Soon,” he winks.

“You little -”

“Fuck!” I scream out ask feel pressure building up in my stomach and spreading throughout my body.

Johnattan plays with my clit and I curse under my breath before sinking my nails into his shoulders. His lips kiss my body leaving a tingling trail as they descend and I move my hand to his hair grabbing the locks of his hair as I moan out loudly as he nibbles on the area below my stomach. A feel of familiarity washes over me and my pussy creams and my legs clench in anticipation.

He removes his finger earning a disgruntled groan from me. I gasp and jut as his mouth covers my bundle of nerves sucking on it hard. I cry out and grip his hair pulling as my body gets drunk on pleasure. The sensations shoot through my entire being and my injured leg that’s on his shoulder pulls him closer as I claw at his back and shoulders in desperation. He laps my clit with his expert tongue causing me to whimper and lose my mind as he tortures my body.

He pushes a finger inside of me and my walls stretch before gripping it snugly. He starts to pump his finger in and out of me a second after I’d conformed to the size.

Before I know what’s happening two fingers breach my entrance as he pushes back in and I release a scream at the jut of painful pleasure.

“Ah!” Chev screams and we wince at the screech she releases. “You look so fucking fabulous!”

The girls sit around me starting at my freshly curled brown and curls as they bounce on my shoulders - all thanks to Vini and his magnificent hands - and I can’t help smile as I look at the reflection that greets me in the stylist mirror.

My once half blonde, half brown hair was now curled to perfection, instead of dying my hair back to its normal colour Vini had decided to do blonde highlights in my hair giving it a vanilla-chocolate look.

My hair looks fresh, glossy, strong and bouncy a contrast to the brittle bird nest I had come in with earlier.

“I love it!” I say cheerfully as I look behind my chair at Vini. “You’re good with your hands Vini. This is beautiful.”

“Well I can’t say I haven’t heard that before.”

I shake my head at him. “You’re too cocky, Vini. It’s not becoming.”

He raises a brow at me questioning. “And the last time I checked females love a guy who’s very cocky.”

“True but that’s when it’s shows mostly in their pants,” I say suggestively and Vini smiles at me with a sly look on his lips.

“Well Christina, want to know just how cocky I am?” He says not so subtly.

Before I could utter a word of dejection Lexi and Chev jumps into our conversation.

“Back off dicky,” Chev says as she bounce Vini from behind my chair.

“This one’s taken,” Lexi says as she comes to stand on my left.

“The last time I checked ladies, a bird needs two wings to fly,” he says matter-of-factly.

“Trust me hon, her one wing is working it’s ass off to bring her places you could only wish to bring her. Rain or shine it’ll be there working her until she’s where she wants to be.” Chev says with a wink as she looks at my reflection.

“He’s going to flip when he sees this, maybe even bend you over a table and grip it in a fist as he-”

“Okay, Chev. That’s way too much information. I’m not one for words but action.” I say saying.

“Well honey with a look like this you’ll be like rabbits all night!”

I cry out as sweat drips down my body and my nipples stiffen at my arousal painfully, I arch my back off the bed and grip the sheets screaming his name as he slows down denying me my release. The pressure within my claws at my stomach and I twist in pleasurable agony. I need to cum! Oh damn it’s tearing me apart.

“Johnattan!” I scream as he nibbles my clit before lapping my centre.

“Who is he?” He asks before blowing at my clit teasingly.

I jut as me sensitive clit makes my pussy twitch.

“Come on! Get in!” Lexi says as they open the door to my apartment. “I want to get a few stuff before Johnattan comes over and I have no choice but leave.”

“Lexi you know you are not being forced to leave,” I say as they move into the apartment.

“It’s either that our listen to you guys fuck and I chose the former,” she says as she wobbles to her room.

“Where do you want these?” Vini asks as he effortlessly carries three boxes of hair supplies. Let’s just say to prevent a relapse of my bird nest we decided to stock up.

“Beside the couch would be great!” Shan yells from the kitchen.

Vini nods doing as she said and soon his arms are empty. “Well, Christina I can’t stay any longer I have a business to run and ladies need my skilled fingers to bring forth their desires.”

I laugh at his statement before moving towards the door with him. “Well this is your way out. Don’t want to deprive the females of your skilled fingers now do we?”

“No, so I better get going,” he says as he opens the door.

“Farewell, cara mia,” he says before kissing both my cheeks. “Tell Shan I say goodbye and to take care of Dimitri for me okay?”

“No es problema,” I say with a smile.

“That’s Spanish not Italian. You might need some listens that way I can show you how skilled my mouth i-”

“Oh fuck off Itliano!” I say before slamming the door in his face.

“Johnattan stop fucking playing with me!” I scream in frustration as my body spasms craving an explosive orgasm.

He suckles that dampness between my legs and I lose my sense of control as I scream and yell at him to give me that release but he keeps toying with me.

“Fuck! Johnattan he’s just a stylist! Damn, he’s the one that did my hair! He was just bringing a few- fuck - supplies up for us.” I pant as my body buckles in pleasure as he licks me into oblivion.

He works his fingers harder within me, the expansion and contract of my walls has my body quaking with want. His lips - oh fuck - those lips work my entrance thrusting, lapping and suckling my wetness.

“Johnattan!” I scream as I grip his hair pulling him closer.

I twist and turn as the pleasure overwhelms my sensitive body. Sweat clings to my body making it glisten under the moonlight. My brain is jumble and the only words to leave my mouth are curses and his name as pleasure fucks my body, hard.

He curves his finger within me hitting my g spot while simultaneously biting down on my clit and I explode.

"Johnattan, oh fuck yes!" I say as my orgasm hits me front way, sideways and from behind.

My entire body goes off like fireworks on the fourth of July and I thrash about - Johnattan holding my thighs steady as he milks me prolonging my orgasm.

My body spasms and quivers as my wetness flood the banks and I can barely control the tidal wave of pleasure that hits me.

I ride out my orgasm and Johnattan pulls away as he laps the last drops. He hovers above me as I pant and moan as my body tries to relax but the spasms run through me like aftershocks.

I hear his lips smack together before they descend on mine and I cradle his face kissing him with need, tasting my arousal on his lips. His hand grips the side of my leg as he deepens the kiss and my body calms down as his warm surrounds it.

He pulls away kissing my cheeks before torturing my neck and my body hums in anticipation once more. Before my mind could register the change he flips me over, my ass in the air and my breast flat against the bed.

“Johnattan!” I squeal in surprise.

He grabs my hair fisting it and pulls my head back as he leans towards my ear. “That wasn’t so hard mi diosa. Now I’m going to fuck you so hard from behind that you won’t be able to remember your own name.”

My walls clench as a moan leaves my lips.

“Do you like the sound of that Christi?” He asks as he positions himself behind me go I can feel his blunt tip rubbing against my saturated pussy.

I moan at the feel and a cry soon leaves my lips as he slaps my ass. The stings stimulate my pussy and I cream some more in anticipation.

“I asked you a question Christi answer it,” he demands and I groan before replying.

“Yes, please fuck me until I can barely stand,” I say my voice laced with lust.

He forces into me and in that instant I know that I’m going to be thoroughly fucked.


“Mhmm,” I moan as I lick the sticky liquid sliding down the corner of my mouth.

“You like that don’t you?” He asks as I lick my lips with a nod. “More.”

He chuckles before pressing the soft smooth tip to my lips and I suck off the sickly sweet liquid before biting into the strawberry goodness. I moan again the taste of strawberry and chocolate dancing across my taste buds.

His thumb brushes against my cheek and I nozzle into his palm. I feel his slick tongue run along the side of my mouth and I squeak in surprise. He licks the corner of my mouth clean before kissing it and pulling away from me.

“You had white chocolate running down the side of your mouth,” he explains and I nod with a contented smile. ”Vamos a continuar?"

"Si papí," I say seductively before opening my mouth slightly.

“Your mouth’s already open for intrusion I see,” he says his innuendo coming across clearly.

I mentally roll my eyes. “Just feed me!” I say like a child.

“Fine,” he says with a chuckle. “Open.”

I do as I’m told and soon I feel a soft, cold foam along with a partially tough cream greet my tongue and I accept them into my mouth before licking the spoon it’s being served in off.

“Mhmm,” I mumble as I tap my index finger on my cheek. “Vanilla flavoured whip cream and cookies and cream mixed with chocolate ice cream.”

"Correcto!" He says before kissing my cheek. “You’re good at this.”

"Yo sé, más helado por favor,” I say imitating a small child and Johnattan feeds me more ice cream.

After Johnattan had worn us both out, bring both of us to explosive releases while fucking me front way, back way and sideways he had decided that we stack up on food to regain our energy. His idea of energy regaining food ranges from whip cream to cake and I’m not complaining, everyone needs a little sweets now and again.

When he’d returned we had decided to play a tasting game, seeing as though I was already blindfolded - so here we are playing. I’m sitting across his lap in his button up dress shirt and he’s wearing his underpants that doesn’t help to contain his raging boner pressing at my ass.

Ammo care for you, ammo care for you...

I sigh as my body relaxes as The Weekend’s voice surround us. I lean onto my man’s chest and he relaxes as well snaking his hand around my waist.

You make it look like it’s magic...

Cuz I see nobody, nobody but you you, you...

I smile wrapping my hands around his muscular frame as Johnattan sings along and I can’t help the feeling of love that flutters in my heart. He kisses my forehead and I giggle as he hits the high notes beautifully and I join him adding my own twist as the song reaches the chorus.

Cuz babe you’re perfect, you’re always worth it and you deserve it, the way you work it... Cuz babe you earn... it. Shit, babe you earn... it... Yeah.

I feel his fingers brush across my cheek before gripping my chin and my head’s tilted back as my chin moves upward. His lips hover over mine as he sings and his breath blows against my ever so lonely lips. My heart drums in my chest erratically and my breathing quicken as my feelings push to the surface. I move my hand to his cheek caressing it and I fight back tears of joy as I think about all we’ve been through. I really don’t deserve him, he’s just too good to be true.

Ammo care for you, you, you...

His lips covers mine coating them softly before nibbling on my bottom lip. I whimper pushing my hungry lips against his mouth and my tongue ravishes his as I pour all my love into this kiss. His other hand cups my cheek and he kisses me back urgently. I pull him close to me his body heat warming my body and his love blanketing me.

Suddenly I’m being lifted and I gasp grabbing onto his shoulders as we kiss. He holds me bridal style before placing me on my feet. The sound of things hitting the floor catch my attention but before I can pull away I’m placed upon a flat surface.

Johnattan steps between my legs and grips my thighs as he kisses me hungrily. His hands move under me to trail my sides and I moan as his touch ignites the lustful flame inside me.

He pulls away from my lips before kissing my jaw and tugging at his shirt that hides my body. Sloppily he kisses my neck and fight to get the buttons of his shirt open and I groan as he removes his lips from my neck. His hands move quickly as they undo the buttons on his shirt but I find myself growing restless I want his touch now.

“Just rip the damn thing!” I say as I reach out and grab his face pulling his lips to mine.

He chuckles into the kiss as he grabs the shirt and rips off the buttons. He pushes the shirt off my shoulder and my nipples stiff as the cool air touches them.

My body starts to feel feverish and I grab his hand placing them on my breast. I fling my head back and he takes this action as an opportunity to place kisses on my throat. I move his hands against my breasts massaging and weighing each and I whimper as he rubs his underpants cover blunt tip between my legs arousing me further. I move closer to his body grinding my wet pussy against his tip and I move his hands down my waist and his fingers trail the small space between my breasts.

I hook my leg around him and I moan in ecstasy.

“I’d like my hands back now, Christina,” Johnattan says as he pulls his hands from mine and worship my breast with his warm palms.

I pant as he plays with my nipples and to keep my posture upright I hold onto his shoulders. He hands leaves my breast and I whimper before wincing as he grabs my hair and pull my hair back as he thrusts two fingers within me.

“Oh Christ! Johnattan!” I voice as my body reacts erotically the sensations I’m feeling.

“Yeah just like that baby scream my name," Johnattan says huskily before claiming my mouth roughly.

I moan into his mouth as he plunges his fingers within me and I cry out as he hooks my g spot before tugging at it.

“Johnattan?” I scream as my pussy creams as my walls clench and unclench around his fingers.

He groans in approval before pulling out his fingers leaving me feeling empty. I cry out in protest before he slams into me causing the surface I’m on to shake at the force.

“Oh, God!” I scream as I pull away from his lips.

He grins before hissing as he rotates his hips feeling my snug pussy grip his dick in a vice grip. “Oh fuck baby you want this cock don’t you?”

I grab onto his shoulders pushing my hips towards him allowing him to sink further within me and I groan as my pussy stretches. I flex my hips and he hisses as he buries his face in the crook of my neck.

“Yes, I want your dick so deep in me right now,” I say as I rake my hand through his hair as I flex my hips.

He grabs my hair and pulls my head back and I gasp as his teeth scrape my neck before gently nibbling it. He moves within me and I grab his shoulder as he pulls out slowly before easing back into me.

“I want to hold your quivery body close to mine as I make you slowly lose your mind.”

He stirs up my insides as his hips move in a circular motion and I gasp sinking my nails into his shoulders.

“Oh fuck. Right there. Don’t stop,” I groan out and he chuckles against my neck before drawing my skin between his teeth.

He pulls out leaving me empty before slamming into my tight pussy. I cry out clenching my walls around him. He moves moderately slow put pushing deep within me reaching places that have me scream profanities to the skies above. I kiss him hungrily as he forces into me and my mouth parts with a moan as he hits all the right spots. The sensations course through my body putting it on edge, he is taking his time to satisfy my hungry core that clenches around him in need. I move to kiss his neck groaning as his hand grabs my ass pulling me to him. I scream as be moves faster in and out, friction soothing my walls that itch for more penetration.

"Yes fuck yes!"

Johnattan works my body slowly to the point of no return and I cry out as I grip onto his shoulders as he hit my pleasure spot. The waves power against my shore and my stomach clenches as pressure builds up below. I writhe and shake as my body climbs trying to reach that point of ecstasy.

Johnattan picks up his pace gripping his fingers into my ass as he thrusts becoming uncoordinated and rough. He groans and curses as he slowly loses control and I cry out his name in bliss.

My ass leaves the surface and soon my back is against the wall. I gasp as he drives upwards into me and my insides quiver in sexual delight.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” I scream with each thrust I could feel the waves powering forcefully inside of me.

“Come on baby, cum for Johnny,” he says as he lifts me up and slams me down onto his dick.

Something between a laugh and scream is released from my mouth and I yell out Johnny as I cum riding the waves. He explodes within me biting down onto my shoulder and that one action triggers my highly sensitive body into another mini orgasm. I moan as the pleasure sweeps through me once more, the feeling toe curling, overwhelming and so fucking good. I slump against his body and I chuckle as I burying my face in the crook of his neck.

“What’s so funny, baby?” He asks between pants and I chuckle before kissing his neck.

“I think I just had the time of my life.”


“No! I can’t,” I giggle as Johnattan tries to pull me from my comfy bed.

“Come on for me?” He says as he picks me up bridal style.

I thrash in his arms shaking my head. “Nope.”

“Come on. It’s just a dance! And you love to dance,” he protests.

I stop struggling and sigh. “I do but if you haven’t noticed one of my leg is casted.”

He chuckles with a shrug. “We’ll just dance Bella and Edward style.”

I mentally roll my eyes. “I still don’t like that movie.”

“Yeah I know but that’s not our focus topic right now,” he says as he slowly places me to stand while leaning onto him. “Ms. Christina Isabelle Hase, will you do me the honour of dancing with me?”

A cheekily smile sides onto my lips and I loop my arms around his neck. “Well, when you ask so formally how can I say no? Of course I will Mr. Blake.”

He kisses my lips chastely before placing me on the bed to sit as he chooses the song and after selecting it he returns to me.

He picks me up resting my casted leg on top of his foot and doing the same for my uninjured one. The hand he had around my waist helps him to manage my weight and the other moves to my ass giving it a little squeeze, which I squeal at, before resting on my waist as well. I wrap my arms around his neck, resting my head against his chest as we sway.

I found a love for me, darling just dive right in follow my lead. Well I found a girl beautiful and sweet. I never knew you were the someone waiting for me...

I hold onto my man basking in the heat of his body as it steep through the thin material of his dress shirt which was missing most of its buttons. He sings the song slowly as he moves us around almost like I weighed nothing.

I chuckle as it hits the chorus and he spins us. As we sway I can’t help but remember our night at the Villa. The way our bodies moved and the emotions fluttering in my chest as he pulled me closer. The night we shared is forever vivid in my mind, it was the night he told me he loves me.

Johnattan picks me up and I wrap my legs around him giggling as he spins us. He chuckles as I cling to him my head still against his chest but him legs holding his waist in a death grip.

Baby I’m dancing in dark you between my arms, barefoot on the grass. Listening to our favourite song...

I remove my head from his chest before trailing my lips up his neck to his jaw and he tenses before squeezing my ass. I laugh before capturing his lips with mine slowly as he stops moving.

Ed Sheeran sings out as we kiss and when the song ends I can’t help but whisper against his lips.

“Johnny, you’re so fucking perfect.”

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