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Chapter 22

“Lexi,” I groan in annoyance as I shield my face from a bright flash.

“Come on, just one more.” Lexi chimes as she hold up the camera to snap another pic of me.

“I don’t understand your sudden interest in photography,” I state resting my crutches under my arms as I look at the tops on the racks.

“I told you I’m making a maternity scrapbook for us,” she says as she wobbles up to me with a smile on her face as she walks to the other side of the store not too far away from me. “When we’re through with our pregnancies it’ll be fun to look back on and show our babies.”

A smile makes its way to my lips and I can’t fight the warmth that passes through me as she says babies. Twins. No lo creo!

We’ve been here at the mall for the last hour. Lexi had first pulled me to an electronics shop to buy the small digital camera– which now hangs around her neck by a lanyard and then it was off to Momma’s Wear to shop.

She says and I quote ′we need to embrace our pregnancies and buying funny maternity shirts and dresses is a way to make it known. Make a statement.′

I would have argued but I noticed that this is the first time in a while that Lexi and I have actually gone out together so I give in to her suggestion. Plus a day with Alexis is never dull.

Bells jiggle, the sound alerting the attendant that someone has entered the shop and I look up to see a woman with a swollen stomach clinging to a tall guy that hasn’t stopped smiling as he looks down at her.

He caress her stomach whispering something to her and she giggles before pecking his lips and pulling him towards an aisle. My hand instinctively caresses my stomach through my off-the-shoulder, grey, sleeved dress and I sad smile makes its way to my glossy lips.

One name floats around in my mind and I shake my head trying get rid of those thoughts. Enjoying my day out with my best friend. That’s my goal for today. I need to leave my problems behind me at least for the next couple of hours, I owe it to Lexi.

Recently it’s been about me and Johnattan, our babies and the fact I’m keeping them a secret. Today is going to be our girls’ day out. Just me and my best friend. Like old times minus the fact that we’re both sporting bloated stomachs.

“Chrissie look! I’ve found the cutest top for you!” Lexi gushes and I groan snapping out of my thoughts as I brace myself for what I’m about to see. I turn to Lexi who walks up to me and holds up the top so I can see its design.

My heart warms at the sight and I find myself gushing as well. In her hands is a pale pink maternity top with sleeves and a V neck. At the stomach area of the tops there’s an image of two babies pushing each other around as they lie in a small blob– I’m guessing the placenta– and the words ′I’m Mommy’s favourite!′ is in a white speech bubble above the image.

“Oh my god,” I say as I take it from her looking at it up close. The thought of my babies having petty arguments in the future causes my heart to flutter and a smile graces my lips. “I love it.”

“Good because we’re buying it and couple others,” Lexi states as she raids the racks once more before nonchalantly adding. “Look around and see what else you find.”

I fold the top over my arm and smile as I skip through the tops in front of me. This is fun. The tops in this store are all animated and funny. These will definitely make a statement. I skim the tops none catching my eyes before stopping short as I see a top that’s definitely Lexi’s style.

“Oh Lexi,” I sing as I pull out the top. “I think I found something you’ll like.”

She makes her way over to where I am and I hold up the top showing her the design. She squeals running over to me before grabbing the top and I laugh at her giddy expression.

Just the reaction I expected.

The top is a simple black Tee but at the stomach sits the image of a baby in blue shorts and red boxing gloves and above him the words ′Who Called My Mommy Fat?′ are placed in blue speech bubble. The rugged look on the baby’s face makes him look adorable and I can’t help but fall in love with the image.

“If I don’t buy this my name’s not Alexis Jacobs! He looks so cute, trying to pull off that macho man look and all,” she coos as she stares at the T-shirt. “I love it Chrissie, you know me so well.”

“Well I’m not your best friend for nothing Lexi,” I say with a smile.

She places it over her arm with a genuine smile before pulling out another black T-shirt before handing it to me. I raise a brow before opening up the T-shirt and my mouth with dry.

On the T-shirt lies the words ′The Man Behind The Bump’ in bold white letters and two thumbs that are pointing towards the wearer.

“I saw it and kinda thought if you wanted to drop the news on Johnattan you could do it with a T-shirt,” Lexi says as she smiles sheepishly. “I mean nothing says I’m pregnant than a maternity T-shirt and the bump. Don’t forget the bump.”

“Um... I don’t know what to say,” I stare at her before pulling her into a hug.

“Thank you would suffice,” she mumbles before pulling away and I laugh.

“Thank you Alexis,” I say genuinely. “For everything.”

“No problem Chrissie, that’s why I’m here. I’m your best friend, your ROD and I’ll always help my girl out.” Lexi states without hitching. “But Chrissie when are you planning to tell Johnattan about your (plural) children?”

“I’m not sure,” I say. “I’m getting better. Dr Monroe is helping me fight this but I don’t want to jeopardize all this progress by just falling into another panic attack. I’m sc–”

“It’s okay hon,” Lexi says resting a hand on my shoulder. “Think it through, I’m not trying to rush you. Now let’s get back to shopping.”

She bumps my hips before strolling off and I watch her. Lexi’s something special, she’s seen me at my worst and she still treats me like I’m as normal as everyone else. She doesn’t show her pity, she doesn’t baby me. She makes me face my fears and provoke my inner demons until they all come out. She’s someone I can confide in, she’s amazing and I’m thankful for every day I spend with her. If she’s to ever leave me I don’t know how I’d function she’s my other half.

As bad as it sounds Johnattan doesn’t measure up to Lexi. She’s been there when I hit ground floor and helped me to where I am. Not saying Johnattan wouldn’t have done it but no matter what Lexi will always hold that spot in my life that Johnattan can never hold. They’re both in different categories.

“Chrissie come look!” I hear Lexi squeal and I chuckle shaking my head.

“Coming!” I say as I grab my crutches and move forward.

This is going to be a long day. One I’m looking forward to.


“I’ll take you to the candy shop. I’ll let you pick a lollipop.” Lexi sings wiggling her shoulders to the beat.

“She says she wants a lolli, she wants a lollipop.” I retort moving my hand to the rap beat.

“Shorty wanna lick, lick, lick, lick, lick it like a lollipop.” Lexi continues narrowing her eyes and I fail to think of another song.

“Okay I’m out,” I say as I sit back licking my ice cream. My mind was blank, I didn’t know anymore songs with Lollipop in there.

Lexi chuckles before sticking her tongue out at me. “I won. Next word...” She puts on her thinking face.

"Body.” She says with a smirk.

“Oh come on that’s easy,” I say as I lean back in the comfy booth as I look around the reasonably crowded room.

“Good that means you might be able to win this time,” Lexi states while pouting and batting her lashes. “We all know what a sore loser you are.”

“Oh, now you’re on Alexis,” I say as I narrow my eyes as I start the game. ”Body to body let’s get it started."

Lexi rolls her eyes at my choice. “Typical.” She leans forward raising a brow before dropping her song. ”The way that you walkin’, the way that you takin’. You’re the one I want spend this night with.... I’m lovin’ that body on me.”

"Want my body, get my body. You want my body come on get my body." I sing and Lexi smirks.

“Is it too late now to say I’m sorry, ’cause I’m missing more than your body...”

“Cause my body’s too bootiliscious for you babe,” I sing out running my hand over my body and Lexi laughs.

“Let me love you, come caress my body. Turn me on, turn me on.” Lexi says biting her lips.

"Our body’s telling me yes... your eyes are telling me yes...”

“Got the body of a goddess... I’m in love with a stripper!” Lexi says dancing in her seat, acting all seductive. I laugh at bar and she blows me a kiss.

"Gyal, you’re wining’s so emotional, wine up on my body gyal... The way how you bubble, bubble, bubblin’ baby. Gyal you’re a party animal."

“Hold up what song’s that?” Lexi asks as she puts a spoon of ice cream in her mouth.

“It’s a song I heard while in Jamaica and it kind just stuck out. Plus the beat was entrancing,” I say licking my ice cream cone.

“Oh, I like it,” she says with a smile as she looks out the window beside our seat. “The sunset’s beautiful.”

I look over to the window to see what she’s talking about and smile. The orange and yellow rays dance around in the purplish red sky and the bright evening sun hides behind the trees and buildings as it descends from the sky. The sight is beautiful to take in. Some believe the sunset means there will be a brighter tomorrow while others say it signifies the light at the end of a dark towel or in other words a bad day.

To me it signifies both but also promises that at the end of any day there’s hope and it’s up to you if you are willing to fight through the troubles of your day to obtain that light of hope.

“It really is.” I sigh before looking over at my best friend.

She sits forward in her seat, eyes train on sunset as she slowly eats her ice cream sundae, a product of Sweet’s Café. Her hair’s in a messy bun, her face is makeup free and she’s in a grey T-shirt that nearly holds in her breasts and stomach. Her eyes glimmer as the light reflects on them and I smile taking in her beauty.

Alexis Dylan Jacobs you have no idea how happy I am to have you.

“So have you thought of any baby names as yet?” Lexi asks returning her attention to me.

“Not really,” I answer honestly. “Hadn’t really crossed my mind. I’m still coping with the fact I’m having babies.”

“Well we can try now,” Lexi says excitedly. “These are my choices. If it’s a boy I’ll call him Dylan Cristiano and if it’s a girl Charlotte Alexandria.”

“You’re naming your baby after me?”

“Yes, why not? You’re the most stable person in my life – minus the fact that you ran away from me and leaving me with Johnattan. But even then you told him to take care of me... You’re a good person Chrissie and I love you, so of course I’d name my babies after you.”

Tears well up in my eyes and I sniffle. “Oh Lexi,” I says as tears stream down my face and I wipe them away with the back of my hand.

“Don’t cry honey,” Lexi coos as she comes to sit beside me and hugs me.

“It’s all these pregnancy hormones,” I reply as I hug her back. “I love you Lexi and I never want to lose you.”

“Hush child, momma knows,” Lexi says and I laugh through my tears.

“You’re something else Lexi.”

“Oh honey I know,” she replies with a wink.

“And I love that about you.”

“I know that too Chrissie. Damn, maybe I’m psychic.”

I laugh and playfully shove her. She reciprocates the smile and we continue eating and talking.

“How about Nathan or Christan if it’s the boy and Tina or Bella?” Lexi asks. “Or even Tinker Bell!”

I laugh at this and Lexi does too. “Sure those sound great, any other names?”

“Nope how about you, they’re your babies what would you name them?”

I look at her and a small smile takes its place on my lips. “Well Christan and Nathan would be great for a boy. For my daughter however I’d name her Indiana.”

“After your mother,” Lexi says in realization.

“Yeah, after my mom.”

“Those are beautiful names Christina. I’m sure Johnattan will love them,” she says holding my hand.

“Yeah about that...” I say as I look over at her. “I’m ready to tell Johnattan about my babies.”

Her face lights up as I say this and it’s easy to see that I’ve made the right choice. “That fantastic, Christina! When?”

“I’ll tell him when he returns to Cali. That’ll give me enough time to plan how I’m going to deliver the news.”

She hugs me and I can feel the relief radiating off her. “That’s wonderful Christina. I’m glad that you’re finally going to tell him!”

“Me too,” I smile. “I’m going to need your help with how I’m going to tell him.”

“I’m on it babe,” she says saluting. “Major Jacobs at your service.”

I laugh at her antics and continue to nurse my second ice cream based dish, a sundae. A shadow stands over us and we stop laughing to look up at the person and my laughter was caught in my throat.

“Christina?” The voice asks in uncertainty.

Lexi looks at him before looking over at me wide eye and I look at her with a nervous expression upon my face. Breathing in slowly I exhale his name flows across my lips as I look up at him.


“Wow, it’s you.” Sam says for the umpteenth time as he stares at me unbelievingly.

The shock on his face is evident as his eyes run over my form. His eyes flicker with emotion that I fail to recognize. He sucks in a breath before looking at my face sceptically.

“Yes Samuel, it is me.” I say slowly as I look into his green unbelieving eyes. Why is he here?

Sam furrows his browns before looking down and his eyes zoom in on my baby bump. He parts his lips before muttering under his breath. He runs a hand through his short, curly hair before brushing his jaw with his fingers and resting them on his chin in thought.

His mind seems to drift off as he stares at me and I jut as I feel someone poke me. I look over at Lexi who looks at me confused. She furrows her brows and use her eyes to indicate to Sam before mouthing the words ′who is he?’.

I now look at her confused, hadn’t I told her about Sam? I search her eyes wonderingly but there really isn’t a flicker of remembrance in them. I guess I hadn’t told her about Sam, not that he is an important part of my life but I could have sworn I had at least told Lexi about this determined young man.

“It’s really you...” My eyes flicker to Sam and I sign. He’s still in shock.

“You’ve said that about ten times now,” Lexi pipes up, a bit irritated and Sam’s eyes move to her. “Yes, this is Christina. Now who are you?”

Sam glares at her and his demeanour is anything but relaxed. He is edgy, angry and tense. I deduct that it has something to do with my bloated stomach because his eyes tend to settle on it every ten seconds.

“Alexis,” I warn as I look over at her and she raises a brow before narrowing her eyes.

Who the fuck is he? Her eyes say and I sign before introducing them.

“Lexi, this is Samuel Mariel,” I say gesturing to Samuel. “And Sam this is my best friend Alexis J–”

“Please to meet you,” Lexi says interrupting me before holding out her hand out to Sam.

He looks at it as if he’s wondering if it’s a wise move before stretching forth his had to shake hers.

“I wish I felt the same way...” He says and I look at him shocked at his rude remark. “But since it’d be rude not to say it. ′The pleasure is mine’.”

Lexi looks at him offended and narrows her eyes before jerking her hand away from his. Sam looks at her uninterested and with distaste and Lexi returns the favour with an equally disgusted look.

“Sam...” I say drawing his eyes away from Lexi. “What are you doing here?”

He seems to be taken back by my question and scratches the back of his neck before replying. “Um... I came to get some...” His eyes flicker around the place before landing on the menu board. ”Pastries! Yeah... Pastries for my aunt she’s in the hospital.”

“Pastries?” Lexi asks unconvinced and Sam tenses under her calculating eyes. “Your aunt is in the hospital and you buy her pastries rather than flowers. What if she’s not allowed to eat pastries?”

“That’s for me to know and you not to butt in,” Sam says with a roll of his eyes before his jawline went rigid.

"Okay,” I say stretching out the ′Kay′ and narrowing my eyes at Lexi who shrugs nonchalantly.

I then turn my attention to Sam who still seems on edge. “I’m sorry about my friend. It seems as though she has lost her manners.”

“Oh please,” Lexi mumbles. “Respect is owed where it’s given.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Sam says with a fake smile. “So I don’t have to be polite seeing as though you were the one who was impolite in the beginning.”

He crosses his arms and stares down at Lexi that refuses to back down.

“The last time I checked Sam it’s impolite to greet only one person and ignore her companion.” Lexi spat back.

“So it’s polite to see two people conversing and interrupt them demanding the others identity just because you felt left out.” Sam counters and I stare at both of them irritated.

“Last time I checked,” Lexi says placing a finger on her cheek in thought. “Chrissie and I were conversing before you interrupted.”

“Okay! Stop the bickering!” I explode in annoyance. “You’re both acting like children!”

Sam and Lexi stare at me surprised. I find myself becoming easily irritated nowadays. I guess the pregnancy hormones are to blame.

“Now Sam it was nice seeing you but we need to get going,” I say as I push Lexi out of the booth before sliding out. I grab my crutches and Sam eyes narrow at them before moving to my injured leg.

“What happened?” He asks placing his hand on my arm. I look at it before looking up at him and smile apologetically as I move my arm away.

“Earthquake... a bookshelf fell on my leg,” I explain with a shrug.

His eyes droop when I removed my arm from his hold but he covers it up with a sad smile. “I see, I hope it’s getting better.”

“Oh yeah,” I reply moving to give Lexi room to grab our bags. I motion for Sam to follow me to the side and he obeys. We move away from Lexi who looks at us disapprovingly.

I focus at Sam who looks me over a bit hurt yet with admiration.

“Look Sam,” I begin and already I can tell he won’t like what’s going to come out of my mouth. “I know you’ve had a crush on me for a while now...”

“If only you knew the half of it,” he whispers holding my arms. “I’d try contacting you but again you ignore me. Why won’t you give us a chance?”

“Sam,” I say closing my eyes before pulling away. “I’m pregnant... For a man that I love and who loves me.”

Hurt and disbelief crosses his face and my heart goes out to him.

“I’m sorry if I led you on... If I gave you false hope only to hurt you in the end. It wasn’t my intention,” I say but his facial expression doesn’t change not that I was expecting it to. Well maybe I hoped it would.

“Sam say something,” I say after a few minutes of silence takes us over.

He shakes his head as if in a trance and then looks at me with a knowing smile. “You’re just blinded Christina. You’ll come to the light sooner or later...” He says before placing his hand on my cheek. “And when you do you’ll see I am the one you want to dominate."

He caresses my cheek and I stare at him shocked. The words he just said... Had I misheard them? He smiles knowingly at my facial expression. He takes my hand and plants a slow kiss on it before looking up with mischievous eyes. He pulls away and bows before bidding me farewell and walk out the café.

I stared at him still in shock at what he did and what he’d just said.



“Ugh,” Lexi moans as she readjusts the bags in her hands. “Why am I the only one carrying bags again?”

“Well...” I start as I adjust my crutches making my way around a corner. “One, you’re the one that made us buy all this; Two, most of them are yours; and Three, if you haven’t noticed I’m in crutches.”

She moans in protest and I chuckle slowing down so she’s right beside me. “Catch up slow looks.” I tease.

I’ve become so used to these crutches that my pace has increased. My leg’s better now and I haven’t had to take medication for a while now. I’m happy about that, I’ve heard that pain medication can be addictive and I don’t think drug addiction can end well for me and my babies. Next week I’m planning to visit Dr Hyll and get this cast removed, it’s itchy and uncomfortable. It’s stressful and being pregnant is already taking its toll on my body... And by the looks of it Lexi’s.

“Oh cheer up baby girl, we’ll be at the bus stop soon,” I coo as I walk beside her. I could see her taking deep breaths and it upsets me. She looks almost fragile, a first for my hardened best friend.

Lexi shoots me a glare causing me to stop analysing her and I stop readjusting my crutch to pinch her cheek. She shakes her head at me before fixing the bags – that are causing her hands to become a bit red. I sigh taking pity on her and grab two of the bags.

“Chrissie you don’t need t–” she starts trying to take back the bags and I move them away from her reach.

“Nope, I’m bring these and that’s final Missy,” I say giving her a small smile and she sighs.

“Chrissie you’re pregnant and injured I can’t let you–”

“Ah-ah, I might be all those things but I’m not disabled. Also in case you haven’t noticed you’re heavily pregnant,” I point out.

She shakes her head before smiling at me. I pout at her before blowing her a kiss and she rolls her eyes.

“Alright have it your way babe,” she says before she resumes walking.

We walk for a couple more minutes before my arm starts to hurt. These bags weigh a tonne! What the hell did we buy, a bag of bricks?

“Lexi my hands hurt,” I moan as we near the bus stop. “Next time we bring along someone who has a car.”

She shakes her head before looking at me unamused. I can just feel an ‘I told you so’ speech coming on. “I told you that you didn’t have t–”

“Oh my god,” I say as I stare in front of me. This is not happening I must be seeing things.

My eyes are glued to the scene before me. I blink once, it’s still there. I blink twice, it’s still there. I blink thrice–

“What is it?” Lexi asks looking back at me before turning her head in the direction I’m currently looking. “Holy shit.”

We stand staring unbelievingly at the scene unfolding before us.

There in our field of vision is a black car; a Lamborghini Aventador to be exact. On that sleek black vehicle is a girl, she has curly black hair that surrounds her face like a lion mane. A short blue dress lies on her body and flush against her body is a man. He has dark, short and curly hair and did I mention he’s as fit as an ox. He wears a white T-shirt and black ripped jeans which hug his body snugly showing drool worthy muscles... Okay, so let me backtrack.

So this guy is slammed against the girl that’s slammed against the car and their lips are slammed against each other’s as they grope each other in the street. Where everyone can see them. I mean it’s a nice car and if I wanted to make out or have sex I’d definitely do it in or on it but in a fucking street?!

Lord help their souls.

“Is that?” I ask Lexi who’s standing beside me frozen as well. The weight of the bags seem to disappear as we stare.

Lexi parts her lips before closing her mouth as she tries to formulate words. “Yes, it’s –”

“No way.” I say as I watch his hand slide up her long legs and under her dress.

“Yes way–”

“She wouldn’t.” I say as I watch her snake her hands to the front of his pants.

“She’s doing it.”

He groans before using his knee to part her legs and she moans as he rubs her. I place my hand against my chest in disbelief. “Do you think we should –”

“Definitely.” Lexi replies cutting me off. I look at her and she looks at me with a nod.

“One.” He fists her hair.

“Two.” She strokes him.

“Three.” He lifts her and she wraps her legs around him.

“DAMN GIRLFRIEND!” We scream stretching out the ′damn’.

The couple pull apart, their lips parting in fright and their heads whip around to look at us. Horror takes over the girl’s face but the dude grins at us smugly. He winks and I flip him off only to have him mouth ′I know you want to.′

Exactly what you’d expect from Edward McKnight...

“I know I said to get her ass back and show her who she belongs to but I didn’t mean you were supposed to practically fuck her on your car in the street,” I say as I walk over to Edward who still has Chev hooked around his waist.

She hides her face in his chest and he chuckles before petting her hair. She shakes her head trying to remove his hand but he grabs her hair and makes her look at him. Chev glares and Edward smiles cheekily.

“Come on Care bear give Papa bear a kiss.”

I try to stifle my chuckles but as Lexi barks out with laughter I follow suit laughing my ass off. Chev stares daggers at us before hopping off of Edward. She refuses to meet his gaze and he sulks pouting playfully.

“Come babe,” he teases as he grabs her hand. “Gimme a kiss.”

She pulls her hand away from him and glare. “Touch me again and I’ll detach your dick from your body.” She then turns to us and we straighten up fighting laughter. “And you two... Ugh, unu jus luv skin like cocky.” Her Jamaican accent is prominent as she speaks.

I look at Lexi and Lexi looks at me. “What the hell?!” We ask simultaneously before falling into fits of laughter.

Chev huffs with a roll of her eyes, she opens the passenger door to the car causing Edward to move out of her way before slamming it shut.

“Um Edward, what the hell did your Care bear just say?” I ask as I sober up.

“Sometimes I wonder the same thing. Her lips move but I find it hard to understand what’s coming out of it.”

Suddenly the passenger door opens hitting Edward hard on his ass and he jerks forward on impact.

“I heard that you piece of shit!” Chev screams. “Now stop talking about me and get the fuck in the car!”

She slams the door and I laugh at the horrific look on Edward’s face.

“Remind me never to turn my back on her again,” he says before reaching over and grab our bags. “Come on I’ll give you guys a ride.”

We hand the bags to him happily and he curses about the weight before throwing them in the trunk. A few minutes later we shuffle into the car my crutches lying across my lap.

“Ready?” Edward asks checking his mirror.

“Ready Papa bear,” Lexi say imitating Smurfette from Smurfs.

Chev spins around to us aggravated and we laugh at the words that tumble out of her mouth.

"Oh go suck a thumb!”


Licking awakes me from my slumber and I giggle as it tickles my face. I shuffle in my bed pushing away the face as its tongue darts out to lick my lips and makes its way to my cheeks.

"Stop," I giggle but alas that plea falls on deaf ears. The licking continues and I find myself laughing at the feel of the little, slick tongue on my cheek.

"Fuck!" I hiss as teeth bite my cheek.

I shot up from my lying position and my eyes scan the room frantically as I caress my cheek. My eyes blur a little. I look around my room that’s bathed in sunlight before settling on something and my heart thuds at the sight.

Before me sits a small white fury creature, her big brown eyes stare back at me and I grin. The pup uses a paw to scratch behind her sniped ear and I find myself falling in love with her all over again.

“Roxie!” I coo as I grab her and hug the life out of her little body.

She barks enthusiastically licking my face and I chuckle as I ruffle her fur. I missed her so much, it’s been months! Way too long to away from my poor baby! She must have been depressed without me. I’m such horrible person.

“I missed you so much girl,” I say as I bring her to look into my glossy eyes. “I’m so sorry for leaving you behind. Mama’s so sorry. I won’t ever do that again.”

She whines clawing after me and I pull her to my chest before running my fingers through her white fur. Her fur’s isn’t as thick as the last time I’d seen her and she feels light, thin. Her nails hitch in my shirt and I smile as I hold my companion firmly to my chest tears falling from my eyes.

“Hey Roxie guess what?” I say as I place her on my lap – it takes a while seeing as though she was clinging to my shirt. “You aren’t my only baby anymore.”

She looks at me with a tilt of her head before climbing up to my chest. I grab her and shake her little body playfully.

“Yes Mommy’s having twins. That means two more playmates for you,” I say in a baby voice. “Are you excited?”

She barks reaching out to lick my cheek and I giggle. “So am I and you know what? I’m going to be a good mom. Just like I’ve been to you.”

She stares at me as if questioning my statement.

“Minus the fact that I left you for three months,” I add and she jumps out of my arms onto my chest. I fall back on the bed laughing and she barks as she peppers my face with her doggy kisses. Those kisses I’ve missed so much. “It’s good to see you too girl, it’s good to see you.”

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