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Chapter 24

James.” His name rolls off my tongue in disbelief as I stare at him from the bed I am now bounded to. “Why are you guys doing this?”

I look over at the two psychotic males standing on either sides of my room. Neither of them utter a word in reply to my question. The only sound to be heard from the two are the deep breaths they take.

My heart is frantically drumming against my chest and I grunt in pain as I try to tug at the scarfs that bind me to the bedframe. The material rubs against my wrists and I hiss as my skin starts to burn.

James’s blue eyes observe me and the hair on the back of my neck stands up as I recognize the intense emotion in his eyes.

Hunger. Raw animalistic hunger glows in his blue eyes. He runs his hands through his short brown hair as he bites his full lips. His other hand rubs his chin – that has a small stubble – before trailing to his neck. He gulps as his eyes trail over my body and I feel violated as his eyes analyse everything about me, from my bigger breasts to my bigger stomach. I finch as his eyes settle on my stomach with pure anger and I see his hands clench until his knuckles turn white.

Abruptly, he slaps the wall beside him – causing me to jut – before storming out of the room into the hall... where they had taken Lexi.

“Sam,” I call as the young man’s eyes flicker to me. “Please take Lexi to the hospital. She’s injured, she fell on her stomach... She’s pregnant for fucks sake! Please get her some help.”

His eyes trail over me lazily and I breathe heavily as I await his response. He shakes his head denying my request and my eyes widen in disbelief.

“She could be dying!” I yell as anger surges through me. “Her baby could be dying. She needs help!”

I fight against my restraints, kicking out my injured leg in protest as I curse at him. My mind is in turmoil. Lexi, her baby. My babies and I. We are all in danger but I find that my mind is mostly focused on Lexi. She is unconscious, hurt and heavily pregnant. She received a concussion to the head and a nasty fall to the ground. My mind can’t help but just to the worst possible things right now.

What if her baby dies? What if she dies? What if they both die? It would all be because of me.

James enters the room once more, throwing a beer to Sam. He catches it before pulling the cap and chugging it. James’s eyes look me over with amusement and he smirks.

“She’s still a feisty one, isn’t she?” His suave voice cuts across the room and I tense. “We’ll need to break her spirit soon.”

He takes a sip of his beer whilst eying me and I shudder. He’s different than the James I knew; his aura is colder and that glimmer of mischief in his eyes is missing replaced with a dangerous glint.

“In due time,” Sam replies pushing himself off the wall.

He strolls over to me and I glare at him. A smirk makes its way to his lips as he sits on the side of my bed and places his cold hand on my thigh under my dress. I kick my leg up in an attempt to get it off but he only tightens his grip and forces my leg flat on the bed. I feel a dip on my other side and James stares at me with those wanting eyes whilst his hand rests on my other leg.

“Take your fucking hands off me!” I explode lashing out.

They hold me down with a chuckle but I still kick for my damn life. There’s no way I’m going through this again.

“Calm down principessa,” Sam says as his hands travel up and down my thigh causing me to shiver in disgust.

“I said get your fucking hands off me... now!”

“A demanding princesa,” James inputs as he taps the tiara on my head. “Such a turn on isn’t it Sam?”

“Definitely,” Sam says as he moves his other hand to cup my cheek.

I flinch at the contact and he smirks. I lash out biting his hand and he yelps retracting it from my mouth. James laughs while Sam hisses in pain. Sam looks over at me with gritted teeth and I hear it before I feel it. His hand collides with my cheek and a whoosh pass my ears, my head swinging to the side on impact.

I breathe deeply and groan as my head spins. My vision is blurry, tears pool at my eyes and my brain drums against my skull.

... You hit.... Too hard...

She... Bitch... Deserves it...

The words of my capturers sound broken as they argue in front of me. I look up at them and their jumpy figures stare down at me with hooded eyes. I pull at my restraints and grunt as my vision continues to jump and blur.

“You... Hit... Like a bitch,” I say between breaths with a psychotic grin.

My vision starts to clear and their images become clearer. James stands with his hands fold over his chest and Sam has his hands in his pocket nonchalantly. The glint of lust and the hunger in Sam’s eyes tells me that he enjoys seeing me like this and let’s not forget the boner pressing against his jeans.

A sadistic smile slips onto his lips as he ventures towards me.

“Sam,” James calls out as he grabs hold of his arm.

“I’m not going to hit her,” he states continuing his path towards me after James releases his arm.

Sam returns to my bed side and pats my head. I go to move away and his eyes dare me to do it with a wicked promise. I shudder as his other hand skims over my breasts and I pull at the restraints once more trying to claw his filthy paws off me. He grins loving my resistance. Sam’s hand settles on one of my breasts and I yelp before cursing him, his parents and grandparents.

“Get your fucking hand off me,” I cry out as my eyes start to sting.

Memories, memories of that day... It’s happening all over again and I’m useless to stop it. My babies...

“Please stop,” I call out and his hand ceases its squeezing as tears stream down my cheeks.

I feel a thumb wipe away my loose tears and I tremble at the touch. “Don’t touch me!”

He chuckles before continuing his venture down my body ignoring my protests. His palm settles on my stomach and my breath hitches as I look up at him. Sam caresses my stomach with a small smile and my heart hammers in my chest in fright. What was going on in that fucked up mind of his?

“Don’t harm my babies,” I say and he looks up at me shocked before smiling.

“I can’t make promises Christina,” he states as he continues to gently rub my stomach. “But I can say this, the more you resist our touch the lower the chances of us keeping them alive gets.”

I stare into his green eyes and they hold no banter, he’s serious. I tremble as the image of losing another child– no, of losing two more children crosses my mind. I won’t allow that to happen.

“Do we understand each other?” Sam asks after a few minutes and I nod. “Good.”

Both of his hands now cup my stomach as his eyes glow in fascination and I stare at him confused. He runs is hands all over my bump and I shudder. I feel like I’m being violated, like my babies are being violated.

“You should feel this James,” he says after playing around for a few minutes. He looks over at the young man behind him with a child-like expression on his face.

Sam reaches out to take James’s hand before placing it on my stomach. I gulp at the contact, sweat runs down my forehead and my throat onto my bust. I breathe deeply as I pray for this to be over. James’s face doesn’t soften as he touches my bump – no it hardens and I can feel the anger radiating off of him. His palm tightens on my stomach and I whimper in pain.

I thrash as the pain in my lower region but the doctor continues with the procedure ignoring my cries. He was stripping of my child in the most painful way. I was losing her, my baby. Tears pool from my eyes as I scream out. My heart tears as the doctor rips into my flesh over and over again. Ensuring that every piece of her was out of me...

Taking her away from me piece by piece.

“Stop!” I yell startling Sam who pries James’s hand away from me.

He stands focusing his attention on James and I take deep breaths as I try to calm my nerves. I shake whilst hyperventilating and tears stream down my eyes blurring my vision. I look over at the two men but my ears fail to pick up what they’re saying. The only sounds I hear are screams, screams of pain, anger and anguish.

The blurs move around angrily and I can tell they are arguing by their quick, threatening movements. I close my eyes trying to steady my shaking body but I find it hard to do. I clench my fists as I breathe in and out.

Relax... I tell myself but it’s harder to do in this situation.

“Why?” I hear myself ask as I look over that the men. “Why are you doing this?”

They look at me: fragile, pained and hurt. I stare at them with teary eyes, my lip is trembling and my body shakes.

“I understand why you’d do this James,” I state staring at him. “I dumped you, left you when you professed your love. I understand why you’d do this... But Sam why? What did I ever do to–?”

“No you don’t,” James says narrowing his eyes at me.

I look at him in confusion and my lips part as try to think of a way to reply to that but he doesn’t allow me to.

“I told you I loved you and what did you do throw me way like I was fucking trash. You didn’t care about my feelings! You only cared about protecting yourself! You only cared about using me to get what you wanted and when you saw I was getting too attached you cut me off!” The veins in his neck are prominent as he speaks and the tone of his voice has me flinching. The red hot fury radiating from him has me shuddering as if it’d burned me.

“You. Do. Not. Understand.” James repeats slowly. “But I will make you understand. Being used for your dominant’s pleasure. Having no other purpose than fucking. I’m going to make you understand how it feels to be nothing but a sex toy.”

He grins sadistically and I tremble as his words sink in. They are going to... No, no they can’t... but who will stop them? I’m helpless and alone.

“Alright why don’t you take a breather James? I think you just scared the fuck out of her,” Sam laughs.

James scoffs before walking out of the room and I find myself breathing a little easier at his departure. Sam walks over to me and cups my cheek and I stare at him terrified. My brain is fried. I can’t think straight the hormones in my body has heightened my fears and I am almost paralyzed with this fear.

“I’m sorry Christina, James is just a little hurt. He really loved you,” he states and I shake my head. “Yes he does and so do I Chrissie.”

“You barely know me,” I whisper in reply. “How c-can you love me?”

His other hand comes to my other cheek and he leans in further. I suck in a breath and eye him frantically. I can feel my heart pounding through my chest.

“Of course I know you Christina Hase,” he states as he looks me in the eyes. “Or should I say Christina Authoró? I know you and you know me... After that night we shared I couldn’t forget... You can say I was addicted, obsessed. I crave you Christina and finally I have you.”

How did he know my real name...? Who is Sam Mariel?

“After all, I am your Sammy. Aren’t I Christina?” he asks, his voice a higher pitch.

My heart’s pace slows at his words and I look at his eyes. The familiarity strikes me and I freeze. This has to be a joke. It can’t be-

“M-McClain?” The name feels foreign. It rolls off my tongue with discomfort. Let me be wrong.... Please.

He grins in triumph and I stare in confusion. He looks at me as though I’ve just guessed the million dollar question.

"Samoya McClain?”

“Hey babe,” he replies with a smirk... that smirk from that night and my mind goes blank.

It can’t fucking be...

Three Years Ago...

“Let’s have some fun this beat is sick! I wanna take a ride on your disco stick...”

I jump with the crowd as the DJ drops an electric pop beat on the sound track and as my body bounces I twist and turn my hair whipping around.

My skin tight dress secures my bouncy breasts as I move preventing them from escaping their confinement. The black leather boots glistens as the laser lights move haphazardly about the dancefloor, my feet moving to the beat.

I sway left to right as a stranger’s hands grip my waist and his body finds mine. I laugh bouncing to the beat welcoming the new dance partner as his body tries to keep up with my pace. I spin and stare at him with sly eyes wrapping my hands around his neck. He looks at me with a smirk as I press my body closer to his and I tilt my head eying him.

The music blares across the floor and I shake my hips loving the hold the beat has on me. My partner moves his lips to my neck and I bite my lip cupping his neck. His hands caress my hips moving to my ass and my eyes flutter before focusing on a pair of eyes watching me from the bar.

They raise a brow at me before narrowing and I roll my eyes pulling away from the guy. I push through the crowd leaving the guy dumbfounded and make my way towards the semi-circular bar.

“What was that for?” I ask as sit on a chair near the owner of those narrowing eyes.

“Not even an hour here and you’re already creating porn on the dancefloor,” Lexi says as she looks at me disapprovingly.

I chuckle before flashing her an award winning smile and ordering a drink from the bar. I bring the shot to my lips and fling my head back hissing as the alcohol burns my throat.

“We came here to have fun,” I state as I adjust my cleavage in the figure enhancing dress. “This is me having fun.”

Lexi looks at me unamused before waving me off. My feisty best friend is outfitted in a white crop-top, a jeans romper and her favourite and only pair of Jimmy Chu shoes. Her curls are secured away from her face showing her on fleek makeup and those glossy lips of hers.

“Well while you are there having fun. I’m stuck babysitting,” she states looking over my shoulder at our third wheel that’s returning from the bathroom.

“Oh come on she’s not that bad,” I say as I observe our newcomer.

She’s in a pair of ash-washed jeans shorts, a simple plan T-shirt that covers her almost flat chest and black all stars. Her hair was dirty blonde and secured in a messy bun.

“Hey guys,” she waves as she sits beside me.

“Hey Sammy,” I say with a smile as I turn to face her. “You’ve been sticking to chair since we’ve arrived here. Don’t you think it’s time to give the dancefloor a try?”

She looks at me shaking her head before giving me a nervous smile. “I haven’t been in my chair the entire time...” Here I’m a little hopeful but then she says...” I went to the restroom.”

Lexi snorts from behind me and I turn to glare at her. Lexi raises her drink to her lips while coughing to cover up her snorting and I roll my hazel eyes. I turn around and look at the beautiful young woman before me.

Samoya McClain. She’s your typical college outcast and nerd. She carries immense beautiful but it’s hidden behind heavy Goth makeup and band T-shirts.

There are many rumours going around about her, some say she’s some voodoo witch, others say she sold her soul to dark beings and then there are the few that say she’s simply gay. I’m not one to believe rumours especially since I am the centre of most of the campus’s gossip so I don’t ridicule. I mean we outcasts and rumoured had to stick together.

“Samoya, you’re a beautiful woman,” I say as I hold her shoulders and she blushes. “But these clothes are killing your chances of attracting anyone.”

She stares at me shocked as I stand and pull her to her feet. Firstly, I grab her hair and pull it from its confinement giving her that wild look. Secondly, I tie a knot at the back of her band T-shirt to show a little more skin and lastly, I fluff her hair for the finishing touch. The dark makeup on her face, the wild hair, ripped jeans shorts and biker chains and bracelets... ladies and gentlemen we have ourselves one sexy, bad girl.

“What you think Lexi?” I ask as I step aside and Lexi gives us a thumbs up.

Samoya opens her mouth to say something but I cut her off. “You’re welcome now let’s dance!”

I grab both of the girls and pull them to the dancefloor. Tiptoe by Jason Derulo and French Montana blares from the speakers as we make it to the centre of the floor.

Lexi and I squeal in delight whilst Samoya looks at us a little frightened.

“That’s our song!” We say in sync as we start to sway to Jason’s suave voice.

We move our hips chuckling as the song plays while Samoya look at us confused. Feeling sorry for her I grab her hand and pull her over to me. Placing my hands on her hip I get her into the sway of the beat and let me tell you it isn’t easy. The girl can’t dance to save her life. We three dance shaking our bodies and whipping our hair as the men in the club watch us liking what they see.

I look at Lexi and nod, she smiles at me before moving closer. We shake our hips left to right with our hands above our heads, we then tip on our toes shaking our asses left then right and bend touching our toes. We run our hands up our bodies and tussle our hair as we rotate our hips.

We stop showing off and go back to dancing with the crowd. Samoya stares at me amazed and I laugh as I dance with her. She laughs dancing about the floor and I smile at her.

Finally she’s having some fun.

We go crazy on the dancefloor but soon Lexi leaves the floor complaining about her feet and that her Jimmy Chu aren’t made for dancing. I grab a stiff Samoya and help her into the groove. She stares at me laughing and I smile as I spin shaking my curvy hips. Samoya follows my lead and I smile as she executed it well.

Soon we stumble to the bar and take a couple shots. By a couple, I mean a whole fucking lot. We drown ourselves in alcohol playing every college bar game there is and Samoya didn’t back down not once.

“Drink! Drink! Drink!” The crowd screams as we chug shot after shot.

Samoya is close behind at ten shots but I am ahead with twelve. As we near the twentieth shot I grab both the nineteenth and twentieth chugging them at once...

The crowd goes wild and I hold up my hand in victory while Samoya hugs me almost causing us to fall. I laugh waving my cups in victory and a sober Lexi shakes her head at me from her chair.

I blow her a kiss and she chuckles rolling her eyes. I laugh hugging Samoya before slamming my shots to the counter.


My door opens with a bang as we stumble in. Samoya falls onto the floor wasted and I shrug my boots off at the door.

It is just Samoya and I tonight, Lexi decides that she wants to go to her dorm. I am okay with it seeing as though she lives on this same block but Samoya lives three blocks away. I decide to let her sleep over since I was the one that invited her and I doubt Lexi wants to be her babysitter.

“Okay, get up Sammy,” I say as I close the door and flip on the lights. “You can use my bathroom to freshen up and I’ll bring you something to wear.”

Sloppily she peels herself from the floor and makes her way to the bathroom. I scramble around in my room grabbing a T-shirt and underpants from my one-nighters.

Having my own dorm has its own perks and many one-nighters being one of those perks. Lexi and my family may look down at me because of it but it’s better than spending my nights crying over my dead mother.

“Here’s some clothes,” I say as I open the door and place the clothes on the countertop.

She looks over the curtain and gives me a thumbs up and I take that as my cue to leave. Minutes later she exits and I enter the bathroom to fresh up. When I exit the bathroom a sweet aroma hits my nose.

I walk over to the kitchen to find Samoya making pancakes. She turns around when she hears my footsteps and smiles at me.

“I don’t know about you but I’m craving pancakes,” she says placing a few on a plate which she then pushes towards me.

“It’s 3 a.m. in the morning in no possible way can this be good for your body,” I state as I take a seat, the cold plastic stool chilling my ass.

I am in a pink tank-top and Minnie Mouse booty shorts. They are my comfy clothes. I dig into the pancakes and engross myself in a conversion with Sammy enjoying every second of it.

“It must be hard being the only girl in a family of five males,” I say as we wash the dishes.

“Yeah but you get used to it after a while,” Samoya replies as she dries her hands and leans on the counter.

“Really, I don’t think–” I say as I spin around only to be pinned to the sink. “Um, Samoya what are you–”

She cuts me off once more by crashing her lips to mine and kissing me aggressively. Her hand grips my waist while the other moves to fist my partially wet hair. She pulls my head back and kisses my throat. I grip the sink’s counter as her other hand grips my ass. I abruptly push her away as the rational part of my brain kicks in and my hands find them against her breasts. Her pebbled nipples push against my palm showing her arousal and I look up at her as she hovers inches away from me.

“W-What are you doing?” I ask as I remove my hands from her chest.

She looks at me hungrily while biting her lip and I stare at her unbelievingly. Her hands don’t move from their positions, if anything her grip on my body tightens.

“I kissed you,” she states as she pulls my lower half closer to hers. “And you liked it.”

She rests her head in the crook of my neck and my heightened body shivers. The alcohol pulsing through my veins heats up as her nose trails my jugular. Her hands trails to my waist and they tighten as she nibbles on my neck.

I bite my lip withholding a moan and she chuckles along my neck. “I know you like it Christina. Just let it out.”

I release a breathy moan as her lips move to my clavicle and I fling my head back as my body trembles. Before I can even process it I find myself on the kitchen counter. It takes a while to process it but somehow skinny Sammy pushes me against the counter and picks me up, placing me on the top of it. Her hands grip my thighs spreading them as she forces her way between them.

“Sammy we have to stop...” I say pushing at her shoulders.

She slides her hands up my thighs and my protests go weak. “Sammy...”

Her hands brush against the material of my shorts and I grab her hand in protest. “Sammy stop. I don’t like you like that.”

Samoya pulls away from me entirely and I can finally breathe normally.

“I’m sorry Christina. I guess the alcohol got to me,” she chuckles nervously and I nod scratching the back of my head.

“Yeah, come on. Let’s get you to bed,” I say as I hop of the counter and walk towards the extra room.

I brush off whatever had happen earlier. I don’t think I wanted to go investigating it I’d rather forget. I open the doors and flick the light gesturing to the almost empty bedroom.

“There I’ll go get some sheets,” I say as I walk to the shelves and collected a set of sheets.

I help her spread the bed before walking to the door and the look she gives me when I bended to straighten out the sheets flashes in my mind. It was a look of hunger, want and raw arousal. I shake my head banishing the thought, the alcohol in both our systems was the cause of this. By tomorrow we’ll be back to normal and forget this even happened.

I flip off the lights and turn to bid her farewell only to be assaulted again.

She pushes me against the wall and assaults my mouth. Feverishly, her hands feel over my body and the warmth of intoxication radiates from my body. The need to be intimate pulls at my core and I find myself fighting to pull her closer. The rational part of me begs for me to stop this but the sex crave part ignores the warnings accepting its source of sexual pleasure.

I grab the back of Samoya’s neck kissing her with ferocity as her hands grope my breasts. It’s like a switch was flipped on. All my senses intensified and all my urges grew making me want to be closer to her. It’s the rush of doing something bad, of trying something different and experiencing new sexual phases in your lifetime. Samoya is my experiment, my taste of the forbidden fruit and my inner sex maniac wants to devour that forbidden fruit.

Our lips connect once more and that night I knew I’d committed something I’d never forget and always regret.

IOur lips connect once more and that night I knew I’d committed something I’d never forget and always regret.

I had unintentionally led her on, I had unintentionally given her hope and in that one night placed the idea that I wanted to be with her into her fragile mind.

Samoya became obsessed, she stalked me and always tried to get me alone. Even though I’d repeatedly told her I didn’t want her and that I wasn’t gay she never believed me. She claimed we had something, that we were meant for each other.

It had gotten so bad that Lexi had to threaten her to stay away from me. That however ended with the both of them fighting and trust me Lexi busted a bitch’s ass. It was from that day forward that Samoya started hating Lexi.

That fight however, didn’t stop Samoya. She continued to stalk me and it wasn’t until I started sleeping with Liam did it stop. She came to my dorm early one morning and I opened in door in one of Liam’s shirt. She had looked at me heartbroken and in disbelief but the tears didn’t pour until a half-naked Liam came up behind me and kissed my neck.

No one saw her again since that day. She stopped coming to classes, fell out of school and it was all my fault.

But I should’ve known better because now she’s back and more psychotic than ever. She’s back as a man, one that’ll do anything to possess me.

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