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Chapter 25

I look up at the man before me in shock. “H-How? W-Why...?”

“Deep breaths Christina. Don’t want to go into a panic attack now would you?” Sam teases as he rests his palm on my cheek.

“By that ‘deer caught in headlight’ look I believe you remember me now,” he grins as his fingers trace my face. My eyes stay widen in disbelief as my breath comes out in shallow pants. “We had some fun didn’t we Chrissie?”

He tilts his head as he looks me over with raw hunger, like that night. He’s her, she’s him. Samuel is Samoya, Samoya is Samuel...

My mind is running wild. Why would she do this?

“I loved the way your flesh tasted,” Sam states as his other hand caresses my thighs. “I loved watching you squirm and scream out my name... Sammy, you’d pant as my tongue brought you to an orgasm. Don’t you miss that Christina?”

His hand slides up my thighs and I shake my head furiously as I clamp my legs shut.

“No... I don’t,” I say between pants. “I don’t want you to touch me Samoya. I was drunk, intoxicated. I didn’t mean for that night to happen.”

His smile flatters and he raises a brow at me. A sadistic grin forms on his lips as his hands tighten. He grips my jaws forcing me to look at him as he uses his other hand to pry open my legs.

“Sam stop,” I struggle to say as his fingers dig into the hollow region of my jaw.

His hand forces its way up my dress and I fight to keep my legs close. “Sam stop!”

Tears well in my eyes as his fingers meet there goal and he slips my panty to the side - but not without a fight - before slipping in a finger. I whimper in pain, tears cascading down my face. I try to pull my face away from him but his grip on my jaws hurts tenfold when I move. His fingers explore me and I shudder in disgust. I clamp my eyes shut praying for this to stop but my cries go unheard.

"Sammy please stop,” I plead looking into his eyes and his nether movements cease.

Sam gives me a once over before continuing to feel me. His lips make their way to my neck and I turn my head to the side only to have it pulled back into place. His tongue and lips explore my skin and my stomach grows nauseous with disgust.

“I’ve waited so long to have you like this Christina,” Sam breathes against my neck before running his tongue along it. My face contorts in discomfort as my breath trembles. “I haven’t tasted-” he sucks on my neck. “Nor felt-” his fingers wiggle in me and I bite my lips as pain pulses through me. “You in a long time Christina. Three years to be exact.”

“You hurt me cara mia when you say that night meant nothing,” he states pulling away from my neck but his fingers are still within me. “That night meant everything to me. That night was perfect. It was every girl’s dream, a perfect first time and Christina you made that happen for me. You were the only one that didn’t judge me, you treated me as your friend and to top that off you gave me the best fuck of my life. I was addicted, obsessed and in love with you. I wanted you so much. I still do.”

His fingers release my jaws only to caress them and I take this as an opportunity to speak.

“80% of virgins always claim they’re in love with their first lover, Sam. You’re not genuinely in love with me, it’s all in your mind. Stop this and let me go!” I shout and he grips my jaws once more causing me to whimper.

“Tsk, tsk Christina. If you want me to let you go, you’re going at this all wrong. I know I’m in love with you, have been for the last three years. I changed for you Christina, because I love you. I changed my name, my gender all for you. You weren’t comfortable sleeping with a woman, I understand. So I became the man you’d want. I became rich, I got a dick and I reconstructed my face so I’d look more handsome for you. I became Liam, I had the money and looks there was no way you wouldn’t want me.” I listen to his words with sympathy.

This really is my fault, I caused her to become this. My lack of discretion and selfishness that night caused this. I wanted to know what it felt like to do the taboo so much that I used this girl. I caused her to become obsessed, sitting and hoping for something she can never have.

“Yet, somehow you found yourself with someone else,” the hatred in his voice is evident as he speaks. “This Blake guy. What is it about him? He might be rich but he’s scarred not to mention his bitchy ex fiancé - yes Christina I did my research...” he points out, noticing my horrified look. “Liam, I could understand but Blake is a mystery itself. Liam was better looking, in your dad’s good graces and came from a very wealthy family. He is richer than Blake. Hell, even your father is. So, why? Blake is nothing compared to Liam or Matthias so why would you choose to breed for him and not Liam?”

The sympathy I have for Sam diminishes with each word that falls from his lips. Liam and Matthias better than Johnattan? That’s fucking bullshit. Johnattan didn’t rape me nor did he force me to get an abortion. He accepted me broken and all. Liam and my dad wouldn’t do that. Broken pieces don’t fit in their puzzles. They rather get rid of them rather than try putting them back together.

“You know nothing about him,” I defend. “He’s better than both those men. Johnattan may have his flaws but he comes through when you least expect him to. And he actually loves me!”

"Love?” Sam laughs. “If he loves you so much Christina where is he? He’s not here to stop me. He’s not here to stop this,” Sam states forcefully pushing his finger further within me.

I cry out in pain pulling at my wrists - that are now swollen - and he groans in content his eyes falling shut. “Still as tight as before Chrissie. Fuck!”

I clamp my eyes shut willing this nightmare to stop but as he pushes another finger in me and I break down. I want this to stop, I want his hands off me. Please someone help me...

Liam, the rain, the thunder and the lightning... The memories.

“Stop! Stop! Stop!” I chant as my mind carries me back to that night.

Liam, the rain, thunder and lightning.

My cries unheard, my body exploited and abandoned.

I was left there covered in mud, left to pick myself off the ground.

Left there to dwell on the details that had taken place seconds, minutes, hours ago.

I stop fighting Sam my body going limp as the truth dawned on me. There is no one coming to help me. There was no one that night, there is no one now. Johnattan is in New York, Lexi is probably in the next room d-dying. I was on my own.

I open my eyes to look at him as each tears slips onto my cheeks. The lifelessness I feel reflects in my eyes and Sam seems to notice it. I stop pulling, I stop clenching my thighs, I stop fighting and most of all I stop believing that maybe someone will save me, save us.

“Giving up already Christina?” he teases as he provokes my nether region trying to get a reaction out of me. “This is not like you at all, cara mia.”

I remain silent looking into his eyes half-heartedly. After minutes of him teasing me and me ignoring him he gets irritated. His fingers sink into my jaws and I grunt staring at him nonchalantly. Sam grins mischievously and before I can comprehend his lips are on mine.

My heart thuds violently in surprise but I refuse to show any emotions. I keep my lips tightly together as he tries to pry them a part. He squeezes my jaws and my thighs - finally removing his fingers from within me - but I don’t release the hold on my lips. He groans pulling away glaring at me.

“Open your mouth!” Sam orders but I refuse shaking my head.

He whips something out of his back pocket and my heart flatters as the light glimmers off its silver metal surface. A gun.

“Open them Christina,” he says putting the gun under my chin.

I know Samoya and I know she wouldn’t shoot me... Or would she? She claims she loves me, but love can make you do crazy things... Like killing your lover.

I look up at him defiantly and he grinds his teeth pushing the gun closer. It presses against my jugular and I suppress a shudder. I close my eyes slowly awaiting his decision and I breathe a sigh of relief when he pulls the gun away a few minutes later.

“Say something dammit!” He bellows as he releases my face with a swing of his hand. My head whips to the side and I turn my gaze to his, my face stinging from the impact.

The sweat slithering down my body causes stray strands to cling to my forehead and my clothes to my body. I slump against the bed frame my head resting on the cool metal.

My heart is hammering in my chest. He had placed a gun at my neck... and I dared him to take the shot. Am I losing my fucking mind?

“Sam the driver will be here soon,” James says as he enters the room. “We need to get her ready to go and deal with the other problem.”

"Driver? Go? Other problem?" I mumble in fright.

“Lookie here she’s talking again,” Sam jokes but his voice is anything but humorous. “Release her from the frame and bind her hands in front of her.”

James does as he’s told and Sam walks over to my dresser searching through my drawers. My wrists sting as the scarfs are removed and I hiss as I rub them. James stands above me watching and waiting for me to hold out my hands for him to bind them but I have other ideas. My eyes drift over to the small lamp and decorative ball on the nightstand formulating a plan.

Whack James with the lamp and pray that my arm is good enough to throw the ball directly at Sam’s head...

“Don’t think about it,” Sam says as he stuffs clothes in a duffle bag. “If you even manage to hit James with that lamp, I don’t think you can through that ball faster than I can pull this trigger. I don’t want you dead and you don’t want to die so do the smart thing and hold out your hands.”

I bite my lip in irritation. Well, there goes a well thought out plan.

James grabs my hand roughly tying them together and I bite back a curse. His eyes are locked with mine as he does this and while walking away he throws a disgusted look at my stomach.

“James go move the other one from the living room. I don’t want Christina to see that it might be too much in her state,” Sam instructs.

“Please don’t hurt her!” I protest.

James nods to Sam before heading to the door muttering something under his breath. Sam stops him whispering something in his ear and I see James purr? Sam then pecks his lips causing James to blush. The actual fuck?

James exits leaving me shocked and I look at Sam who shrugs.

“He’s bi,” Sam says nonchalantly. “So imagine the fun we’ll have together.”

I shudder as he smirks making his way around my room throwing my stuff in the bag. Minutes tick by and a question pops in my head as I stare at the psychotic transgender.

“Why-why aren’t you upset about my pregnancy?” I ask as I look at the man before me - well he’s partially a man. “I mean James looks at my stomach disgusted yet you look at it like it’s the Holy Grail.”

Sam grins shaking his head before glancing over to me with an innocent smile. Innocent my ass.

“Well the answer to that question is quite obvious Christina,” Sam states as he moves to sit on my bed.

“If it was I wouldn’t have asked would I?” I say sarcastically raising a brow.

“Well, thing is... I may have a penis but I’m shooting blanks.” He states and I stifle back a laugh. Ironic how I can find humour in this situation.

“And I’m not sure if I’ll ever stop shooting those blanks so knowing that you are pregnant makes me happy. You have just given me a child. A child that will call me Daddy.”

And humour just left the building.

My eyes widen as I stare at him in disbelief. ”D-Daddy? My- none of my babies will never be yours or call you Daddy!”

“Oh, but it’s not like they’ll know that I’m not their dad,” Sam grins. “After we’re out of here and you give birth I’ll have my child and James, he’ll try his luck in bringing in a few more. We’ll be one big happy family.”


Our heads turn to the door at the sound and Sam sighs. “Couldn’t you have moved her without dropping her?”

Dropping her... I think with a heavy heart.

He turns to me taking my hands. “Sorry about that Christina. I’m sure she’s okay.”

I pull my hands from his and glare. “You disgust me. You will never be any of my babies’ father, you fucking psychopath!”

“Tsk, tsk,” he says rising off my bed. “It’s better to face the truth now Christina. No one’s coming to save you and you’ll be ours. That baby will be ours. The more you deny this the harder it will be to accept.”

With that he continues his search around my room and I sigh in defeat as his words wash over me. No one is coming to save me. I look at the door in frustration. So close yet so far. It taunts me. If I can successful knock out Sam I can limp to that door, but the next challenge lies in getting past James and he wouldn’t think twice about hurting a pregnant woman.

Freedom, it’s always in front of you but achieving it seems light years away...

I sit mentally analysing the door finding its allure pull me. I’m alone...I mentally scream as my eyes focus on something peeking in from the partially shut door. I squint my eyes focusing on the small space between the threshold and the door and my heart hammers in my chest.

Blue eyes... but not the cold blue ones of James no they’re electric blue like ... Oh my god, Johnattan!

Those memories try to rush forward but the relief I feel pushes it flat to the ground. My heart beats triumphantly upon seeing those familiar eyes. Someone is here to save me. Johnattan is here to save me!

Tears stream down my cheeks and I hiccup softly as a sense of relief washes over me. He’s here!

His eyes surveys the room with furrowed brows before landing on me and his lips part in disbelief. His eyes focus on my stomach before looking into my eyes questioningly and I nod my head confirming what he sees.

This was not how he was supposed to find out. He looks at me shocked, confused, hurt and betrayed. The look he gives me breaks me and my chest hurts at the accusations I see in his eyes.

He can’t think that the baby is someone else’s child, can he? I shake my head trying to rid those thoughts from his mind but he only looks at me bewildered.

This is all my fault I should have told him when I had the chance... Now, it’s just all wrong.

“You’re awfully quite,” Sam pipes in and I gasp turning to face him.

He notices the tears on my face and coos before making his way over to me.

“It’s okay Christina. He won’t think you ran away with his child. We’ll make it look like a kidnapping, which it really is, and he won’t blame you. I mean he’ll be too devastated worrying about the two of you to think badly of you.” Sam says touching my cheek.

I look at him disgusted. He thinks I’m worried about looking bad. If anything I’d be worried about leaving my lover alone and taking his children away from him.

“Don’t touch me, you psycho,” I hiss. “Johnattan will make you fucking pay for this!”

Nothing like having confidence behind your words.

“There you go again calling me names and calling his name,” he laughs uncomfortably as he pulls the gun from the duffle bag and scratches his head with it. “So fucking irritating.”

He turns the gun on me before flipping the safety off and placing it on my stomach. My babies. My breath hitches and I look over at the door to see Johnattan getting ready to pounce. I shake my head telling him to stand down and he looks at me fuming with rage. Think Johnattan, think before you act.

Soon he hangs his head in defeat after rationalizing the situation, there is a large possibility that the gun would go off on me and he couldn’t risk that.

I mentally sigh. He finally understands.

“Listen to me good Christina,” Sam says with clenched teeth gripping my hair with the other hand. “You will never call me a psycho again. You will not tell this child who his/her real father is and you will never speak of Blake again or I will have him killed. Am I clear?”

I nod my head holding back a grunt of pain.

“I said am I clear?”

“Crystal,” I grunt and he releases my hair and removes the gun from my stomach placing it in his belt.

Finally, I can breathe normally... or so I thought.


The door is flung open as Johnattan bounds in and I curse under my breath. Grabbing his gun, Sam spins around to see who caused the ruckus.

Shit, Johnattan!

It all happened so fast. As if on instinct, I deftly grab the ornamental ball before Sam can pull his gun and slam it to his head, knocking him a little off balance. The splinters cut my hands but I don’t notice for my focus is on the fight in front of me.

Johnattan grabs Sam by his collar and slams his fist across his face knocking him onto the ground. The gun that was in Sam’s hand slides a few feet away from him and I feel relieved that he won’t be able to attack Johnattan with it.

Johnattan grabs him by his shirt turning him around delivering punches to his face and I winch as blood cakes Sam’s face. Using his legs Sam pulls them to his chest then kicks Johnattan off him as he spins crawling for the gun.

“Johnattan the gun!” I scream as I sit disabled on the bed my heated blood rushing through my veins. “Don’t let him get the gun!”

Johnattan grabs Sam’s legs pulling him back before straddling and punching him. Sam flips them over giving Johnattan a few punches of his own and I gasp as Johnattan spits blood. Johnattan head butts Sam flipping them before swinging his fists at his bruised face.


“My fucking nose!” Sam yells before kneeing Johnattan in his crotch.


Johnattan falls to the side, allowing Sam to crawl towards the gun and I scream out for him to stop Sam. As Sam sluggishly stands to his feet ready to shoot Johnattan tackles him - miraculously recovering from that low blow - sending them both to the ground.

The gun however, flies from Sam’s hands and lands on the edge of my bed inches away from me. Swiftly, I grab the weapon in my shaky hands and point it at the men.

“Sam stop! I have the gun!” I yell trying to get through to him. “Just stop you won’t win. It’s not worth it!”

He fists Johnattan off him before climbing onto him and swinging punches.

“Christina is fucking mine!” he screams and Johnattan grabs his incoming fist with his right hand, using the other to slam his head to the floor. He then pushes a groaning Sam off him climbing sluggishly to his feet.

“Christina -”

“Behind you!” I scream as Sam grabs him around the neck.

Johnattan elbows him in the gut, grabbing his hand and twisting out of the choke hold. Sam retaliates with a fist to the gut which sends Johnattan onto the dresser. Bracing on the dresser, Johnattan uses his legs to kick away Sam who crashes onto wall.

“Sam stop,” I cry pointing the gun at him my body shaking with fear.

“Christina don’t,” Johnattan says moving towards me with his hand outstretched but Sam tackles him onto a wall.

They move around rough housing each other and I sit here with the gun shaking in my hand unable to help.

“Stop!” I shout in warning but they are still at it.

He’s going to hurt Johnattan... I-I have to do something... This is my one shot.

“Stop!” Tears fall from my eyes as stare at their bloody faces. Please stop.

“I said stop!” I scream but they ignore me. I have to!

“I’m sorry!” I cry as I pull the trigger, the sound of the shots echoing in my head.

Groans tear through the silent night haunting meand then there were sirens. They were too late.

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