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Chapter 27

It was five in the afternoon when my doctor had finally released me. Dr Hyll had spoken about my blood pressure being a little too high and that they wanted to keep me a little longer but Johnattan however, wouldn’t have it.

He gave this big speech about how it is in my best interest to stay with one of them, it’ll allow me to relax in an environment that’s familiar and comfortable to me and then after that I kind of spaced out. It’s just that watching the father of my children speak on my behalf has a way of peaking my sexual interest... or maybe it’s just hormones.

Regardless, it was arousing watching my man debate what is best for me mentally and physically. He’d even argued that he’d be there with me 24/7 so I’d always be cared for and then... I just got lost in watching him again. The way his body moved, his dress shirt clinging to his arms as he moves his hands around rapidly. Those thick, ripped biceps... Yeah, it’s definitely the hormones.

After he successfully persuaded my doctor to release me, I was brought up to do tests again just to ensure it was okay to let me go. Then I was wheeled towards Edward’s car and drove home... Well, I was driven to my apartment building but because of the police tape around my apartment, I couldn’t enter. So, I was instead carried down the hall to another apartment that I soon found out was Johnattan’s.

When he had found me Johnattan had rented this apartment to be closer to me, just in case anything happened. Unfortunately, something did but he got there a little too late. Okay... Mind off the bad things Tina.

So, the gang are now piled up in the little apartment refusing to leave it until I am cleaned up and in bed. It is really refreshing to know that I have people like them around me, caring, helping and loving me. And it’s because of that love that I find myself being soaked and lathered by both Shan and Chev as I sit in Johnattan’s tub.

The warm water relaxes my muscles as I lay back in the bubbly bath. My nerves calm, my stress seem to soak away as the scented candle diffuse in the room. Dr Hyll had advised aroma therapy to calm my nerves so, the guys picked up a few candles on the way over here.

Taking a deep breath I sigh fluttering my eyes close. Lavender.

Feeling playful, I cup my hands taking up the some sod and blow it causing bubbles to fly a few landing Chev’s face, causing her to make a fuss while Shan and I giggled.

“Why am I always at the receiving end of your teases and games?” Chev asks in annoyance as she washes my body with a sponge.

“Well...” I start moving my arms around in the water. “You’re reactions are so much better,” I then use my soapy finger to tap her nose and she scrunches it.

“That’s what Edward said,” Shan pipes with a smirk, earning a splash from Chev and send us all in giggling fits.

Shan pouts at Chev playfully as she works her magic fingers through my hair, lathering it with shampoo. It’d taken a while but they had successfully gotten Vini’s skilful cornrows out of my hair to give it a well needed wash.

“Yeah, yeah,” Chev smiles as she rubs the sponge over my bump. “We’re just happy you are okay.”

She smiles, petting my stomach before adding. “The three of you.”

“Yes, we are,” Shan adds before using the shower head to rinse my hair. “Congrats on telling Johnattan about the babies... I’m sure Lexi would be happy for you.”

I nod my head, eyes close, trying to smile as I ignore the fact that Shan said would as in past tense.

“Yeah, she will but a little pissed too.... We had planned the perfect way to tell him, hours of planning gone to waste and we didn’t even get to do it,” I say on the brink of tears.


The girls pause momentarily watching me as the tears fall and as the first hiccup leaves my lips they embrace me.

“I-I... L-Lexi...” I stutter as I sob for my best friend. “I-It’s m-my–”

“Stop!” Chev bellows through tears holding my shoulders as she stares me dead in the eyes. “It’s not your fault. You didn’t possess that man to look for you, to try and take you, to hit– to hit Lexi... He did it on his own accord.”

She cups my face never faltering as she continues to look me dead in the eyes and she whispers. “It is not your fault. He did it on his own accord. His own accord Izzy,” she says slowly allowing me to digest it all.

“You hear me?” She asks as I stifle, nodding my head hiccupping and she gives me a small smile. “It’s not your fault.”

I jump as a dry cloth comes in contact with my cheek and Shan laughs at my frightened expression. She dries my tears and mouth a thank you looking at her tearful face. I smile taking the cloth from her hand, patting under her eyes, earning a smile from her.

Chev chuckles as I do her next and as I look at these girls I can’t help but think how lucky I am to have them.


After trying for one hour, I finally fall asleep at seven o’ clock in the night.

Chev and Shan had tucked me in after I had refused to eat, saying I was more tired than hungry. They were sceptical at first but then I informed them that I had eaten something at the hospital so, they let it go. It has been three hours since I fell asleep and thirty minutes since I’ve woken up – according to the digital clock beside me.

The thudding beneath my ear soothes me as I tighten my arms around the warm body beside mine and I smile. Johnattan has been sleeping beside for a while now and he looks so peaceful that I couldn’t risk moving too much and awaking him.

I crane my head to look at his face and I smile at his slightly open mouth. He snores softly, hand on his chest, the other on my waist and his head turned to the side. He scrunches his nose as he yawns and my heart flutters at the sight.

He just looks so beautiful, sexy, alluring and the best thing about it he’s all mine.

Johnattan shifts moving his bandaged hand to hold mine and I smile as his heartbeat picks up pace.

“You’re awake,” I state but it comes out more like a question and his eyes flutter open to look down at me.

The look in his electric blue eyes leaves me breathless by the amount of affection coming from them and I avert my eyes as I catch my breath.

“That I am, mi diosa," he says huskily as he pinches my chin returning my gaze to his. “Now, how are you feeling?”

I stay silent for a while getting lost in his eyes as he looks at me like an infatuated teen. I slowly remove my hands from his grip and raise it towards his face. I touch his cheek tracing my fingertips over his scar and looking him over in wonder.

“Christina...” he calls and I cease my fondling.

“Hmm,” I hum resting my hand on his chest.

“How do you feel?” He repeats as he takes my hand in his.

“Well,” I say licking my lips, snuggling closer to him. “I’m okay so far, seeing as though I’m pregnant with high blood pressure– which is not good for my babies, my best friend’s in a coma and last but not least, a transgender man from my past tried to kidnap me and wanted to get me in some freaky three–” I pause there, clearing my throat as I take in the tempestuous expression on his face.

“Some freaky three– what Christina?” He asks raising a brow.

His voice sounds calm and collected as he asks a contrast to the emotions in his eyes: impulsive and wild. Rising from his embrace, I slowly sit up and he watches me cautiously as he too sits up, his back against the headboard.

“Johnattan,” I start as I tuck my wild, curly hair behind my ear and over my shoulder. “It’s passed... It’s all gone and done for... It’s okay... no need to think ab–”

“No, no, it’s not Christina!” Johnattan shouts causing me to jut before he runs a hand through his hair frustrated.

“Damn, I’m sorry Christi,” he states reaching out for me but I remain stationary. “Come here, please.”

I nod cautiously crawling on my knees towards him and straddling his lap per his request. He holds my hands, bringing them to his lips and I observe his movements. He looks at me apologetically, sighing under his breath before resting his forehead against mine.

“I’m sorry for exploding like that... It’s just that the thought of them touching you–Knowing that they were touching you makes me mad,” he states eyes closed. “I can’t imagine what you went through... I don’t want to but, Christina I need to know.”

He pauses looking up at me through thick lashes and I avert my eyes to my lap. “Christina please look at me.”

I reluctantly do as he says and he moves his hands to cup my face. “Please tell me... For us to move forward we need to deal with what has happened, together.”

A tear slips from my eye as I nod my head and Johnattan brushes it away with his thumb.

“H-He kissed me,” I blurt out and Johnattan tenses beneath me. I use my hands to rub his arms soothingly as I continue not wanting him to erupt because that was just the tip of the iceberg. “Also when he and James were caressing me I bit his hand– Sam’s. Sam was the one that kissed me and I bit his hand causing him to pull away then... H–He kind of ... slapped me in my–”

“He did what?!” he bellows trying to get me off him and storm off to do something stupid but I hold him down trying to calm him.

“Johnattan please calm down!”

“Don’t tell me to calm the fuck down he hit you! The piece of shit should be dead!”

He manages to flip us over my back coming in contact with the bed and I groan on impact. Johnattan freezes at the sound and I look up at him my lip between my teeth. The flip didn’t hurt but it kind of made me a little nauseous.

“C-Christina, I’m so s-sorry,” he stutters caressing my slightly swollen cheek while his eyes look me over frantically. “D-Did I hurt you?”

I shake my head at his question and he shakes his head not believing me. “I did, didn’t I? You need to go back to the hospital. It was a stupid idea letting you stay here when you need–”

Reaching behind his neck during his little rant, I pull his face down towards mine and softly kiss his lips. He’s unresponsive for a few seconds but soon his lips start to move against mine.

A deep groan rips from the back of his throat as our lips begin to move and the vibrations run through my body alerting every part. Coating my lips he sucks, nibbles and licks as his hands gropes by heavy breasts. I moan, my eyes close, pulling away from his lips momentarily before taking a peep at the man on top of me.

"Johnattan,” I moan as look into his eyes my hands roaming over his chest. ”I want you."

Without hesitation, his soft, red lips move back down for mine and I snake my fingers into his hair, kissing him feverishly and longingly. His hands roam to my thighs hiking them up on his waist as my tongue probes his lips for entrance. I rotate my hips teasingly receiving a reaction from his crotch only to have him pull away from me.

“No, we c-can’t,” he states and look up at him flushed and hurt. Is he denying me?

“We can’t, Christi.” Johnattan repeats and I avert my eyes from his.

He is denying me.

His eyes roam over me momentarily, before he grabs a hold of my waist and slowly revert us to our previous position: me on his lap.

“Not yet Christi,” he says as I refuse to look in his eyes. “Explanation first, sex later. Deal?”

I slowly look up at him, nodding my head in agreement and he cracks a small smile pecking my cheek.

“Please continue,” he says softly.

I take a deep breath calming my hormones and nerves before continuing. “As I said he hit me, then he started to g-grope me. He grabbed and squeezed my breasts, he even touched my stomach, my– our babies. When I had later asked why he replied that he couldn’t make any so, this was his chance at making his own family.”

“So what took place after that?” The officer asks as he sits on the couch opposite me and Johnattan.

After spilling everything about that night to Johnattan the thought of sex fled my mind and I ended up crying myself to sleep as he held me in his arms.

Later on in the day, the guys came to visit to see how I am doing and we also had a surprise visit by an officer. He had explained that they needed a statement from “the victim” to charge “the assaulter” so, he was sent to collect it.

Officer Daniels is tall, blonde, he’s okay in the looks department and built like an ox. He really does the uniform justice and Chev seems to notice that. Since he has gotten here, he has been eying Chev up and down like meat and Edward looks like he’s a minute away from laying him down. So, we had sent them away to the kitchen to avoid a fight.

“Ms Hase,” Officer Daniels calls after noticing I spaced out and I look up at him frightened.


“Ms. Hase, What happened next?”

Johnattan soothingly rubs my arms and I rest my head on his shoulder seeking comfort for what I am about to say next.

“W-Well, after that he started to move his hand lower...” The sound of footsteps alerts my ear and I know my friends are eavesdropping. “I t-tried to clamp my legs shut, b-but he forced them apart and he stuck... a... f-finger... inside of me.”

I bury my head in Johnattan’s chest crying as unwanted memories plague me once more and he soothes me by rubbing circles in my back.

“Ms. Hase...” The officer calls out and look up at him. “I know it’s hard to say what happened that night but the faster we get through it, the earlier these assholes will be put in jail.”

I nod my head in agreement stifling as I use my hands to wipe my tears before continuing to recall that night. By the time we are done it’s half an hour later and Chris, Edward and Dimitri had separated from the group. Chris, after receiving the plans from me, had started renovations on the diner so he was needed on site to clarify some things. Edward, had a Daddy call – as Chev calls it – so he had to bounce. Dimitri, had also received a call and taken off after kissing his wife and whispering something to her.

The officer had left too but not before saying. “Thanks for your cooperation Ms Hase. As of right now it’s wise to get yourself a lawyer and build a case against these men. I want to see them rot in jail as much as you do so take the correct legal actions and bring them to court.”

Johnattan had however, advised him that he was already building a case against them and had every intention of putting them away for a long time. The officer was happy to hear that and said and I quote “he’s a keeper Ms Hase” before bounding out of the apartment, leaving just us girls, Johnattan and Vini.

We girls had spent the day watching TV, eating, anything to get our minds off Lexi while the boys took their discussion to another room out of earshot. The distractions had worked while the girls were here, but as soon as they left my mind wondered to her.

Alone, unmoving on that hospital bed.

“You feeling better?” Johnattan questions as he caresses my bump.

“A little,” I say looking up into his bright eyes.

“Good. I know you might be frightened by the fact that you nearly killed someone...” I nod my head. “But you should have aimed a little lower.”

I chuckle a little and Johnattan pats my head. “I mean it, he doesn’t deserve to be alive after what he put you through and had planned for you. The other one’s lucky all I did was hit him over the head.”

“Ah, yes. Why were you even here that night?” I ask as I remember I had forgotten to ask him.

“Lexi. She called me and told me to drag my ass down here saying you had to tell me something important. I was on my way back from Canada so, I just came here instead. Now I see that it was indeed important. Well, they are.”

I smile. Lexi, always setting things into motion.

Taking his hand in mine I kiss it as my mind relaxes at the contact between us.

“I’m happy you’re the one here Johnattan. I can’t think of anyone I’d like to share all this with, the good and bad. You’re just uniquely you and I love that. Under bad situations you keep your cool– most times and during the good, you make it better.”

He kisses my forehead before looking me in the eyes and I melt at the intensity of his emotions. “I’m happy you’re the one I’m having this child– sorry, these babies with as well Christi.” I chuckle at his correction and he rubs my stomach affectionately. “I’m happy I’m the one you opened up too, the one you let in and the one you couldn’t stop loving. I’m happy to be with you mi diosa porque te amo.”

He rubs his nose with mine and I blush as a smile graces my lips. “I love you too Jbear.”

With that we close the distance between our lips and the sensations that travel through my body makes me tingly all over. His hand cups my face and I giggle.

Suddenly, I pull away gasping as I feel a tingly bump inside my stomach. I look down at it in shock and before I know it I feel it again and again.

My babies.

“Christina what’s–?”

“They’re kicking,” I mumble grabbing his hand and placing it on my stomach. “They’re kicking!”

I watch his eyes widen as he feels our babies kick his palm. Johnattan moves his hand all over my stomach feeling them push against my bump and I giggle at his doe eyed expression.

Feeling them moving inside of me, it’s indescribable. Well, it feels like soda fizzling but other than that I don’t know what to say. I feel happy, joyful, and thankful. Happy and joyful, because I’m able to carry a child; thankful, because I was once dubbed infertile and now by the grace of god, I am having twins.

It’s a miracle.

“Our babies are moving. They’re kicking!” Johnattan exclaims in joy.

“Yes they are,” I laugh as I cup his cheek. He looks up at me with adoration and I blush pecking his lips.

“I guess they’re happy mommy and daddy are together again,” I muse as I caress my lover’s face.

“So is daddy,” he states as he kisses me softly.

“Y Mamá tambíen, mi amor.”

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