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Chapter 28

Humming, I walk around, caressing my stomach while looking at the different products before me.

Oh, what to buy?

I place my finger on my cheek in thought as I look at the new-born shirts in front of me. There are blue ones, there are pink ones. There are sleeveless, there are long and short sleeved... Which should I take?

If I had knowledge of the baby gender the clothes selection and style of clothing would be easy but alas I have to wing it.

In that case I’ll take two of almost everything.

I start my scavenging working up a storm as the cool AC unit blows around me, lifting the heat my body was under due to the Cali heat. This morning when we’d left the house it was so hot I started to sweat uncontrollably and as such I had to change my attire.

Now, my hair is thankfully in a high bun not drawing in any heat to the back of my neck and giving assess to the coolness. I’m in a grey, sleeveless maternity top with a loading bar and the words “babies processing” in blue bold letters and black jean shorts.

I run my hand over the softness of the shirt beside me and smile at the words on it. “I luv u” it reads with a cartoon little baby on his stomach with a toothy smile.

I’m definitely getting this.

I pat my stomach as they start to kick causing me to giggle. I love the sensations their movements inside of me cause. It just feels surreal.

“Okay,” I laugh as I rub my stomach gently. “We’ll buy it... Glad to see you guys agree with Mommy’s taste. Let’s hope it stays this way forever.”

Taking a pair of the shirt, I throw them over my arms as I continue to look for more stuff.

“Christina!” A voice calls out and I spin around with a smile.

The sight that greets my eyes is Johnattan holding up a matching pair of pin-unders with the words “I’m too cute for you” on them.

I nod my head holding up the garments I have and he gives me a thumbs up with that beautifully scarred smile. He pushes the trolley making his way towards me and I can’t help but ogle my man.

He’s in a matching grey, sleeveless shirt with a loading bar and the words “Dad loading” on it. He’s in a khaki Knickers with grey converses and a pair of sunglasses rests a top his head. He looks relaxed, carefree. His eyes are sparkling, the stress lines he once had are disappearing and he’s behaving more like the Johnattan I met and fell in love with. And I love that plus... He looks so yummy. The way his muscles contract and relax. Those biceps, triceps... Oh my... That man’s is built like an ox...

And there goes the hormones... Oh well.

“Stop staring Christi,” Johnattan teases as he stops beside me with a flirty smile. “You’re making it easy for me to know what you’re thinking and I bet it’s anything but innocent.”

“When are you going to learn that the word innocent and I cannot be associated in any way?” I ask with a coy smile before raising a brow at him. “Plus, why shouldn’t I stare? You’re mine aren’t you? The last time I checked I could do whatever I want to my possessions. Plus you stare at me all the time.”

“I stare at you because I love analysing and memorizing every part of your beautiful body.”

“The one you refuse to touch,” I mumble rolling my eyes but he doesn’t hear it so continues on with his speech.

“And possession you say,” he says coyly and my heart drums as the sadistic grin forms on his face. Oh, how I missed that look. It’s his ‘I’m going to show you who belong to’ smile and I want him to show me so fucking bad. “That’s harsh diosa I thought we were mutually together. So if I’m your possession, you’re mine?”

“I don’t know, am I?” I tease as I place the babies’ things in the trolley.

I look up at him and he wears an unamused look on his face. I giggle shrugging as I turn ready to walk away, when something wraps itself around me.

I chuckle as he gently pulls me towards his body and I tilt my head to the side, resting it on his shoulder. I mentally sign. Who am I kidding? I’m totally his.

His hand hold my stomach protectively as his warmth surrounds me. I rest my hands atop of his affectionately and he nestles his face into the crook of my neck. No words pass between us but I don’t mind it. The way he holds me and the way I react to him, tells us all we need to know.

I’m his and he’s mine.

I jut causing him to chuckle as his lips hover over the crook of my neck, tickling me. Suddenly, I release a pleased moan as his teeth grazes my neck, taking the skin into his mouth and sucking on it. I close my eyes relishing in the electricity pulsing through my body. I bite my lip, another moan vibrating from my throat. He releases my skin, running his nose along the length of my neck. The tenderness at the site of his assault tell-tales that he left a mark and my heart flutters as a pleased smile graces my lips.

His hands trail up my sides causing my skin to become heated. My breaths hitches as his hand slowly skims the side of my breasts, causing me to mutter incorrigible things.

“You’re mine Sweet cheeks,” he states confidently and I chuckle.

“Perfect mood, wrong place,” I state as I slip out of his arms.

He looks at me with a raised brow and I sigh. I slowly stride towards him and cup his cheeks to place a chaste kiss on his lips.

I pull back only for him to pout. “That’s not a kiss.”

“Of course it is,” I smile.

“Uh-uh, I want a proper one,” he throws me his best puppy eyes and I giggle before giving him a proper kiss.

I tease him with my kiss. Raking my fingers through his hair, licking his lips as I pull away momentarily, only to connect our lips again and I gently run my hands from his hair to his chest. My heart warms as he cups my face deepening our kiss while his other hand rests on my hip. The warm sensation travels down my body igniting my entire being and I fucking adore it. I grab the back of his head kissing him shamelessly squealing into his mouth as he dips me whilst torturing me with his skilful mouth.

Down boy... I think as his hand travels up to my ass. Sorry, I meant up boy... And like a good boy I feel him against my thigh. He sets me upright and I pull away slowly gasping for air while he pants looking down at me with a pleased smile.

“Was that proper enough for you?” I ask between pants.

“Nope... It’s missing a little finesse.”

“Excuse me?” I ask folding my arms. Obviously, his friend below disagrees.

“Let me show you how it’s done.”

Before I can reply, his hands grip my hips pulling me closer as his mouth assaults mine and I mentally roll my eyes as he tries to dominate the kiss. Don’t get me wrong my man’s an awesome kisser but sometimes he needs to make momma take control.

I grip his shoulders, placing just enough force in the kiss to rival him and a chuckle vibrates from his mouth into mine, indicating that he is enjoying this as much as I am. I try to pull away deciding against humouring him but he follows me pecking my lips continuously before doing the same to my neck.

Laughing as his kisses tickle me, I smack his shoulders telling him to stop. He grabs my hands in one of his before looking me dead in the eyes and shaking his head. He kisses me once more and I smile into it loving the attention I’m getting. Abruptly, I squeal as his hand grabs my ass unexpectedly and he pulls away to laugh at my reaction.

“Has it really been that long since I’ve grab this ass?”

“Unfortunately yes,” I say rolling my eyes at his smug expression. “As much as I’d like you to continue this, this is neither the place nor time.”

“I know babe but can you blame me. I mean, it’s a wonderful feeling when you grab that nice, fat ass.”

“Did you just call me fat?” I ask but he ignores me choosing not to humour my silliness.

“That nice ass that just fills up your hand and when you squeeze its smoothness and firmness it just stimulates you. Your heart skips a beat and your chest tightens sometimes it’s even hard to breath. And the best part is knowing it’s all yours... Okay, now I sound like a perv.” Johnattan finishes whilst scratching the back of his head.

“Hmm,” I muse before pecking on his lips. “Yup, you’re a perv. My perv though and if you help me get everything we need quickly you might just get to do more than grab this nice ass.”

I pull his hand off my ass after making it flex, giving him a feel and winking. Walking forward, I browse the shelves for the baby items we need, earning a slap to my ass courtesy of Mr Blake himself.

“Let’s get to it then Christi.”

I roll my eyes as he chuckles, deciding against cussing him I continue on with my task.

I grab a Paw Patrol bottle with a smile, showing Johnattan. He nods before picking up a Disney Princess one.

We place about six bottles into the trolley each with a different design before raiding the store. We pick up blankets, dress clothes, small adorable swimsuits, bibs, cute baby shoes, sleepwear, caps and so much more.

At the end of it all, I’m spent but it was fun nevertheless. Just hanging out with Johnattan, alone, made it exceptional... baby shopping with him and spending personal time with him. He has missed out a few months of my pregnancy already and right now I’m just happy that he’ll be here to see the rest through, with me.

“Okay, I think that’s enough,” he states as he closes the car door. “Those babies won’t be needing anything more for the next ten years with the amount of stuff you bought.”

“Way to over-exaggerate,” I say rolling my eyes as I snack on a cupcake.

He pulls the car out of the mall’s parking lot and I lick my lips as the icing gets smeared all over them. Johnattan passes me the napkin I had given him earlier to hold and I thank him. After cleaning up my hand and mouth, I reach over and turn on the radio humming along to Bed by Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj.

We pull to a stop at a red light and Johnattan turns to look at me as I rip into my third cupcake. I look over at him with narrowed eyes daring him to comment on my eating eloquent but he doesn’t. He chuckles instead using his thumb to clean off icing off the corner of my mouth before licking that icing off his thumb. I giggle licking my lips and Johnattan’s eyes follow the movement with interest.

The light suddenly turns green causing the people behind us to honk at us. Johnattan knocks out of his staring and he drives off making his way down a familiar route and I sigh.

“Today’s the day,” I mumble cleaning off my mouth as my eyes droop and Johnattan glances over at me.

He reaches over to grab my hand and moves it to his lips planting a kiss. “It’ll be okay Christi. She’ll be happy to see you.”

I look out the window with a frown unbelievingly. “Let’s hope so.”


Her brows furrow and I hold my breath as her lips part. Her lashes lift and flutter before staying open. She looks around the room a bit disorientated, her finger twitching.

She goes to lift her body in panic but I grab hold of her shoulder. She whips her eyes to my form and I momentarily freeze up. Minutes pass before one of us speaks and just the sound of hearing her ghostly voice call my name shocks me to the core. I caused this.

“Glad to see you’re awake,” I whisper as I gently hold Lexi’s hand not taking my eyes off her.

Her tired brown eyes look me over and a small smile graces her lips as she sees me. Her fragile hand moves to cup my face and I cover her hand with mine as a sad smile finds its way on my lips.

“You’re okay,” she says with a coarse, raspy voice slightly better than how she sounded minutes ago.

I look up at her speechless. She looks sunken, her eyes have bags, she has lost weight and her skin looks ghostly pale.

“I’m okay... But you’re not and it’s–”

Her room door opening stops me from speaking and I look up to see Johnattan stepping in with a slice of chocolate cake.

He looks over at Lexi and smiles at seeing her wake. “The awakening has finally happened, after all these hours. Good to see you up Alexis. I think you’ll enjoy this.”

Johnattan hands Lexi a bottle of water – I’m guessing was for him – receiving a feeble thanks. He then walks around her bed to hand me the slice of cake and I lick my lips taking the fork from him. He shuns me about not saying thank you as I rip into the cake and I stale face him earning a pout.

“Thank you,” I say exasperated. “There are you happy now.”

“Very,” he says pecking my lips and I shoo him as I continue to stuff my face. I’m craving sweets, sue me!

“You’re together?” Lexi asks her voice so much clearer with a face that looks happy but partially confused.

“That we are,” Johnattan says as he ungracefully picks me up bridal style and places me in his lap as he sits. How he manages to do that without pulling something still puzzles me... I’m almost three hundred pounds now.

“Yeah, the all of us,” he touches my stomach and I blush unintentionally, causing Lexi to smile pleased with the sight before her.

“Happy to know it babe and you finally told him about the babies,” she muses.

“Yeah,” I reply. “Not the way we planned but it happened.”

“Good,” she says sipping on the water. “Now, can you please explain to me why I’m in a hospital and hooked up to this machine?”

Abruptly, I stop eating, losing my appetite. Johnattan rubs my shoulders soothingly, noticing my change in mood before proceeding to explain to Lexi what had happened over the span of the week. He explains the situation as calmly as he can so he won’t shock or spook her and to some extent me.

I am relieve to know that Lexi thankfully remembers most of what had happened up to getting hit over the head. In addition to that she’s thankful that her plan to reunite us that night ended up saving our asses.

An hour into our conversation they divert from the topic of that night, I find myself relaxing. Johnattan has managed to get us laughing with a story about his older brother and sister. The way he sparks up when talking about them kind of makes me envious of their relationship, something I’ll never have with my sibling.

The door opens and a short, stout, Caucasian man steps in. He’s in a doctor’s coat and black slacks. He makes his way over to us a clipboard in hand and a slight frown on his face.

“Hello there, I’m Doctor Lewis,” he introduces. “I’m guessing you’re family of Ms Jacobs.”

“You can say that,” I reply as I get up off Johnattan, who shows his discontentment by pulling me back onto his lap.

“I’m Johnattan and this is my girlfriend Christina and we’re good friends of Ms Jacobs,” Johnattan answers as he interlocks his hands around my bump, keeping me in place.

“Oh, I see,” he says with disinterest before turning to Lexi. “Ms Jacobs, I’m your doctor for today and in my hand I have the results of a few test we’d taken while you were... resting. Now, I am going to relate this information to you but I need to ask if you are okay with disclosure of these results in the presence of these people.”

“What do you mean by these people?!” I say abruptly as my eyes snap to him.

“Ms Christina, I mean no harm by my statement but I have been in the situation where I’d disclosed information about a client to people within her hospital room and ended up being sued,” he replies unamused making his way over to Lexi’s bed.

“Now, Ms Jacobs do you want them here or not?”

I look at the doctor with a crossed glare. How dare he even think that she wouldn’t want me to know what’s happening to her! I’m her best friend! Why would she–!

“No,” Lexi whispers and my thoughts draw to an abrupt halt. “I don’t want them here.”

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