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Chapter 29


I watch her stare at the wall in front of her. Her eyes look shocked, confused and her body is rigid in my arms. Trying to get a reaction out of her, I kiss her cheek whilst rubbing her arms but she neither relaxes nor reacts.

I sigh, placing a hand on her cheek I turn her head so she looks at me.

“Christina,” I say softly. Her glossy eyes focus on me but her tenseness never eases up. “Talk to me mi diosa...”

“Why?” She whispers, clenching her fists. “Why wouldn’t she want us, me in there with her?”


“I mean I’m her best friend,” she interrupts, ranting. “I thought I was like family to her. I was there with her through Momma Jacobs’ death. She was there for me. We’ve always been two peas in a pod. I love that blunt, aggressive and hard head girl. I never... Oh, my god! It’s because I left her in New York, that’s why she’s do–”

I place my finger over her lips and she hushes up. I mentally thank god. I had a problem when she was quiet so I tried to get her to talk, but now I’m rethinking my choice.

I remove my finger and she bites her lip, giving me a pout. I smile at her, my beautiful goddess. Finding her, getting her back has been the best thing to happen to me. Having her body close, feeling the softness of her skin and the firmness of her stomach that doesn’t hold one but two products of our love is just so surreal.

I smirk as I try to imagine when we’d created those two angels. Was it on the floor in my kitchen? In the fun room on my couch? The dressing room? On the statue? At the falls? Damn, we’re one freaky pair.

Noticing my smirk, she raises a brow at me and I decide to indulge her with the thoughts in my head.

“Hey Christi, when do you think we made nuestros gemelos? Do you think it was when we were at the falls and I licked that pussy clean before putting you on all four and f–?”

She slaps her hands over my mouth with wide eyes and a blush. I lick her hands and she laughs, removing them. She smacks my shoulder laughing as I wrap my arms around her, nuzzling her neck.

“Johnattan,” she hisses. “We’re in public! Ask or say something like that when there isn’t a room full of people.”

I look around the full waiting room with a goofy grin before resting my hand on her thick, firm ass. “Since when are you worried about what people will think if they overhear us?”

She pulls my hand off her ass, but I grab it refusing to let go. She in return rolls her eyes. “Since, I have two mini us-es in my stomach and the fact that I’m going to be a mother soon. Now, release my ass you Barbarian.”

I narrow my eyes at her grabbing that chunky ass more firmly and she bites her lip withholding a moan. I chuckle moving my nose to her neck skimming its length. My goddess shivers and my ego – and a lower organ of mine – grow as she grips my shirt moaning my name loud enough for me to hear but not for anyone else.

It’s been a while since Christi and I have had sex – about three months – and that coupled with her heightened sex drive makes her aching for some good loving. Something I would love to do with the woman carrying my children, the woman I love.

“Christina...” I call softly and she moans out a ‘yes’. “I’m not sure if you notice this but–”

“Ahuh, I noticed it alright. It hasn’t stopped poking me for the last five minutes,” she replies in a daze.

“That’s because it misses you and can’t wait to reacquaint with that tight, wet and warm sweet spot of yours.”

Mewling she wiggles her ass on me and I can’t help but love her body on me. “I can’t wait to feel you between my legs either.”

“Oh yeah... That spot too,” reply and she snaps her eyes open to stare at me.

I laugh as she smacks me repeatedly, scolding me about behaving in public. I hold her hands to her chest, restraining and she pouts, causing my chest to tighten. How can she look so fucking innocent yet not be?

I grin rubbing my nose with hers before kissing her soft lips. She accepts the kiss nibbling on my lips and I retort by biting her upper lip. She giggles pulling away and her eyes widen as she notices that we have an audience. Most of the people in the waiting room are staring at us with smiles. Some adoringly while others suggestively.

She blushes resting her forehead on mine and I rub her arms soothingly. Christina pecks my nose with smile.

“Thank you,” she whispers.

“For what baby?”

“For taking my mind off Lexi and everything.”

I whisper a welcome pecking her forehead before nestling her in my arms. She rests her hand on my chest with a contented smile on her face and those lovely eyes on her closes as she relaxes into my embrace.

Looking at her I can’t help but reminisce on the fact that I really love this woman. We’ve been through too much for me not to. When I first met her I was intrigued, this incredibly sexy woman dominating the dancefloor and catching that attention of every man in that club. None of them were brave enough to approach her but I couldn’t stop myself. She reeked of a challenge and I was obsessed with coming out on top. Now, looking at her I’m glad I decided to pursue this little minx. She’s changed, flipped, shook and even fucked up my life, but in a good way.

Christina leaving showed me the extent of how the pain of her past affected her and even though it hurt me to be away from her I’d learned quite a lot about her during that time. Lexi being the nosy person she is, had explained some parts of Christina’s life to me. The other parts she’d said I should get it from the source because it wasn’t her story to tell.

We’ve yet to talk about things between us but I’m giving her time. I can’t push her in this state, she has been through too much in the last few days and right now making her comfortable is my main goal.

“JBear,” she calls and my eyes move to her face to see her beautiful, hazel eyes staring up at me. “I’m hungry.”

I chuckle upon hearing that, she’s just eaten cake less than half an hour ago and now she’s hungry again. Guess I can’t really say much, she’s eating for three after all.

“Okay, so what do my babies want?”

“Well, I crave a chicken sandwich with cheese, a lot of cheese,” she grins up at me and I can’t help but peck her lips.

“I’ll go get that for you. Will you be okay staying here until I come back?”

She nods slowly getting up off my lap and I stand, afterward, helping her to take a seat. “I’ll be right–”

“Mr Blake.”

Spinning around, I notice Lexi’s doctor standing at the receptionist’s desk calling out to me. He gestures for me to come over and I turn to Christina questioningly. She nods with a small smile and I peck her lips, excusing myself. I venture towards the doctor and as I approach him he explains to me that Lexi has requested to see me, alone.

Upon hearing that, I look at Christina only to see her staring at us. I nod replying to the doctor before making my way over to Christi. I tell her what the doctor said and at first, she’s a bit shocked and hurt but she soon nods her head understandingly and states that she’ll just go get the sandwich herself.

She rises from her seat and I object saying she should wait until I’m back and she shoots me a glare. “I’m pregnant Johnattan not disabled! I’ve been coping with this for months on my own without you. I don’t need you to try and butt in now!”

Her eyes widen as she notices what she just said and her body wraps around mine. She pulls me closer to her, resting her head on my chest whilst mumbling apologies.

“I’m so sorry Johnattan. I-I’m just tired, hungry, cranky and upset about the Lexi thing. I didn’t mean–”

“I know Christina,” I reply trying to hide my pain.

It hurts to hear her say it like that. Like I chose to not be there those months of her pregnancy. Like I’d know about her it and didn’t care to be there for my children. Those same children she didn’t tell me about for give or take three months.

It fucking hurts.

“Go get your sandwich, I won’t stop you. I’ll be back in a couple minutes.”

With that I pull away from her, making my way to Lexi’s room.


It’s almost ten in the night when we return home. Christi had gone to take a bath and I am in the hall trying to watch TV but, my mind’s too messes up for me to focus on it.

What Christina had said really hit a nerve. If anyone had overheard it, they’d think I was some asshole that had ran away after hearing she was pregnant and was just turning up because of a guilty conscience.

And what Lexi said, shook me.

Christina was allowed to come back in after Lexi was through talking to me and Lexi explained to her why she didn’t want her there and what the doctor said, easing Christina’s worry.

Lexi didn’t want Christina to worry if it was bad news, so she thought having her upset for a few minutes was better than having her worrying for days, months, weeks. It wouldn’t have been good for her or the babies and I agreed.

Lexi’s explanation, however, was just the tip of the iceberg. I know she wants to protect Christina but in the end, she deserves to know more.

“Johnattan...” I look up to see Christina in front of me in a robe bending slightly and I run a hand through my hair as I try to calm the thoughts running around in my head. “You can have the bathroom now.”

I nod, standing up and she straightens up looking up at me. Her lips part like she about to say something but I divert my eyes from her and walk towards the bathroom, leaving her alone in the room.

While in the shower, I can’t help but think of how sexy she looked in that fucking robe. She looks like a cock tease with her wet, wild hair framing her face trailing down to her breasts, her fuller and bigger breasts that almost spilled out as she bent before me. Her hips are more defined, wider and it stretches the garment causing it to become tighter on her body.

Even with the baby bump, she looks fucking breath-taking.

I turn off the cold water, stepping out of the shower and after drying off, wrap a towel around my waist whilst using other to dry my hair. I walk out of the bathroom into the bedroom and I freeze as I see Christina sitting on my bed... in her robe.

And just like that my dick twitches to life.

She looks around spotting me and her eyes take me in before she gulps diverting them. I continue to walk into the room drying my hair, making my way to the closet. I am trying to ignore the horniness coming over me but her voice makes me stop in my tracks.

“I’m sorry,” she whispers so softly I almost missed it and I sigh as I turn to look at her. We haven’t really talked much since that incident in the waiting room. I didn’t know how to reply to what she’d said and she just didn’t talk.

I turn around, making my way towards her and come to a stop in front of her. She looks down at her hands refusing to look at me and kneel down so we’re at eye level.

“Christi,” I say and she stares up at me with her beautiful doe eyes. “I’m hurt. I won’t lie to you. The way you said it made it seem as though I was the one that abandoned you.”

“You didn’t abandon me...” She whispers as she wrings her fingers. “I was the one that ran away. I was just so scared. Seeing L-Liam’s face when we... It just shook me and it made me question us. I was infertile, I couldn’t give you children. In my family, an infertile female was always looked down upon. It was like a sin to them. It made me feel worthless.”

“Christina, you’re not worthless,” I say as I place one hand on her thigh and another on her cheek, wiping away her tears. “Look at you, you’re pregnant. They tried to take this privilege away from you but you, your body fought for it. Even when your mind gave up, this fantastic body of yours didn’t. You are far from worthless and I love you. I really fucking love you Christi and I never want to lose you. I care about, I may not have been here the last couple of months but I’m here now and I’d love if you appreciate the fact that I’m trying to help.”

She smiles squeezing my hand and my lips lift upwards. “I love you too and I’m really sorry about what I said. I do appreciate the fact that you’re here and helping... I was just upset about Lexi. Please, forgive me. I didn’t mean it.”

I rest my forehead against hers before nodding my head and pecking her lips. “I forgive you mi diosa.”

“Good,” she grins. “And next time don’t curse in front the babies.”

“Sure thing babe,” I grin kissing her lips once more and she responds to me, smiling into the kiss.

I go to pull away but she cups my cheeks, pulling me back into another kiss, a heated one. She opens her mouth, moving her slick tongue against my lips. Her movements are swift, teasing and so faint that it tickles, causing me to shudder as I think of the magic it can perform on every fucking part of my body. And just the thought causes me to stiffen beneath the thin towel.

I open my mouth only to bite her tongue gently and she juts, shocked by my course of action. I release her tongue slightly, pushing my face closer to her whilst sliding my teeth against her frisky organ, successfully getting her tongue into my mouth. She laps my tongue before kicking into a frenzy and exploring every fucking part of my mouth and it drives me fucking crazy.

I grip her thighs roughly as I kiss her back feverishly. I pull her closer to the bed edge, sinking my fingers into her thick thigh feeling her soft skin beneath my fingertips.

Growling, I pull away only to plant kisses on her heated skin and I feel goose bumps rise at the areas my lips touch. My moist tongue reaches out to lap her ear and she shivers, calling out my name. She arches upwards whilst tilting her head to give me more access to her neck. Her hands wander into my hair, tugging my wet locks, driving me crazy.


I love the way my kisses make her senses dull, all expect her sense of touch which I want to exploit all night, making her wither and thrash as her body finds pure ecstasy beneath mine.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” I ask running my hands up and down her thighs and she groans, clenching her thighs together.

"Yes,” her hands trail down to my shoulders gripping them tightly as my hands inch closer to her core, parting her legs as they go.

“Christi,” I groan before sucking on her skin, leaving my marks all over her heaving chest.

Her legs spread willing and she starts to pant when my fingers skim her clit. She arches her back pushing her breasts into my face and I lap them with my tongue as my thumb rubs her erected clit.

Christina starts to squirm, clawing her nails into my back and I grunt as my dick stiffens further. My thumb trails the length of her pussy and I shudder as I feel her juices coat my fingers. Fuck, she’s so fucking wet. She’s not making this easy. I want to go slow because of the babies but by the way, she’s acting I might end up fucking her until she can’t stand.

My thumb rubs her saturated pussy in fascination, dipping inside her now again, she creams at the intrusion and judging by the gibberish being blurted from her lips her body is on a sexual high.

Just how I want her...

I remove my hands from her thighs deciding to rid her of her robe and she groans in protest, grabbing them. I look up at her and her eyes look down at me with a sultry gaze.

“Touch me,” the words escape her lips longingly, desperately and my dick twitches. “Make me come,” she brings my hand closer to her lips and she sucks off my soaked thumb before trailing it down her chest to her bosom. “Please Master.”

Remove my hands from her grip ripping the robe from around her while connecting our lips roughly, an animalistic hunger taking me over. After pushing the robe over her shoulders, my left-hand grabs her right breast while my right-hand plunges two fingers in her drooling core.

“Johnattan!” She screams jutting at the intrusion and I mutter curses against her neck as her pussy snuggles around my fingers. Its heat and moistness suckle my fingers and my dick twitches painfully, wanting to be buried in her.

I pump my fingers in her pussy watching as she bites her lip, groans, and grunts as the pleasure takes over her beautiful body. Sweat trails her skin dipping into the junction between her breasts, I leak my first batch of precum as I take in her swollen, taut nipples.

Reaching out, I grab a nipple tweaking it with my two fingers and she grips onto the sheets calling out my name in a raspy voice. My mouth attacks her mounds while I pump her aching, dripping pussy.

She shudders sinking her nails into my back and pushing her chest closer to my face. I nibble, suck and bite her nipples causing her body to tense and her pussy to tighten tenfold around my digits. She squirms as laboured breaths leave her mouth and I know that sweet release is coming her way.

Not so quick Christi...

Pulling away from her breasts, I remove my fingers leaving her on her high and she screams protests as I deprive her of her orgasm. She looks down at me ready to curse the hell out of me when my teeth latch on to her hardened clit.

"Holy fuck!”

I gently grind my teeth over her clit before releasing it and lapping her with my tongue. Her entire body is spiked on hormones, every touch, every lick or flick is intensified by a tenfold, making her so fucking horny and responsive.

I grab her breasts, kneading them as my tongue sucks, laps and probe her weeping pussy. Her taste is like nicotine, it’s my addiction. The scent of her musky arousal arouses me and the way she grips my hair pulling me closer to her glistening cunt.... Damn! Knowing I can affect her like this, make this dominatrix needy and desperate, is the greatest fucking feeling.

“Johnattan! I’m –” she didn’t even finish as her juices leaking into my mouth and I lap it all up, not making any of it go to waste.

After, finishing my drink, I strip myself of my towel and my erected côck stands proudly, glistening at the tip. Christina’s eyes zero in on it and she licks her lips before looking up at me questioningly.

Her hair is tousled, her lips swollen and her stiff breasts glisten with sweat. In addition to that, her pleading eyes add to her hot and bothered look, a hit of desperation. And it’s working its magic on me.

“It’s yours, do whatever the fuck you want to it,” I reply huskily and I grunt as her hand grips my dick.

She pumps me, sliding her hand down to the base of my length before her mouth covers me, pushing me all the way to the back of her throat in one go.

“Fuck Christi,” I grunt. “That’s fucking it, take in all of me.”

My toes curl, shocks running up my spine as she bobs her head, suckling and lapping my twitching cock in her mouth. I grab her hair thrusting in her mouth rhythmically and I grunt as her hands find my sacks fondling them. I push my hips toward watching her gag slightly as my tip touches the back of her throat and as her hazel eyes look up at me, I’m lost, a goner.

She rubs my balls, stimulating the fuckers, getting me even more aroused. She groans my appendage pulses in her mouth and I groan as the vibration rocks me.

“Fuck! Just like that!”

The feel of her wet, moist and warm mouth on my slick dick has me trembling. She is a fucking pro. Her teeth gently gaze my cock as she pulls way only to deep throat me once more, whilst pumping me. She hallows her cheeks around me creating a suction-like effect and sucks me like a fucking champ.

She spirals her tongue on me, teasing my slit with her tongue and my muscles become tense. She pumps me kissing and licking my tip, provoking its sensitivity. I’ve always known Christina had a mouth on her but fuck can she use it. My body is almost compulsive as the woman sucks me into fucking oblivion. Her hands continue to stimulate my sacks making them tighten as pressure builds in my abdomen.


This is my woman. The woman I love, treasure and will do any fucking thing for. Her happiness is my goal and I won’t stop until she gets what she wants. Whether its fancy shit, expensive cars, exotic food or for me to fuck her until she can’t move or eat it up until she combusts, I will because this my woman and I should be the one to please her.

And as I watch her pleasure me, I know she feels the same. She’s willing to go to the same extent as me. She knows I won’t force her into anything, I won’t hurt her and that I fucking love her... Christina may have been through a lot, some may call her damaged but she’s fucking perfect to me.

I pull out of her mouth releasing my load on her chest, watching as every drop coats her full breasts and drips down her body. So fucking sexy.

Grabbing her by the legs, I waste no time in pushing her on her back and spreading her legs in mid-air. I push in swiftly, stretching her greedy core and she releases a sound between a whimper and a gasp.

I hammer in her whilst holding her legs apart and feasting my eyes at the sight of my cock going into her shiny pussy. Her body bounces up and down, her full creamy breast following the trend and arousing me to the point of no return. She cries out gripping the sheets the erratic sensations travelling all over her body, her eyes fall close in bliss and I shake my head. Not tonight.

“Open,” I say and she pants, her eyes still close. “Open your eyes!”

Her eyes flutter open and her lips part as I pick up speed loving the squishing sound we make as me combine.

“Don’t you dare close them. I’ve been fucking you blindfolded for a month. I want to see your eyes as I make love to you! I want to see the face you make as I make you cum!”

I lean forward ensuring I don’t put pressure on her stomach. This action pushes her legs closer to her chest causing her walls to tighten on me and I hiss as I continue to thrust into her.

I cup her face and her sparkling eyes stare in mine and I find myself getting lost again. “I want to see these eyes. I want to see the love in them. I want to see that you trust me fully. I want to see that you no longer fear me.”

She tilts her head back, biting her lip as I start moving slower and deeper. She claws at my shoulders moan and thrashing beneath me. Her eyes find mine once more and I see everything. The affection, the trust, the adoration, the need, her desperation and best of all no fear.

“I love you,” she whispers through pants, wrapping her hands around my neck.

She pulls me into a kiss and I respond, kissing her back so hard I fear her lips might bruise. My left-hand massages her breasts pulling at her aching nipples as my other hand rubs her clit. She groans and writhes under me.

Incorrigible words leave her lips as she loses herself. She becomes wetter, dripping her juices down our thighs and her hold tightens almost suffocating me.

“Johnattan...” She cries as her back arches off the bed and she explodes muttering curses under her breath.

I grunt continuing to thrust into her and her hold is becoming almost unbearable. I watch her face contorts as she comes and it’s the most erratic thing in the world.... My thrusts become slower, sloppier as she rides out her orgasm and I force my hips to go faster. She gasps, grabbing the sheets as she cries out and pants. I grab her hands placing them over her head as I continue to pleasure into her.

“Johnattan,” she stutters as her glossy eyes hold mine. She bites her lip before arching again as pleasurable sensation travel up her spine. “Please!”

Upon her request, I work her body until she can’t move a muscle. I combust as she hits her second orgasm and even after that I can’t help but take her all over again. It’s been too long, her body wants mine and I want her. We need each other and as we lie tangled in each other’s arms, there’s no other place we’d rather be.

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