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Chapter 30

Opening my eyes, I expect to be greeted by the sight of electric blue eyes staring back at me or a naked man draped over me, but instead I find myself alone.

My eyes search the room looking for any sign of movement but alas there is none. The sunlight shines into the room giving it that golden look and I yawn rubbing the sleepiness from my eyes.

I slowly sit up pulling the sheets up to my breasts and wince as sharp pain strikes from between my legs.

“Shit,” I curse clamping my eyes shut.

It’s been so damn long since I’ve done this and now, the pain almost replicates that of my first time.

Last night was... I’m at a loss for words.

That man had so much pent up fuck in him that when he laid it on me, he had me taking in tongues. I mean my body is on a high as fuck sex drive right now and Johnattan sedated me until I was almost screaming no más papí. Oh, and don’t get me started on the way he touched me. He held me like I was the most precious thing in the world and then we made love like gorillas with raw animalistic hunger.

And. I. Loved. Every. Minute. Of. It!

Rustling in the bathroom catches my attention and my head whips to the door just in time to see the man of my thoughts himself. Johnattan is as he was last night, covered in nothing but a thin towel around his waist and his toned chest uncovered so I may ogle and fondle.

His eyes catch mine and I smile raking my hand through my messy hair. He gives me a lopsided smile before making his way over to me. Upon reaching the bed Johnattan climbs over to plant a kiss on my lips that I eagerly return.

“Good morning, baby girl,” he grins and a blush taints my cheek as memories flood my mind.

I called him Master. I called him papí....

“Good morning,” I smile back rubbing my nose with his. “Where did you run off to? You left me alone here. I had begun to think this was a one-night thing.” I joke as I give him my best pouty lips.

“With a body like that there’s no way I wouldn’t want to come back for seconds,” he says pecking my lips, ”thirds,” he pecks my nose, ”fourths.”

“Okay, okay,” I say as I fight off his other kisses. “I get the idea Blake.”

He smirks playing along with me and I giggle caressing his cheek. “Last night was awesome, it’d be a waste not to bring that awesomeness over to today.”

As I say that his lips pull higher with a seductive smile and his hands grab my hips. “It would be waste, wouldn’t it?”

“Ahuh,” I nod, kissing his neck.

He groans with a smile, trailing his hands up my body before diving under the sheets and tweaking a nipple that hardens instantly. I release a breathy moan, caressing his face as I suck on his skin.

With a curse, he releases my nipple with a pull – enticing moans from me – before cradling my back and the back of my knees, lifting me. I squeal as he moves quickly placing my sheet covered body in his lap before standing with me in his arms. I grab onto his neck with a gasp at his course of action and Johnattan chuckles before moving towards the bathroom.

“Next time warn a girl!” I state as I glare at him.

He chuckles, shaking his head before walking into the bathroom. Slowly, he places me on my feet and I grab the sheets as they slip.

“Come on Christi, time to lose the sheets. I’ve seen it all.”

“And so? A girl would like to keep a sense of pride now and again,” I argue back, rolling my eyes.

A devilishly handsome smile graces his lips and my insides ignite in recognition. “Well, what can I do to make you lose that sense of pride?”

He reaches over to hold my shoulders and goose bumps rise on my skin in anticipation. He nibbles my ear and I bite my lip in defiance. He’s not getting off so easy.

He laps my ear with his tongue as his hands move to grope my swollen breasts and my chest heaves as he bites down on my sensitive lobe. He squeezes my nipples through the sheets and I push my chest closer to him as my hands itch to rake through those dark locks.

His lips dip to my face planting faint kisses and as he reaches my lips, his tongue darts out to lick my parted lips. I push closer wanting his lips on mine and he attempts to pull away. And fuck if I allow that.

I grab his neck pulling his lips down to mine as I grab his hand urging him to grope my breasts more aggressively. I dominate his mouth, running my fingers through his hair, down his chest and to the bulge pushing against me. He growls and I moan into his mouth. Sinking my fingers in his ass, I pull his hard on towards my dripping cunt and he grinds onto me, causing my arousal to drip down my thigh.

“Make me come,” I whisper as an answer to his previous question.

As he looks into my eyes he sees it’s not only an answer but a demand. I want this and he has to give me, whether he’d like to or not.

I grip his hair pulling his face to my chest and I groan as he sucks on my soft, sweaty skin. I gulp as he trails his tongue along the path between my breasts pulling the sheets with hands that soon grasp my breasts, kneading them.

His mouth explores my heavy racks feverishly causing my body to shudder and shake. My heart hammers against my chest as sweat slides down my body and arousal down my thighs. He rips the sheet from around me, working his way down, his lips plant themselves on my skin and his thick fingers circle my entrance causing my knees to buckle.

“Johnattan... Oh god, Johnattan,” I breathe as he slips a finger inside me.

My walls clench in pain as he does but my body is too hyped on pleasure for it to register. His thumb fumbles with my bundle of nerves and I cry out grabbing hold on to his dark locks.

“Fuck!” He hisses and I pant as he fingers me.

My wetness squishes against his fingers and my warmness cocoons his digit and it pumps in and out of me. I tighten my hold on his hair and Johnattan bites my nipple causing me to whimper. My juices leak onto his hands and I breathe heavily as I feel my body tensing.

He kisses my stomach and I relax only to stiffen as his finger curls, hooking onto my g spot.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck... Johnattan!” I scream as he inserts another finger and increases his speed.

His fingers hook and pull on my sweet spot causing me to slump onto the wall. Johnattan holds me up with his other hand and I pant as his fingers increase the tension in my body.

I feel the sweet sensation take over my body and I’m useless to stop it. Johnattan’s mumbling to my stomach and I’m too hyped to understand what he’s saying. I release his hair grabbing onto the counter as I feel my release approach and I scream as Johnattan’s teeth latches onto my clit.

“Dammit, Johnattan!” I cry as I come. His fingers leave me and I buckle as his mouth replaces them lapping up my juices. I start to hyperventilate as I feel pressure at the base of my stomach and I squeeze my eyes shut as each swipe of Johnattan’s tongue builds and builds it until I combust.

“More!” I cry, gripping the counter as my chest heaves and my body shakes from my second orgasm.

I tremble as my body sedates coming down from its high and I’m unresponsive to everything around me.

My body regains consciousness as water wraps around my midriff- we’re now in the tub -and I snap my eyes open. Johnattan stares at me with raw hunger and my breathing becomes shallow as I lean towards him.

I kiss his lips, trailing my arms – that I find to be around his neck – to his chest. I pinch his erected nipples and he groans against my lips. I lick his soft lips as I tweak each nipple and the cold water around us swishes as I grind my hips against him.

“It’s okay baby,” I whisper as I lick his ear. “I’ll make you come too. I promise.”

Biting his ear, I flex my hips against his naked manhood and his hands cradle my bloated stomach protectively. My body warms at the gesture and I flatten my palm against his chest.

Reaching downwards, I grab his hard on stroking it until it grew in my hands. He groans my name as I work his cock, caressing and teasing his blunt tip.

I rub his tip against my aching core and we both shudder at the feel. I run it against my clit buckling as pleasure spikes through my body. I continue to grind against his hard cock, panting as we both become so wanting it’s nearly unbearable.

I slide down on him, moaning as he fills me inch by inch. His hardness inside me feels so good, so right.

My back arches as he thrusts upwards and I grab his shoulders, biting my lip. I shake my head as my eyes lock with his and he looks at me with misty, lust filled eyes.

I flex my hips, riding him slowly before picking up the pace as my need for him increases. He holds my stomach as I bounce on him, making it easier for me to manage my weight. We fill the room with cries, pants and profanities as we get lost in each other.

His eyes lock on my heavy racks as they bounce with each thrust he gives to me. The look of adoration burns my skin igniting the passion in me and my body continues to builds. His thrusts become harder, more determined, sloppier and I can tell he’s close.

I grab his face kissing him as we bounce and more water splashes onto the floor. I moan and my face contorts in bliss as my body climbs higher.

“Oh fuck!” I cry as Johnattan bites down at my neck whilst thrusting roughly upwards, causing me to erupt around him. My eruption triggers his and he clutches me in his arms.

In a cry of curses and each other’s names we ride out our orgasms, holding each other tightly. As our bodies sedated, we can’t help but grin.

“Told you I’d make you come,” I whisper against his lips.

“I had no doubt in my mind about it sweet cheeks,” he whispers back as his eyes hold mine. He kisses me and I melt into him.

“I love you,” he whispers and I smile. “The three of you.”

“And we love you too,” I state warmly as our mouths meet again in an anything but innocent kiss.

Oh, here we go again.


I giggle as Johnattan kisses me, wrapping his arms around me, cradling my bump. His front pressed to my back as we walk towards the kitchen and each kiss he plants entice the most horrible giggles from my throat.

“Stop,” I say between fits of laughter.

He ignores me moving to kiss my cheeks whilst tickling my sides and I buckle as laughter escapes my lips. Johnattan holds me upright as he chuckles at my reaction to his tickles. Carefully, he gets me back on my feet and I pant as my laughter slowly fades but my smile remains. I spin to glare at him and he holds his hands up in surrender.

I playfully glare at him and he chuckles before cupping my face and pecking my lips.

“Forgive me?” Johnattan whispers and I roll my eyes. “After all, you did curse a lot too. I’m not the only one that filled their ears with those dirty words.”

“Well, you caused me to curse. I rarely behave that way,” I lie playfully, folding my arms across my chest.

“Well, I’m glad my dick and I can get you wild and out like that baby... Now say you’ll forgive me and let’s get something to eat,” he starts to kiss me all over my face and I start to giggle again.

“Fine!” I reply as I peck his lips. “But there’s nothing to forgive really... I enjoyed every second of it.”

“Good to know,” he says kissing me again. “Now let’s eat.”

We make our way into the kitchen and freeze as two pair of eyes lock on us.

“Finally you guys decide to leave that room,” Chev states as she sits around the counter in Edward’s lap.

She’s in a black tank top and jeans shorts while Edward’s in a blue T-shirt and black jeans pants. In contrast to their dressing, Johnattan and I are in grey sweats but while I wear a white tank top with mine, Johnattan wears a white T-shirt.

“How did you guys get in here?” I ask in shock.

“I think the question you should be asking is how long we’ve been here,” Chev pipes up with a knowing grin and my cheeks flush red.

“Oh my god,” I say as my eyes widened in embarrassment.

“I would ask how it was but I could hear you crumbling from out here,” Chev laughs and Edward playfully pinches her.

"Behave,” he states and Chev glares.

Johnattan chuckles from behind me before wrapping his arms around me and leading me to a stool around the counter.

“Morning,” Edward smiles at us ignoring the earlier conversation and we repeat the greeting. “We bought some food while on our way here. It’s in the microwave.”

Johnattan moves to get it and my stomach rumbles at Edward’s words.

“Hope you like blueberry pancakes, bacon, sausages, hash browns and scrambled eggs,” he states as Johnattan returns and my mouth waters as I take one of the box with breakfast from him.

“Thank you,” I say as I dig in, loving each bite I take.

“Don’t thank us,” Chev pipes up. “Shan and Dimi actually bought them.”

“Shan’s here?” I ask and groaning from the living room catches my attention.

“Yup, she’s in pain though. Sister Red decided to pay a visit so, let’s go keep her company and take her mind off it,” Chev replies slipping out of Edward’s lap making her way to the living room.

I follow her, breakfast in hands and the boys follow us as we file into the room. Shan lies on her back in the two-seater, moaning and groaning in pain and I frown, placing my food on the coffee table.

“Hey there beautiful,” I say as I sit beside her. “How you feeling?”

“Like my womb’s sucking the life out of me,” she states before moaning and I stroke her hair gently.

“Did you take any pills as yet?” Chev asks as she stands beside me.

“No,” Shan groans. “Dimitri’s gone to buy some.”

A door slams shut and we all look up in surprise.

“I’m back,” Dimitri says as he makes his way into the room and over to Shan in a black T-shirt, khaki shorts and black sandals.

I stand, stepping back as Dimitri takes her up and cradles her in his arms before sitting back down. He takes out the pills, handing them to her and she smiles before taking and swallowing them. He hands her a bottle of water and she downs it before snuggling closer to Dimitri, who kisses her forehead.

By the time they’re down, I’m in Johnattan’s lap, eating my breakfast and Chev is in Edward’s lap, showing him something on her phone that causes him to smile.

“I’m okay now,” Shan states as she looks over at us and we smile in understanding. She has pain relievers, water and most importantly her man... She’s in bliss.

“So, why are you guys here so early?” I ask stuffing my face. “And how did you get in?”

“Well, Johnattan had given us a spare key,” Chev states and he shrugs as I pin him with a glare. “-and we wanted to visit Lexi today so we came to ask if she’s in the state to see visitors.”

“Also, we came to return your annoying bird,” Edward adds and my face lights up.

“Marley’s here?” I ask in glee.

“Yeah, he’s in the guest room. I’ll go get him,” Chev says as she bounds out of the room only to return with my colourful parrot.

“Marley,” I gush as Chev hands his cage to me and Johnattan holds my breakfast as I take him.

“Isa–,” squawk, “belle.”

I smile opening the cage and he flies onto my finger.

“I missed you lil guy,” I state and he squawks happily.

“Love you Isabelle,” he squawks each syllable and I scratch his back playfully.

“He’s such a darling,” I coo. “Why’d you guys say he’s annoying?”

Chev and Edward share a look before nodding. I look at them puzzled but understanding soon afterwards as the scene plays in front of me.

“Edward,” Chev says and Marley looks over at her.

"Oh fuck Edward,” he squawks in syllables and my mouth drops to the ground. ”Harder.”

We all look over at them shocked as Marley talks and my words get lodged in my throat.

“What did you do to my bird?!” I ask in horror.

“We did nothing to your bird,” Edward clarifies.

“We were just... You know getting acquainted and when we came into the living room Marley was saying this shit.”

"Give it to me Motherfucker,” Marley squawks again and everyone except Chev and Edward laughs.

I struggle to keep upright as the laughter causes me to shake and Johnattan wraps his arms around me, pulling me to his chest. Dimitri and Shan are clutching each other as they laugh and Chev and Edward sit together looking embarrassed.

“Well, Chev you never cease to surprise us,” Shan laughs.

“You have quite the lady Ed,” Dimitri adds.

“That he does,” Johnattan adds from beneath me. “But I have the best right here,” he whispers and I giggle pecking his lips.

“Oh Johnattan,” I murmur and I jump as Marley squawks.

"Johnattan... Oh god, Johnattan,” he squawks in syllables and I look at him in horror.

“Looks like I’m not the only one rubbing off on him,” Chev laughs.

“At least I wasn’t the one screaming ‘give it to me motherfucker’,” I state earning a smack on the ass from Johnattan.

“What’s that for?” I pout.

“Swearing in front of the babies,” he says, mimicking my pouty voice.

I roll my eyes as the others laugh, commenting on how I’m such a bad mom and I flip them the bird, earning another swat to my ass.

“I’m starting to think you enjoy this,” I say to Johnattan and he grins.

“Guilty as charged.”

I smile pecking his lips. “So do I...”

He looks at me seductively and I chuckle turning my attention to my half eaten breakfast.

“Oh, Christina,” Dimitri calls and my eyes drift to him. “I got some mail for you from the guy in the lobby.”

He fishes out an envelope from his pocket, handing it to Johnattan who gives it to me.

Who in this day and age would send me a letter? I don’t owe taxes. I doubt it’s my boss just sending my letter of unemployment and I doubt it’s an employment opportunity.

I eye the envelope cautiously before opening it and as my eyes skim over the words my body becomes stiff.

No, no, no... Not now...

“Christina?” Johnattan calls worriedly as he notices the change in my demeanour. I look over at him with dull eyes and his brows furrows. His lips move but I can’t hear what he says.

People move around me but I’m unresponsive to their gestures as my mind wanders away. Why now? Why would he do this? Three fucking years! It’s been three fucking years and he chooses to make an appearance now?!

“Izzy?” Chev calls as she cups my face and my eyes drift warily to her before landing on a worried Shan.

“What’s the matter?” Shan whispers as she places her hands over Chev’s.

“I-It’s–” I breathe but I can’t get the words out.

Johnattan takes the letter from my hands, I want to object but my mouth won’t move. His brows furrow as he reads the name at the top and my heart pains at the question he asks next.

“Who’s Matthias Authoró?” Johnattan asks as he looks into my glossy eyes. I try to reply but it’s useless.

“Baby, who is he?” He asks again with pleading eyes. “You can tell me. It’ll be alright just tell me.”

Willing myself, I try to reply. My lips tremble as the words leave my mouth and everyone around me freezes in discomfort.

“He’s my father.”

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