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Chapter 31


To: Christina Hase

Fr: Matthias Authoró

We need to talk.

Your little fiasco in California made its way onto the news.

Imagine the headline ’Authoró‘s renegade child strikes again.’

In this envelope is an invitation to your sister’s engagement party in three days. Follow the instructions on the invitation... Your sister will be happy to see you so don’t make a scene.

Ensure that you’re present at the party or you’ll be seeing me sooner than you think and not on such good terms. Also bring that saviour of yours. We all have things to talk about.



Short and to the point as always dad... I mentally sneer as I read this letter for the umpteenth time.

He hasn’t tried to contact me in two years and now here he is laying out rules and threats.

My face scrunches up in disgust as I look at the invitation in my hand.

Rudana Authoró invites you, honoured guest...

Honoured guest my ass... That girl may share my blood but she’s the farthest thing from a sister to me. No sister would have sat back and allowed anyone to do that to their own flesh and blood. Especially after all the times I covered and stuck out for her.

“Christina, you need to stop rereading that letter,” Shan moans in exasperation at me and I lift my eyes over to find her droopy eyes on me. “If it causes you such distress, you really shouldn’t read it.”

Shan sits beside me in black jeans, a cashmere sweater and a pair of ankle high converse. She has one of those pillows for your neck on her shoulders as she tries to relax and she also clutches onto the hand of a sleeping Dimitri, her fear of flight kicking in.

Honestly, I would be throwing a tantrum about being so far off the ground right now, if my mind wasn’t buzzing around with unanswered questions. All of which won’t be answered until Saturday, two days from now.

Sighing, I throw the letter and invitation on the set of seats before me and close my eyes as I try to calm my nerves. Unfortunately for me, my fear of heights kicks in and I grab the nearest thing in arm’s length.

Slight snoring causes me to look to my left at Johnattan who’s leaning on the airplane window fast asleep. His hand is what I use to ground me as my frantic nerves try to torment me and he doesn’t even stir as my grip tightens on his hand.

Gently, I reach out with my free hand to stroke his cheek, this time causing him to stir a little. We’ve been in the air for a good two hours and Johnattan had spent the first hour trying to calm me as take-off fears and daddy issues nearly drove me up a wall. Then after I’d calmed down he dozed off, and I was fine with being left alone for that time. He needs the rest and I need the time to think.

“I’m trying...” I murmur as I look over at Shan. “I’m trying not to pend on it but it’s killing me... Why would he want to see me now? I don’t think the Sam situation affected his reputation too much, not for him to want to see me... I’ve been in the limelight occasionally but he never...”

“Maybe he’s concerned,” Shan says optimistically and I try hard not to laugh.

“My father’s many things but concerned is not one, especially about me.” I state bluntly.

Shan shrugs with a frown as a yawn escapes her lips. “Well, I guess we’ll know in a few days won’t we?”

“I guess,” I say as she groans, her eyes falling shut.

It is in the afternoon that we finally land in New York. The boys had woken up a few minutes before we landed, Johnattan receiving a call from his mother inviting us to dinner.

Johnattan had tried to turn her down but Momma Blake was having none of it. He’d agreed after I gave him the go ahead, knowing the main reason he was saying no was because he thought I might be exhausted after the flight. Honestly, I wasn’t really tired and it would be nice to meet his parents and siblings. I would have even been calmed about it, but then I remembered that they didn’t know I was pregnant and to any parent it would look sketchy if you brought home a pregnant chick as your girlfriend.

The main thought would be he’s with me because he knocked me up.

Regardless, I am happy to meet them and hope there won’t be any drama. I continue to hope for this as Johnattan drives through the big black and gold gates and pull up in front of a building that seems like an apartment complex.

It’s three stories high but this building isn’t your typical mansion. It has four or five buildings on it, all connected by sheltered stairs. Its design is breath-taking, something influenced by the English Georgian style. The nude colours of the building complements the chocolate, wooden shingled roof. The windows of each building are stroked with black and white mosaic tiles introducing contrast and drawing attention to the beautifully crafted wooden windows. The bay windows, terraces and balconies follow this style and the moonlight glimmers on these glazed tiles provoking the eyes with its beauty.

The main entrance has a Palladian with wooden French doors and I notice a few columns and pilasters on various parts of the building design. There are even a few sculptures.

Wow... Is the only thing I can say. This is like an architectural fantasy, a designer’s wet dream. It looks spectacular.

As I exit Johnattan’s car I can’t help but thank god that the temperature is a little warmer than the last time I was here.

I’m in a blue off the shoulder dress and black flats. I barely have on makeup – an almost natural look and my hair is secured in a high bun with brownish blonde strands framing my face. Johnattan is in a matching blue dress shirt, black jeans and shoes. His hair is gelled back and his face is freshly shaved.

My man looks good and I didn’t hold back as I told him exactly how his appearance is working on me... and we all know my words aren’t always PG 13.

He smiles pecking my lips and I chuckle holding him in place as my arms loops around his neck. His mouth sedates my nerves and calms my being with each nibble, groan and affectionate pecks. His hands skim my hips settling on my stomach and I smile, rubbing our noses together as he pulls away.

“Are you ready?” He whispers as he rests his forehead against mine and I nod.

We’d left Shan and Dimitri at a hotel a little earlier, seeing as how they refused to stay with us. They said and I quote ‘we need privacy to do our thing and you need privacy to do yours’. Honestly, I don’t mind, it means more Johnny and Christi time.

“Okay, let’s go meet the Blakes,” he states as he pecks my lips, pulling away.

He reaches up to ring the doorbell when the door is flung open startling us both.

“Joey!” A red head screams as she dashes forward to embrace him and I step back not wanting to be knocked down.

“Jessie,” he greets with a smile as he embraces her, planting a kiss atop her head.

He pulls away, looking down at her with a grin and she stares up at him with genuine adoration in her eyes.

“Hey, lil sis,” he says with a raised brow. “You look different.”

“Well, duh,” she states, rolling her eyes playfully. “I dyed my hair again.”

“Why red?” Johnattan asks as he takes a strand between his fingers staring at it curiously.

When I’d said earlier that she was a red head, I didn’t mean a Jess Glynne red, her hair is actually blood red and she looks absolutely stunning with it.

“It pisses dad off,” she shrugs. “And you know I’m always the delinquent one.”

Johnattan laughs ruffling her hair and the teen brushes away his hand, turning to look at me.

“So Joey, who’s this beautiful lady that you couldn’t seem to keep your hands off on our porch?” She asks, making her way towards me.

“Jessie, this is Christina, my girlfriend and Christina, this is –”

“Jessica Evangeline Blake. This douche’s sister and it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Initially, I thought she was going to shake my hand but as she wraps her arms around my shoulders, I used my slightly outstretched hand to tap her back.

Talk about awkward.

“So who’s the lucky guy?” She wiggles her eyebrows staring at my stomach. At first I was offended but then she says this.

“And please don’t tell me it’s that moron’s. I mean come on why’d you choose to settle with him? Did he tell you that when I was a baby and he was supposed to clean my diapers he literally stood three feet from me and threw wipes at me like he was shooting hoops in gym class. He was so scared to touch poop it was like he was willing the wipes to clean me themselves.”

“Oh cut me some slack Jessie, I was seven.” Johnattan defends crossing his arms against his chest.

“Oh honey you can do so much better,” she tells me, ignoring Johnattan and I smile. “I mean he’s my brother but as they say sisters before misters and I think you need a heads up.”

I like her.

“You know they also say family first, right Jessie?” Johnattan replies. “Now, stop embarrassing me in front of my girlfriend.”

“Oh Joey, you know that’s a little sister’s job and I take my responsibilities seriously,” her fist is placed against her chest as she says this and I can’t help but laugh.

She grins at me playfully, peeking from the corner of her eyes at Johnattan and I chuckle as I look at his face. Pure embarrassment.

“Yes it’s his,” is what I reply after a while with a smile and Jessie gives me a look of sympathy, saying she’ll pray for me. I burst out laughing and Johnattan scolds his sister, hiding a smile that threatens to slip on his face.

“Well, enough fun and jokes I won’t keep you all out here any longer. Let’s go meet the fam.” She skips through the door in a T-shirt, blue jeans and Vans and I look over at Johnattan, mouthing ‘I like her’.

He laughs shaking his head, wrapping his arm around me and leads me through the door.

Well, here goes nothing.

“This place looks beautiful,” I state as I walk through Johnattan’s parents house practically gawking at the interior design.

“Thanks,” Jessie says with a smile. “Mom would love to hear of your love of her handy work.”

“Your mom did this?” I ask, staring at Johnattan in surprise.

Before he can reply though Jessie does. “Yeah, she used to be an interior designer, that’s how she met dad. He hired her to design his new office building.”

“Doesn’t that sound strikingly similar to our situation?” I whisper as look up at Johnattan who has a sheepish look on his face.

I raise my brow at him and he grins before kissing the side of my head.

“Do you believe in history repeating itself?” He whispers back and I look at him sceptically.

“– of course at that time they didn’t know their parents had been plotting to get them together,” Jessie continues. “That job was her first and our grandparents thought it’d be good to allow them to work together and get acquainted so when they popped the proposal they wouldn’t be too upset.”

“Okay, maybe not all that similar after all,” I state and Johnattan shrugs.

“Luckily for us though they didn’t mind the idea of being together and soon fell in love,” Jessie says as she walks in front of us. “I mean imagine a world without me. It’d be...”

“Quiet? Peaceful?” Johnattan supplies.

“Nah, more like boring,” she says waving him off.

Soon, we enter a cosy looking living room and I try not to let my mouth touch the ground as I take in the aesthetic. The theme of this room is warm hence, the use of beige, honeycomb yellow and the most beautiful Tiffany couches my eyes have ever had the chance of seeing.

They look like something you’d see in a palace, based on the design I can tell their mother has an eye for antiques and appreciates the work of the 1700s.

“My baby!”

The voice of a petite woman startles me as she runs forward to embrace Johnattan.

I step back as he embraces her tucking her head under his chin and I can’t hide the smile that fights its way onto my face.

The woman in the arms of my boyfriend is curvy with sandy brown complexion and dark locks pulled back in a ponytail. As she pulls away entrancing baby blues stare up at the man in front her with love and as her smile brightens her eyes wrinkle.

“Mom,” Johnattan says, placing a kiss on her cheek and she cups his face staring at him with glistening eyes.

“My baby’s back,” she states. Her voice is not the typical soft and timid but rather it’s gentle yet strong. Trait of a strong woman.

“Um, mom,” Jessie pipes up. “I’m the last one so, technically I’m the baby.”

“But he’s my last baby boy,” their mother says as she caresses her son’s face. He looks over his mom’s head at me and I chuckle at how swished his face looks.

“Now,” she looks up at her baby boy with narrowed eyes. “You’ve been gone too long Joey,” she says, smacking Johnattan at the back of his neck.

The gesture causes Jessie and I to laugh but it doesn’t seem catch Johnattan off guard. I guess it’s something she normally does.

He rubs the spot she hit sheepishly before trying to apologize but she cuts him off before he can continue.

“It’s been nearly a year Joseph and I know you’ve been busy but we live only an hour away. Your brother visits more than you and he lives in the next state over. We’ve seen even Julia more than you and she moves from state to state with her job. You have no excuses, boy.”

“I know mom and I’m really sorry. I really am. How can I ever make it u–?”

She crosses her arms over her chest, raises a brow at him with a coy smile and his words fall short. His face flashes with recognition and he shakes his head.

“Mom, come on,” she raises a brow challengingly at him.

“Mom–” she narrows her eyes.

This is actually comical to watch. The Dominant Blake put in his place by his mother.

“Ugh, fine. We’ll stay for Christmas,” she glares. “–and the New Year...?”

Her lips lift in a smile and Jessie and I stifle a chuckle as Johnattan caves. Momma’s boy.

“Great,” his mother says, placing her hands on his arms comfortingly. “All’s forgiven. Now, where is that special girl you haven’t stop talking about?”

He gestures behind her and she spins to look at me. “Mom this is my girlfriend, Christina. Christi this is my mother Josephine Blake.”

Josephine stands in front of me in white silk blouse with sleeves, black leggings and white crotchet flats. Her face is almost void of makeup with exception to the gloss on her lips and the eyeliner on her on-fleek eyebrows. She has a few wrinkles but she looks no older than a woman in her thirties.

“Hi it’s nice to meet you Mrs Blake,” I say confidently.

She gives me a once over before opening up her arms and giving me a hug. “It’s nice to meet you too Christina.”

“You’re so beautiful,” she says, pulling away to eye my bloated stomach. “–and pregnant...?”

She eyes Johnattan questioningly, causing me to bite my lip awkwardly and he nods in confirmation with a sheepish smile. Josephine turns towards me a big grin plastered on her face as she embraces me warmly once more. She welcomes me to her home, gesturing for me to take a seat and I obey making my way to her beautiful couch.

God, this is like my dream living room...

I hear a smack echo from behind me and I see Jessie snicker as voices sound from behind me. Josephine is scolding Johnattan about not telling her sooner and he’s defending him by saying it totally slipped his mind, earning another smack.

Why are all the Blake women so likeable? I mentally chuckle as my eyes drift to Johnattan and his mother.

“Your girlfriend is pregnant; how can that slip your mind?” His mother asks incredulously as Jessie helps me to sit a little too cautiously, and I thank her as she takes the space beside me.

Josephine sits with Johnattan on the love seat to our right and I watch as they bicker with each other. Soon, Josephine’s attention shifts to me and she starts asking about my pregnancy. She asks a lot of things like how far along I am, if I know the gender and what date we’ll be expecting them to pop out.

The last question is a little hard for me to answer since I haven’t really got a proper check-up to know but Johnattan saves me by saying we’ll be going to the doctor tomorrow to find out.

I smile at him thankfully and he returns the smile. Jessie sits beside me talking animatedly about being an aunt again and this time it’d finally be from Joey.

“So, Christina...” Jessie starts. “What’s your passion?”

“Well... my passion is coincidentally interior design,” I state, catching Josephine’s attention. “Originally, I was a designer at Cali Designs. I was even working on a project with Johnattan, that’s how we met.”

“Just like mom and dad,” Jessie beams.

I smile sheepishly before looking over at Johnattan’s mom. “By the way Mrs Blake, I absolutely love your home. The design is inspired by the early English Georgian style wasn’t it?”

“Yes, it is,” she replies impressed.

“I thought so and the mosaic design around the windows and balconies is pure genius. It adds a hit of modern to this traditional style yet not detract from the overall design concept and the interior... It’s like I’m sitting in a palace, the decor just screams elegance and is traditionally chic. I’m sure this is an extract from the styles of the 1700s with a modern twist.”

The others look at me genuinely surprised as I speak and second by second I see Johnattan’s mother warming up to me even more. She looks at me totally engrossed in what I’m saying and as I give a little advice she pipes in commenting on each suggestion.

Johnattan and his sister soon leave us, heading to the kitchen to get drinks and as they return Josephine and I bring our discussion to a close.

“Well, you have a good eye and sharp mind Christina,” she says as Johnattan takes a seat beside me, handing me a bottle of water.

I thank her, gulping down my refreshment and I smile as Josephine says something to Johnattan in Spanish.

"La me gusta.”

“Mom, she speaks Spanish,” he replies and his mother chuckles.

“Now, I like her even more,” she grins standing up. “Okay now, Joey why don’t you give Christina a tour of the house while Jessica and I check on dinner and find out where our other guests are?”

Jessie groans in exasperation which causes her mother to shoot her a glare. “Jessica Evangeline, you’ll be helping me in the kitchen now,” Josephine says sternly, catching her attention.

Jessie sits up swiftly at the mention of her full name, plastering a fake smile on her face before moving towards her mom with ‘I’d love to help mom’.

“Okay, we’ll get going then...,” Johnattan says, standing up before helping me to my feet. “Shall we mi diosa?”

I nod, taking his outstretched hand. We bid the ladies farewell as he leads me out the room to explore this architectural beauty.


“So, this is your room?” I ask as I step into the blue room.

“Yup,” Johnattan says as he watches me from the threshold.

Johnattan had taken me to various parts of the house, explaining what each separate building was used for. He’d said that his father chose the design because he’s a man who loves his privacy and peace and quiet. So, he had an architect design the house almost like an apartment building. As soon as his children were in their teens each moved into a building of their own with a kitchen, and small living room. This gave each person privacy to do what they want but he had also gotten security systems set on each building to monitor his rebellious teens, ensuring they did have any surprise visitors in the night... especially the girls.

“It’s nice,” I say as I look around.

My eyes skim over the king size bed, the neat bedside table and work desk, the almost bare bookshelf at the other side of the room and the flat screen TV and game consoles.

I run my fingers over the many video game cases on the shelf beside the TV and smile as Mortal Kombat for PS comes into view.

“I love this game,” I state as I pull the case from its confinement and jiggle it in front of him.

“Same,” he replies as he stalks closer to me. “But it kind of lost my interest after I mastered it for the umpteenth time.”

I shrug, placing it back on the shelf and continue on with my inspection of his room. A few posters catch my attention and I smile at one in particular.

“Destiny’s Child?”

He grins with a shrug. “Have you seen Beyoncé? I’m sure she’s the fantasy woman of many teenage boys... Well at least she was mine.”

His room looks innocent and really clean... A little too well kept if you ask me. No embarrassing photos? No action figures or even Playboy cut-outs? I refuse to believe that.

I chuckle at his earlier statement, shaking my head before making my way to his closet. There must be some dirt in there. As I open the door I couldn’t hide the grin that makes its way on my face as look at the back of it. I hit the jackpot.

A Michael Jackson poster stares back at me, hanging from the door by a hook and I eye it wanting to see what lies below. Removing the poster of Michael Jackson, I grin as I find what I was looking for.

“Lookie here, I’ve found your nudes stash,” I say smugly as my eyes skim over the cut outs of naked women of various races and in various positions.

“Why do most boys think it’s safe to keep in it the closet?” I joke as I hold up the MJ poster that ironically have the words ′keep it in the closet’ on it.

I turn to look at Johnattan who has a smirk plastered on his face as he makes his way toward me. The familiarity of that smirk causes my insides to clench as I bite my lip.

“So, you found my nude stash,” he says playfully with a shrug as he circles me. “What you gonna do about it Ms Hase? Ground me?”

He looks boyish as he regards me with his eyes, taking in my face, breasts and defined curves with appreciation. The look resembles a horny teen and my lips lift as I notice what he’s playing at.

“Why are you even here Ms Hase? I’m not failing your classes so I don’t really need the tutoring and I’m sure visiting a student outside of school is a big no-no isn’t it?”

I raise a brow trying to spot him from the corners of my eyes as he stands behind me, checking out my ass and I roll my eyes.

Teacher x student... Okay I can work with that.

I feel his breath fan the nape of my neck and I grin playfully as his lips press against my heated skin. “Or are you here for something else?”

His bites my ear and I bite my lip fighting a moan as his hands skim my waist towards the apex of my legs while he sucks on my neck probably leaving a mark.

Abruptly, I pull away as his hands go too far south and I stare at him startled, playing my part.

“M-Mr Blake,” I say with a blush. “I believe you’ve misinterpreted my visit and for that I must go...” I go to leave the room but he closes the door.

He looks down at me with a cocky smile, backing me up against the door and chills run up my spine as his lips brush mine, provokingly.

“No one has to know Christina,” he whispers sexily and I clench my thighs together. “We’re all alone here. That means I can make you scream my name and one will hear except me.”

I stare at his lips as he talks, my own tongue darting out to wet mine. My eyes wonder to his lustful gaze and my breath comes out shallow. Shaking my head, I feign denial. “Johnattan we ca–”

The rest if my sentence is swallowed by his mouth as his lips touch mine. I grip his arms kissing him back feverishly, loving his intoxicating taste. I moan as he grabs my ass and his mouth swallows my moan too. My hands snake into his locks, pulling firmly as I squirm against him.

I gasp as he lifts me so I’m straddling him, allowing my stomach sufficient space so the twins aren’t squished between us. I pull away from his lips, clawing at his back as his lips assaults my neck and his prominent hard on pushes against my lace panty.

“Johnattan –” I groan out as he grabs a mound in his hand, squeezing affectionately. “W-We c-can’t... Oh jeepers!” I cry out as he flexes his hips causing my pussy to pulse in want.

He pauses, pulling away to look at me and I raise a brow questioningly at his amused expression.

“Oh jeepers?” He chuckles and I narrow my eyes. “When since am I fucking Velma? Are you trying to destroy my childhood?”

“Well, I won’t help your manhood if you don’t finish what you started, Mr Blake,” I shoot back as I rotate my hips against him.

“Now, take me to that bed and fuck your teacher like a good student,” I continue as I press my lips to his igniting the lust once more.

He carefully carries me to the bed placing me on my back as he hovers over me. He pulls away trailing his hands over my breasts before freeing them from their confinement.

“Now these are beautiful,” he’s states as he palms my breasts and I thank him with a high pitched moan.

All the milk in my breasts has made them extremely sensitive and the feel of his palm against them is causing my insides to knot. The tension has me, almost aggravated. I’m itching for the sweet sensation of an orgasm and pray he’ll give it to me soon.

I suck in a breath as he laps and tweak my nipples causing my arousal to leak down my legs. After teasing my sensitive breasts to the point of an orgasm and denying me the release Johnattan places his hands between my legs, groaning as my wetness coats his fingers.

"Golly, Ms Hase aren’t you wet?” He grins and I groan.

“Who’s destroying their childhood now Shaggy?”

“That’s not important right now but I know I’m the one destroying this pussy though.”

He slaps his fingers against my wetness and I shiver, squirming some more. He plays with my pussy, fondling my lips, clit and probing my entrance.

By the time he slips in I’m practically overflowing which makes the action easier. The feel of his hands all over me causes ripples of pleasure to resonate for my pulsing core alerting every part of my aching body. My body jerks as he pounds into me taking my body to new heights, the blissful feeling has me gasping for air as my mind fogs and my body drifts. Pressure building in my stomach with each powerful thrust he gives to me and I grip his shoulders crying out.

He murmurs my name over and over as he buries himself in me. “If I had known that fucking you would be this good. I would have bent you over your desk months ago.”

I bite my lip with a deep grunt as he hits the spot and I feel that first shudder pass through my body. ”Fuck yes!”

He smacks my thigh firmly and I gasp as the tingles travel to my already quaking core. My back arches and his lips trap a nibble suckling it, causing my body to buckle in pleasure. My body quivers and thrash as screams and cries escape my lips.

Johnattan holds his hand in mine above my head before kissing me passionately as we both get lost in each other. Each move intensifies the sensations I feel, sending me to utopia and I grip Johnattan’s hand tighter as my body arches slightly.

As my body convulses in pure pleasure I open my eyes to stare at the man I love, his name spilling from my lips as he peaks, spilling the reward of our quest inside me.

Slowly, I pull my nails from his back apologizing as he winces and he shrugs it off saying it was worth it.

“That was spectacular, Ms Hase,” he grins as he cups my face. “I think I might be in love with you.”

I grin as he says that, a chuckle leaving my lips. “Well, I’m 100% sure that I am in love with you Mr Blake.”

I peck his lip affectionately, stopping before it starts a round two and he groans. “Now let’s go before your mom comes looking for us.”

“Do we really have to?” he pouts before grinning ear to ear. “Can’t I make true on fucking you on a desk? We can pretend it really is yours.”

“Yes I’m sure,” I grin, pecking his lips. “Now get off me.”

He does as I request sulkily and we dress, freshening up in his bathroom before leaving his room. As we approach the living room we hear loud voices and I look up at him. He squeezes my hand soothingly and I nod as he leads me forward.

It’s time for me to meet the Blakes.

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