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Chapter 33

I slowly make my way into the kitchen, the smell and sound of bacon sizzling, causing my stomach to rumble.

Tiptoeing towards the island, I take a seat watching the master at work. Soft, upbeat music plays from the phone a few inches from me and I place my chin on my intertwined hands, enjoying the view before me.

The sunlight brightens the room, making everything look yellower, making the man before me almost look golden.

Johnattan flips the pancake in the frying pan swiftly before moving to another pot, stirring its contents. His muscles clench deliciously as he moves and I swear drool is trailing down my jaw by now. He manages to man three pots at once all while moving his body to Candy Shop by 50 cents which plays from his phone.

"I’ll take you the candy shop,” he sings as he flexes his hips suggestively forward, his sexy as fuck ass clenching in his tight fitting Calvin Klein underpants.

My jaw slackens almost falling to the ground as my skin heats up and my gut clenches as ripples of want pass through me. I watch him rock his hips and the hair on my skin rises as I imagine him doing that inside of me.

"I’ll let you pick a lollipop,” he moves his body as well as Channing Tatum in Magic Mike and I find myself fan-girling as my man gives me the most arousing private show at eight o’ clock in the morning.

He rocks his shoulders, his muscles clenching and I smile as I watch Johnattan get into his groove, looking happy and carefree.

As he turns around a pot in hand, he jumps in fright after noticing me staring almost in a trance and I stifle a laugh as he rests his free hand against his naked, toned chest.

“You scared me,” he says as he looks down at me and I grin, licking my lips.

“You arouse me,” I state with an appreciative gaze as my eyes give him a look over and he smirks before making his way towards the two plates on my left.

“Good morning babe,” he says as he sorts a generous amount of scrambled eggs in the plates.

“Good morning lover,” I reply as I watch him work his way around the kitchen, sharing our breakfast.

“Couldn’t you have stayed asleep a little longer? I wanted to give you breakfast in bed.”

“And miss that show?” I ask with a smirk. “No way, watching that tight ass of your flex was worth missing breakfast in bed.”

He grins, placing a plate in front and beside me with a glass of orange juice before slipping onto the stool next to me. “Well, if you want to see that, I’ll ensure a mirror is present the next time I’m buried in you. That way you’ll see everything.”

He leans towards me, placing a kiss on my lips and I smile deepening it as I slip my fingers into his hair.

“I’d love to take you up on that Blake,” I reply, pushing him away. “But right now this food looks more delicious than you.”

He feigns hurt as I ignore him, stuffing my face with eggs and after chewing and swallowing I kiss his cheek apologetically.

“I’m joking babe; you know I find you really appetizing.”

He shrugs me off with a ‘yeah, yeah’ and I return my attention to my plate, moaning as the taste makes my body sing.

“This is so good,” I say as I cut a piece of the blueberry pancake, drowning it in maple syrup and shoving it in my mouth.

“Shoot!” I mutter as syrups drips from my lips down to my cleavage – that is barely covered by Johnattan’s big, V-neck T-shirt.

I move to swipe it off with my finger when I feel Johnattan’s hand take hold of mine. I gaze up at him, his playful eyes catching my attention and my lips lift into a smile. The suggestive look in those eyes makes me giddy and I tilt my head to the side giving him a sultry gaze.

“Don’t do that, sweetheart,” he says as he moves closer to me so that his tongue may lick my lips clean of the syrup and I shiver in delight.

“Let me,” Johnattan says sweetly, looking me dead in the eyes and before I can utter a word his head dips and his hot, moist tongue darts out against my skin.

“Mhmm,” I moan as he licks the sticky substance from my breasts and my fingers tangle in his mess of dark hair holding him in place as I relish in feel of his tongue on me.

His tongue dips into my bosom and I release a breathy moan as his palm reaches up to cup my heavy breasts. I pull him closer feeling my need for him soak my thighs, my musky scent coating the room.

“Oh fuck, you smell so addicting,” he grunts out and I release a pant as my chest heaves and Johnattan groans against my skin sending vibrations through me as his lips continue to worship my breasts.

He palms my moulds, causing my nipples to stiffen to defined points beneath his top and he takes advantage of my body’s reaction, latching his teeth onto my nipple, tugging firmly.

A sharp cry escapes my lips enticing a smile from him and I moan as his hands slowly skim my sides moving lower and lower. In one quick move, he lifts me up, clearing the counter before placing me on the island top.

He releases my nipple, rising up to cup my face before planting the sweetest kisses on my lips and I giggle leaning into them. The lightness and happiness I feel when kissing him makes me giddy and my body gets high on it. His touches, kisses and soothing words are like drugs to me and like the addict I am, I can’t help but love them.

My hands grip his arms, my nails sinking into his biceps that clench as he gropes my ass. He places one ass cheek in each hand, reaching under my underwear to stroke me with his pinky fingers and I groan into the kiss. He pulls away trailing kisses across my jaw and down my neck earning gasps and pants from me as he sucks on my skin probably leaving love bites behind. He nozzles the marks he makes and I giggle as his hot breath tickles me neck.

“I’m sorry,” he softly whispers against my neck, pulling me from giddy land and I gently remove my hands from his biceps, trailing them up to his neck.

Slowly, I pull his face away from my neck so I can see him and as he opens his eyes the apologetic look in them becomes as clear as day. “I’m sorry about last night, Christi. You shouldn’t have gone through that. Watching him do that to you last night made me so mad and watching you toss and turn last night just made me feel pathetic. I couldn’t even protect you from my own father, how can I protect you from the horrors to come in the next two days?”

“Johnattan, it’s not your fault so you don’t need to apologize,” I say, kissing the inside of his wrist as my eyes flutter close briefly. “Your dad was just doing what he thought was right. It may have been in the most despicable way but I guess in his own twisted way he was protecting you.”

“That still doesn’t give him the right to–” I place my finger over his lips and he stops speaking.

“I said it’s okay. It’s harder to fight against your family than to fight against a stranger and to know that you stood up for me, calling your dad out on his shit really means a lot. I’m not afraid of meeting them in the next two days because I know you’ll be there to keep me save and in that I have no doubt,” I smile as I rub my thumb against his soft, swollen lips and his eyes glimmer with so much affection it nearly suffocates me.

“I love you so fucking much baby.” Johnattan confesses, crashing his lips with mine and I chuckle as our lips now hover millimetres away from each other’s.

“I love you to the moon and back, Johnny.” I say, rubbing our noses together before trailing my thumb over his lips provokingly. “Now, enough talking. You’re going to either put me down so we can eat our breakfasts or you can finish what you’ve started.”

He grins, taking my thumb between his lips while his hands move to massage my thighs, sending warmth to my core and I feel the wetness between them increase.

“How about we combine the two?” Johnattan suggests as he leans forward to kiss me again before I even have the chance to question him.

His hands lift his T-shirt over my head slowly and his appreciative gaze take in my bare breasts and pink panties. His gaze ravishes my body and at that moment I feel beautiful, priceless and like a piece of fine art being praised by his intense eyes.

Johnattan reaches out to grab the pancake syrup from beside me and I bite my lip seductively as he slowly squeezes the cold, sticky substance all over my chest. The coldness of the liquid causes my body to shiver as it drips down my stomach all the way down to coat the front of my underwear. He stands back, syrup in hand accessing his handy work and as his eyes hold mine he places his thumb between his lips sucking the syrup off it.

My thighs clench together as my pussy pulses and he eyes the movement slowly making his way towards me. Soon, I feel his hand in my hair, pulling my head backwards almost roughly and a throaty moan escapes my lips as he starts his teasing by lapping, sucking and nibbling the skin on my neck, sending blissful tingles through my body.

“Now, this is the most nutritious way start off your day,” he says as he begins to lick the syrup off my heaving chest and I can’t help but agree as he licks my body into oblivion.


“Ah, there they are,” the doctor says with a rich British accent and Johnattan grips my hand tightly as he stares at the screen entranced.

We are currently in a GYN’s office getting a proper pregnancy check-up. Johnattan had pulled a few strings to get us this appointment and thankfully we were able to get it for one o’ clock today.

Shan and Dimitri are too busy exploring the city, taking in the decor and indulging themselves in the various attractions here, so we’re on our own.

“They appear to be healthy and the right size for this phase of the pregnancy,” she says as I stare at a more recognisable image of the babies in my stomach.

The white blobs are more defined than last time and you can actually see them curled up in there looking all comfy.

It’s still a wonder to see them on the screen moving or lying around and I believe Johnattan feels the same because he hasn’t taken his eyes off them since they’ve popped up on that screen.

“They’re so small,” I hear him mutter from above me and I look up to see his face stricken with wonder, causing my smile to widen.

“Yeah they are,” I whisper giving his hand a gentle squeeze. “And they’re ours.”

He looks at me with glossy eyes and my heart flutters as I look up at my Adonis of a man. “They’re our babies...”

“Ours,” I smile, nodding my head and he stoops down to plant a kiss on my lips while caressing the side of my large stomach, affectionately.

Knowing Johnattan is as happy about the babies as I am warms me. After all that crap I went through with my dad, it’s nice to have someone finally share my wants on the topic. Someone who wants them as much as I do.

“So happy couple, would you like to know they’re genders?” Dr Scott asks us with a smile, interrupting our make out session and we pull away from our kiss.

“No, I would like it to be a surprise. How about you, lover?” I ask, tilting my head.

“I’m good with what you choose, baby,” he states and I giggle as he kisses my cheek.

“Well, okay.” Dr Scott replies as she stares at us with adoration. “Would you however, like an Ultrasound picture of the twins?”

“Yes,” we both answer instantaneously and the doctor chuckles, commenting on how cute we are before carrying on with her check-up.

A few minutes later I’m allowed to pull down my top and sit up in the chair as I listen to the GYN as she advises us about begin extra careful in the next few months of my pregnancy.

“Some sexual behaviours aren’t safe for any pregnant woman to take part in at certain stages or all stages of their pregnancy,” she states and we nod. “For example, if you have oral sex, your partner should not blow air into your vagina. Blowing air can cause an air embolism, i.e., a blockage of a blood vessel by an air bubble, which can be potentially fatal for mother and child.”

My cheeks burn a little as she says this and Johnattan replies shamelessly with a ‘noted’. I nudge him and he chuckles, giving me an apologetic smile.

“Secondly, you should not have sex with a partner whose sexual history is unknown to you, diseases may be passed to your baby, with potentially dangerous results.”

“All clean here,” Johnattan states and the doctor nods.

“Also, I’d recommend avoiding anal sex during pregnancy.”

“W-We don’t do that,” I state a little too quickly, a bit uncomfortable and Johnattan leans close to my ear.

“And whose fault is that?” Johnattan mutters and my eyes widen in shock.

“Johnattan!” I scold, punching him and he laughs fighting me off. The audacity of this man!

“I was just playing, Christi,” he grins and I huff.

“Well it wasn’t funny,” I say crossing my arms. He kisses my cheek and I huff like a perplexed child, pushing his face away from mine. Freak.

“Please continue doctor,” he says to an amused Dr Scott and I roll my eyes with a huff.

“Um, okay.... Significant complications can happen with your pregnancy; in such cases I normally advise against sexual intercourse. You don’t seem to be at risk but I prefer you both thread lightly from here on.”

We nod.

“Okay, now I have some questions for you. First one, do you have any history of miscarriage in your family?”

“No,” I say shaking my head. “But my mother had problems conceiving.”

“I see,” she says scribbling something down on her clipboard. “Any history of pre-term labour, like you’ve previously delivered a baby before 37 weeks or signs indicating the risk of pre-term labour (such as premature uterine contractions)?”

“No, but I’ve had an abortion before,” I reply, wringing my fingers and Johnattan places his arm around me comfortingly.

Again, she scribbles.

“Any unexplained vaginal bleeding, discharge, or cramping? Leakage of amniotic fluid? That’s the fluid that surrounds the baby.”

“No and no.”

“Have you been diagnosed with an incompetent cervix? This is basically a condition in which the cervix is weakened and dilates prematurely, raising the risk for miscarriage or premature delivery.”

“I’m not too sure,” I say lowly as dreads fills me. “After that abort my cervix was a mess. They had told me I wouldn’t be able to have a baby again. So it may be a possibility.”

It hadn’t even crossed my mind that my diagnosis of infertility by cervical issues could have caused any problems during my pregnancy. I was just so happy to be able to carrying them that my mind didn’t even register the dangers of me miscarrying or having a premature delivery. Hearing Dr Scott say that literally had stun me, here I am mostly worrying about being a bad mother when my babies may not even make it.

Johnattan notices my expression and tightens his arms around me, rubbing my back soothingly but as I look up at him I notice him worrying as well. The possibility had slipped us both.

“Um, well I’ll look into your medical history and run a few tests to get a better grasp on the situation. Many times, women with multiple foetuses have delivered prematurely and still have healthy babies. I’m sure you’ll be okay and your babies will be just fine,” she says soothingly after noticing my worry stricken face and I give her a feeble smile.

“I hope so,” I say looking up at Johnattan and he smiles, kissing my forehead.

“It’ll be okay,” he reassures me and with that we wrap up the check-up and start a few tests.


Slipping my top over my head, I stand and look at myself in the full length mirror.

My hands run from my wild, vanilla-chocolate curls to my puffier face that looks almost blotchy and red. They then move to my larger breasts, taking each in one hand, feeling how heavy they’ve become. I reach around, freeing my breasts from the confinement of my bra and my eyes study them noticing the little changes. My nipples are bigger and thicker, my areolas are darker and wider and my breasts are covered in dark freckles here and there.

My hands glide over my stomach and I look at and feel its firmness. My skin is taut there, my navel- which is an innie– is slightly protruding from my stomach and as I take in the size I can just imagine the stretch marks I’ll receive. They’ll be worth it though.

I notice and feel movement from the side of my stomach and giggle as one of my babies kicks. Soon, a few more bumps rise and fall all over my stomach and I can’t help, smiling as I stare down at my babies.

I close my eyes, hand on my stomach and I fight back tears as they threaten to fall. “Please lord let them be okay. No matter what it comes to, if it’s me or them please ensure they survive.”

Arms suddenly wrap around me and my eyes snap open to meet Johnattan’s which stare back at me through the mirror. His eyes are hard, sharp and I bite my lip nervously as he looks at me. Johnattan had never looked at me this way before, not since that night I told him I didn’t love him at the Villa.

"Don’t say that,” he says, his jaw clenched. “Don’t ever say that again. You will be okay; they will be okay. Don’t even think that one of you won’t make it. You’re strong Christina and if they’re anything like you they’re fucking strong too and they’ll fight to make it. Don’t think about the what-ifs, fight for them, pray and believe everything will be fine. Just please don’t... I won’t lose them and I can’t lose you.”

His hand cradles my stomach, pulling me to his chest as he says this and my eyes sting as I look at us in the mirror. He’s as distraught as I am, the pain in his eyes causes my heart to clench painfully and one by one the tears fall on my cheeks.

“Johnattan...” I croak and he swiftly spins me so my face is buried in his naked chest.

“I-I don’t want to lose them... I c-can’t,” I cry as my chest heaves violently. “It’ll break me... I can’t! I don’t w-want to have to choose b-but if comes to it... I won’t lose them.”

I pull away to look up at him as I say this and my lip trembles as I meet his tearful gaze. He reaches up to caress my face and I lean into it tightening my hold on him.

“It’ll be okay,” he says repeatedly and I feel like he’s trying to make himself believe it more than me.

I smile, kissing his palm as I repeat the same words, calming the storms brewing in his eyes. I need to be strong for us. All four of us.

“We’ll be okay.”


After helping me out of my pants, Johnattan scurries to the kitchen to make us something to eat. This is due to the fact that my stomach in the mist of your moment had decided to growl loudly, breaking the tension and Johnattan had then decided that he should cook so he can feed those hungry angels inside of me.

Sighing, I slip into an off the shoulder, loose dress that reaches my knees and try to pull my hair in a high ponytail, failing as strands fall in my face. I huff trying again when the shrill of the doorbell catches my attention. I move to get it since Johnattan is cooking but he calls outs, letting the visitor know he’s on his way and I shrug, bringing my attention to my hair.

Muffled voices speak rapidly from the hall and my brows furrow at the hostility coming from them. My mind wonders who it could be as they become higher and sharper.

It can’t be Dimitri and Shan because they’d text us to say they’re somewhere in China Town and won’t be back until tomorrow. So they’re out of the way.

I doubt his parents would come here either. Not a day after the incident, surely they know a day wouldn’t be enough for Johnattan to relax.

Or do they? As far as I can see Nathan doesn’t really know his son.

Slowly, I make my way out of the room and towards the hall, curiosity taking me over. The voices become clearer, the reason for the hostility becoming clearer and my blood boils as one sultry and high pitched voice catches my attention.

I grind my teeth in annoyance as that infuriating voice continues to speak, suggesting carnal things to my man and my fists clench at my side as I take dangerous steps towards the room.

That slut! What the fuck is she doing here? Can’t she take a fucking hint?!

I breathe in deeply as I reach the hall entrance and I unclench my hands, rolling my shoulders. I’m going at this all wrong. I need to have up a brave and confident front for that bitch, not a murderous one.

Slipping a fake smile on my lips, I step into the room taking in the scene.

Johnattan stands at the open door his naked back to me, his tense frame blocking the view of my prey and I mentally bare my claws as brunette curls peek out at me as Johnattan shifts uncomfortably to the side. Those green eyes look at Johnattan hungrily as he speaks and based on the gaze she’s giving him; I doubt she hears one fucking thing he says.

Don’t engage... Breathe... I mentally command myself as I feel my patience wearing thin.


My eye twitches as Johnattan’s back hits a wall abruptly, red nails pressing against my man’s chest and ruby red lips inches from his. I grunt distastefully when her red, two-piece lingerie peeks out of her black coat as she lifts a leg towards Johnattan who grips her arms roughly in disinterest and she smiles reading into it wrongly.

I clear my throat loudly as she tries to kiss him and they both freeze, heads turning my way. I raise a brow, hands clenched behind my back and with a stiff jaw.


“Am I interrupting something?” I ask sweetly with a tight smile but the disgust burns through my words.

Abruptly, Johnattan shoves a shocked Sidney off him and soon he starts making powerful strides towards me. The smell of something burning catches my nose and hold up my hand as he nears – stopping him in his tracks – before pointing to the kitchen.

“Food. Stove. Burning,” as I utter these words stiffly he curses rushing into the kitchen, leaving little ole quick fuck and I alone.

Not one of his best ideas.

“Oh look Santa came early this year... and he brought us a little ho ho ho,” I say as I lean onto a wall, my eyes running over her sluttish attire. What’s with this slut and red? “What do you want quick fuck? Well, other than to get into my boyfriend’s pants.”

Sidney slowly crawls from off the floor observing me, her face stuck in that shock stricken look. A few minutes pass and I grow annoyed at the lack of reaction. Shuffling to my left telltale that Johnattan is back and I look at his shirt clad chest with a pleased smile. At least he had the decency to wrap it up.

“Babe, it’s not what it looks like,” he says as he approaches.

“Really now...” I muse playfully. “So you weren’t trying to fight her advances off?”

“Okay, maybe it is,” he says in relief as he wraps his arm around my waist before pecking my temple and I kiss his neck ignoring our uninvited guest whose face scrunches up in disgust.

"You knocked her up?!” Sidney screeches in horror and fury and we side glance her with aggravated expressions.

Oh, so now she speaks.

“I did not knock her up,” Johnattan says seething with anger at the crude remark and is about to say something else when she cuts in.

“Oh, you scared me. Thought you actually banged her up,” she replies with a relieved laugh, hand on her chest before her eyes narrowed at me. “So, wait if it’s not yours then what the fuck is she doing here knocked up with another man’s child in your home?”

I look at her taken aback. This bitch actually thinks I’ve been fucking around and got knocked up by another man. My skin heats up and I clench my fists as I try to resist the urge to go over there and deck that bitch.

“Sidney shut up,” Johnattan says pulling away from me to take a dangerous step towards her but she disregards him.

“I mean I’m all for helping the needy but what you need to do is put her whoring ass in a homeless shelter where they are trained to handle people like her.”

"Sidney,” Johnattan bellows gripping her arm tightly and she looks up at him with narrowed eyes. ”Shut it.”

She rips her arm away from him, a suggestive smile forming on her lips as she takes a step towards him seductively and I lose it big time.

"That’s it!” I say sharply as I make my way towards them and push Johnattan to the side so I’m glaring at the little slut. “I don’t get what your fucking obsession is about with my man but you need to let it the fuck go! He doesn’t want your slutty ass; he doesn’t give a fuck about you. He. Loves. Me!”

Sidney’s face twist with sick humour as I say this and she steps closer so she’s up in my face, causing me to snap. “You better back the fuck up if you want to keep that face intact.”

The promise in my voice must have steeped into that tough head of hers because she slowly backs up before uttering words that nearly causes her to get her ass handed to her.

“Love you?” she asks incredulously. “He wanted to marry me! He was engaged to me!”

"Was, being the keyword.”

“Ha, that means nothing he stills wants me!”

“That I highly doubt.” I say dismissively, rolling my eyes.

“Oh really now?” Sidney grins provokingly, crossing her hand against her chest. “Since you’re so high and mighty show me your ring.”

“Sidney,” Johnattan warns from behind me but doesn’t make any move to interfere. He knows this is my fight and respects that.

“You don’t have one do you?” I glare at her as she holds up a diamond ring, flashing it in my face with a grin. “He got down on his knees for me... both before and after he’d proposed. What has he done for you but fuck you like the slut you are?”

Oh, fuck no.

Before it even registers in my brain, my fist flies up nailing Sidney right in her nose, causing her to topple to the ground beneath me. I hear Johnattan curse under his breath as his arms wrap around me holding me back before I try to break her face again and protecting from an agonizing Sidney.

Sidney kicks out as she covers her nose wailing in pain and I grin at the pitiful sight. Johnattan carefully pulls me away and I allow him to. Sidney frantically gets to her feet, hand over a bloody nose and her eyes burn in anger as she sees my grin.

Well, doesn’t she bounce back quickly, look like those butt implants were worth it.

“You bitch!”

She charges forward in rage but before she can touch me Johnattan blocks her path.

“That bitch broke my fucking nose!” Sidney screeches as she tries to get pass Johnattan. “How dare you protect her! You whoring bitch, I’ll fucking kill you!”

I grimace, disgusted as she spits the insults from her mouth, hands being flung about wildly in struggle and blood running from her nose to her chin.

This is supposed to be the woman representing us women? Protecting our rights and empowering us? You have to be kidding me.

“You are pathetic you know that?” I say, voicing my thoughts as I look her dead in the eyes. “You claim to be a woman rights and empowerment advocate but in truth you are just really a pathetic excuse for woman. You chase after a man that broke it off with you. A man that moved on. A man that’s starting a family with someone that’s not you! A man that doesn’t want you.”

Sidney’s eyes widen in surprise and hurt and her arms go limp as she stops struggling against Johnattan but still I continue.

“Why are you so hooked on marrying Johnattan? Is it for the money? Is it for the publicity or is it for love? Or is it because of his dick?” I ask, mockingly.

She pulls away from him sluggishly, her now blazing eyes trained on me and her lips part to reply but I cut her off.

"Money isn’t everything and you don’t need a man to be successful... You of all people should now that. Women are powerful beings and can do anything they put their minds to, Sidney. We don’t need to depend on a man, it’s okay to respect, want and appreciate their presence but not become dependent on them... You go up on podiums talking about how strong women are and how they should think highly of themselves when you don’t even do that yourself,” I state with a scold and her head lowers with glossy eyes.

“Even if you say you love him Sidney, love is not a one-way street. If he doesn’t carry the same feelings for you anymore, don’t fucking chase him. Move the fuck on! Make him see that he made the biggest mistake of his life by letting you go and living your life. Don’t cling to him, it gives him power over you and don’t allow him to control you. As hard as it is you need to let this go and move on. That ring is nothing but cold metal around your finger. It now means nothing, don’t let it fool you or hold you down. Leave things of the past in the past and go find your happiness in your future.”

I sigh, exasperated as my chest heaves rapidly, my anger fading. I look at her with a look of disappointment and she diverts her eyes a look of denial taking over her features.

Soon, that aggressive look in her eyes spark up and I roll my eyes. “Who the fuck do you think you are, telling me to let go? You’re the one that has him, not me! So isn’t it kind of hypocritical to tell me to let go of someone just because you want them?!”

She looks at me expectantly and I shrug dismissively. “You know what, do whatever the fuck you like. I’ve been there and I know what’s it like but if you’re too stupid to listen to me go ahead. Sue me for punching you. Ridicule me because you’re older than me and think I know not of what I speak of. Hell, even sit around for the rest of your life waiting on a man that’ll never come back to you. It’s your life do what suits you but let me tell you this. If you ever try to come between my children and their father, I will do so much more than break your nose.”

I turn my glare away from her now sullen face to look at Johnattan who had turned to his side during the confrontation to look at me. Drowsiness takes me over and I fail at suppressing a yawn, covering my mouth quickly.

Damn, all that talking made me sleepy, made us sleepy.

“Okay, that’s enough playing Doctor Phil. I’m going to take a nap. Johnattan see your guest out and come cuddle with me in our bed when you’re done.”

He nods stiffly, eying me warily silently asking if I’m okay and I shrug with a lopsided smile.

I turn around beginning my walk to the bed room but before I exit the hall I wave my hand to Sidney with a grin. “Bye quick fuck. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”


“So let me get this straight... she showed up at Johnattan’s apartment?” Shan asks as her eyes skim cross the dresses on the rack in front of us before holding up a yellow one.

“Ahuh,” I state as I look up shaking my head.

“In red lingerie?” She holds up a blue one with ruffles on the shoulders and I shake my head.

“Ahuh,” I reply, before addressing the dress. “I’m already bloated ruffles will just make me look bigger.”

“Okay,” she shrugs putting it back on the rack. “She also had the indecency to wave that bogus engagement ring in your face?”

“Ahuh,” I say looking at the white maternity gown in front of me in awe.

“And you decked her?” Shan asks as she comes to my side.

“Yup,” I point to the dress and she nods.

“That’s my girl,” Shan grins, holding up her hand for a hi-five and I chuckle, giving her one. “Also that dress is beautiful, a bit dressy though.”

“Then it’s perfect,” I say taking it off the rack and placing it with the other three dresses. “It’s a masquerade party and knowing my father it’ll be over the top.”

Shan shrugs taking the dresses from me before leading me to a dressing room and proceeding to help me into a dress.

Today’s the day. I have approximately seven hours before the party and I’m anxious. It’s not like my father to reach out to me, period and even if he wanted to speak to me we could meet in more secluded places away from the eye of the public. He has always been wary of his image so why invite me to an engagement party.

His and Rudana’s engagement party.

At first when I’d read the invitation I thought I was seeing doubles but that wasn’t the case. My younger sister by two years – yes my father got her while cheating on my mom – is marrying my senior by three years and the man I absolutely despise, Liam Goldman.

Cue stares of disbelief.

Father must be out of his damn mind, marrying off his nineteen-year-old daughter to that twenty-four-year-old monster... it’s disgusting.

“Come on Christi, push your hands through the sleeves,” Shan instructs and I obey, coming out of my thoughts.

Minutes later, she zips up the royal blue dress and I study it. The off the shoulder design is nice; the colour complements my skin but the tightness doesn’t work with my bloated situation.

"I like the top but the fit isn’t ideal,” Lexi’s voice calls out from the phone and I look down at the phone resting against my bag.

"I agree,” Chev pipes in from beside her and I nod, running my hand over the dress.

“No, this isn’t it,” I inform Shan and she nods agreeing with us before helping me to change.

"So how are the boys doing? Especially Johnattan, he must be livid after that incident in his apartment.” Lexi says her now chubbier face becoming larger on my phone screen. ”I still can’t believe you punched her."

“Me neither,” I say clenching my bandaged fists. Initially when I’d punched Sidney the anger had caused the pain to subside but as I had laid in bed it came back with a vengeance. “But she deserved it. Women like her makes us look bad.”

"Tell me about it,” Chev says in agreement. ”Edward has an entire army of them trying to get him back and they’re all so damn desperate. So far all they’ve done is call nonstop... but if they ever show up at his place while I’m there they’ll be sure to leave with a face reconstruction courtesy of my fist."

At that we laugh but we don’t doubt it, Chev next to Lexi is the most violent of us.

“I’m still shocked she didn’t press charges. I mean the girl basically loathes you,” Shan says as she places me in another gown and I shrug.

“Johnattan said he took care of it and I was too sleepy to question even how.”

They all nod.

Honestly, I didn’t care either to know either. After he’d kicked Sidney out, he had entered the room with warm water, bandages, rags and disinfectant to clean my bloody knuckles. He’d then cuddled next to me in the bed and whispered soothing words to my stomach until I fell asleep.

He has already chosen me and I know this.

“To answer your question Lex, they’re fine. They’re actually shopping a little father down for suits,” Shan answers as she zips up a jade green gown on me.

I love the silky look but that’s basically it. The colour doesn’t work for me and the design is not appealing.

"That colour reminds me of barf,” Chev comments her face popping on the screen with a grimace and we laugh.

“She has a point,” Shan says, helping me out of it.

The girls and I had decided that even though they aren’t here – since Lexi is on bed rest and Chev is watching over her – it’d be nice to video chat so they can help with dress shopping. Lexi and I had done it numerous times so it was a norm for us.

“So how are you feeling?” I ask looking through the mirror at Lexi.

"Better, surprisingly Edward can cook and because of that I haven’t had to witness the horror that is Chev’s cooking so, I’m living.”

"Hey! I can cook edible food!” our friend pouts.

“Chev not because Roxie ate your horrible leftovers and didn’t die means it’s edible. Dogs have a strong stomach and plus when she came to our home after eating it she was constipated for the entire night,” Shan states bluntly and Chev glares.

“You fed my Roxie your poison?!” I ask in horror and Chev now directs her glare to me.

"Oh shut it, she’s alive isn’t she?” Chev grunts and at this we all laugh.

Shan steps to the side away from the mirror to give the others a clear view of the dress I’m now in and as my eyes sweep over it my throat lumps up.

It’s breath-taking.

"Yes,” Chev grins. ”That’s your dress.”

“I agree with poison chef over there, this is your dress,” Shan says, earning a scoff from Chev as her eyes roam my body.

"You look gorgeous, Chrissie,” Lexi states and I keep eye contact with her image on the phone, through the glass.

“But it’s white–”

“And what does that have to do with anything?” Shan asks.

“White means purity and I’m –”

"Chrissie, it’s just a colour and it’s not the only colour on it either.” But it covers the majority of it. ”That dress is spectacular and you are going to wear it regardless. You may not be pure in body but you are pure in heart and that’s the best kind of pureness there is."

"Amen sister,” Chev states from beside my bed ridden friend and I smile brightly with confidence.

“This is my dress,” I state and all the girls scream yes.

“Finally! Now it’s my time,” Shan grins as she helps me out of the dress. “I’m thinking something along the lines of succubus or an assassin. We can pair up; I’ll be the yang to your ying. The black or red to your white.”

She grins at me as she says this and I chuckle. “I’m not sure how your Dimitri and my Johnattan may react to that. They’ll feel left out.”

“Oh please, they’d have field day. Two beautiful women on each other what’s not to like? We’ll even be swingers.”

This child.

“No, no I’ll pass. No offense but your man just doesn’t do it for me,” I say with a shrug.

Cue the jaw drop.

"Oh damn,” Lexi and Chev sings from the phone. ”You just got served.”

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