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Chapter 36

I stuff popcorn in my mouth, licking my buttery fingers as my eyes stay glued to the TV screen.

"Don’t get out,” Lexi scolds from the iPhone in front of me and I mentally roll my eyes at her terrified tone.

The men walk out of the vehicle onto the snowy road and I yawn as the scary instrumental plays in the background.

“Get back into the car,” Lexi hisses and I look at the screen to find her gripping a pillow to her chest.

Minutes later said car is found to be suspiciously wrecked and Lexi curses. ”You stupid idiots. Didn’t I tell you to get back into the car...? Dumb woman she caused this...who lets her teenage daughter out in a snow storm...?”

I want to ask her if she’s aware that they can’t hear her but I desist.

The men slowly back away from the car and the eerie instrumental grows in sound. A lump forms in the snow travelling full speed to the men and Lexi yells for them to shoot it. As if hearing her the big, bald guy starts to shoot at the thing moving beneath the snow and as he ceases fire it disappears. He looks around warily with the thinner man and suddenly something latches on to the bald guy’s leg.

Lexi screams surprised and I can’t help but laugh.

Today Lexi and I have decided to indirectly watch a movie together. Unfortunately, I’m still in New York so Lexi and I haven’t seen each other in person for a week now so, to make it up we decide to watch the same movie at the exact same time and have a Netflix and chill thing.

The movie we’re watching - Krampus- was my choice seeing as though we’d just watched Get Hard which was Lexi’s choice.

My best friend glares at me from the phone screen as I laugh at her outburst. “It’s not funny Christina. Are you trying to scare this kid out of me with these movie suggestions?”

“It’s not even scary,” I protest with a grin. “I saw that coming from a mile away.”

"Well it’s scary to me and now the little squirt is trying to kick his way out of my womb.” Lexi moves the camera to show me her stomach where little bumps were rising and falling.

Alexis is in a yellow maternity dress that holds her larger breasts in place while loosely flowing around her midriff and legs. Her now straightened hair is in a braid on her shoulder and beside her there is a bowl of popcorn fill to the brim.

“Oh, your baby’s making money moves in the belly,” I joke, gushing and Lexi laughs.

"You follow Cardi B way too much,” she says shaking her head.

"Awoh!” she suddenly cries and her hand instinctively moves to her stomach caressing it. A look of pain and discomfort crosses her face and I frown worry etched into my features.

“You okay there Lex?”

"Yeah, the little squirt is just a little jumpy," she replies with a forced smile. ”So have you guys decided when you’re coming back to Cali?”

“I’m not sure,” I state honestly.

It’s been a hectic week since we’ve arrived here. Prior to the incident at the engagement party, Johnattan and I had stayed over at my dad’s for the first two days. Dad has kept his promise when he said Liam wasn’t going to get away with it and the next morning the police was at the house questioning us in relation to the attack.

Rudana had volunteered to be a witness to the exchange between Liam and I seeing she was the one that alerted the others. That night she’d called off their engagement and her mother was hysterical. It took my father threatening her gold digging ass for her to let it go and she was still bitching afterwards.

The fact that cameras were installed in the halls helped our case. They had recorded the fight between Liam and I as well as Johnattan and Liam. Johnattan was viscous that night, Liam hadn’t even managed land a punch on him.

Along with this Shan and Dimitri’s hall wonder was recorded and Shan had nearly turned the colour of her outfit when it came up on the TV in the hall.

After pressing charges against Liam he was arrested by the officers and thanks to the links dad had at the precinct and court house we had a court summoning in two days’ time.

That day was one of the most stressful days of my life. I had to testify against Liam and the accusation of rape from two years ago came up. His father who was his lawyer wanted to discard this accusation but the fact that I had visited the hospital after the ordeal and had a rape search done knocked his idea out the park. Because of the new information coming to light the judge scheduled another court day in two months’ time but luckily for us Liam was dubbed too dangerous to let roam the streets so he was going to be locked up until the court day.

That all happened yesterday and today I am home alone because Johnattan needed to go into the office and Shan and Dimitri had to travel back to Cali for business. Johnattan didn’t want to leave me alone but after arguing with him, he reluctantly caves when I threatened to hold back on sex... He’s sweet and all but at the end of the day he was still a man and men love their sex.

"Well, I’m happy that asshole is finally getting what he deserves. You’d think after two years the bastard would move on... He’s as sick as Samoya,” Lexi huffs our movie forgotten. ”Speaking of Samoya had you told Johnattan that you’ve decided against sending him-her-whatever to jail?”

“I haven’t gotten around to it,” I say wringing my buttery fingers. “With everything that’s going on I forgot to tell him.”

"Forgot?” Lexi asks with a raised brow. ”He’s going to flip when he finds out and it’s not from you."

A door opening and closing harshly catches my attention and at that moment I feel a nauseating feeling in my gut and I know something bad is going to happen.

“Lexi I think you just jinxed me!” I whisper-cry in fright.

Thunderous steps make their way through the halls and Johnattan’s voice calling out for me send chills- not the good kind- down my spine.

"Oh, shit,” Lexi says with wide eyes.

“I’ll call you back,” I cancel the call and move my legs to the side of the bed as the bedroom door is ripped open.

Johnattan stands before me in a charcoal black suit, blue undershirt and black tie with a confused yet furious look on his face.

“Christina,” he says my name with restrained anger and I stare up at him cautiously.

“Johnattan calm the hell down,” I say as I move slowly towards him. “It’s been a horrible week and you’re stressed out but calm down before start this with me.”

I stare at him with an unwavering glare and the fury in his eyes fades but not fully.

“Why am I just hearing from the officer in charge of Sam’s arrest that you’ve decided not to press charges but rather send him to a mental facility?” Johnattan breathes through his nostrils heavily as he speaks with clench jaws and I sigh before hesitantly taking his hand.

He flinches a bit but it doesn’t stop me. I caress his hand trying to calm him but he doesn’t. He wants an answer now.

“I dropped them the day we visited Lexi in the hospital after she woke up... after I visited him.”

“You did what?!” he bellows yanking his hand from mine and glare at him.

“You need to calm the fuck down and let me explain!” I shout back.

“Calm down?! I’ve been up and down all this week trying to put that bastard in jail for harming you and now I find out you let Sam off the hook! I have a right to be mad. Christina he tried to kidnap you, he threatened to rape you!”

“And you think I don’t know that?! I’m the one all those things you’ve been trying to punish them for happened to. Liam deserved to rot in jail like the scum he is but not Sam. He has a mental problem Johnattan. That day I visited he was high on medication. He talked about me about everything floating around his head. About how the voices told him to do it... He’s not stable and placing him in jail would have been dangerous,” I say taking a deep breath afterwards.

Johnattan stares at me his chest rising and falling as he calms down and I can see the remorse in his eyes.

“James fuelled his obsession and having support in his crazy thoughts made him do that. James can do his time and pay for this actions and so should Sam but he needs special attention that’s why I pushed for a rehab over jail.”

By time I’m done saying that I sit on the bed winded. As I breathe deeply, Johnattan takes a seat beside me and hesitantly wrap his arm around my shoulder. I allow him to pull me to his chest and I snuggle into his embrace as he tucks my head under his chin.

“I’m sorry for yelling diosa... but I didn’t know how to feel when I found out you hid this from me...”

“I should have told you but with everything that was happening...”

“I know, I know,” he states pecking my forehead. “Just don’t ever keep something like this from me again. We’re a couple, a team soon to be a family and we need to trust each other.”

“I know,” I sign as I wrap my arms around his waist. “Forgive me?”

“I will if you’ll me for yelling at you,” he states and I nod.


After that abrupt uproar Johnattan and I settle in his room and have our little own Netflix and chill. We select the movie Two Night Stand and we cuddle closer to each other with popcorn, bottles of water, cheese dips, Doritos, chocolate... this man is trying to make me bigger than I already am.

Believe it or not we did finish all that before the movie was finished and afterwards fell into a well-deserved slumber.

My dreams are peaceful and blank. My mind is relaxed and faraway from the troubles of my life. It is nice for the first couple hours to be able to sleep thoughtless and stress-less but after a while there is an annoying ringing in my ear. My eyes squint as I try to ignore the sound but it becomes louder as I become more aware of its presence.

Groaning, I lazily roll away from the large, hot body beside me - also known as Johnattan - and reach other to the nightstand where the obnoxious ringing is coming from.

The digital clock on the stand reads 2:30 a.m. and I release another groan. Who could be calling at such a time?

I grab the phone and answer it as Johnattan groans and rolls over to me slinging his hands over my waist.

“Who is it?” he asks with a yawn.

As I listen to the hollers on the other end of the phone I freeze, my heart hammering in my chest. Oh, fuck. Johnattan feels the change and uses his arms to push him up to my face.

“Christina, what’s wrong?” he asks in a husky voice.

The person on the other end calls my name and curse me in every known tongue to answer her and I shake my head my brain processing the news.

“W-We’re on our way,” I manage to choke out as my body jerks out of its frozen state.

I end the call and frantically pull myself away from the bed yelling for Johnattan to get dress.

“What’s the matter?” he demands as he pulls on a pair of jeans.

“We need to get to California now,” I state as I fumble with the buttons of my top. “Call your pilot or someone we need to be in the air tonight!”

He moves towards me and cups my face urging me to breathe and I calm down slightly. He asks me what’s wrong once more and the words Chev yelled at me repeats in my head.

“Izzy! Oh my god you need to get here now! Oh my god! Lexi is having the baby now!”

I look at him with wild eyes and he freezes as the words leave my mouth. “Lexi is going into labour.”

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