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Chapter 7


Sitting by desk I write lazily at my paperwork. A yawn is released from my mouth and my eyes droop but I don’t feel like stopping anytime soon.

I have work to do.

This seems to have become my new catchphrase for the last couple months. Even when I finish majority of the work I have and sleep is knocking at my door I end up staying late at work. It’s depressing here yes but at home is worse and today is above all one of the worst days to be there just because she’s not there.

I close my pen and sit back. My hand runs through my messy hair which matches my rugged appearance. My white shirt is rolled up to my elbows, the waist of my shirt is out of my grey pants and my jacket is thrown somewhere on the ground – it landed there after the first hour on overtime.

July 6.

A frown adorns my lips as I look at the standing calendar on my desk. It is her birthday today and how am I spending it? I’m at work trying to bury myself in work but find it’s far too boring to do so but I have to bare it. It’s better than going home and being plagued by reminders of her.

Christina Isabelle Hase.

What I would give to have her here in my arms. To be kissing her, holding her close to my heart, making love to her or just to fucking see her. Her taunting lips as they lift into a smile, her beautiful hazel eyes and her body. That body which I worshipped. That I’m missing.

No amount of help from Palmela and her five daughters could help out my cases. Every time she pops in my head and I start thinking about us together, so close together that no amount of wetness can escape through our bodies my dick stands and refuses to go down.

It missed her as much as I do. I know they say if you follow your dick you’ll fall in some fucked up places. In this case my dick actually knows what’s best for me and getting her back in my arms and me in her is best.

They say that if you don’t know what you have you’ll lose it, I know what I had, her, the most beautiful woman in the world to me. So explain to me why did I lose her?

A knock comes from the wooden door and I tell the person to enter.

Gale, my secretary walks in with a smile too bright for anyone working overtime and closes the door behind her.

She’s 5′5" with blond pixie hair, a curvy physique and sun kissed skin. Her eyes drift over to an area on the tiled floor and she smiles shaking her head. She walks over to that area which is near to my sofa and takes up my jacket placing it on top of the sofa.

“Mr Blake, I didn’t quite imagine you as a sloth,” she teases as she makes her way to my desk her red stilettos tapping on the floor.

“I’m not–” I start and she leans over to me with a brow raised and her white top revealing her black bra. “Usually. I’m having an off day.”

She smiles at him before pouting. “Anything I can do?”

I look at her posture and it’s obvious what she wants. Did I want it? Yes. From her though? Not a chance. My body may be deprived but I don’t think it’ll succumb to her taunting so easily.

“No I’m quite fine,” I say in dismissal.

She furrows her brows and shakes her head with that seductive smile on her face. She walks over to my side of the desk and plants her ass on my desk.

My eyes move to her ass and my already throbbing erection – from imagining myself making love to Christina – jumps a bit. Smooth, firm and plump... damn she has a piece of...

No stop it... It’s the horniness talking.

I shake my head and she smirks hiking her black skirt up to her mid-thigh. My eyes follow the movement and trail up her golden, soft legs and my dick twitches at the tease.

“Are you sure Mr Blake?” She asks as she places her hands on the desk and pushes her breasts higher.

She moves her hand over to grab my thigh and I jump up like she stung me. She stands in surprise as I walk towards the door. Fuck her!

I grab the door opening it and point outside. “Gale, please leave.”

God, my dick is killing me! She needs to get the fuck out now or I won’t be able to help myself.

She shakes her head with a smile as she takes off her top and stares at me with daring green eyes. My eyes trails her chest and I feel my fight losing its strength.

She clears my desk – causing the objects to fall and chatter – while bending over it and my dick twitches so fucking much at the view of her ass. She hikes herself onto the table facing me with her legs spread.

“If you want it, come and get Mr Blake. This is just a little fun,” she smirks.

Kick her out...

My eyes drift to her round, perky mounds that shine in the city lights.

Kick her...

Those long legs, toned and thick.

Kick her... Oh fuck this!

In five quick strides I’m in front of her she smiles in accomplishment but I don’t return it. I grab her hair fisting it and tug her head back to which she grunts.

“You kiss my mouth, we stop,” I state but she doesn’t reply. “Are we fucking clear?!”

“Yes,” she rasps.

“Yes who?”

“Yes Mr Blake,” she answers and I give a small smirk.

I dip my lips to her neck kissing her soft skin and she moans on contact her lips trembling. She’s too easily to control. No challenge.

My other hand slips into her bra massaging her breast and her hands tighten on the desk top as she releases a pant.

“More,” she beg licking her pink lips.

I pinch her nipple and she cries out in pain. “Don’t speak.”

I move my lips to her chest and her legs clamp around me as I nibble her skin. I close my eyes releasing her hair and moving my hand to her other breast. I tease her mounds provoking the turmoil brewing inside her. Her body starts to heat up, goose bumps rising on her skin and her body jutting with every touch.

She’s too fucking easy.

With nothing but her moans and pants in my ears I let my imagination do its work. She’s not enough she can never satisfying me. How can I settle for less when I’ve experienced the best? I need her...

I kiss her breast and she moans in appreciation, a moan of a woman receiving exactly what she craves. I lick between her mounds and she grabs my hair pulling me closer. I bite down on her harden pebble and she juts as she creams in her panty. She pulls at my hair and I groan in arousal.

“Johnny,” my Christi calls.

I take her breast in my mouth sucking it roughly. She likes it this way, she loves the control. She curses my name, her legs hooking around my waist pulling us down on the desk so that my erection is against her wet wanting core. I kiss her neck feverishly as my hands torture her breasts causing her to fling her head back. I kiss, suck and lick her chest rubbing my erection against her.

“Oh fuck Christi,” I whisper as she pants her body quickening it’s pace.

She tightens her hold on me, panting trashing and I know what is near to come. She grabs my shoulders, kissing my neck before crying out and as soon as she comes I come back to my senses. Now I finally understand what Lil Wayne meant.

I pull away from her disgusted. How could I have done that? Imagine her to be Christina? Christina’s body is stronger, she doesn’t break so quickly and she’s demanding, controlling, taking what she wants. How could I have even imagine Gale as her? How could I have done that to Christina? Degrade her to such a low level of sexual restraint. How will I ever explain this to her? She will castrate me when I tell her, she won’t forgive me.

Gale pants in front of me coming back from her orgasm, she look up at me with satisfaction in her eyes and smiles.

“Get out,” I say as I walk away from her.

I fist my hair in annoyance what am I going to tell her when we meet again? Why the fuck did I just give into temptation? Christina will never forgive me. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

“We didn’t even fuck yet,” she protests and I fist my hair tighter. Hearing her annoying voice just makes me feel guiltier than I already am.

“We’re not going to fuck. Get out,” I state as I turn to face Gale.

She pouts like a child before hopping off the desk and walking towards me swinging her hips. “Come on I know you wanna...”

She places her hand on my shoulder and that makes all my self-anger grow of control. Can’t this bitch take a fucking hint?

“I said get the fuck out of my office before I fire your slutty ass!”

She jumps back with her eyes wide. Her never faltering smile drops and hard scowl replaces it. She turns on her heels, grabs her top before returning to me.

“Fine Boss," she seethes. “But know this will never happen again. You missed your chance to fuck all this!”

I never want it to happen again.

“Fine with me,” I reply dismissively. “And if I want to fuck that all I had to do was pull up on the corner of a street and produce five dollars. I’m sure your services don’t cost more than that.” She stares in deep hatred but bites her tongue.

“I thought so, now leave,” I state and she huffs making her way through the door and slamming it shut.

I sigh as my phone rings not giving me a moment to myself and I pick it up without glancing at the caller ID in expiration.

“Hello, Blake speaking.”

“Hey Jacobs speaking. When are you coming home?” Alexis asks in a neutral voice.

I groan I want to avoid just that. “Soon, I’ve got work to deal with.”

“You’ve been working overtime for two months now. You need to come home and rest early plus you need to be here today we’re celebrating her birthday,” Alexis says breathing hardly, she’s been short winded since her fifth month.

“Don’t you need a birthday person to celebrate a birthday?” I ask trying to discourage her.

“I’ve never missed her birthday since college and I don’t plan to miss it now,” she points out, sounding a bit better. “Just come home.”

“I can’t.”

“Johnattan come home!” She all but screams.


“Johnattan,” she says with a deadly serious voice.

“Lexi I can’t–” the sound of something dropping and splashing caught my attention causing me to freeze. “Lexi?”

“Water... floor,” she pants out in a terrified voice.

Fuck! She’s just six months! Why the hell does the baby want exit now?! She needs to go to the hospital!

I rush from my chair, grabbing my jacket and rush out the office. “Hold on Lexi I’m coming. Try to keep him in!”

This night just keeps getting better and better.

“Hurry,” she says as I step into the elevator ignoring a salty looking Gale.

Hold on little Jacobs.


“Lexi!” I yell as I enter the apartment.

I make my way through the living room to the kitchen. I sigh when I find Lexi on a stool patting her stomach. She looks up at me with a smile as I step in.

“Finally you’re here,” she says standing up, pulling down her blue sweater over her black sweats.

I look her over with an unamused look. “You lied on the phone.”

She smiles mischievously. “Actually I didn’t. Some water fell to the floor yes, from a cup falling. You’re the one that took it as my water breaking.”

“But you didn’t have a problem allowing me to believe so,” I accuse.

She rolls her eyes. “You needed to leave the office. By the way next time call the ambulance to pick me up and meet me at the hospital. This is for an occasion that we’re not together.”

“Noted and I had work,” I argue.

“And now you don’t. Come help with the cake,” she says as she wobbles towards the refrigerator.

“Cake?” I ask in confusion as I pull off my jacket placing on a stool and following her.

She opens the refrigerator door pointing to the bottom shelf. I bend taking out a small round cake. I place it on the island before observing it. It’s in a clear container, the cake is covered in white frosting, by the scent I’m guessing chocolate, there’s ‘Happy Bday Chrissie’ written in red jelly and cherries circling it.

The sound of utensils chattering catches my attention and I spin to see Alexis wobbling towards me with two plates, two forks and a knife.

“I’ll take that,” I say reaching over for the items and prying the knife away from her hands.

She stale faces me and I shrug. “Accidents happen.”

She rolls her eyes walking around the island to take a seat. “Well since you have the knife you cut the cake.”

I’m about to object when she jumps up suddenly. “Candles! I almost forgot.”

She walks out of the room whispering a ‘be right back’ before leaving me alone. I stare at the cake with a small smile. Christina loves chocolate I can just imagining her eyes lighting up as she gazes at this cake.

I slump against the island in defeat. What am I going to tell Christina? I nearly fucked my secretary, I should have more control than that! God, how will she react? One weak moment that may cost me the woman I love, the only bright side is that I didn’t fuck her. But I facilitated her ideas and I completed the deed halfway. Fuck! I’m screwed without even screwing her.

“I’m back,” Lexi says as she walks back in with a lighter and candles.

I walk up to her and pry the items from her grasp. She looks at me with a murderous expression and I shrug.


“Yeah, yeah accidents happen,” she interrupts while walking to towards the cake. “I’m sorry for your kids if you ever become a fa–”

She stops herself before she says that word and looks around at me with sympathy in her eyes. “I didn’t mean... I shouldn’t have... I’m sorry Johnattan.”

I give her a small smile. “It’s okay, it doesn’t matter if I can’t have a child with Christina, I’m happy as long as I have her.”

She smiles back and I shrug. “Plus when that little Tasmanian devil inside your tummy comes out I’m gonna practically adopt him. Uncle Johnny, I actually like the sound of that.”

“Of course you would,” she smiles. “Okay, light this baby up and let’s blow out the candles.”

I do as she says and soon the pink and white ‘21’ candles sit aflame on top of the cake.

“Okay, blow them out,” she instructs and I shake my head.

“I really shouldn’t,” I say as I attempt to move away from the cake.

I’ve just nearly fuck my secretary and now I’m here making a wish for her birthday? I can’t.

“Johnattan, it’s okay,” Lexi starts with a knowing look. “Did you have sex with her?”

I look at her shocked but she just brushes it off. “Lipstick on your collar.”

I nod my head in understanding. I brush off the anger of knowing that she left a mark and answer Lexi’s question because she looks like she’s about ready to throw me in a pit with alligators. “No I didn’t. I may have played around a bit but I didn’t have sex with her.”

She sighs in relief at that revelation. “That means I won’t have to cut off your dick and feed it to Roxie. You have one lucky dick Johnattan...”

“Thanks?” I say unsure how to reply.

She shakes her head with a wondering look. “Christina would be heartbroken if you had though, that is, had sex with her. That tough headed best friend of mine might have ran away from you but she does love you Johnattan and it’s killing her as much as it kills you being away from each other. She’ll forgive you, seeing as though you are a guy with needs and you showed some restraint but please don’t let it happen again. I know my best friend and I’m sure she’s not having sex with anyone during this separation she’s too loyal to do that. Even when that dick Liam was...”

She looks up with sad eyes and I touch her shoulder in comfort. “Let’s blow out these candles.”

“Let’s and while you’re at it drop that skank’s number on a piece of paper and give me I feel like she needs someone to teach her not to mess with another woman’s man.”

“Aren’t you pregnant?” I ask with a hint of laughter in my voice.

“Have you ever heard the phrase ‘nothing can stop justice’? Well Johnny just picture me as lady justice cause ain’t nothing stopping me from whooping that skank’s ass. Chrissie ain’t here so Lexi gotta show them how it’s done.”

I laugh shaking my head. “I’m already feeling sorry for that poor child that has you for a mother.”

She glares at me with an annoyed look. “Just blow the damn candles. Been a while since you’ve done a bit of blowing.”

“I’m gonna ignore that,” I say whilst she laughs.

She gestures for me to blow the candle and make a wish. I turn to the cake blowing out the little amber light. As the flame disappears there is just one wish rippling in my head and that’s finding her. Finding my Christina.

“We’ll find her,” Lexi pipes up. “I can feel it.”

“I hope we do,” I say as I cut out cake for Lexi and I.

“Happy Birthday Christi,” I say as I place the cake in my mouth.

I hope we’ll see eachother soon and I hope you’re okay. I love you Birthday girl.

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