Never a Ever After

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Maia shuffled down the hallway, her eyes sweeping the space before finally resting on a mousy haired boy standing at his locker. The boy was only slightly younger than herself and known for being exceptionally bright. The pair had never spoken before, but circumstances demanded that now change. The teen had been doing so well in her standard classes that her parents thought she should challenge herself with advanced placement courses.

Things had been going well at first. However, as the material became more complex, the brunette found herself struggling to keep up. Reluctant to inform her parents of her shortcomings, Maia had no choice but to seek out Trent. Noticing that he was about to close his locker, Maia called out, “Hey, Trent! Wait up!”

Surprised to hear his name called, Trent turned slowly to face Maia as she approached. Smiling warmly, Maia said, “There you are. I’ve been looking for you all morning. ”

Trent blinked slowly in disbelief at the brunette before replying,” You..were..looking..for me?”

Nodding, Maia answered, “Yes, I heard that you are a whiz at math, and I need your help.”

Trent lifted his brow as a knowing smile settled upon his face. Oblivious to his skepticism, Maia continued,” I’m in both AP Geometry and AP Algebra this year. I’m getting by in Geometry, but Algebra is kicking my ass.”

“Geometry and Algebra at the same time? That’s ambitious,” Trent replied.

Giggling, Maia responded,” More like masochistic.”

Trent chuckled politely. “So, what exactly are you struggling with,” he asked.

“Quadratic equations. I don’t understand them at all. I was hoping that you could clear some things up for me.” Maia answered.

Fine lines creased Trent’s forehead as puzzlement washed over him. “So, you want me to tutor you then?”

Nodding eagerly, Maia replied,” Well, of course. What did you think that I wanted you to do? Do it for me?”

Maia laughed softly. However, the Latina’s amusement was short-lived as she noticed that Trent did not laugh along with her.

“Wait, seriously,” Maia inquired.

A sheepish grin flitted across Trent’s face as he replied, “Girls that look like you don’t talk to me otherwise.”

Smirking, Maia responded, “Girls that look like me?”

Trent’s gaze dropped to the floor as his hand reached up to awkwardly rub the back of his neck.

“Yeah, you know. The uh, the pretty ones,” Trent stammered.

Smiling bashfully, Maia asked, “You think I’m pretty?”

“No, I think you’re beautiful,” Trent said shyly.

Trent’s face flushed then, the rosiness creeping up to the tips of his ears.

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