Westbound (Love Travels West, Book 1)

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    "So this is it, you are breaking off our engagement?" Dannie stared at Paul in utter disbelief. "After a year and a half you're telling me you no longer want to marry me?"

    "I'm sorry, Dannie, I really am, but I'm afraid my feelings..."

    "Feelings? You have no feelings, Paul, or you would have waited for a more appropriate moment to do this. I hardly believe a funeral is the right time to end an engagement. Have you no compassion? You come here not to offer comfort or support, but to tell me that you wish to marry someone else. Is that how you give condolence to a girl who has just lost both her parents?"

    "Once again, I'm sorry, Dannie."

    "You're...you're sorry? Well, Paul Richardson, I'm afraid your being sorry doesn't help matters."

    Paul reached over and took her hand. "Goodbye Dannie, I hope you will be happy..."

    "Don't speak to me about happiness!" Dannie snapped, yanking her hand from his. "First he breaks with me and then he wishes me happy. Paul, I hate the day I ever met you!" Dannie angrily turned and walked away, tears burning in her eyes. Why was this happening to her? First the unexpected death of her parents and now Paul suddenly ends it with her. Where was she to go? What was she to do?

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