Wrestling With Love

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Mila Stevens just wanted to escape, to start over again. New town, new job, new life. So when she scores an internship at her favorite professional wrestling organization it seems like her perfect way out. Secrets, betrayal, and one certain wrestler may just change everything.

Romance / Drama
Whitney Shope
Age Rating:

Chapter One

Maybe this was just what she needed. After everything that happened Mila was all too anxious to escape Millville and head for New York. This internship couldn’t have come at a better time.

“If only I didn’t hate flying. Thank God for ZzzQuil and noise cancelling headphones!” she thought to herself as she attempted to get comfortable.

“Hey. . .”

Mila was deeply engrained in the book she was reading. So much so that she hadn’t even noticed the man approaching the seat next to her. So, he raised his voice just a bit louder as he tapped her shoulder.


Mila nearly jumped out of her skin at the sudden touch on her shoulder and the whisper of a man’s voice, barely audible over her noise cancelling headphones.

“What the hell man?!”

“Sorry, I wasn’t trying to scare ya. It’s just that I got the window seat and well, you’re kind of blocking me from getting there.”

“Oh. . .”

And this was the exact moment that this man’s attractiveness finally registered in Mila’s stressed out brain.

“I... uh … I... sorry.”

Mila blushed deeply, suddenly hyper aware of this man’s presence. He stood about 6′2, dark hair and eyes and oh Lord he had to be doing Crossfit or something. They don’t just hand bodies like that out!

He laughed.

“It’s ok but umm, are you planning on letting me sit before takeoff? I don’t usually like to fly standing in the aisle!”

He offered her a dimpled grin that made her words come even slower than they already were. Seriously where did this guy come from and do they make more of him?

“Of course!”

Finally, Mila’s mind and mouth were on the same page. She stood up to allow some room for this gorgeous stranger to get to his seat.

As he passed, he brushed against Mila accidentally. Her entire body lit up like a Christmas tree!

“Seriously Mila,” she thought, “get it together! You are 26, you’ve seen a man before!”

“Sorry about that. I’m Trevor by the way!”

“No...no problem I’m Mila”

They shook hands before taking their seats.

“So, Mila, business or pleasure?”

“Excuse me?”

“What’s got you on this flight to NYC today? Business or pleasure?”

As he spoke, he kept his dark eyes focused on Mila like she was the single most fascinating person on the planet.

“Oh, uh, I actually got an internship at this wrestling organization as a writer.”

“Seriously? You wouldn’t be talking about Pro Elite Wrestling, would you?”

“You know it?” she asked, excitedly

“I work there!”

And suddenly Mila was already in love with this job.

The flight was going smoothly for the first 45 minutes or so. Leaving Mila to her never-ending thoughts.

“Ok, why, in the name of all that is Holy, is this man affecting

me like this?”, she asked herself, “I mean seriously, has it been that long since I got laid? Oh, what am I saying, if I have to do math the answer’s pretty freaking obvious!”

“You okay, you seem distracted?”

Trevor’s rich voice pulled her out of the mental calendar where she was trying to figure out the last time she had done the horizontal hula.

“Oh, yeah, I’m just not a major fan of flying. Makes me nervous.”

“And so do gorgeous guys!” she thought

“Oh, well this flight’s been fine so far. Honestly, I don’t remem-”

His sentence was cut off by sudden turbulence. The plane began violently jerking back and forth.

“Oh God, it’s my nightmares come true, we’re going to die!”

“It’s okay Mila, breathe.”

As he said this, he loosened the death grip Mila’s hand had on the arm rest between them.

Mila turned her attention to his eyes.

“Wha - what?” she stammered

“A beautiful girl like you shouldn’t be so scared. I hate to see it. Why don’t we just stop denying this attraction and go with it?”

Before she could say anything, Trevor grabbed her face in a feverish kiss. His tongue not even asking permission, just taking.

“Trevor the plane’s -”

As she mumbled these words into his mouth, his hand wrapped around her back, pulling her closer.

“What the hell is happening?” she thought, “Is this how I die? Oh, but what a way to go!”

He suddenly pulled back.

“Run away with me Mila! Promise me if we make it off this flight, you’ll run away with me and never look back! I know love at first sight when I see it!”

She threw her arms around his neck dramatically

“Oh Trevor, yes!”

“Mila? Mila!”

Suddenly, Mila’s eyes popped open. She was panting & trembling. A few people were looking in her direction.

“Oh God it was a dream!” she thought, reality finally becoming clear. “What did he hear? What did he see? Oh, please tell me he didn’t -”

“You okay? You’re shaking.” Trevor said, genuine concern playing across his handsome features.

“Uh, yeah, just had a bad dream.”

“Really? To be honest it sounded like a pretty damn good dream!”

“Oh, dear Lord take me now! If this man heard me moaning his name, I really will want the plane to crash!” she thought, mentally berating herself for even thinking such things. “Stupid subconscious!”

“Not exactly. I dreamed the plane crashed.” she answered flatly.

“Damn. Oh well I guess that’s why it sounded like you were calling my name. You okay now?”

If Mila didn’t know any better, she’d swear there was a look of disappointment on his face at the idea that she was not, in fact, dreaming of him.

“Yeah, I’m just tired. I think I’ll try and get back to sleep.”

She smiled slightly to hurry this conversation along by assuring him she was fine.

“Oh, okay. I guess we’ll see each other when we get to work!” he replied

At that exact moment, as she tried to fall back asleep, all Mila could think was

“Oh boy am I in so much trouble!”

Just as the plane glided onto the runway at LaGuardia, Trevor turned his attention to the now awake Mila.

“So, are you heading straight to headquarters or are you getting the usual first day tour?”

“I’m not sure. I’m going to headquarters after I stop at the Air BnB I’m going to be staying in.”

“Do you even get the place to yourself?”

Mila smiled, already anticipating the beautiful home she had viewed online.

“Yep, it’s just me there until I can find an apartment in my price range.”

He seemed so interested in her & her life. Mila wasn’t used to that kind of attention from guys. They usually either tried to get in her pants or, when that failed, decided to try out her friend’s pants. There had been one guy though. One incredibly special guy. . .

The conversation continued all the way off the plane, through baggage claims and to the doors exiting the airport, Trevor locked in on Mila’s every word.

“Well, that’s my Uber over there. It was great meeting you. Maybe I’ll see you at the next writing staff meeting.” she said

“Oh, I doubt it. I have to get ready before work. You know, stretch, run the ropes, all that.”

Mila was almost one hundred percent positive that her jaw had come completely unhinged.

“Wait, you’re a wrestler?!”

“Well,” she thought, “that certainly explains the physique.”

But how could she not know him? Pro wrestling had been a guilty pleasure of Mila’s for years and she took immense pride in her wealth of knowledge. Especially of this company. It’s one of the reasons she’d applied for the internship. This company was her dream.

“Yeah, I started here 5 months ago, but I worked for other promotions before. I’ve been wrestling for 6 years. My ring name is Dane Styles.”

“THE Dane Styles? The luchador who wrestled for 2 years in Mexico?”

No wonder she didn’t recognize him. Luchador’s wore masks that covered all but their eyes and mouth. Dane Styles was an incredible professional wrestler. His aerial ability made it seem like he really could fly across that ring.

Trevor looked like he was ready to puff out his chest in pride.

“Ahh, so you HAVE heard of me?”

“There goes that dimpled grin again.” she thought. And damned if Mila’s ability to act like a functioning human being didn’t go with it.

“Of course, you’re-”

Just then the Uber driver laid on the horn, stopping both the conversation and, she was fairly sure, their hearts for a moment.

“Well, I got to go. I’ll see you around, I guess. It was nice meeting you.”

“Nice meeting you too. Oh, and you can count on it.”

Mila felt herself blushing deeply as he flashed that disarming smile at her once again.

“Umm, yeah, later”

She climbed into the Uber, looking longingly out the window to watch Trevor walk away. Only he didn’t.

To Mila’s surprise, he was still there, lingering. She was about to dismiss her hopeful thoughts that he was watching her go. But when she finally looked at Trevor she was met with an intense stare.

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