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Two days after the bullshit

Good thing I didn't promise I'll write the very next day, huh? And I have so much to tell you, it's been quite interesting two days. Well, one is still going. I'm in class again, don't judge me, I just forget about this in the evening because Skyrim became my new obsession besides Star Wars.

First thing first and this is a very important thing because I've had short hair for so fucking long now and I want it to grow longer, but I can't - I got my hair extensions, I dyed them to match my dark hair and now I wear them all the time, combined with my old extensions. It is amazing to finally have a full head of hair!

And it's fun because I can curl them without damaging my own hair. I just love doing interesting hairstyles and I also love makeup, if you didn't know. But I'm going through a phase when I'm trying not to wear any makeup at all. Even though I have very thin hair and have almost no natural eyebrows, I'm rocking my natural face now and I'm proud of myself. It is a big achievement, believe it or not. If you're a girl, you'll understand that loving yourself as you are is hard.

I have an interesting story about when I was dyeing my hair, actually. As I said, my parents are divorced but my dad does often visit us. So, while I was dyeing the extensions, he came by our house and saw me doing the hair. He talked to my mom a bit and right before I finished, I had a lot of hair dye left because 1 package was not enough and 2 were too much.

And this goof asked me to dye his grey hair. My dad is in his 50s, but has most of his hair still dark brown, almost black, the same as mine. I never thought he didn't like the grey hair, but suddenly, he grabbed the hair dye and the little brush and started applying the dye to his silver hair very neatly, actually. I laughed at first, saying it will look terrible.

"Don't worry, honey, I just have to hide the grey hair so I can look my best at your prom!" he said, looking at the mirror and stopping. "But can you finish dyeing it, please?"

He turned back to me, gave me the brush and because I still had my gloves on, I did dye it. I hoped it wouldn't look terrible but in the end, you really can't notice it, it is the exact same shade as his hair. Even mom liked it!

Another interesting thing I have to tell you about happened... And I don't know if I mentioned this before, but I have a cat. Well, he's still more of a kitten. Yes, it's a he and his name is Anakin (I said I was obsessed with Star Wars!), he's white and orange and really just so adorable (I had a cat before named Jorge and he was black and just wild as fuck). He used to pee in my bed a lot and it went on and on for months after we got him so I had to keep him out of my room for a very long time.

He was an outdoor cat when we got him so that was the reason why he did it. Now, after 4 months that he's with us, I've finally let him stay in my bedroom overnight. I have to say it was quite and interesting experience with him walking all over me all night, but really, I didn't mind that much.

Anakin has his own spot on my window sill where I've now put his blanket so he's more comfortable and he stayed there for most of the night - until he decided it was a good idea to lay on my face.

I felt something tickle my nose and when I opened my eyes, I smiled and covered him with the blanket and I think he stayed there for quite a long night, but in the morning, when mom woke up, he left me. I'll admit, I slept very good.

You might be very confused by now because this is not coming together as a story. Because it might never be one. I mentioned before this is just some random shit I write about and you can tell that by the title. Maybe some day, I will reveal a story. But that day is not today. Maybe, I will also include some valuable lessons, but you'll have to wait and see.

Why do I even do this? I had a fear of judgement and I never wanted to post anything online even though I wrote a lot. Now, after I talked to somebody, and after I acted all smart, I figured I should listen to my own advice and actually write random bullshit to get out of my writer's block.

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