Destined Alpha

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I smelled her the moment she walked in. The scent of an ocean breeze filled my senses, leaving me almost paralyzed. I looked up at her, our eyes meeting. My eyes widened as I realized what had happened. I was frozen to the spot as I looked into those forest green eyes.

MATEEEEEE! MATE MATE MATE MATE MATE! My wolf ran circles in my head.

"That can't be right.." I replied to my wolf.

Her wide eyes gave me my answer. She had felt it too. Adara stood in shock outside the cell. I could see the battle going on in her head, she was just as surprised as I was.

She smells so good! Hold her, kiss her, touch her! He howled.

"I..." she stuttered, not knowing what to say.

"Okay, here's your water," Johnny hollered as he walked out with a pitcher. Adara and I both snapped our heads toward Johnny. "Oh," he paused when he saw Adara, "I didn't know you were down here. You should have called for me, I would have come and opened the door for you."

I watched as Adara shook her head clear and gave him a smile, "No worries, I just got here." Johnny unlocked the cell and she stepped inside and walked to the bed.

I sat down beside her bag and she opened it, refusing to look me in the eyes again. "I see you didn't shift like I suggested," she said softly as she peeled back the bandage from my cheek.

"I told you, I'm fine," I replied. My heart quickened involuntarily as her fingers brushed my cheek, sending warmth through me.

"This seems to be healing nicely, it should be better in a few days," she said as she examined my cheek, her face getting too close to mine. I leaned back with a tight smile and she turned away, reaching for another bandage. I watched her as she placed the new dressings on my wounds. Her eyes flickered up to mine for a moment before moving back to my cheek. The tension could be cut with a knife and I was surprised Johnny hadn't picked up on it. She took a deep breath, "Lift up your shirt, I need to check on your ribs."

I hesitated for a moment before lifting my shirt up. She inhaled sharply, moving her hands along my ribcage as she examined my wounds. Her hands sent shockwaves through my body and I quickly lowered my shirt, "I'm fine."

She scowled at me, "You aren't fine."

"You did your exam, go on and report to daddy," I snapped, waving her off dismissively.

Hurt flashed through her eyes for just a moment before anger replaced it and she stood up quickly. "Dr. Adams will see you tomorrow." She walked out of the cell and up the stairs. Suddenly it was like the air was sucked out of the room and I felt my whole body wanting her to come back.

You're an idiot... now our mate is mad at us.. again... My wolf grumbled.

"It's better that she hate us," I said quietly.

"She's not too keen on you, is she?" Johnny chuckled from his post near the door.

"Just about as keen she is on you," I snapped back.

He growled, "Shut up."

"You know it's her birthday today, right?" I taunted.

He looked up at me with wide eyes, "Wait... really? How did you know that?"

"She told me yesterday," I smirked. "Looks like you aren't her mate like you hoped."

He shook his head with anger, "Maybe it takes some time."

I shook my head with a sarcastic stare, "Pretty sure it's instant." I knew taunting him was a bad idea, but I hoped he would open the cell door and I could overpower him.

He stepped toward the cell, "I know what you're trying to do. I'm not going to get angry and open the door."

I smirked, "Even if you knew she liked me more than she likes you?"

He growled, "Shut up, J."

I gave him a dark grin, "I caught her staring... she wants me. Can you say the same?"

Johnny stomped down the corridor to the room at the end of the hall, slamming the door behind him.

"Damn it..." I mumbled.

Did you really think that would work? My wolf grumbled.

"I definitely hoped..." I replied.

A while later Johnny came back down the corridor, holding another pitcher of water. “Here," he said, placing it through the cell door.

"You're being awful nice," I smirked.

"It's just so you won't bother me again," he growled before returning to his spot near the door.

I huffed, disappointed my plan hadn't worked. I sat on my bed and poured a glass of water, taking a large gulp.

Suddenly my entire mouth and throat burned. I coughed up the water as it seared my insides. I choked and gagged, my body attempting to get rid of the painful liquid. I could feel the burns forming in my throat and mouth and around the outside of my mouth.

I looked in the pitcher and growled in pain when I realized he had laced it with wolfsbane.

I coughed, the pain searing through me. I looked up to Johnny who smirked darkly as he watched me sit back, wincing in pain.
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