Destined Alpha

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Telling Secrets


“Okay?” Adara gave me a sideways glance before walking to the couch. Luna Kendra left the room, giving us some privacy.

I sat beside her and took her hand. “I need to tell you who I am.”

She straightened in her seat, ready to hear what I had to say, “You sure?”

“I think so,” I replied, looking down at her hand in mine, letting her warmth calm my nerves. I sat up straight, “I am Ryder James, the last survivor and alpha of the Black Trail Pack.”

Adara gasped, taking her hand from mine, “Black Trail? I’ve heard the stories..”

I nodded my head, “I know. Whatever you’ve heard, it’s probably all true. My pack was destroyed ten years ago by an army of rogues.”

“How did you survive?” she asked, her eyes glistening.

“My mother got me out and sent me to the cabin your patrolmen found me in,” I replied.

“You mean you were there, alone, for ten years?”

I nodded my head, “Yes.”

She sighed, taking my hand in hers again, “I’m so sorry Ryder. I can’t imagine...” she trailed off and then met my eyes, “Is that why you didn’t want to let us know who you were? You thought we would hurt you?”

I shrugged, “I didn’t know you. A lone Alpha is a threat to a pack. I didn’t know that your mom knew who I was..”

I looked up to see Adara smiling warmly at me, “Thank you for telling me.” She placed a gentle kiss on my cheek, sending shockwaves through my whole body. She sat back and let out a long breath, “So, what now?”

I shook my head, “I’m not sure. Your mom is going to talk to your father, tell him who I am and that I mean no harm. I will probably take a run down to my old pack house tomorrow, if you want to come with me.”

Adara smiled, “I’d love to.”

I smiled before standing from the couch, “Well, goodnight Adara.”

“Goodnight, Ryder.” she replied. I left her sitting on the couch and made my way to my own room. I collapsed on the bed, my mind a jumble of fear and newfound determination. Even though it seemed impossible, knowing everything now made me want to rebuild my pack. But I knew leaving Adara would prove to be hard.

Suddenly my door burst open and Alpha Mason stormed into my room, “Are you Ryder James?!”

I stood from the bed, “Yes.”

“Prove it...” he growled.

“How?” I asked with disbelief.

Luna Kendra and Adara walked in, “What is going on?”

“What were your parent’s names?”

“William and Lily,” I replied quietly.

“How old were you when you were attacked?” he asked.

“Fifteen,” I growled, tired of this game.

“How did you get that scar?” he asked, pointing to the small scar on my neck.

“I fell out of a tree when I was six,” I replied. “Are you done?”

He scowled, “We can’t be sure it’s him. He’s just messing with you, Kendra.”

I growled, “If you don’t believe me, then believe this.” I stood tall, my presence that I had been keeping hidden until now radiated through the whole room. I shifted into my giant grey wolf. I was large, even for an alpha. My family came from a line of very powerful alphas and I knew he would believe me now.

Alpha Mason stood before me, gawking at my size and power. “You...”

I shifted back, pulling on some shorts before turning back to the room filled with silent awe.

Mason scowled before leaving the room. Kendra gave me a wink before following her mate out of the room, leaving just me and Adara.

She stepped forward, placing her hand on my bare chest. “Ryder.. I...”

I took a deep breath. Shifting and releasing all of the power I had pent up had been a rush. I placed my hand on top of hers, using my other hand to pull her closer. I pressed my lips gently to hers, tasting the soft lips of my mate. She leaned into me before pushing away. “It’s been a bit of a charged day, I’ll see you tomorrow,” she said quietly before leaving the room.

I woke the next morning, relieved my secret was out. I walked down for breakfast, trying not to notice the stares of pack members. Now that they knew who I was, there was no point in hiding. I let my power flow through me and I knew they could feel how powerful of an Alpha I was.

“Good morning, Ryder,” Luna Kendra sang as I walked into the kitchen.

“Good morning, Luna,” I replied.

She shook her head at me, knowing she had told me to call her Kendra.

“Good morning, all!”

I turned around to see Adara glide in, looking bright and beautiful.

Careful.. you’re drooling... my wolf mumbled, irritated we hadn’t mated yet.

“Hey, Ryder,” she smiled, stepping up next to me at the counter.

“Hey,” I replied, trying to keep my cool,” Still want to go for that run?”

“Definitely,” she replied sweetly.

“So... little alpha, that was quite a big secret you were keeping from us,” Austin spoke from behind us, trying to get a reaction from me.

I grinned, “Well, I thought I should give the rest of you a fighting chance.”

Austin glared at me and I earned an elbow to the ribs from Adara. He walked off, grumbling and I looked down at Adara who was giving me a glare.

“What?” I shrugged.

“You know what. You’re going to have to learn to play nice,” she said, poking me in the stomach.

We ate our breakfast and walked to the front porch of the pack house. We were about to walk down the hill when Alpha Mason approached us. “Ryder, Adara, where do you think you’re going?”
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