Destined Alpha

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Burning Bridges


I was suspicious of White Moon’s intentions. Black Trail was a coveted territory. Even though nobody had chosen to claim it after the massacre, no Alpha wanted to see it rebuilt and inhabited. It was a strong pack.

We took our seats as pack members began to enter the meeting hall, sitting in the front by the pack’s Beta.

Alpha Mason stood at the front, “Welcome White Moon Pack, and our guests from Black Trail. Today we swear in your new Alpha. Alpha Austin, please step forward.”

Adara’s brother walked into the room and down the aisle. He gave Adara a small wave when he saw her, happy to see his sister. Austin stepped in front of Mason, placing his fist over his chest.

“Do you swear to protect and serve your pack? To guard them and make sure their needs are met? To work hard for them, as they work hard for you?”

“I swear,” Austin said loudly.

“Then rise, Alpha Austin of White Moon Pack. I bestow upon you all of the power and rank given to me, as Alpha.”

Austin stood, the presence of Mason fading slightly as Austin’s presence grew. Austin faced the pack as they burst into cheers and applause. Adara and I clapped lightly. Now that the ceremony was over I was eager to leave.

“Congratulations, Alpha,” Adara said, hugging her brother.

“Thanks, Luna! I didn’t know you guys were coming,” Austin said with a smile.

I stepped forward, “Your mother invited us.”

Austin offered a hand to shake, “Alpha Ryder, no hard feelings?”

I shook his hand, “Hopefully our packs can have a healthy alliance in the future.”

Austin grinned, “White Moon would like that.”

I place a hand on Adara’s back, “We should be leaving...”

Mason stepped forward, “You can’t leave yet, please stay for the banquet. You are our guests!”

I looked down at Adara. She could see my hesitation and turned to her father, “Thank you, but we really should be going.”

Mason frowned, “That’s too bad. I had hoped to wait until later.”

“Later for what?” I asked, my wolf ready for a fight.

Austin’s face grew dark as Mason mind linked him, telling him something I’m sure wasn’t good. He turned to us, “Enforcers, take the Alpha and Luna to holding.”

Adara looked up at me with shock. I held her tight and whispered in her ear, “Adara, I’m sorry for this. I really am. But I will protect you and our pack.”

Adara looked up at me with fierce eyes, “So will I.”

I kissed her softly before turning to Austin with a smirk, “You don’t want to make an enemy of Black Trail.”

Austin smiled darkly, “What? All two of you? You aren’t going to be an enemy. You are going to live in a cell and White Moon will take over Black Trail as our own.”

Kendra stepped into the meeting hall, having been in the kitchen checking on the food, “What the hell is going on here?!”

“Leave us, Kendra,” Mason hollered.

“The hell I will! Are you kidding me?! You’re attacking another Alpha?!” she yelled.

I turned to Kendra, “I thank you for your kindness and your invitation, but we will be leaving now. You, Luna Kendra, are welcome at Black Trail any time.”

I took Adara’s hand and walked toward the door before being stopped by two large enforcers. I turned to Adara, “Are you ready for this?”

Adara smiled, “Try to keep up , babe.”

If we weren’t in danger I would have taken her right here. It was ridiculously hot. I turned around, “I’m giving you one last chance to let us leave. Believe me, you will regret this.”

Austin smiled, removing his tie, “I’ve been wanting a rematch for ages.”

I smirked, removing my jacket, “Okay, then.”

The enforcers closed in, attempting to grab us. Austin shifted, his brown wolf large because of his Alpha. But I was bigger. I quickly shifted into my wolf. The room backed up in shock as they saw me tower over Austin.

I smirked as I heard Adara holler, taunting the men threatening us, “He’s going to kill you.”

She shifted as well, her nice dress shredding to pieces. I made a note to get her something nice after this.

I growled aggressively before launching toward the enforcers. The chaos was deafening as wolves continuously attacked Adara and I. It was easy for me to handle these little wolves. I kept an eye on Adara, smiling at the fact that she did not need my help whatsoever.

When I realized there was no way out of this I made a decision. “Adara,” I hollered through the mind link, “follow me.

I broke through the doors and ran out of the pack house toward the woods. Adara ran beside me, “We shouldn’t have come...”

I knew she was upset and I mentally prepared myself to make sure I didn’t have an ‘I told you so’ moment later. She already knew we had made a mistake.

We ran hard and fast. We could feel the pack chasing us, but it stopped when we passed our own border. At least they respected that.

We shifted back as we reached the house. I took Adara’s hand, her tears already falling. When we closed the front door I pulled her close, “I’m sorry, Adara.”

“I just don’t understand,” she said, wiping the tears from her cheeks, “Why would they...”

“Pride,” I replied, “Black Trail is an amazing territory and once our pack grows we will be the strongest pack in the area, possibly the country. They don’t want that.”

Adara took a deep breath and rested her head on my chest, “I’m sorry. I should have listened when you said you didn’t think it was a good idea.”

I shook my head, “Nonsense. The invitation was innocent. Everything was fine until we told your father how far we had come in rebuilding.”

Adara sighed, “Let’s go clean up.” She took my hand and we walked upstairs. I sat on the bed as she grabbed the first aid kit. She stood between my legs and cupped my face, checking my wounds. They were all superficial and when she was finished checking me I pulled her close, “Well Luna, it seems we might be at war.”

She chuckled lightly before kissing my cheek.

I raised my hand to her cheek, brushing away the hair in her face, “Sit down. Let me make sure you’re okay.”

She sat on the bed and let me examine her. Her wounds were all superficial as well, “You fought really well,” I said, surprised she had only come away with a few scratches.

She gave a tired smile, “I was almost a warrior, remember?”

I smirked, “You ARE a warrior.”

I kissed her gently before walking her to the bathroom and turning on the shower. We stepped in, rinsing off the battle from our bodies. I pulled her to me, standing behind her in the water and held her close, letting her lean against me. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. I rested my head on her shoulder and kissed her mark, “We shouldn’t have gotten out of bed today.”

Adara shook as she chuckled, “We really shouldn’t have.”

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