Destined Alpha

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I sat in my office trying to come up with a way to get Ryder and Adara back here. At the Alpha ceremony my father had mindlinked me, telling me all of the things that would happen if Black Trail gained their power back.

We were currently the most powerful pack in the area, at three hundred strong and some of the best warriors, nobody dared to try anything stupid. But if Black Trail was rebuilt, gaining back custody of their land and power, there was no way we could defeat them if they came against us.

I had never liked that rogue alpha anyway. The only reason I had been civil was because of Adara. But now that we had been unsuccessful in taking him, I knew it would cause problems for us later.

His alpha is powerful but we can defeat him easily!! My wolf howled in my head.

I growled as I thought about what my father had said. We couldn’t risk them rebuilding and becoming too powerful. It made me angry that I hadn’t been able to get a piece of him like I had wanted.

Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted when my Beta burst in. “Alpha!!! They’re gone!!”

I squinted my eyes at him, “Who is gone, Henry?”

“Our pack! Well.. one hundred of them. They just packed up in the night and disappeared, along with your mother,” he replied.

“WHAT?!” I yelled, standing from my seat, “where did they go?”

He lowered his head, “To Black Trail...”

My face darkened, “I am their Alpha! How did they leave and nobody felt it?!” He didn’t look up and I could smell his fear. “Speak, Beta!”

He looked up at me, “They renounced the pack. They became rogues and decided to join Black Trail.”

I scowled, “They can’t do that without permission from the Alpha.”

Just then my father walked in, “They can if they choose to become rogues before leaving. At that point it’s not a pack transfer that requires permission.”

I turned to my father, my face filled with anger, “And you didn’t think to tell me when mom just disappeared?”

My father scowled, “I didn’t know until she was already at Black Trail.”

“So then it’s kidnapping...” I howled. “Black Trail made the wrong choice stealing members of our pack!”

My father stepped forward, “What are you going to do? You can’t just kill members of our pack.”

I grinned, “But they aren’t members of our pack anymore, are they?”

My father’s face darkened before leaving the room. I paced my office, angry that the day I became Alpha I lost half my pack.

We can still easily take them. Those that left were all just families and workers.. no warriors, my wolf growled.

I nodded my head, “They dared to leave me, their Alpha. They will soon find out the consequences of their actions. Ruining my pack, abandoning their duty, we need to send them a message. Return or consign themselves to war.”

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