Destined Alpha

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Lost, Then Found


I stepped out of my cabin and stretched. Today was the ten year anniversary of the annihilation of my pack. For ten years I had been hiding in this cabin.

I stood outside the front door and looked at the forest around me. It was familiar after living here for ten years. I walked back inside and made some tea. I had become pretty self sufficient. I had a small garden out back where I grew vegetables and the leaves and herbs for tea and cooking. I hunted around the house for meat, usually eating rabbit or the occasional deer. I never ventured very far, knowing if I got caught I would probably be taken as a rogue instead of a refugee.

I sat in the cabin and read a book. I had gone back a few times to the old pack house to get things. I had taken some books and supplies for cooking and cleaning as well as essentials. As I grew I had taken some old clothes of my father’s that still hung in the closet, veiled in a thin layer of dust from the years of sitting unused.


I turned around to face the window. I sat still and quiet as I listened for evidence of something other than an animal. When I didn’t hear anything I went back to reading, shrugging away that nagging feeling that something was going to happen. After a while I decided to start on my chores. I walked outside and began chopping wood for the wood-burning stove in the cabin. It kept me warm and cooked all of my meals. As I was chopping I heard movement again. I stopped and looked out at the dense trees. Suddenly I saw three men step out of the tree line and walk toward the cabin. I hid against the side of the house, hoping they would leave.

“What is this place?” one of the men asked.

“No idea. I didn’t know this was here. It’s literally right outside the border,” another of the men spoke.

The third stood quietly before looking up and seeing smoke come from the chimney, “Someone lives here...”

The fireplace... it’s still lit!! My wolf said as we both made the realization.

I kept myself forced against the cabin, hoping they wouldn’t sniff me out. I had no desire to be found. I was comfortable here. I hid against the building as they searched the house. I could hear them talking to each other, making guesses about campers.

They left the house and I continued to stay hidden until I didn’t hear them anymore. I crept slowly from the side of the house, looking out into the trees. I let out a sigh before grabbing my firewood and walking back to the house. I made it to the doorway before I heard them.

“Turn around slowly and keep your hands up,” one of the patrolmen spoke.

I stayed still, refusing to turn around as I attempted to come up with a way to get out of this without having to kill them.

“I SAID TURN AROUND, ROGUE!” the man repeated.

I turned around slowly with a scowl, the firewood still clutched in my arms.

The second man stepped forward, “Drop the wood and come with us.”

“I’m not on your territory, you have no right to be here on my property or make me go with you,” I replied, my deep voice ending in a growl.

“Come without a fight, rogue, and our alpha may be lenient,” the third said with a scowl.

I growled at them before dropping the firewood. I rushed the first man, the one who was closest to me and hit him hard, knocking him to the ground.

LET ME OUT!! I’LL RIP THEM TO PIECES!!! My wolf yelled in my head.

“I can’t,” I thought to myself, “If they know I’m an Alpha they will kill us for sure.”

I rushed to the second, kicking him hard in the center of the chest making him fall hard against a tree unconscious. The third shifted into his wolf and rushed toward me with his teeth bared. I stepped out of his way and swung my arms around his neck, keeping him in a choke hold until he passed out. I stood up again, my chest heaving as I tried to calm my breathing. I heard movement again and growled when I found myself completely surrounded.

They must have called for help through the mind link when they first found us... my wolf muttered.

I turned toward the obvious leader of the group. He was a large brown wolf with a small radiating power. He was Alpha born for sure, but not Alpha yet.

He shifted back and stood before me with a frown, “Rogues are not permitted on our land and you have attacked three of our patrolmen. Come with us now if you wish to keep your life.”

I scoffed, “I’d rather die than live the rest of my life in some dank cell in your basement. I have not crossed into your lands, you have no rights here. My home is outside your borders.”

The man laughed, “You have no rights, period.” He nodded to his men and they began to close in.

Let me out!! My wolf hollered, attempting to push his way through.

I shook my head clear of him, making an aggressive stance before being charged by six warriors. I gave a good fight, landing punches and kicks until they finally overpowered me. They forced me face down on the ground, holding my arms and legs as they reached for the silver cuffs to restrain my hands. I scowled as they placed them on, the silver burning at my wrists.

They walked me through their lands and to their pack house. I was led through an outer basement door to their holding cells where I was thrown into one of the silver-barred cells with a shove. I quickly regained my balance and growled at them, reminding them I had already take down several of their men and not to trifle with me.

“Hands,” one of the guards called out. I slipped my hands through the bars and he removed the cuffs. I stepped back, rubbing the raw skin that still stung from the contact with the silver restraints.

“How long will I be here?” I asked with a scowl, looking around the dingy cell.

“Until the Alpha decides to either kill you or let you go. I recommend you cooperate,” the guard grumbled before walking off.

I slammed my fists against the wall, releasing some of the fury building inside me.

You should have let me take care of this.. then we wouldn’t be in this mess, my wolf whined angrily.

“You’re right, we wouldn’t be in this mess. We would be dead,” I replied.

My wolf let out an irritated huff and I sat on the dusty mattress, a small puff coming off it as I landed. It reminded me of the day I had run to the cabin. The mattress there had done the same thing. I growled at the memories and then again as a man walked into the hall outside the cell.
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