Destined Alpha

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Protecting Black Trail


"Good morning, Alpha," the pack all echoed as I walked into the kitchen.

"Good morning, Black Trail," I hollered as I walked behind the kitchen island. I wrapped my arm around Adara's back and kissed her lips, “And good morning to you, Luna."

She smiled warmly, "Good morning, love."

"Alpha, when we are done with breakfast I have a few things to talk about," Callum said as he walked up, taking a plate from Adara with a kind smile.

"I have a few things first thing, how about in an hour?" I offered.

"That's fine," he gave a tight smile before walking to the table.

"So that's your Beta, hmm?" Adara asked, giving Callum the side-eye as he walked away.

"Yep," I said with a smile, "You don't like him?"

She shrugged, "He just seems a bit grumpy, that's all."

I chuckled, "Yeah but I'm a bit grumpy, so we fit."

Adara bumped me with her shoulder and handed me a plate, "Alright, go eat."

I kissed her cheek and walked to the table, enjoying the chaos of a full pack house.

Callum walked into my office just as I was finishing up the paperwork I needed to get done. I looked up and waved him in, "Callum, take a seat. What can I do for you?"

He sat down, his scruff features making him seem unapproachable, "I wanted to talk about starting up warrior training and starting rotating patrols. We obviously don't have enough men to protect our entire territory but we can put some in the woods around the house to make sure our people are protected."

I nodded my head, "The thought has run through my mind as well. Alright, come up with a schedule for patrols and we can go over it. As far as warrior training is concerned, I think for now we should make it mandatory for all members of the pack. At some point White Moon is going to stir up trouble and I want our people to be able to protect themselves."

Callum nodded, "I agree, Alpha. I will make the announcement and be sure that everyone above the age of eight is at the training grounds first thing tomorrow."

"Thank you, Callum," I said with a smile. He left the room to start on the list of duties we had come up with and I finished up my work. I walked out to the common area to see pups watching a movie, as the adults talked with eachother. I was glad they were forming bonds. The stronger the bonds in the pack, the stronger the pack was.

"Hey, you," I heard Adara call out from behind me.

I turned around to see her walking in with some boxes in her arms, "What's all this?" I asked, taking the boxes from her arms.

"Food," she huffed, "I didn't realize how much a pack eats. Speaking of which, now that we have actual pack members we need to figure out our finances."

I nodded, "We can sit down after lunch and go over them and begin making assignments for jobs and duties."

Adara kissed my cheek before heading into the kitchen. A few of the other pack members joined her, helping with the work of cooking for the pack until we could hopefully find someone to take over for Adara.

"Okay," Adara began, chewing on the cap of her pen, “In terms of finances, we have plenty of money. But the way we are feeding everyone three meals a day is going to start costing us a lot."

I nodded, "We have several investments that will continue to bring in money, but we need to start up something for the pack that will offer jobs and monetary stability for the pack."

Adara thought for a moment before looking up at me, "Well what did the pack do before?"

"They were big into investment banking, not exactly my cup of tea."

Adara scrunched her nose, "Not really mine either. Well, what is your cup of tea? What do you enjoy doing?"

I thought for a moment, "Honesty, I've always wanted to open a distillery."

Adara looked at me in shock, "Really?"

I chuckled, "Really. We have enough land for it and it would offer jobs for the whole pack."

Adara smiled, "Well then, start researching and decide on how to get it started. Go for it, Alpha."

"Really?" I asked, surprised at her show of support.

Adara shrugged, "We are trying to rebuild Black Trail. Now is the best time to do it, when we have less people depending on us and lest costs. So I say we do it.”

I walked around the desk and knelt beside her chair, "How did I ever deserve you?"

She smirked and patted my cheek, "I settled..."

I laughed, pulling her close to me. I kissed her lips gently, wanting to finish what we had started this morning.

She pulled away, taking a deep breath, "Anyway, in terms of housing..."

I dropped my head with a sigh, "It's all work with this one..."

Adara smiled, "The playing comes tonight, after you've finished all your work."

My wolf growled, wanting his mate.

We talked about housing and how to proceed with fixing up the family houses on the property. We decided that until we knew what White Moon's intentions were, we would keep everyone in the pack house just to be safe. I didn't want our families being picked off by White Moon warriors playing dirty. Just as we were about to finish our meeting Callum burst in.

"Alpha, Luna, I'm sorry to interrupt your meeting... but.."

I looked at Callum, noticing the obvious worry in his face, "What's wrong?"

He handed me a letter, "This was just delivered."

I scowled as I read it.

"What is it?" Adara asked, taking the paper from me as I sat back in my chair.

"It's a declaration of war from White Moon. It's beginning."

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