Destined Alpha

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The Challenge


I was awakened in the morning by Ryder peppering kisses on my face. I scrunched my nose, pushing him off.

"Good morning, my Luna," he whispered.

I gave him a sleepy smile, still half asleep, "Good morning, Alpha."

"We need to get ready.." he said quietly. I sat up in bed, suddenly sad as I realized what was about to happen.

"Hold me for a minute?" I asked softly.

Ryder smiled before sitting on the bed and pulling me close to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck, holding him tight. After a few moments I let go with a small smile. I took a deep breath, "I guess we better go get this over with." I was trying to be strong for him, to not just sit and be sad. But I was worried.

After getting ready for the challenge, we walked downstairs to see the pack waiting for us. They all lowered their heads in respect as Callum spoke, "Alpha, whatever happens today, know we are proud to be a part of your pack."

Ryder placed his hand on Callum’s shoulder with a smile, “And I am proud to be your Alpha."

We all walked down the hill to the arena. White Moon would be here soon and our people were antsy. I stood beside Ryder, holding his hand tight as we waited for them to arrive. I looked up at him and smiled, our eyes meeting and expressing how much we loved each other. Ryder's head snapped up to the sound of cars on the road approaching. We all watched as White Moon Pack walked down into the arena, nervously following their Alpha.

My father walked up to my mom and took her hand, "Kendra.. I.."

She pulled away, "Because of your pride, either our son or our daughter's mate will die today."

He hung his head, knowing the mistake he had made. But now it was a monster that could not be stopped. Austin had grown into an angry, dark beast.

He walked to the center of the arena, his fists clenched, "Well, Alpha Ryder, are you ready?"

Ryder removed his shirt, "Callum, start us off.”

Callum walked to the center of the field, "Welcome to our visitors from White Moon Pack. Today we witness the Alpha challenge to determine the rightful Alpha of Black Trail Pack. Alpha Austin, Alpha Ryder, are you ready?"

They both nodded, my breath catching in my throat as the match began. Austin lunged forward, shifting into his large brown wolf as he rushed toward Ryder. Ryder smiled, charging toward Austin as he shifted, his giant grey wolf towering over Austin. Suddenly something shimmering caught my eye. I looked closer to see Austin's claws covered in silver. I gasped, he had dipped his fingers in silver in order to have a leg up in the fight. I stood up and yelled down at the field, "STOP THE FIGHT!!! CALLUM! STOP THEM!"

Callum looked up at me with a pained look. There was no stopping two Alphas in the middle of a fight. "RYDER!!" I yelled, watching as Austin attempted to slash at Ryder. Ryder stepped back, noticing what I had seen as well. He looked up at me with a knowing look before turning back to the fight. "Don't worry love, I've got it..." he whispered through our mind link.

He moved fast, jumping above Austin and grabbing hold of his neck with his jaws. Austin wriggled loose, scratching at Ryder's shoulder. He connected his blow, sending Ryder back in pain as the silver did it's intended purpose. I watched in horror as Austin slashed at him again, narrowly missing this time as Ryder dodged his advances and clawed at his belly. Austin let out a yelp before rushing him and sending his claws deep into Ryder's hind leg. Ryder limped back and suddenly I had the sinking feeling that this fight was not going to end well. "Ryder... just hold on..." I whispered through the mind link. They connected again, grappling and clawing and biting as they each tried to gain the upper hand. Even though Ryder was larger and more skilled, he was losing his strength as the silver coursed through his body. He stumbled back for a moment before taking a deep breath and summoning all of the power of his alpha. Just like the night our pack had been sworn in, he almost seemed to glow from the power that pulsed from him. Austin growled, launching himself forward to make his final strike. Ryder moved quickly, his jaws clamping down on Austin's neck as Austin struggled to break free. In one swift movement Ryder broke his neck, dropping his body to the ground as he stood above him, swaying from the poison in his blood. I could hear my mother scream at the sight of her son lying dead on the ground, but the only thing I saw was Ryder.

I rushed down to the field as Ryder shifted back. Callum was already there, holding him up and walking him to a bench. "Ryder... Ryder, look at me... I need you to stay awake," I yelled at him as I tried to examine his wounds. Honestly they weren't that bad. A lot of cuts and bruises. But the silver was in his system, making his healing process slow and his body weak. He closed his eyes and his head fell back.

"Luna..." Callum said, shaking Ryder in an attempt to wake him up.

"No, no, no, no, no...Ryder wake up!"

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