Destined Alpha

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I could feel myself going crazy. It had only been three days in this hole and I was already losing my mind.

"Good morning, J," Johnny said with an annoyingly cheery smile.

"Don't you have something to do?" I grumbled.

"Just sitting here and watching you. All day. Again," he replied with a roll of the eyes.

I sat on the bed and leaned my head back against the wall, closing my eyes.

"Hey, Adara."

I looked up to see Adara walk in with a smile for Johnny and a plate of food and a scowl for me. "Hey, Johnny. Mind opening the door?"

He just about tripped over himself to open the cell door for her. I chuckled at the sight of him making a fool out of himself. Johnny gave me a glare before standing in the cell doorway. Adara walked in, her face cold.

"J..." she said with a frown.

"Still angry about the other day, huh?" I said with a dark smirk.

"Nope, just still hate you," she replied with sass.

I grumbled and sat at the edge of the bed, offering my hands. She looked at them for a while, her soft hands warming my own. After a few minutes she stood up, "Well you look pretty much healed up. This will be my last visit." She stood up and walked out of the cell and up the stairs.

Man, you really pissed her off... My wolf mumbled.

"Yeah I did..." I whispered as I watched her walk away.

The days turned into weeks, and I had lost track of time. I had no idea how long I had been in this cell.

I had managed to convince Johnny to bring me a book or two to pass the time. Other than that the only constant was the Alpha. He would come down every day or two and ask the same questions and I would give the same answers, much to his annoyance.

I finished another book and set it on the end of the bed. I looked up and realized it must almost be lunch time.

"Hey Johnny, how long have I been here?"

Johnny let out a long breath, "Eight weeks."

My eyes widened, "Are you sure?"

"Oh yeah," Johnny replied with sarcasm, "I'm sure." He turned to me with irritation, "I have been stuck here for eight weeks guarding your stubborn hide instead of being out on patrols. Standing here... every damn day. I'm so bored dude. Just tell the Alpha what he wants to know so we can get on with our life."

"Nope. I'm not giving him anything. If he can't tell by now that I don't mean any harm to his pack then whatever I tell him won't change his mind," I replied with a grumble.

I needed to get out of there though. My wolf was getting antsy. He hadn't been out in eight weeks.

"Hey, can I get some water? I'm all out," I said, shaking the empty pitcher.

"Yeah, yeah," Johnny muttered, taking the pitcher from me and heading down the corridor to the wash room.

I leaned against the wall and let out a huff.

Is it really so bad to just tell them who we are? My wolf asked,

"We are all that remains of the Black Trail Pack. When they find out who we are they will either kill us, or keep us here forever. Lone Alphas are not met with kindness." I replied. "We just need to find a way out of here and finally figure out what happened to our family."

After continuously refusing to answer any questions posed by the Alpha I knew I was starting to really irritate him. Another three weeks went by and I knew I wouldn't be able to last in here much longer. I could feel myself getting weaker from not having shifted in so long. My wolf was restless and angry. I was restless and angry.

"Who the hell are they?!" Alpha Mason boomed as he walked into my cell, waking me up from a nap.

"Alpha," I replied, sitting up in bed, "How nice of you to grace us with your presence again today."

He growled, "Who. Are. They?"

"Who are… who?" I asked in confusion.

"The rogues that attacked our border this morning," He growled. "We didn't have any problems with rogues until you showed up. Who are they?"

I looked at him like he was crazy, "How the hell do I know? I've been sitting in this cell for three months!"

He lunged forward, slashing his claws against my cheek. "You are going to tell me everything you've been keeping secret this whole time. And you are going to tell me now!"

I glared up at him, "I don't know anything."

He nodded his head toward me and two large warriors walked into the cell and tied me to a chair. Alpha Mason stood in front of me, his anger coming off him in waves. "Three of our patrolmen were killed this morning. I'm not in the mood for games. Tell me who you are working with and why they are attacking our borders."

I stayed silent, knowing they weren't going to listen to reason. I had already told them the truth. I had no idea who had attacked them. I lived alone for ten years. These were the first people I'd seen since my family died. I was brought from my thoughts when a fist landed hard in my ribcage, sending pain through my chest.

I coughed and sat up straight, not willing to let them break me. The questions and abuse continued until I felt the darkness calling to me again. I knew my body had taken too much and the corners of my eyes began to blur.

"Who are they?!" I heard yelled as I passed out.

I woke up to feel a cool towel being pressed against my head. I opened my eyes to see Adara standing above me.

"How are you feeling?" she asked quietly.

I closed my eyes again, shrinking away from the stinging sensation of the antiseptic she wiped over the gashes on my cheek. "Been better..."

Adara continued to work, her hands moving quickly to clean my wounds before they began healing.

"This shouldn't have happened..." she muttered as she assessed the dark bruises forming on my ribcage. She pressed against my chest, making me wince in pain. "You probably have a few broken ribs."

I shrugged, lowering my shirt, "I'll be fine."

She rubbed her hands together before standing back, "You will need to take it easy. I'll be back sometime tomorrow to check on you."

I nodded and laid back in the bed as I watched her leave. I let out a long breath, wincing at the pain that breath had caused.

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