French Kissing

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14. Texting

Revel didn't stay much longer so they walked out of the bar together. Marcy was so confused over what had happened that she was keen to get out of the crowds and noise. She needed a long time along to think about things. And to freak out.

Revel was chuckling again.

"What is it?" Marcy asked.

"You. You're such a dark horse. Here I was, figuring you were heartbroken over that dweeb and you’re involved with much hotter stuff. Way older, too. Don't worry, I'm not going to snoop on your secrets. It's just funny, is all."

Marcy was grateful that Revel didn't plan to probe. She honestly didn't know what she could have told her anyway. She was curious about Revel's own love life: before she would have assumed that Revel went home alone and did nothing. Now, she found herself wondering more about her.

But she had to extend Revel the same courtesy of not probing her love life, so she made a more general comment.

"I hope your life is less of a train wreck, at least."

"I'd take a train wreck like that any day. Angry and gorgeous. Just how I like a guy," Revel said.

They were nearly at Marcy's car which was finally back from repairs. She had been amazed at how well they had patched up the damage. Marcy offered Revel a lift.

"It's no problem, it's all fixed up now," she told her.

"Sure, thanks."

It turned out that Revel lived not far from Marcy, it was just a slightly different direction if you were going there from Springdale, which is why Marcy had never seen her walking back home from school before.

Revel's house - her grandmother's house - was a big, old property that looked dark and leafy at this time of night.

"Come round some time. It's like a time warp," Revel told her.

Marcy thanked her for the invitation and drove off. She didn't know exactly when or how she was supposed to take it up, just show up there sometime? Maybe Revel would more formally invite her another time. She was interested to see what Revel's home was like, wondering if there were photos of her famous mother. Then she remembered Revel lived with her paternal grandmother, so probably not.

What Marcy wanted to do was call Addy. Desperately. Except the time zones were all wrong and even though Addy, surprisingly, was often an early riser, no way would she appreciate being woken up before dawn.

Although it was pretty big news...

Marcy decided she was best off sleeping on it. She needed some time to gather her thoughts anyway

First thing that morning she messaged Addy.

Too much to text. Call me. Emergency.

She got a reply back within thirty seconds.

You're pregnant?

Marcy was about to reply "No!" when her phone buzzed again.

Sorry about last night. It won't happen again.

She was confused.

What won't happen?

Then suddenly she realised she had just sent the message to "G" not "A".

Oh God. He had texted her. Gray. He must still have her number. Now he probably thought she was being facetious or moody or something. She was struggling with how to explain her confusion when he messaged her a second time.

Good. See you in class.

So abrupt. He must have thought she was pretending to play along that it had never happened. Which of course was probably the wisest strategy.

Her phone rang. For a second she thought - hoped - it was him.


"Oh, it's you." Marcy said.

"You just asked me to call you!" Addy was bewildered.

"Sorry, yeah, I just got other texts in between."

"Who from?" When Marcy paused Addy instantly guessed. "Oh! No way!"

"Yes. That's why I was calling, or getting you to call me. Something kind of happened again last night," Marcy told her.

"You didn't sleep with him again!"

"No, no. But I was in a bar with Revel and he grabbed me and kissed me."

Addy was now totally confused. "Hold on. Scroll back. Revel as in Revel Holmes? Weird Revel?"

"Yes," Marcy said. "Only she's not that weird, so it turns out. But I'll get to that later. The thing is that Gray was there, he'd been drinking, and he saw me and told me to go home. Then a bit later he kissed me, really angrily, then he suddenly left."

"How did you get into there in the first place? Did you manage to get fake ID?" Addy asked.

"Revel sings there. So she put my name on the door and I didn't need it," Marcy explained.

"Revel sings? Like, what, with a band or something?"

Marcy didn't want to waste time talking about Revel. "Yes, a band. But I'll get to that later. Tell me what I'm supposed to do about Gray?"

"I really need to see a photo of this guy, it's hard to judge otherwise. I mean is he nice-hot, take it or leave it, or is he drop-dead risk-everything-for hot?" Addy asked.

"Risk everything. Except he doesn't want to," Marcy told her.

"Except he did last night. And now he's texting you."

"Only to tell me that it's over. Again." She related his exact text messages to Addy.

Addy groaned. "I can't believe the most wild things ever are finally happening at Springdale and I'm thousands of miles away. I want to come back!"

Marcy wished she would and told her. "But how's your new school?"

"It's not bad. Pretty intense. Half the kids there are super over achievers and the rest are really intimidatingly cool, you know? Like they're from New York and they know everything and everyone's parents work on Wall St or whatever." Addy described what her new life was like and Marcy listened, kind of glad for the distraction. "Anyway, so that's enough about me. The question is what are you going to do on Monday?"

Marcy had no idea. "Pretend it never happened, I guess."

"But you want him, right?"

She did. "If it wasn't so illegal."

Addy was unfazed by this. "You're of age, the only issue is his job. It sounds like he's pretty crazy about you. You should just flirt with him and try and end up at that bar again, for a repeat performance."

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