French Kissing

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33. Giving in

They entered Gray’s apartment.

They stood there.

And then he was all over her. They were both all over each other.

The forced separation, the tension, the games. Gray was angry with himself for losing his internal struggle, and angry for having it in the first place.

Marcy was frustrated at the weeks of misery and trying to cope with Gray’s rejection.

Now they were crazy one another. It was like a fight as much as it was making out.

His mouth was hot and hard on hers, his hands were grabbing her, twisting her clothes off.

"Did you do that on purpose?" he asked her, when they paused for air.

"Do what?"

"Flirt with that guy to make a point?"

"Did it make a point?"

Gray’s response was to kiss her again, hungrily. "You know that it did."

"Are you angry with me?" Marcy asked.

Gray looked into her eyes. "I’m angry with the situation. And at my own lack of self-control. And at that moron who was trying it on with you. But not with you, no."

Marcy smiled. She reached up and drew him to her again, putting her lips on his. "Wouldn’t it be simpler all round if you had let him talk to me?"

She felt Gray tense and grip her harder, which was her intention.

"No goddamn way. No flop-haired idiot like that is laying a finger on you. And I’m going to show you exactly why."

He scooped her up before she could protest, and carried her into the bedroom where her practically threw her on the bed.

"I vowed I would hold off from this. But you’ve been winding me up all night."

The heat in Gray’s eyes made Marcy a little afraid.

She wanted him, her body had ached for him so many times, but he’d never been quite this resolute before.

She wriggled herself up to a sitting position but Gray pulled her back down and slid her underneath him, laying on top of her.

They were both fully clothed but she could feel his hardness through his jeans as he pressed against her.

His lips were on hers, hard and demanding. Forcing her mouth open.

Then on her neck, sucking and nearly biting; she feared he would leave a mark. But a part of her wanted to be marked by him, the thought made her stomach go liquid.

Gray’s hands slipped between them and over Marcy’s body. He was unbuttoning her blouse, exposing her skin.

He pulled the fabric of her bra down, and swore. "I’ve wanted this so badly."

Then his mouth was over her breast, his tongue swirling around her nipple, making her writhe up against him. She loved the hotness and wetness against her skin, his urgency.

Marcy reached under his shirt to feel the hard, hot muscles of Gray’s back.

Then his mouth was back on her neck again, this time drawing in her skin so firmly that she knew he would leave a love bite.

"You’ll leave a mark…"

He broke off. "Then I can look at it and know you’re mine." There was a harsh edge to his voice.

His possessiveness caused a jolt through her.

"I thought you wanted to be discreet?"

"Discreet? By the time I’m done with you, you’re barely going to be able to walk."

Marcy gasped as Gray roughly tugged her jeans down.

Then he gripped her hips and twisted her around, so he was behind her. They hadn’t tried this position before and Marcy felt nervous.

She felt his hands on her buttocks, opening her and positioning her ready for him. At some point he must have tugged his own pants down.

"This is what you get for your behaviour earlier. You pushed for this, Marcy."

Then Gray drove into her in one long, hard thrust. So deep it was nearly painful. She was stretched around him, he was completely filling her.

For a moment he just stayed inside her, at full length, allowing her to get used to the size of him filling her.

Then as Marcy caught her breath he started to slam into her. She shifted a little to soften the angle. She loved the way he was taking her, owning her.

He planned to show her no mercy.

He had never felt this hard before, nor gone on for so long. She felt quite dizzy with it all, her hands clutching the sheets.

Suddenly Gray slowed. Grasping her, he managed to pull her back onto him, then manoeuvred her around, raising her leg past him and twisting her body towards his so they were eventually face to face, on their sides. He stayed inside her the whole time.

His hair was damp from the exertion so far and he slowed the pace. He looked into her eyes, not saying anything, just making long, smooth, deep strokes into her, his face intense with desire.

In this position he could also touch her wherever he wanted, and he did so. His hand moulded her breast, his thumb and forefinger squeezing her nipple, firmly but not enough to cause pain, only pleasure.

Then his hand slipped down between them, into the hot wetness where they were joined. He flicked a finger up against her, instantly finding her most sensitive place.

"I want you to come for me, Marcy." His eyes never left her face and she felt herself blush amid her own desire for him.

He hadn’t consciously watched her before. Now he was fixed on her, wanting her to submit to his complete control of her body.

Marcy wasn’t sure if she could lose herself under his gaze. But his fingers were relentless. The sensations from them were blending with the deeper feelings inside her, where he continued to push into her.

She tried closing her eyes. "Open your eyes and look at me." It was an order.

She was suddenly reminded of him in class, her teacher, instructing them. An authority figure. Something in his gaze was the same now, and it was enough to escalate the tension in her body.

Mr Grayson is inside me, making me come for him.

The thought was enough to bring her to the edge.

She was at her teacher’s home, having sex with him, completely forbidden, and no one but the two of them knew.

And he was commanding her.

Marcy felt his thumb press more firmly against her and she couldn’t stop herself crying out as a sweet, sharp pang started building and spasming through her core.

She managed to keep looking at him, the image of him in the classroom not leaving her, driving her even more wild.

As it all subsided, and her body had that lovely warm glow, he rolled her back onto her back and took his own pleasures. It was almost instant, he had been holding off so when he came, it was nearly violent.

They were both so exhausted - Marcy felt light-headed - that he collapsed on her and they lay there without moving, and she couldn’t even remember him moving off her before she fell asleep.

She had him back. They were back together.

When Marcy woke it took her a moment to realise where she was. But then she realised that Gray was next to her, sleeping, his face looking both gorgeous and peaceful.

Marcy lay there, basking in relief and happiness. She was also a little scared, because each time they did this it felt like things were getting deeper and more beyond their control.

But for now, she would just enjoy it. Shut the world out.

Eventually he woke and gave a sleepy smile as he saw her lying next to him. "Good morning."

"Good morning," Marcy replied.

Concern passed over his face. "I wasn’t too rough with you last night?"

She felt herself blush. "I loved every moment."

"Good." He looked relieved, and lay there for a few moments. Then he spoke again. "I’m not really sure what came over me, I’ve never gotten that carried away before. I really don’t want to hurt you."

"You didn’t, so it’s fine. I promise," Marcy said. She thought she should be a little braver and honest. "I actually liked it. A lot."

Gray gave a more suggestive smile. "Then we’ll have to repeat the performance some time."

They stayed in bed, feeling glad that it was Saturday and there was no pressing need to get up early. It was still pretty early: a few minutes past seven according to Gray’s alarm clock.

Thinking about the time made Marcy think of school mornings, and then of what had gone through her mind the night before: thinking about him in the classroom and getting even more turned on. She felt kind of guilty about it.

He sensed her change of mood. "What’s wrong?"

"It’s nothing." Should she confess? She wanted to try and be open with him.

"You’re worried about something?"

"No, it’s just… last night. The thought of you being at Springdale kind of turned me on."

He laughed. "You mean me being your teacher?"

"Yes." Marcy buried her face in the blanket to cover her embarrassment. "It didn’t before, it was just last night."

"Want a confession back?"

She absolutely would love a confession back.

"The thought of you being in my class and me getting to discipline you for misbehaving is the hottest thing in the world."

Just Gray saying this made Marcy throb and want him all over again. But after last night she wasn’t sure if she was physically capable of anything, or if he was.

"You know something else?" he asked her.


"You’re incredibly cute when you blush." To prove it, he leant over and kissed her, a tender, lingering kiss.

Marcy wondered if anyone in the world anywhere had ever been as happy as she felt right at that moment. She was glad she had managed to confess her fantasy to him, it was probably healthier to be open about these things.

"So what happens next week?" She meant at school. Was last night a lapse, and would he want to call it off all over again.

Gray rubbed his face. "I don’t know. Staying away from you doesn’t seem to work out, does it? We’ll just have to take each day as it comes and be incredibly careful."

It was all Marcy needed to hear. That he wasn’t going to end it all again. For now at least, it was back on.

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