French Kissing

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4. Girls' night

Marcy felt sad as she walked over to Addy’s house as it was going to be one of their last girls’ nights together. She couldn’t believe Addy was deserting her for New York. A virtual girls’ night over Skype or FaceTime just wouldn’t be the same.

Just when she needed her friend more than ever… Addy’s mother had to go and get that amazing job. Life was so unfair.

They had decided to meet at Addy’s as she and her mother were in the midst of packing for their move, and Marcy thought it would be fun to help out. Addy’s mother was pretty cool, even if she overheard their conversation she wouldn’t judge or get mad. They could talk about most things within her earshot.

Addy hugged Marcy at the door. "This might be the last time I get to welcome you to my home here! Though it’s not much of a home right now."

This was an understatement. Boxes of stuff were piled everywhere, leaving just a narrow corridor through the hallway.

"You have been busy," Marcy said.

Addy rolled her eyes. "It’s been a nightmare. We’re getting professional removal men but Mom was worried they’d break stuff. So she ended up making us pack half the stuff that the removal company would be doing."

She ushered Marcy into the kitchen, where thankfully the seats still remained along the breakfast bar. "Most of the crockery’s packed, we’ve just kept a few things. So much is going to end up in storage though. New York apartments are so tiny by comparison."

Addy’s mother owned the house but planned to rent it out. Leaving half their things would have been awkward, and the rental agent said it would be easier to get tenants for a fully unfurnished property.

"It’s like you’re packing up your life," Marcy said. "It’s all happening so quickly."

"I know. It’s not easy. I kind of power through it all by keeping busy, there’s so much to do which helps. I also have a whole box of stuff for you. Some of it’s for safekeeping, so we can look at it when we’re old ladies and weep bitter tears."

Marcy felt a bit better at the thought of them still being in touch and hopefully close friends in old age. "I’ll hold you to that."

"No Josh stuff though. Or maybe we’ll have a folder of the awful ones, to laugh over."

"Was he really that awful?"

"Truthfully? I think he was a vain idiot. And not that great looking either. You could do so much better. Which reminds me, what happened with that guy whose car you wrecked?"

Marcy had been burning to tell Addy but felt strangely reticent as well. The thing with Gray was so big, somehow, that she wanted to get her own thoughts about it a bit clearer.

"We went out earlier today. He was nice."

"Nice!" Addy looked like she was going to shake Marcy. "That’s what you say to your parents. Tell me the truth! What did you do, did anything happen? Are you seeing him again."

A big yes to that one, Marcy was already nervous about it. "He was great. We kissed. We’re going out tomorrow night."

"Wow! So was it a good kiss? Do you like him, I mean really like him?

"I think so." Marcy looked troubled as she said this, which Addy instantly picked up on.

"So what’s the problem?"

"He thinks I’m at college. I mean from what he said, he thinks I’m about twenty-one."

Addy shrugged. "So? You’ll be at college in a year. It’s no big deal. You’re above the age of consent. It’s not like it’s a crime or something."

"I know. I just feel awkward about it."

"So how old is he?"

"I don’t know. I think maybe around twenty-one," Marcy said.

"That’s fine then. I mean if he was forty-one, now then I would be putting you in a straitjacket and wheeling you off to a convent."

Marcy laughed. "No, he’s definitely not that old. I wish you could meet him before you go. It’s just so early though."

"Text me where you are tomorrow night and maybe I’ll drop past and spy on you. Now, I need food."

They used the contents of Addy’s kitchen being in disarray as an excuse to make some comfort food. In this case, microwave mug brownies. Addy tipped a packet of Walnut Fudge Brownie mix into a bowl, stirred in some eggs and oil, and poured it into mugs. She got chocolate everywhere, which was usual for Addy.

The TV wasn’t packed up yet so they sat on the couch and watched Saved! They both loved it because the mean girl reminded them of a girl at school, Brittany Paige, and in the movie the mean girl got her comeuppance.

They were officially supposed to be friends with Brittany, all being part of the top social clique, but in truth they couldn’t stand her. Brittany was rich and blonde and supposedly beautiful. She regarded herself as the Queen of the school, so everyone else had to bow down to her if they wanted to remain popular.

Marcy saw that Addy was looking uncomfortable when a section of Saved! came on that they usually laughed at. "What’s wrong?"

"It just reminded me of something. I wasn’t sure if I should tell you, but I guess you’ll find out anyway," Addy said.

"You can’t leave me in the dark now. Come on, nothing could be worse than all the other bad news recently."

"It’s kind of related to that. It’s about Josh."

Marcy felt slightly sick. Even though she was more than over him, his name was a reminder of her humiliation at being dumped, and the fact she’d have to face him at school in a week’s time. "Unless you’re secretly dating him, it can’t be that bad. What is it?"

Addy half laughed at the idea of dating Josh. "Not even wearing gloves and surgical scrubs. So not my type. Seriously though, I found out about that girl he’s dating. It’s Brittany’s cousin."

Everything felt darker for a moment. "Brittany knew about us though. She always seemed fine with it."

"Yeah, well I don’t think she’s truly fine with anything she can’t directly control. This way she’s got him back in her claws, kind of," Addy said.

"But she doesn’t even like him!" Marcy said.

"I know. But he’s one of her minions, or whatever you call them. My grandmother would would say suitors. If he’s dating her cousin, with her blessing, then she still kind of owns him."

They were both silent for a moment, thinking about this horrible turn of events. And how Brittany might gloat and lord it over them even more.

"She lives out of state though, so that’s something," Addy told Marcy. "At least you won’t have to face her. Anyway, in a week’s time hopefully you’ll be so loved up by Mr New Guy that you won’t notice or care about Bitchany Paige."

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