French Kissing

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46. Revel's revelation

Marcy could only imagine the reaction of people back in Springdale. Brittanny actually might implode. Marcy felt kind of childish for imagining her reaction, but it was going to be something to witness. Addy would probably insist she recorded it.

Her parents were a whole other issue though. She was already bracing herself for that one.

Marcy, Revel and Addy met the next morning for coffee. Marcy had stayed the previous night at Gray’s, partly at Addy’s insistence. "You’re only going to be thinking of him all night so you may as well be him," she had said.

It had been one of the most incredible nights ever. Actually making love with the guy you were completely in love with, with no more obstacles or problems, was amazing. Marcy thrilled every time Gray said those three words to her as well.

"This will pale by comparison to Gray, I’m sure," Revel began, addressing Marcy, "but I have a confession of my own. I read your play, and it was amazing. Beyond anything I thought it would be. Anyway, I knew you would never take my word for it so I took the liberty of sending a copy to a composer friend of mine. He loved it, he wants to score it. He actually thinks it could be produced, maybe with a few changes."

Marcy was blown away. She was part over the moon with excitement, and part totally embarrassed that the first thing she had ever written had been shown, unedited, to a professional.

"Of course it’s totally up to you," Revel continued, since Marcy was still lost for words. "And he’s just a music guy, so any lyrics you want, that’s all yours to write. Just make sure you give the witch an amazing solo, because that’s my role one day."

"You wouldn’t want to play Rapunzel?" Marcy asked, having already imagined Revel in a long wig. There was no reason Rapunzel needed to be blonde anyway.

"No. Character roles are more me. And the witch - as you’ve written her - is just awesome."

"I guess Mrs Helberg will have to wear the wig then," Marcy said.

Revel laughed. "I think it’s going to be a little beyond her league, once it gets cast."

"I still get to come to the opening night party though right?" Addy asked. "And hang out with all your future celebrity friends?" She was only half joking. They were all swept up with the excitement of it all, and anything seemed possible.

Marcy still hadn’t figured out how Revel had planned everything, or involved Addy.

"I sneaked a look in your phone when you went to the bathroom," Revel told her. "Addy’s number was top of your favourites, then I went from there."

Addy glowed. "I’m glad I wasn’t kicked off the top of the list for Gray."

Hearing his name made Marcy’s heart flip all over again. "So what do you think of him?" She hadn’t yet had a chance to ask Addy this, after Addy had met him for the first time the previous evening.

"So unbelievably hot. The photos really don’t do him justice. I’m just kicking myself I had to move to New York just when a guy like that arrives in Springdale. He’d not even my type but I so would. If it wasn’t for the fact he literally doesn’t look at any girl but you, Marcy."

Marcy was loving all of this. She could quite happily have talked about nothing but Gray all day, but she knew it would bore her friends to tears. Just a little more conversation wouldn’t hurt though.

"He wants me to tell my parents and everything. They’ve met him and they liked him, but obviously just as my teacher," she said.

"My mom wasn’t fazed by it, if that’s any help," Addy said. "She figures we’re all eighteen, we can do what we like."

Maybe Addy’s mom could adopt her, Marcy thought.

"It’ll be cool," Revel said. "Once they get used to it they’ll be relieved you’ve got a nice, responsible guy in New York, not some gang member. That’s what you should tell them, anyway."

The last days of Marcy’s trip to New York passed all too quickly. Revel flew back the next day, then Gray. The fact that she would be flying back to see him in Springdale was some consolation.

But she really wished she could spend more time with Addy. She was even more resolved that they both had to end up going to college in New York somehow. Things just weren’t as fun without Addy around, being her usual wonderfully generous, crazy self.

"You’ll be back before you know it," Addy said. "Gray won’t want to wait until next September, you can bet he’ll be flying you up long before then."

Gray had already said something to this effect, which had reassured Marcy. She simply couldn’t cope with another Gray-drought after all they had been through. She wanted to be with him.

"Just make sure you come and visit me when you are here, or I’ll never forgive you," Addy told her. "And if you ever have a row or something, you’re always welcome to stay. Or just come and stay anyway."

Marcy promised that she would. She wasn’t the kind of person to ditch her girl friends just because she was dating someone. Even if that someone was the hottest guy in the world.

"I’ll take you up on that. If you bake me brownies."

"If you eat at least half of them, then yes I will."

Finally it was Marcy’s own time to fly back. It was always horrible leaving a place, even though she was excited to see Gray again.

"Just remember to record Bitchany Paige for me when you tell her about you and Gray. Though I’ll probably hear her shrieks of rage all the way up here in New York anyway," Addy said.

"I’ll do what I can. I’ll give you a detailed account, whatever happens."

"You’re the best!"

Addy’s mom drove Marcy to the airport and she and Addy hugged and said a tearful farewell.

As Marcy walked through security her phone beeped. She panicked momentarily, thinking it was Addy and she must have forgotten something in New York. Then felt a rush of joy when she saw the message.

Can’t wait to see you. Have a safe flight.

It was so great that she no longer had to hide his texts. And "G" was once against restored to "Gray" in her contacts.

You too x

Marcy had kept every single one of Gray’s texts. Even the awful ones from the time when he was trying not to be with her. They were all part of the story of their relationship, and she treasured them.

Now, thinking happy thoughts of Gray as she settled back in her seat and watched the lights of New York disappear, she started to brace herself for telling her parents. They weren’t unreasonable people, they would have to come around somehow.

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