French Kissing

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5. Getting closer

Gray was picking her up at seven o’clock. Marcy’s parents had gone out a little earlier so they wouldn’t get to meet him this time. But they were cool, they trusted her judgement. After all she was practically an adult.

Marcy had also mentioned that she might stay over at Addy’s later on. If the date went badly, she would head there for ice cream and sympathy. She and Addy always had a backup plan like this for a first date, as nothing was worse than going home and crying alone.

Feeling a little nervous and dressed in her cutest outfit, she waited for him to arrive. Finally the doorbell rang and she opened it to see Gray there looking absolutely amazing. His shirt brought out the deep green of his eyes.

Just as she stepped outside she tripped and fell over a flying fur ball hurtling into the house. Gray managed to catch her, preventing her from hitting the ground.

"I think you have an invader," he said.

"It’s only Pegasus. He’s a bit fast." Marcy was dying with embarrassment at how clumsy she must have looked. Just when she was trying to appear her most sophisticated and elegant.

Gray opened the car door for her and closed it afterwards, which felt really chivalrous. Josh had never done that kind of stuff.

He had music playing in the car but it was nothing she recognised. It wasn’t even in English.

"Is that French?" she asked.

"Yes. We can put something else on. I listen to it occasionally, it helps stop me getting rusty," Gray told her.

"No, it’s nice. Please leave it." Maybe it would help her French as well, it was one of her better subjects but she still needed to improve. She couldn’t understand any of the lyrics though.

Gray drove them into town. "You obviously know this place better than me, but I found an Italian restaurant which looked good. If it’s got a terrible reputation we can go elsewhere."

Perfect choice, she loved Italian food. "If it’s Luigi’s then it’s great." It was also quite expensive, she wasn’t sure if she should mention this.

"That’s the one."

Inside they were shown to one of the best tables, in the window. Marcy never got to sit there when she went with her family as they only had two-person tables there.

Gray ordered a bottle of wine and they looked through the menus. It turned out that they both liked pepperoni on pizza so they got one to share.

He told her about France, as she asked him how often he’d been there. It turned out that he’d actually spent a year at the Sorbonne, a university in Paris.

"What was it like, Paris?" Marcy imagined endlessly sitting at stylish cafés drinking black coffee and discussing French philosophers.

"It was pretty cool. The food was great. It’s a long way from home though," he told her.

The wine was getting to Marcy, relaxing her and making her head swim. It also made her more flirty with him than she would have been otherwise.

They skipped dessert and headed to a bar. She was terrified that they would ask for ID and she would have to reveal her age, but accompanied by Gray there were no questions asked.

Inside they drank some more and flirted some more. Eventually they were kind of leaning against one another, the sexual attraction stronger than anything Marcy had ever felt. She could feel his hardness through his jeans. If she had had only slightly more to drink she would have made out with him then and there.

"You want to come back to my place?"

Marcy hesitated. She did want to, but she had a feeling where it might lead. Except she pretty much wanted it to lead there, or close.

He saw the conflict in her eyes. "If you have to get back it’s okay."

"It’s fine, I’d love to come."

Since he couldn’t drive he left the car in town and they walked to his apartment, which wasn’t far. It was in a really smart, quite new block that Addy’s mother had once considered purchasing in.

They took the elevator, Marcy feeling a little nervous but thrilled to still be with Gray.

Inside he turned to face her. "We should get coffee or something." And then his arms were around her and his lips were on hers and they were both embracing like they were parched with thirst for one another.

Marcy could feel the hard planes of his body underneath his shirt. His smell of soap of cologne and warm skin. She was intoxicated.

Gray led her into the bedroom and onto the bed. She loved the feeling of his weight on top of her as they continued to make out. His hand went under her top, brushing over her bra.

"I don’t usually want someone this much, this fast," he said. "But there’s something about you."

Marcy figured this was not the time to reveal her lack of experience. He might freak out and reject her. She and Josh had never gone all the way because somehow it hadn’t felt right, though Josh had started to pressure her a bit. They had had a kind of understanding that it would happen in senior year.

And now here she was, in the bedroom of some guy she’d met three days ago. She should have been shocked at her own behaviour, but instead she realised for the first time why she had never wanted to do this with Josh. Because he had never, ever made her feel like this.

Gray had pushed her top above her head, taking it off her. Marcy had already run her hands under his shirt, marvelling at the sculpted feel of him. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, given all the physical pursuits he had mentioned doing.

Then she felt his hands reach underneath her, his fingers moving and suddenly her bra was unclasped and he had removed that too.

Gray’s green eyes met Marcy’s for a moment, hazy with lust, then he bent his head and put his mouth on her breast. She bucked as electricity ran through her body. How did anyone ever stop themselves half way through?

When he tugged her pants down and slipped his fingers inside her underwear she was momentarily embarrassed because she could feel she was soaking wet. He didn’t seem to care though. The feeling of his fingers on her sensitive folds was amazing, he knew exactly what he was doing.

"You feel incredible," he said.

He was teasing her, tugging at her skin gently. Then his thumb slid directly over her nub and she actually gasped.

He rose up and rapidly threw off his own shirt, so he could lie skin-against-skin with her. Somehow he got rid of the rest of his clothes and they were both entirely naked, she felt his hardness pressed against her thigh. He felt huge.

Gray kissed her some more, running his hands over her body, over her breasts. Marcy’s entire body was on fire.

Then he leant over to reach for something, and she heard the tearing of a little packet. Deftly he slipped it on.

This was the point of no return.

He moved back over her, kissing her again, his tongue entwining with hers. She found that her body naturally shifted to give him access.

She felt him at her entrance, she was so swollen and wet that she longed for him to enter her and the desire overcame any fear.

In one smooth movement Gray was inside her, but she winced at the sudden sharp pain and then tried to hide it.

He paused and broke off from the embrace. Raised his head and looked down at her. She saw the confusion and alarm in his eyes.

"Marcy, were you…?"

"Yes." She could feel herself going red despite the throbbing throughout her body and hoped he couldn’t tell in the low light. "I know it’s crazy late to have waited this long."

"It’s not at all, but Jesus. I wish you had told me, we could have taken things far more slowly. Do you want me to stop?"

"No." She really didn’t. She wanted him so badly.



He started moving into her again, taking it much more gently this time. It gave her a chance to get used to him. It wasn’t exactly hurting now, she loved the feeling of closeness and fullness.

Eventually she was making soft moans at his rhythm, closing her eyes to focus on the new and wonderful sensations in her body.

Gray slipped his hand between them, pulling up her folds slightly which drove her nearly wild as his fingers aimed for her most sensitive place.

Once he hit it there was no going back.

It was a sharp, sweet release. Marcy could feel herself squeeze and spasm around him, this rock hardness inside her body. Waves of it ran through her body and her head felt all dizzy and out of control.

Then Gray was thrusting inside her much more vigorously, straining as he came as well, until they collapsed together, hot and wet with perspiration.

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