French Kissing

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6. No regrets

Thank goodness she had told her parents she might be staying at Addy’s.

That was the first thing Marcy thought when she woke, to find herself cradled by Gray’s arm. He was still fast asleep. She had never woken up in a guy’s bed before and her second thought was how warm and comfortable it was.

She had barely had a chance to notice his apartment the previous night. They had been all over one another and off to bed the moment they had got through the door.

Now she enjoyed a peek, wondering if his place would reveal more about him. Unfortunately there wasn’t much to see, he clearly hadn’t moved all his stuff in yet. There wasn’t anything on the walls or any kind of decoration. It wasn’t as stark as a hotel room but it didn’t feel fully lived in yet.

He had his own bedclothes at least. They were dark blue and smelt of laundry powder combined with his scent. They must have been fresh and clean last night.

Now of course they were all rumpled from the night-time action. Marcy felt herself blush just thinking about it.

She really needed the bathroom but had no idea where it was and didn’t want to wake Gray. She lay there for a few increasingly uncomfortable minutes, before deciding that she really couldn’t hold it in any longer.

Very carefully and gently she raised herself off the bed, slipping out of his embrace. He stirred slightly but didn’t awaken.

Once out of the warmth of the blanket Marcy shivered and felt awkward for being naked. There was a towel hanging over a rail so she grabbed it and wrapped it around herself before finding the bathroom.

In there she finally went and then had a peek at Gray’s bathroom toiletries when she washed her hands. He didn’t have a lot of stuff, just a razor, some toothpaste and a toothbrush in a yellow plastic cup, and a can of shaving gel next to them. She kind of liked the fact that he wasn’t overly fussy and vain with twenty kinds of hair gel and cologne.

The metrosexual thing didn’t really do it for her, it was Addy who preferred her guys super groomed. Marcy just liked them clean and natural.

She splashed her face with water. Her make up was all smudged but it didn’t look too bad, just sort of smoky. She longed to have a shower. She wasn’t quite sure if she should hang around or get busy and leave, but all her clothes were strewn about the bedroom so she had to return there.

Slipping back to the bedroom still wrapped in the towel, she saw him open his eyes as she entered. "I thought you’d run out on me."

"No, I just visited the bathroom."

"Want to revisit it and shower with me?" he asked.

Marcy tried not to go red. She had never ever showered with a guy before. This was all happening so quick.

He saw her embarrassment. "It’s okay, no pressure. There’s plenty of hot water. You can go first if you like."

Except she wanted to try showering with him. She smiled shyly. "But then we wouldn’t be saving the earth."

"Saving the earth?" He looked confused.

"Wasting water unnecessarily."

Gray realised what she was saying and grinned. "That’s the only reason to shower with me, is it? To use less water? Okay, let’s go and save the planet."

He hopped out of bed and crossed the room wearing nothing, confident and unashamed. Marcy wished she could get over her inhibitions. But then it was different for guys.

Under the water and hot steam his mouth was on hers almost immediately. Making hers open for him, probing and exploring her, while the water ran down them and into her mouth. Hot and wet and slidey.

They soaped one another’s bodies, she loved the feel of his hands over her. "You’re so smooth and slippery," he said.

"I think that’s the shower gel."

He laughed then reached between her legs. She flinched slightly, she hadn’t realised she was a bit sore there.

Gray immediately picked up on it. "I’m sorry, I should have realised. You probably need a bit of recovery time. I wish you had told me it was your first time. I nearly didn’t guess though, you were amazing."

"Likewise. It makes me wonder why I waited so long."

There was a strange intensity in his eyes. "I’m kind of glad you did."

It was weird, Marcy barely knew him - he’d been a total stranger just two days ago - but now she felt so intimate with him. Things felt right, and she hoped it wasn’t just in her head. That he was feeling it too.

She was certainly glad to have given up her v-card to him. Whatever happened, it had been a wonderful experience. Half of her couldn’t wait to tell Addy, and half of her wanted to hug the secret to herself for a bit longer.

They were kissing again, and he had started to lead her out of the shower back towards the bedroom when his mobile rang. "Damn. I really want to ignore that but I was waiting on a call. Stay right where you are."

He picked up the phone, and held a brief conversation, frowning as he did so. "It’s my old landlord," he told her. "The new tenants want to move in early. I hoped to have another week to move the rest of my stuff out but I’m going to have to head up there today, or he’ll lose the deal."

"That’s difficult," Marcy said.

"I know. He appreciates it though, he’s a good guy. He’s going to refund me my last cheque as I was paid up until the end of the month."

Marcy wanted to ask how long Gray would be gone for but didn’t want to sound clingy.

"Anyway," he continued, "let’s grab some breakfast, then I’ll drive you home."

He cooked them eggs and toast with black coffee. Marcy was surprised at how hungry she was.

"I hope it’s okay, I haven’t had the chance to do much grocery shopping yet," he said. "I ran out of fruit."

"It’s great. If your new job doesn’t work out Ben would hire you for these eggs alone," Marcy told him.

She was glad he was driving her back, though she felt kind of icky putting on her clothes from the night before. She had heard other girls joke about the "walk of shame" when you returned home in your going-out clothes from the night before, after spending the night with a man. By giving her a lift, Gray had spared her that awkwardness.

"I didn’t want to do a huge 'About last night' but you are okay, aren’t you?" he asked her. "No regrets?"

"None at all." Truly, Marcy had no regrets. He hadn’t said he wanted to see her again but even if he didn’t, although she’d feel pretty miserable and disappointed for a few days, she could cope.

She was still glad her first time was with such an amazingly kind and hot guy. Anything else was a bonus.

The journey back to hers wasn’t long. It was early, so the downstairs drapes were still closed. This was a good thing: no peeping eyes.

At her house Gray got out and opened the door for her. "I hate rushing off like this, but I’ll only be gone a week. There’s a few other things to tie up. Then I’m back for good, and I’d really like to see you again."

Her heart flipped with excitement and relief. He did want to see her again! "I’d like that." She tried to sound friendly but casual. Inside she was spinning around and doing a little dance of joy.

They already had one another’s numbers so there was nothing more do to than kiss goodbye - Marcy fervently hoping her parents wouldn’t see who she had arrived back with - and part for now.

She was going to see him again.

She just didn’t know yet how shocking the circumstances would be.

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