My Mysterious Mate

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My name is Naveah Jones. I turn 17 in a week. I'm a junior in Riverview High school. The little town I live in is called Riva (pronounced Reeva), we have about three thousand people, so it's safe to say everyone knows everyone. The town has a large river on one side and a forest on the other side, there are mountains on the other side of the river and the closest other town is about 100 miles away. All the nature around bothers some people but not me. I love it. I have my heart set on being a nature photographer/adventurer. I already know I'd be good at it, I take all the photos for our school (sports, dances, plays, year books etc) and I've been on a few adventures myself. My father is a wildlife expert and he's taken me with him on some of his exploits. The same families have lived here for generations, so when new people moved here (and I say people, as in more than just one family. In fact our population grew with around 800 people overnight) everyone was buzzing to get to know them. All except me that is, I mean, doesn't anyone find that strange? Eight hundred new people, overnight? In a little old town, that most of the world's population don't even know exists. That's strange, even if I'm the only one that seems to think so. It's funny to think that in a town were everyone knows everyone no one really knows anyone.

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter One

It was early on a Saturday morning when Naveah decided to head down to the river to go look for something to photograph. It's not uncommon for her to dissappear in her spare time so her family rarely ever asked questions of her whereabouts. She lazily walked down the stairs to get coffee and grab a few water bottles from the fridge for her day out.

"Morning Pumpkin!" her dad is looking at her over his newspaper with a bright smile on his face. He's an attractive man, in his mid-forties, with dark brown hair that's slowly greying, bright green eyes and a curious expression that seems to be his regular look. He's well built and strong, a result of countless hours spent in forests, amazons, bushvelds and any other place you'd find rare animal species.

"Mornin', where's mum?"

"She's in town, you know her, already buying up a storm for next weekend." he chuckles lightly and gives me a wink.

Ughhhh don't remind me. Was the first thought that popped into her head when she heard that. Next weekend was her birthday and her mother always went overboard on the party planning.

" Tell her I'm going out then. I'll see you guys at dinner tonight." she gave her dad a small kiss on his forehead and left the house as her dad waved goodbye. On the way to the door she stopped in the study to get her notebooks and her camera bag. Dubble checking that she had everything, she walked over to the clearing behind their house.

Naveah lived in a two-story house, the house was built back in 1805 when their family first moved to Riva. It's old but well kept, so it still looks new. The house has a off-ish white color and a black roof. There's a picket fence in the front, with tons of rose bushes and other colorful flowers. In the backyard is a swimming pool and lots of open space. There's no real "end of property" line since the house was built near a clearing in the forest. So beyond the open area behind the house is a bunch of trees and beyond that, the beautiful forest.

Upon entering the forest Naveah gave a loud sigh of relief, glad to finally be alone in her own little world. Knowing the trails by heart it doesn't take her long to reach the small river stream. Most people don't know about this river, since the main river is on the other side of the town. This one only runs for a couple of miles through the forest. She sits down on the grass and starts taking out her camera and putting the pieces together. Then she looks around and finds a nice crook in the tree to stash her backpack in so she can wonder around and take pictures baggage free.

Naveah has been wondering around the forest for over two hours, having spent most of that time capturing photos of an owl hunting. Without really noticing where she's going she stumbles over a tree root and comes crashing down to the ground. Out of instinct she raises her one hand holding the camera above her head so it doesn't make impact with the ground. She nearly fell face first but managed to break most of the fall with her free hand. Sitting up and inspecting her injuries she noticed something moving to her far left. She slowly moved toward the spot where she saw the movement, careful not to scare whatever it is away. When she was about 2 meters away, she saw it was a spider, carefully weaving it's new web. She got down on all fours and crawled forward, stopping when she was only a few inches away. Leaning down on her arms she started snapping away, capturing every aspect of the "building" process. After a few minutes she noticed that fimiliar feeling of someone watching you and knew she wasn't alone anymore.

"Are you quite done staring?" she snapped, making the spider retreat into the cover of the nearby leaves. Dammit she muttered under her breath as she stood up.

When she turned around she gasped, there infront of her stood the most beautiful boy she's ever seen. He was tall, had tanned skin, almost like he loved being outdoors, piercing gold eyes and a mixture of chocolate and hazel colored hair. Underneath his shirt he was well defined, his arms were huge and if he wasn't so beautiful, she would have been afraid of him.

"Are you quite done staring?" the boy pulled her out of her haze and she was embarrassed that he caught her staring but it was short lived when she noted the hint of smugness in his voice when he threw her words back at her.

Without saying anything she turned around and left. Walking back to get her backpack and make some notes before she head back home.
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